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Work Wife.. Part 2 “The Swing”As I helped Shauna to her feet, everyone in the room slowly started heading down stairs to the swing room. Jessica and Brian Approached Shauna and I, Jessica was just as much of a cum covered mess that Shauna was. Jessica hugged Shauna.“That was crazy girl, you are completely covered” she said, wiping some of the cum off Shaunas shoulder and back. “That was so fucking hot”, replied Shauna, wiping the cum off Jessicas breast.”Damn you have a nice pussy”, replied Brian, patting Shaunas ass. “Wait you fucked her already?” Jessica asked her husband “Yeah topped that tight little pussy off why you were sucking off Chris” He said, still rubbing Shaunas ass”Damn i wanted to watch” replied Jessica”You’ll get so see again”, replied Shauna”Fuck Chris, well done bud!” Replied Brian. “come on lets get down stairs” he said leading Jessica by the hand following the group walking towards the stairs. As i took Shaunas hand we walked out of the room and i pulled her into the room that was empty. “Holy shit! What in the world got into you”, I asked turning her to face me”Well Kim and I were walking around and looking in all the different rooms and once we got up the stairs Jessica yelled for us to wait up. Once we got to the loft there were 2 girls making out and a couple guys were jerking off. Jessica knew the girls and went over and started making out with them. As Kim and I watched, Kim asked if I wanted to go please those guys saying they looked bored. I said, I wanted to wait for you and thats when miss smart ass said “no problem enjoy watching.” Gah, I dont know why she get under my skin so bad but that pissed me off and I dont know what came over me, but I went over and started sucking their cocks. Kim got behind me and was egging me on. Jessica came over and was rubbing my tits, getting me really worked up, saying how sexy i looked and I guess i just lost control because I finished both guys off. I have no idea where the others came from, but it wasn’t long until you showed up and well, you saw the rest.” ”Chris it was so hot, I Came so many times its crazy”, she said rubbing her body up and down. “Trust me i get that, but do you know how many cocks you just took?” I asked rubbing her arms”A few I think”, she replied, her face visibly looking as if she was trying to count the number”Shauna, I started losing count but I think you sucked off more than 5 and had a few cum in you”, I said, while holding her arms. “What?” She questioned, with true puzzlement on her face. She reached down instinctively and felt the warm cum that coated her pussy, ass and down her legs. “Holy shit, I had no clue”, she looked wide eye at me.”Do you think less of me”, she asked?”Are you fucking k**ding me? That was hot as fuck, watching you. I was truly in shock, I didn’t know you had it in you” I said laughing and i pulled her close kissing her. Our tongues chasing in each other’s mouth. She reached down and held my cock slowly pulling it. I had my fingers on her clit running small circles. She got me hard so quickly, we continued kissing. Her lips were salty and her mouth tasted sharp. I pulled back and looked at her cum covered body, which was slowly drying as we stood there. She took my cock and ran it around her clit and in between her pussy lips. Her pussy was soaked and I knew the majority of that wetness was the loads now slowly making there way out of her warm pussy. I didn’t care, at that moment I wanted to fuck her so bad. That is when Kim showed up at the door. “There you two are. Come on, everyone is waiting for you down stairs”, she said, trying to pull Shauna away.”Hang on Kim, I want to talk to you!”, I said firmly “Ugh oh, guess I’m in trouble”, Kim said in a smart ass tone.”Shauna go down and find Jessica and Brian. I will be right there, but I first want to talk to Kim”, I said kissing Shauna, guiding her out the door.”Ok hurry up”, she said, walking pass Kim. As i watched her walk towards the stairs, I grabbed Kim firmly and pushed her up agains the wall. “Mmmm, now that’s the Chris I know”, she said flicking her tongue at me. “Shut it! What the fuck are you doing?”, I asked holding her by her arms, pinning her against the wall”Well I was trying to get fucked” she replied in a smart ass tone”Don’t give me that shit! I mean with Shauna what the fuck are you trying to do?” I asked again firmlyShe pulled my hands from her