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wife tries something newFor our entire marriage my wife has cuckold me. At first neither she or I knew what she was doing had a name. She started out having sex with some of my friends behind my back but when she got tired of always having to wait until I was away she told me about it. I didn’t know what to say or do at first. She told me point blank that she loved me and had no plans of ever leaving me but that my four inch { hard } cock just didn’t do anything for her.So now that everything is out in the open we sat down and she told me how things where going to be. She said when ever she had sex I was to be out of the house. I was told I could go out to the detached garage if I wanted to but that having a guy over was for her fun not mine. For a couple of years this was how things worked. She would call me at work to let me know if a fuck session was going to last past my normal come home time. This way I could stay away until after she was finished. When this happens she would call to tell me to come home. She was always showered and dressed when I got home. I started looking on line at sex sites that posted stories of the wife having sex outside the marriage. One night I was reading a story on my favorite site when my wife asked me what was keeping my entertained for so long. I told her I was just reading. She came over and sat next to me and started reading with me. She didn’t say anything about the subject matter but she reads faster than I do and she started giving me a hard time about scrolling . After we finished that story she said find another one. Well reading sexy stories turned into something we shared almost nightly. One night at the supper table my wife asked me if those stories we read ever make me horny? I said well yes I guess they do , do they make you horny I asked her. She said a few of them made me wet, She said I’ve read some while you where at work and I have learned a few things I want to try. Oh really I said. Like what ? She said she read one about how the wife forced her husband to watch as her and her lover had sex. And some where the wife dressed her husband up in her panties and stockings and fucked him up the ass with a strap on cock. Oh no I said. I can’t do that. She said what , watch or get fucked? I said I don’t think I could ever allow you to fuck me in the ass. She smiled and said so watching isn’t out of the question? Well you always said you didn’t want me around I told her. She said reading those stories made her think of how fun it would be to make me watch how a real man with the proper equipment has sex .The following güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Friday I kept waiting on my call to stay away from the house after work. It never came, I even asked my co worker if I had missed a phone call? He said no, I even checked my cell twice before heading home. When I got there I parked in the garage and started into the house. Our pool is next to the garage but there is a privacy fence that hides it. Just as I was walking past the gate my wife called out to me to come in the pool area. I opened the gate and when I walked in I saw my wife laying on her stomach totally nude tanning. She tans extremely good her skin turns a beautiful brown and next to her blonde hair and blue eyes she is a knock out. She raised her head and told me to set and talk with her, I said baby it’s hot out here and I’m all sweaty from work. She said well OK I was just going to let you know I’m having a friend over tonight and wanted to know if you would like to watch him fuck me. I said why did you say fuck instead of have sex? She said because it’s like this , you and I make love. Mike, John, Marc, and Tommy have sex with me. But Jack fucks me. Oh I said. She said yes when he and I do it he beats my pussy hard and he even likes to fuck my ass. He’s in control when we fuck she said. So this Jack is the guy that’s coming over tonight I said. She said yes, I thought for the first time to allow you to watch it would be nice for you to see me used. Well I agreed to stay, then went in to change in to my swim trunks. I grabbed a few beers and went back out to the pool. When I got out there my wife was laying on her back tanning her front. Her arms where at her side and she had a folded towel over her face. I said hey I brought you a beer. Her hand came up to take it, I popped the top and placed it in her hand. I moved my chair so I was facing her. She took the towel off her face and sat up so she could drink her beer. She put her shades on and took a sip. I had my dark shades on too. That way I could look at my wife’s hot little body with out her knowing. We stayed out there for a few hours , the sun felt good and getting to look at my wife’s bare tits and shaved pussy was making me horny. At about six she said it’s time to fix supper and get ready. The beers the sun and all that looking at my wife’s body had made me forget what tonight held. I said get ready?For what? AS my wife stood up she said get ready for Jack to ware my pussy out tonight. OH yeah that I said. I asked my wife if she needed help carrying her stuff? She said no youwin güvenilir mi all I have is the towel. I said