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wife’s teen helperSince I am often out of town, my wife and I decided to find a young man to help with chores while I was gone.We put a tear off add in the foyer of the grocery store with our number and general area asking for a “Young man to do household chores”.we got only a few call backs and set up 3 interviews for the coming weekend. Friday evening a knock on the door turned up our first interview. The young man was nicely dressed and good looking. small frame and not quite skinny, but a bit thin.His name was Andrew and we invited him in and took him on a tour of the duties we expected to be handled. He wasn’t very positive about it all and he said he would call back if interested.Saturday morning Toby showed up and was your typical teen. Skate Board, tank top, shorts, and a ball cap on backwards. He was showing a bit more muscles but was still thin. We took him on a tour and he sat down at the table when finished and began asking questions. This was a more positive and we liked his attitude better. He asked when he would be expected to start. We told him that we would want him to work while I was there the first time but eventually we would need him only on weeks I was out of town. Peggy was not as impressed as I was with him.Saturday afternoon, Danny showed up. He was wearing sandals, bike shorts, and no shirt, and sweating quite a bit. He was sitting on his bike and was about to turn and leave when I opened the door. I was stunned at how muscular he was. He appeared to be 14ish and had moderately long blond hair.I brought him in and Peggy was in the kitchen when he walked in. She had been in the yard sun-bathing and was against the sink washing her hands from the lotion as she turned to see him. She let out a gasp as she saw him and Danny dropped his jaw. My wife has a great body and her bikini was quite skimpy. She was staring at his crotch and Danny had began showing quite a bulge. She dried her hands and stepped towards him to shake his hand. He was still staring at her and she chuckled and and he stammered Hello. Peggy looked quite happy to see him and he was very happy to see her. We toured the house and yard and Danny kept stealing glances at her. We discussed his availability and he agreed to come over on Sunday to work with me to show him what was needed and he agreed to be there at 9. Sunday morning I was in the garage at 8:15 when Danny rode up dressed in the same style biker shirts, lycra and very revealing. he was mildly bulged and was sweating from riding the bike. He asked if it was too early to start. I told him no, and that I was going to start organizing the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri garage if he was interested. I told him to get me a coffee and whatever else he wanted to drink as I left my coffee on the counter. He went in and as he was looking in the refrigerator, Peggy walked in. She didn’t know he was there yet and was oly wearing her short nighty which was nearly see through. He closed the door and she was startled. he dropped the can of soda and she tried to cover her tits and crotch. It was too late cause Danny saw it all. he was boned up and as they both bent to pick up the can they bumped heads. They both apologized saying they didn’t expect the other to be there, and then started to laugh as they rubbed their heads. Danny was getting a real eyeful and was boned up like crazy now. She was staring at his crotch and dropped her hands to hold the counter. Danny was getting a real good view of her trimmed pussy and her big breasts. She realized she needed to go get a robe, but was torn from leaving. Dan was still staring and began to lightly touch himself. Peggy excused herself and got her robe. when she came back out Dan brought my Coffee and his Soda and said your wife just got up. I didn’t think a thing of it and went about working. Danny kept making comments about how pretty Peggy was and how lucky I was to have such a pretty wife. I was proud of it and wondered if this was going anywhere. I got him to do some more things that would keep him busy, and went into the house. Peggy was in her room. I opened the door to find her masturbating and she said I didn’t know he was hear and came out in my short nightie. she explained it all and told me how horny she had gotten knowing he saw her near nude. I hugged her and knelt down and ate her to 2 quick orgasms.She said I bet you were thinking about his cum in me as you ate me. I agreed tha thought was quite appealing. We kissed some more and I walked out of her room to run into Danny in the hall. I asked how long he had been there, and he said a few minutes. I knew he heard and saw everything. his bone was plumped and he was rubbing it. I said did you like what you saw and heard he said fuck yeah. I said maybe you ought to go in there and enjoy yourself. Peggy heard us and had covered up with a sheet. When Danny walked in he was stroking his cock through his shorts and She was so engrossed in his actions she dropped the sheets exposing her breasts. Now Danny took the next step and reached out with his free hand and rubbed her breast. She was so turned on now that she moved back to lie on the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pillow which made Danny lean forward more on the bed. his weight on the sheet