yalova escort bayan arms. “I’m not doing shit!” She said bitterly. “I don’t see you for months and then, when I do see you, you have some new bitch that clearly has no idea what she’s doing, where she is, or how you are in this type of life. Does she know who Chris is at these parties? What you are into or like to see? The old Chris I knew would have stuck his dick up my pussy why I was sucking that guy off by the pool, with no introduction. The old Chris would of had Jessica bent over a table and have at least shot a couple loads in her pussy by now. Oh I forget, the old Chris would have had me up in the swing by now getting gang banged and cleaning my pussy after the 5th, 10th, 20th guy.” “Enough!” I said, relaxing my grip, listening to her and watching her cross her arms over her chest, defensively. “Remember, you brought me to my first party! I did everything BOTH our minds could think of and I’d done anything you asked. I thought you left all this behind and that was why i never saw you or heard from you again or why you just disappeared. So my bad if I’m a little angry and boiling inside. I wanted to take it out on miss goodie-to-shoes down there.” She said turning her head looking towards the door. “What does she have that I don’t?” She questioned?”Look, I get it and whatever anger you have is between me and you. Shauna has nothing to do with our history. You’re right she doesn’t know stuff about me and I don’t know stuff about her. She simply asked to come to a party with me after having just got divorced. I’ve known her for years, years Kim! So please, quit with whatever you’re doing. She’s an awesome person and holy shit by what I just saw she may like this kind of stuff.” I pleaded”So you guys aren’t a couple?” She asked looking up at me. ”No! We came together as friends. She has always been my friend and is an awesome friend.” She doesn’t know what I enjoy and I have no idea if this is for her. She was only doing the blow bang because you got under her skin. So please don’t press her because this may not be her, it may just be competition against you. I asked turning Kims face to mine. Outside the door, Shauna closed her eyes and took in a deep breath covering her mouth with her hand upon hearing my reply to Kim. Her eyes started to tear up and she rushed down stairs, quickly and quietly. As I held Kims chin in my hand, “I won’t lie, I’d love for something more to be there. She really is that awesome and has been there for me and I know all about her. Do i wish she was into this, hell yes but I would never want to ruin the relationship I have with her. Can you understand that?” I asked softly”I get it, I wont admit it doesn’t hurt because it does, but thank you for telling me. I will be nicer to her, I promise”, she said, quickly kissing me on the lips. I instantly pulled back. “Oh come on”, she laughed, grabbing my cock “How about a quickie?” She asked laughing. I reached down and dipped a couple fingers in her wet pussy coating them and putting them into her mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked my fingers dry. “From what i can feel, you’ve already had a few quickies” I said pulling my fingers out and slapping her ass. “Let’s head down stairs. Oh yeah?! Who was the guy you were fucking when we first saw you?” I asked, as we started heading down stairs. “I don’t know, he was standing by the door and I asked if he wanted to fuck” she shrugged looking back at me. I just shook my head and laughed as we made it to the landing.Once again mouth on the floor. Ther
e was Shauna in the sex swing, fully strapped in, with some guy pumping her pussy like crazy. Shauna had a cock in her mouth and was jerking it off. Another guy was next to her rubbing her tit with his cock as he jerked off. I could see a fresh pool of cum on her belly button, which either meant someone jerked off on her or someone has already fucked her and pulled out shooting their load on her. Kim and I both walked over to Jessica, who was slowly rubbing her pussy. Brian was making out with the guys wife who was fucking Shauna at the moment. The room was packed, there were even people down the hallway all trying to look down into the room at girl strapped in the sex swing. “Jess, what the heck?! Who put her in there?”, I asked, placing my hand in her the small of her back.”She did”, Jess answered escort yalova confused. “I was in the swing, Brian and Bill were each taking turns fucking me and she