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Without a wordI was in the club when I saw you for the first time Kim. I will never forget. I looked around the room at to see who was there; those parked along the bar, at the tables in the dark corners, then to the dance floor. There you were, an exotic blonde beauty, dancing and moving erotically to the beat. Erotically? No, more sensual. No, it was primal, the way you moved, like you had a need that had to be filled, but it was obvious the man you danced with was not up to the task. Just watching you dance created a burning in me that was all consuming. And that was just from the way you moved.You wore a low cut white blouse that almost promised a peek at more than just cleavage, but it never did. Your plaid mini skirt rode higher than the tops of your stockings, showing everyone the garter belt clipped to them, and that line running up the back of your legs, meeting perfectly with your stiletto heels. It was the image of a Catholic schoolgirl gone very, very bad. I was mesmerized.I watched you for over an hour Kim. I sipped at my only drink, nearly forgetting it as I watched you. I watched as man after man danced with you, each failing miserably as he tried to show himself worthy on the floor. I pushed my watered down drink to the bar and ordered another, telling myself I would drink this one before the ice melted. As I got the drink and turned back I saw you approaching the bar. Your body glistened with small pearls of perspiration from your non-stop dancing. I had to take a chance.I got up and cut you off on your way to the bar. Without a word I handed you my drink. You looked into my eyes Kim, slowly sipped, then licked your lips as you handed it back. I set the glass on a table, slipped my arm around your waist and guided you back to the dance floor. No words passed between us.As the DJ cranked out a beat, we danced. Our eyes never left the other’s as we danced and ground our way through a couple songs. We got closer, my fingertips stroking your arms, stroking your sides as we moved to the music. We got closer still. Our hands were both on each other now, sensually exploring and touching. I found your exposed flesh at the edges of your clothes; around the back of your neck, your arms, the side of your neck and lightly stroked. I ran my fingers through your hair and lightly pulled. I stroked around the front of your neck and güvenilir bahis siteleri down to the breastbone…teasingly and stroked no further there. We were close now, holding one another. You were straddling my left leg when I felt you press against it…lightly at first. I ran my hand down to your ass and pushed firmly as I pressed my thigh into you and I was rewarded with the most incredible small sigh I had ever heard as I felt you grind. And suddenly you weren’t dancing anymore: you were dry fucking my thigh in the middle of the floor. The crowd was large. Who could see what was happening? I don’t know, and I really didn’t care. Your arms were wrapped around me, holding me close, as I had one arm holding you close to me while with the other hand I kept a firm grip on your ass and pressed you harder and harder onto my thigh.Your skirt fell over my hand and I found your naked ass cheek and kneaded and massaged. I explored your ass further, lower, wanting to find your thong and get a finger under it. What I ended up finding was there was no thong. You were dancing pantiless. The hard on in my jeans intensified, but I kept myself from pressing it against you. What you were doing was so hot, the smallest thing would put me over the edge, and I didn’t want that.I probed between your cheeks and found some moisture in your pussy with a finger, and was rewarded with another very low moan. Oh, Kim, your moan was electric in my ear. I moved this moistened finger away and found the pucker of your asshole, and gently eased it in, oblivious to what anyone else around us was doing, oblivious to the music, oblivious to anything but you and I and this very moment. As my finger entered your ass you squeezed me, holding me closer than ever before. Your body tensed and started to lightly shake as you inhaled deeply and held your breath. A warm wet spot started spreading on my thigh and I knew exactly what had happened. This was enough.I waited until I felt your grip around my neck lighten. Slowly I disengaged you from me, and keeping an arm around your waist, you with an arm around mine, I guided you off the dance floor, through the lounge, and out the door. I guided you to my car in the back row of the parking lot where the light was somewhat dim; still neither of us had spoken a word. I grasped you by the hips and set you on perabet the trunk of my car, pushed you back, and made no hesitation in piercing your wet pussy with my tongue. Hungrily