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Wonderland 1Mom Through the Looking GlassIt was finally going to pay off, all the planning and waiting.”Patience is a virtue.” Steve thought to himself. He quietly closed the closet door and slid back the hidden panel in the wall. The sight before his eyes brought his cock to full attention immediately.It had started months ago. His older sister Suzanne was now in her second year of college. She commuted and although she technically lived at home, she usually wasn’t there. She was usually off somewhere with her herd (as Steve liked to call them) of girlfriends. Why, is for another time.Steve was supposed to go to the game with his friends but Ralph’s car had broken down and it was raining so Steve didn’t want to walk. Steve was a senior but had been held back in second grade. As a result he was over eighteen and didn’t connect with too many other k**s at school. Steve was saving all his money for college next year. Since Ralph’s car was his only dry way to the game, Steve ended up at home in his bedroom wishing he was somewhere else. He heard the front door slam and didn’t call to whoever it was, first because he was in a bad mode and secondly because it was probably his snotty sister. He next heard the door to his parents room close and he thought he should tell them that he was home.When he stuck his head out of his room he noticed the bathroom door ajar. He went to tell whoever it was that he was home but as he approached the door Steve got the shock of his life. Through the partly open door he could see the mirror that extended the full length of the double vanity. In it he saw his mother in the huge walk in shower. His parents had it installed custom so it had no doors or glass and could fit two or three people. He could clearly see her huge thirty nine inch tits with their big brown aureole and big nipples. They were all natural and shimmied and shook as she washed them with the sudsy water. They looked huge on her 5′ 6″ slim frame since they were double f cup tits. Steve knew because his father had once complained about the price of her custom made bras.Steve’s mother’s comment “Do you want these to look like two soccer balls in laundry bags when I get older?” had quickly stemmed his father’s complaints.He could see from her knees up and was mesmerized by the patch of thick brown pubic hair that covered her pussy. She turned to rinse off her big tits and her long brown hair wetly cascaded down her back almost to her curvy ass. Her thirty six inch hips framed a perfect heart shaped ass with round checks that were smooth but firm.Suddenly she turned and bent over. Her huge tits hung down and looked like missiles trying to launch from her chest. She spread her legs and rubbed the soapy rag between her legs. Steve suddenly felt his cock swell to its full ten inch length as hard as a rock and throbbing. His mother straightened up and Steve scared that he was about to be caught peeking on his mom darted back into his room leaving his door slightly ajar.A few seconds later through the small opening he saw his naked mother with her tits bouncing walk past his room. He ran to the door and knowing that there was nothing in the hallway to give him away, stuck his head out to watch her stride down the hall, her hips swaying seductively. Steve watched as she entered his parents’ bedroom and the door closed. He heard the click of the lock.”Shit!”, thought Steve, “If they had not locked the door maybe I could have gotten a peek.””Well” he thought, “I might as well get the next best thing.”Steve quietly opened his door and left it open in case he needed to duck back in quickly. He crept down the hall and carefully opened the sliding door to the hall closet. He slipped in and noiselessly closed the sliding door.Now he was only a closet wall away from his parents’ bedroom. He leaned close to the wall and could hear his father’s voice.”Suck it Helen!” he said, “Suck it just like that!”He could barely hear wet smacking noises but nothing else. Suddenly he could hear his mother clearly.”Shove it in me now!” she said.Then Steve could hear the smacking noise of his father’s hips slapping his mother’s great ass as he fucked her internet casino hard.The tempo started to increase and he heard his mother, “Oh slam me Don, slam me hard!”Now the speed of the slapping started to really get fast and all he could hear from his mother was guttural moans and groans of pleasure. Suddenly he heard her groan deeply and the slapping noise stopped.Steve was suddenly keenly aware of his raging hardon. He slipped out of the closet, closed the door, and ran back to his room. He carefully closed the door and fell back onto his bed. He reached into the night stand by his bed and pulled out the lotion he kept there for just such an occasion. It took the lotion and stroking his meat so that he shot off three times before his cock agreed to deflate.Later that evening he went out to the kitchen to get dinner.”Oh” said his mother, “I thought you were at the game!””Ralph’s lousy car broke and so I just slept the crappy rainly afternoon away.” said Steve.”Alright” said his mother visibly relieved, “You can eat with your father and I.”During the next three weeks he had watched for the signs. His father would be suddenly attentive to his mom and he would touch her in a sexy way when he thought Steve couldn’t see like patting her firm well rounded ass. When the signs occurred, Steve knew, they were horny.Then Steve would fain being tired from school or work and tell them he was going to bed early. Only a little while after