caused the sheet to drop more exposing the top of her pubes. Danny wanted to see more and pulled the sheet off her pussy. Peggy opened her eyes to see him staring and licking her lips. She reached up and grabbed is head and pulled him down to kiss him on his sweet young lips. They kissed for a few minutes while their tongues began exploring each others mouths. Danny tugged his shorts down and was trying to remove them as they kissed and I saw he needed help, so I pulled them off as he lifted one leg and then the other. His cock was gorgeous. It looked a bit over 6 inches and was uncut and thick. his nuts were nice and plump and hung lower than mine. They appeared huge on such a nice slender young man. Peggy saw what was happening and reached out to grab ihs cock and began to slowly pull back and forth on his cock.Danny now laid down on top of her and was trying to get his cock inside. I took his head and guided it into her wet waiting pussy as she spread her legs wide and pulled his ass in with both hands and then she wrapped her legs over his ass and let him plow deep. He was only fucking her for 4 minutes when he lunged deep and held his ass against her as his nuts tightened up and he was shooting several loads of cum into her. She was murmuring oh my Gawd this is not happening, I can’t believe it and oh my how sweet . Umm I love you you sweet young boy.I had been watching all of it from the edge of the bed and was coming just as she came which was triggered from his orgasm. We all laid down to recover and when Dan plopped out, he grinned at me and said did you mean it when you said you were wishing that was my cum in her that you were eating. I blushed and was going to say something when Peggy said oh yes he did and now I want him to eat me. Danny grinned at me and said I eat my own cum when I jack off. He moved to get a better view and he watched as I licked all around her lips and then dove in to get a good mouthful. Danny was stroking his cock now and getting hard again as Peggy said let me suck your cock. He moved up and she engulfed him all the way to his lush golden pubes. I now had Peggy thrashing about as she had another cum. I was getting hard again which was highly unusual for me. Danny was holding her head and face fucking her and she was loving it. Danny lasted about 10 minutes this time and she swallowed most of it and then she kissed me.Danny was laying down beside güvenilir bahis şirketleri her now and watching us snowball his cum back and forth. He said damn that looks so cool. Peggy held it in her mouth and she broke off our kiss and reached for his head. Danny was all for it and leaned in to take a bit of his come into his mouth. They played back and forth until Peggy swallowed and said damn I am worn out. She said lets get something to eat. I told her i would go make breakfast if she could last that long and
for her to entertain our guest. They both grinned and she reached over to feel his half hard cock and said I want it doggy style now. He jumped up and she got on all four as he entered her. I saw him get it in and left the two of them to enjoy themselves as I fixed breakfast. After I returned with the plates on a tray. They were huffing and puffing and looking so out of breath. Danny said wow, I can’t believe this is happening to me. Peggy said Oh man I can’t believe it is happening to me either.They both sat up as I set 2 trays out for them and they devoured the food while stealing glances at each other. I Said did you guys know it is already noon. Danny said I should probably leave now don’t you think? Peggy said not if you don’t have to I want seconds. Danny said so do I but I wasn’t sure if this was just a one time kinda mistake or what. Peggy leaned over and kissed him and said please don’t ever feel this was a mistake. I loved it, and I hope you did too. I piped in and said I loved it too. Danny leaned over again and kissed her and I reached over and rubbed his head and said you are our best friend now little man. He looked at my cock and said now who is the little man? I laughed and said you have goat a point there Dan. Peggy was laughing and said yeah and I wonder how big this thing will get in the next year or so. Danny said oh I forgot to tell you guys today is my 14th birthday. I said wow and Peggy said well we need to give you a birthday present. I grabbed both trays and took them back to the kitchen while they made love again and again all afternoon til his cell phone rang and his mom asked if he was going to work all day. They had company over and were having a birthday party for him. He said he would be right home. They took a quick shower since they both reeked of sex and cum. She was sucking his cock in the shower and I said his mom is going to be over here soon if you two don’t quit. Danny got dried off and dressed and said he would be back tonight if it was ok. Peggy asked if he could spend the night. He said hell yeah. he would just say he was going to his buddies house. Peggy said cool, I will be waiting for you. He left and Peggy said I can not believe we fucked so much. I laid down and said I can and I loved it. I told her I loved her and she said Oh my Gawd, I love you so much for allowing me to have sex with him. We cuddled and slept until we heard a knock on the door.

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