I licked and sucked and explored, drinking deep of your juices. One hand kneaded your ass while the other wandered, reaching under your blouse, under your bra and explored your breasts and nipples. You again rewarded me as you climaxed on my tongue.As I continued to lap at you, my face covered in your juice, your fingers in my hair pressing my face deeper and deeper into you, I heard you saying over and over again, “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.” The very first words I had heard you speak. I was only too happy to oblige. I raised up and pulled you off the trunk, spinning you around and bending you over it. I undid my jeans in no time and then found your sloppy hole with the head of my cock. I slammed into you mercilessly with one mighty thrust, almost burying my balls into you on that first thrust and was rewarded with a passionate scream. With one hand full of your hair, lightly tugging as the other held tightly to your hips, slowly, using the full length of my throbbing cock, I withdrew and fucked into you, savoring your sounds of passion, never wanting this to end.I heard a noise a couple cars away and turned to look. There were two men nearby stroking themselves, trying to keep out of sight but staying where they could watch. I stopped for a moment. I turned your head in their direction and spoke my very first words to you. “I think someone needs a blowjob.””Oh God YESSSSS!” was your reply, and I waved them over.They stood abreast each other between the cars, blocking us completely now from the parking lot. They had been watching us in the bar, and had followed us outside. Never pulling my cock out of you, I turned you off the trunk of the car and suddenly two throbbing cocks were staring you in the face. I started fucking into you again as you reached out for the cocks and began stroking them. I pulled your hair away from the side of your face so I could watch. You reached out with your tongue and licked the head of the first cock. Watching that was too much. I came inside you immediately, burying my cock in you and pumping wad after saved up wad deep into your pussy. I heard you whimper as another orgasm racked your body.As if perabet giriş putting on a show, you slowly took one cock and drew it deep into your mouth, taking the entire length, then pulling it out. My cock never went soft as I continued to fuck you. Next you did the same with the second cock. After you withdrew it this time, you licked your way down the shaft and teased the balls with your tongue. Then you did the same with the first cock. Now it was as if your show was over and a hunger overcame you as I continued fucking you deeper and harder, you concentrated on the first cock in your mouth and sucking it for all you were worthwhile stroking the other one. The poor guy didn’t last long. In less than a minute he started to tense and tried to pull away from your hungry lips, but you released the other cock from your hand, grabbed him by the hips and pulled him deep into your throat, not letting him go. I heard him whimper and felt you go still as you sucked his seed into your throat, but I didn’t let up on you, continuing to fuck into you. I could not believe what I was watching you do. You spat out that cock and started fucking back into me as you drew the other one into your mouth.This poor guy was so over stimulated I swear he
came in your mouth as soon as he felt your tongue touch him. You drained his seed and then continued to suck at him hungrily. I don’t know if you were determined to get every last drop, if you were disappointed he was so quick and wanted more, or just what. I don’t think you even knew you were so overwhelmed with lust.The next thing I knew you spat out his cock and quickly stood, pulling me out of you, turned and kissed me deeply. I have to tell you, there is nothing hotter or more erotic to me than kissing a woman’s warm, swollen lips after she has given a blowjob. But I had never been kissed by a woman whose lips were warm, wet and swollen from another man’s cock and cum. I wasn’t sure how to react at first, then I just melted into you. You dropped to your knees and proceeded to let me feel the incredible things you had just done to our friends. You have an incredible passion for sucking cock and it shows. I was so glad I had cum earlier so I could savor this moment. I have no idea how long I lasted in your mouth as you sucked my cock and kneaded my balls, but soon I was pumping my hot white seed into your hungry mouth.The two men were still standing there, cocks in hand stroking again, when you stood and d****d your arms over my shoulders. You looked deep into my eyes and said, “Hi, I’m Kim.”“I’m Jerry. Very nice to meet you Kim. Care to join me for a drink?”

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