his father would open his door to make sure he was asleep. After the door closed again Steve would wait only a little while to creep down the hall and slip into the closet. The noises of his parents fucking would sometimes be as loud as if they were in the closet with him and other times muted so Steve heard only a little.Steve would creep back to his room and masturbate like crazy, the sounds of his mother cumming ringing in his head. It always took several times pulling his pud enough to make him shoot off before it would get soft again.Then his dreams started to star his parents. He dreamed of them sucking and fucking in all kinds of ways. At the end of the dream they would look up at him and saying “Want to join?” That’s when he started the plan.Since he worked construction part time to earn money towards college and had been an amateur magician for a while he knew everything he needed to know. He secretly bought the materials and stored them in the basement near his spider collection which he knew his mom wouldn’t get near. All he needed was the opportunity.Then on Friday his mom was waiting for him at the door when he got home.”Your Grandma Doris has been in a car accident.” she said “Your father has already left work to drive up there and I am going as soon as I arrange for Suzanne to come home and stay with you.””Aw Mom! I’m not a baby!” Steve said, “I can stay alone for a day or two.””OK,” said his mom, “but if you need us you can call your Aunt Sharon.”Then she was out the door.Steve waited until her car had turned from their side street onto the main road and then began.First he brought up all the materials from the basement. Whoever mounted the full length mirror on the wall of his parents’ bedroom had used torx head screws and special mounts. Steve used the torx driver he had bought and an electric impact wrench to get the screws holding the mirror on the wall loose. He took mirror down and admired the position, directly across the room from his parents’ bed.He then got to work and cut a hole the size of the mirror but not the frame out of the wall behind the mirror which was shared with the hall closet. Then using his magic and construction skills he installed a “magic panel” like magicians used in cabinets to make people disappear. From both sides it looked like a solid wall but it slides back from the closet side to show the hole behind where the mirror mounted.Then he spent two hours carefully removing the
glazer points that held the mirror glass into the frame. He replaced it with the one way glass and re-inserted the glazer points. Then after just placing the mirror back against the wall, and replacing the torx screws he was done.He went into the closet güvenilir casino and opened the sliding panel. He could see his parents’ entire bedroom now and since the mirror was on mounts that held it a fraction of an inch above the surface of the wall, he could hear clearly too.Steve’s mother called that night as told Steve that his father’s mother was just fine.”We’re staying with my mom and dad tonight and then we will be home.” his mother said, “Expect us around supper time tomorrow.”His Grandpa Dan and Grandma Clare were really chill so Steve could understand their staying there instead of with his dad’s parents. Steve figured that tomorrow night would be it. His parents had gotten home Saturday night but late, around nine. They both seemed very tired and went to bed immediately.”Crap!” thought Steve.The next night though his dad was rubbing his mom’s shoulders and then patting her on her shapely ass even though he knew Steve saw him do it.Now here he was, crouched in the closet and sliding the panel open. There was his mother, naked in all her voluptuous glory on the left side of the bed. His father was taking off the last of his clothes on the other side. His father was still fit and trim but not muscled the way Steve was. His parents had very small lights on the nightstands on both sides of the bed that gave off just enough of a soft glow that showed Steve’s voyeuristic eyes everything in detail.”I just can’t wait for your hot mouth!” his father said.”That’s not what you said when you had your dick in Clare’s mouth!” said his mother.”Clare?” thought Steve, “My grandma Clare? WTF?”Then his father said, “You didn’t seem to mind Shari lapping your delicious cunt!””Shari?” thought Steve, “that built blonde dyke cousin of mine, Shari? WTF?””Well we both had a good time, didn’t we?” said his mother.They’re not fighting, they’re comparing notes!His father moved to the center of the foot of the bed and was joined there by his mother. They embraced and Steve saw his mother’s huge tits squash against his father’s chest. What Steve wouldn’t give to feel those huge udders again his chest! They kissed deeply and then started to French, their tongues digging into each other’s mouth intently. Then they broke the kiss and his father’s head lowered so he could take his mother’s right nipple into his mouth. His mother’s head tilted back slightly and she groaned with pleasure. His father spent some time sucking on her right nipple while tweaking her left between his thumb and finger. Then he switched sucking on the left and tweaking the right. His mother’s nipples blew up like balloons.”My god!” thought Steve, “Her nipples are as big as my thumbs!”He had never seen them so engorged before.”Your nipples always were sensitive.” said his father rather matter of factly.”That’s not the only thing.” said his mother pushing down on his father’s shoulders with her hands.His father dropped to his knees and then immediately buried his