came down the stairs and said she wanted to get in. I asked where you were and she said you were occupied. So, Brian and Bill strapped her in and they took turns on her. Now you are here and there she is. Is everything ok?” She asked concerned.”Yeah everything is fine” I replied, looking at Shauna who was now the center of a potential massive gang bang. What is she doing, I thought. I started to walk towards her. Making my way through the tightly packed room. “Hey wait you turn”, a guy said sternly, while stroking his cock. Thats when I heard the guy start grunting, he pulled out and shot his load all over Shaunas stomach. Cum shot up her belly and hit the bottom of her cum dried breasts. As if on cue the guy jerking off on her tit shot his load all over her right breast, with a few jets landing up in her neck. Shauna never stopped sucking the guys cock though, even while two men where shooting their loads all over her. “Shauna hey Shauna” I shouted, trying to get her attention. Guys and girls turning their heads to look at who was interrupting her groove. I knew she could hear me but she didn’t stop sucking. A guy from the crowd moved forward ready blow his load. Shauna took her mouth off the cock she was sucking and opened it wide for the guy who just started shooting his load. The first shot hitting her face, her lips finally wrapping around the tip as she took the rest down her throat. Her throat made gulping motions as she kept jerking the cock in her hand. As the guy pulled his drained cock from her mouth, she went right back to sucking the guy who immediately shot his load down her throat. Gulp after gulp her throat pulsed with every flex of his ass. This at the same time another guy entered her cum filled pussy. With every thrust of his hips, white froth was running out the side of her used cunt and dripping onto the floor. Kim came up standing next to me. Guys were eyeing her and rubbing her entire body. I looked and saw her being groped every way. Everyone in the room had their cocks in their hand. The wet sounds of precum, lube and different speeds of jerking filled the room. Only muffled by the sounds of Shaunas moans during orgasm. Bodies were so close, everyone was rubbing against each other. As people where trying to move through the room or get by, I could feel a hard cock slap my thighs or a cock brush my bare ass. Hands were groping everyone and you couldn’t make out who grabbed a handful of your ass or brushed the tip of your cock. “What is she doing? Is she drunk”, Kim asked and turned suddenly shouting “Not now” at guy who was trying to stick his cock up Kim’s pussy as she was talking to me. “Calm down bitch, you just fucked my friends upstairs and I didn’t get a turn”, he said angrily. “Watch your fucking tone”, I said eyeing him up. “Yeah whatever” he replied, turning and walking away “Fuck you both” he mumbled under his breath. As i turned back towards Shauna her glare said enough. She was pissed and I have no fucking clue why. “My mouth is empty!” She shouted and on demand a cock emerged from the crowd and slid right into it. “What was that look for?” Kim asked puzzled.“I have no fucking clue”, I replied. “Shauna, hey Shauna”, I yelled again. I heard muffled sounds from the crowd “dude she’s busy” “gah, fuck off man, she’s into it” is all i could barely make out. That is when a gorgeous brunette who was being fucked next to Shauna’s head pushed the guy from from Shaunas mouth. The girl straddled Shaunas face and Shauna tilted he head back. “Open your mouth, the girl said, holding Shauna’s chin and pulling it down. The girl looking down, flexed her legs and too the cheers of the crowd, a thick glob of cum dripped from the girls pussy directly into Shauna’s mouth. As soon as Shauna felt the cum on her tongue she opened her mouth wider. The girl pushed a couple more drops into Shaunas mouth and Shauna finished by licking the girls pussy. The girl tipped her head back, closing her eyes and started to shudder. Cumming all over Shaunas face. The guy fucking Shauna pulled out and another full size load shot across Shaunas belly and chest. I could hear the guys next to Kim talking now, “fuck I dont mind sloppy seconds, but I want some tight pussy. yalova escort Think she takes it in the ass?” he asked his friend. “I think so, wasn’t she one of the girls with an anal plug in her ass earlier?” His buddy replied.Kim heard it as well and could see the look on my face. ”Ok