mouth in her brown furred cunt.”Oh! Lick me like that!” his mother moaned, “You know what I like!”His father continued to lick and suck on her cunt and clit making his mother bend backwards while more moans and groans of pleasure rumbled deep in her throat. Then his father slipped two fingers up her now wet and willing pussy making his mother suddenly drive her hips forward further onto his sucking mouth.”God that’s good!” groaned his mother as she grabbed the back of his father’s head with both hands and wiggled her pussy over his father’s face.Steve could see her big tits with the now huge nipples bouncing on her chest and the look of pure pleasure on her face.His father suddenly stood up. His eight inch prick stuck out from his body pulsing and jumping up and down. It was about an inch and a half in diameter, smaller than Steve’s two and a half inch wide monster, with a slight curve. His mother looked at it like a cat looking at a canary. She sunk to her knees in front of his father and then planted a kiss on the head of his raging hardon.”God I need your cock in my mouth!” she said.Steve in his hiding spot in the closet moaned quietly to hear his mother talk so randy. She leaned forward casino firmalari taking just the head into her mouth. Then Steve watched as her cheeks hollowed from her sucking on his father’s cock. Her head started to rotate left and then right while she was sucking on the cockhead like it was the most delicious thing in the world. Then instead of rotating her head she started to bob as she slowly took inch by inch of his father’s cock into her mouth. She kept moving further and further like an inch worm until she had the whole thing down her throat with her lips kissing the base of his father’s fuck stick. Steve was transfixed almost in another world watch his big tit mother on her knees, her legs spread slightly apart so that from this angle Steve could see the outer lips of her cunt with his father’s prick buried in her face.”Jesus Christ!” said his father, “You have the hottest most talented mouth in the world! What a cocksucker!”His mother seemed to take this as a complement and started to bob up and down an inch or two on his father’s prick while her mouth and throat suctioned the hot meat. Faster and faster her head bobed. Steve suddenly admired his dad. Steve surely would have shot a load into his mom’s hot sucking mouth by now. Suddenly his father did pull his prick from her mouth.”I got to fuck you now!” he said.He pulled Steve’s mother to her feet and to Steve’s surprise pushed her against the wall right in front of the mirror Steve was now staring through. Her legs were a couple of shoulders’ length or so out from the mirror and she was bent at the waist. Her hands grabbed either side of the mirror frame. Steve was now up close and personal with her writhing body. She stood with her legs apart and Steve squatted down so he could clearly see his father’s throbbing cock slide into her pussy doggie style from behind. His father grabbed both sides of her slim waist with his hands and started to slide his rock hard man meat in and out of Steve’s mom’s cunt.”Fuck me!” she said, “Fuck me hard Don!”His mom’s head tilted forward and she rested her forehead against the mirror. Now from his squatting position he could see her face with its looks of passion and rapture, her huge tits swinging wildly back and forth, her pussy as his father’s cock thrust into it, and her round ample ass that shook with a shock wave every time his father’s hips loudly slapped it. His father was stroking into her hard and he started to increase the speed as well.His mother now twisted on the plunging cock making her generous boobs bounce in every which way. The only thing coming out of her mouth was guttural nonsensical noises of pleasure as she writhed and shook as the waves of pleasure surged through her body.Suddenly she arched her back and screamed. Her every muscle pulsated as her cunt squeezed his father’s cock like a vise. His father grabbed both nipples with both of his hands and pulled the sensitive tissues so his mom’s tits were standing straight out from her body. He rotated the nipples as he pulled. Steve’s mom’s body shook and shuddered cumming again and again for what seemed to be forever as his father groaned through his own powerful orgasm.Then his mother pitched forward leaning her head against the mirror once again. His father let go of her massive tits and leaned against her heaving body. Both of them were panting and covered in sheen of sweat from the overpowering sexual release they had just enjoyed. Steve could see clearly the spunk running down his mother’s leg from where his father had creamed her hot pussy. His father finally pulled his cock from his mother’s wet pussy with a wet pop.”You are the best fuck in the
world!” said his father, “I understand why Dan couldn’t resist fucking you!””Dan?” thought Steve, “Grandpa Dan? WTF is going on with mom’s side of the family?””Right now I need a good hot shower.” said his mother, “Want to come with?”As Steve’s mother and father closed the bathroom door Steve closed the secret panel and climbed carefully out of the closet. Carefully this time because he had the biggest hardest boner he ever had.That night he came and came and came as he reran the images of his parents’ wild fucking in his mind. His dreams once again had his parents inviting him to join them.He would watch them from the closet suck each other, 69, and fuck in all kinds of positions before his dreams came true.But that is for another story.

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