I’ll go get her”, Kim said and started making her way through the crowd. The group parted like the Red Sea for any girl approaching, thinking another load was going to be dumped into Shaunas mouth. Kim pulled the cock out of Shaunas mouth and kissed her. The crowd cheered. She then licked the cum on the side of her face which moved her mouth by her ear. “What are you doing Shauna? Lets go get some air”, Kim said softly, looking as if she was licking her ear.”Fuck you, I know what I’m doing and I know you’ve been an ass to me all night. So either get in here and show me what old Kim likes or go keep enjoying watching.” Shauna spouted, with venom in her voice. Kim was caught off guard. She heard the conversation? Why would she be mad at that? She looked down at Shauna, who was still bouncing having her pussy due to her pussy being pumped. Kim turned walking back to Chris.. “That’s what I thought, enjoy the show!” Shauna said, towards Kim’s back. Kim spun on a dime “Really bitch, I came over her for Chris, but you want to play? Ok! lets play” with that said, Kim spun Shauna in the swing so her head was now in between her legs. The guy fucking Shauna had to scramble to get back into her pussy, almost knocking him over. Kim straddled Shaunas face and bent over sucking the guy that Shauna had in her mouth only a moment ago. Kim had multiple loads up her pussy from upstairs and Shauna was tongue fucking it all out of her. The guy in Shaunas pussy started cumming, watching the show the girls were putting on was too much and he emptied his balls in Shaunas pussy. As he pulled out the crowd cheered on that side of the room, as a nice river of cum dripped from her Shaunas used pussy onto the floor. Kim stopped sucking and looked up at the two guys that were questioning Shauna’s ass moments ago. She looked right at them, “Yes that was her” and nodded towards her pussy. Kim then looked right at me, “She says she wants to play” and dove right back down onto the hard cock in her hand. Shauna was eating Kims pussy, making sloppy wet sounds, when the guy who just now moved in between her legs took a couple fingers worth of cum and scooped it up rubbing it all over her ass. Shauna tried to move Kim and look towards the guy at her ass. Kim grabbed her head and held it place. The guy then took his throbbing hard cock in his hand and in one smooth motion slid it up Shaunas slightly dialated ass hole. Having had the anal plug in her ass earlier helped a ton. The large amount of cum being used as lubed helped even more. Shauna let out a loan moan and cursed loudly. Kim couldn’t help but smile with her mouth full of cock that started to pul
se and blow a nice size load into her mouth. Kim kept the entire load in her mouth, she then turned holding Shaunas head in her hands and slowly started to spit the cum from her mouth into Shaunas. Shauna tried wiggling her head and with every movement, cum covered her face completely drenching her. Kim then rubbed the cummy mess all over her face. Over her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks. Shauna was a fucking cum covered mess. Kim then kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear “No, fuck you!” Kim then stood and started walking straight towards me. Behind Kim, Shauna was being ass fucked hard and steady. A guy rolled his cock around Shaunas cum covered face and stuck it into her mouth. Her eyes were closed shut and she was wiping them but her hands were covered with just as much jizz as her face. They were sealed with saliva and cum, all thanks to Kim. I re-focused on Kim who as she was walking seductively towards me reached out with her two hands and was grasping any cock she could get not looking at anyone but me. The room parted like a sea and cocks stood at attention as Kim continued to make her way. Cum dripped from her entire body, down her chin onto her tits and splashing on her leg. Her tits bounced and were drenched with cum both fresh and dried. She walked right up to me grabbed me by the head and started kissing me. She pushed what was in her mouth into mine forcefully, holding my head with her cum covered hand. At the same time reaching down with her other soaked hand and taking my hard as a rock cock and grasping it hard, almost painfully. “Get on your back Chris I’m done being nice, I want to play” and pulled me by my cock to the ground….Part 3…. Kims turn! coming soon!

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