you came out here naked? She said I always do. As we walked up to the house I allowed her to go first so I could watch her ass as she walked. Inside she told me to use the guest shower and she would use our master bath. I was done first and when I walked into the bed room I saw what my wife had laid out for her to wear that evening. She had the white eight strap garter belt and a pair of shear white stockings with a four inch wide lace band at the top. And a white toga style pull over. I grabbed a pair of boxers and my black shorts. I got dressed and went into the den to turn on some music. The sun was starting to go behind the trees and the back yard was in total shadows. I grabbed a beer and went and lit the tiki torches around the pool. I was just coming back into the house when I saw my wife carrying her towel to the laundry room. She was dressed in what she had laid out and was looking like a wet dream. All that white made her already dark tan stand out. I said wow you look fantastic. She tossed the towel and turned to allow me a better look. The toga just did cover the tops of the stockings. I said I saw that laid out on the bed , what panties did you decide to wear? She said these and raised the front of the garment to show me her naked shaved pussy. OH, I guess that saves time I said. She said Jack doesn’t like me to wear them. We sat on the porch and ate a light meal and talked. The table on the porch has a round glass top and when I stood to take my wife’s plate I could see her exposed thighs and garter clasps. I had just fixed a couple of mixed drinks when I heard the door bell. My wife came in from the porch and said I’ll get it you take the drinks out to the pool. I moved a few chairs around so we could all set and talk. I pulled the small table up and sat the drinks down and waited on them. I started nursing my drink and before I knew it I had killed it. I started I to wonder where they where and I needed another drink anyway so I headed toward the house. Just as I came in they walked into the kitchen. My wife said this is Jack I shook his hand. He said I’m glad you are going to be here. I didn’t know to react to that so I just smiled. I said I’m getting a drink do you care for one ? He said no thank you liquor hampers my performance. Oh ok I responded . My wife took his hand and as she led him out the door toward the pool she said over her shoulder give us a few moments. Before I knew it I said OK take your perabet time. I shook my head and said to myself what the Hell was that? Then I laughed at how dorky I sounded. I fixed and drink and killed it than made one to carry outside. I figured I needed all the calming effects I could get tonight. When I got to the pool my wife was setting next to Jack and had her legs crossed. Her garters and stocking tops in full view of us all. The Tiki torches gave off just enough light.My wife was talking to Jack so I just sat down to listen. I couldn
’t believe what I was hearing her say. She said Jack hubby wants to watch you use that big hard cock of yours on me tonight. Jack smiled then she said I douched and took an enema so all my holes are clean and available for your pleasure. He nodded his head and said good I’ve been thinking of stretching that sexy ass hole of yours all day. She finished her drink and sat it down then stood up and pulled the toga over her head and tossed it to me. She was standing in front of me and another man bare chested and with her pussy uncovered. The tiki light dancing on her tanned skin. She got on her knees and unzipped Jack’s shorts. In no time she had his short cock in her left hand stroking it. She looked over to me and said Honey look at how big and thick it is even soft. Using her mouth she had him rock hard in no time. She then took him by the cock and led him into the house. I didn’t know if I should follow or not. Just as she started into the house she called to me to come on.She led him all the way to our room where I sat and watched them fuck , suck and fuck some more. The man is a machine. He fucked her in the pussy the ass and her mouth for the next three hours. At one point I thought it was over and I went to piss and get a drink, but when I retuned he had her ass up in the air and his cock was sliding with ease in and out of her relaxed ass hole. When he finished and pulled out her butt hole was gaped open the size of a quarter. He went into the bathroom and my wife never moved. I stood up to get a better look at her used holes. Her pussy was slightly gaped just enough to show a small black hole but her ass was totally opened. I whispered to her and asked if she where OK. She said yes I’m fine. Then she asked if I wanted to fuck her too? I told her I couldn’t do anything with that. She giggled and said isn’t it great? I told her I’ll sleep in the guest room if he wants to spend the night. She said thank you baby. All night I listened to them fuck. How the Hell can one man fuck that much? The next morning I got up and started the coffee pot. I went to see if they wanted any. Jack was gone and my wife was asleep. I crawled in the bed with her and cuddled. She woke up and told me she wanted me to eat her pussy. I said OK and I was treated to the loosest pussy I had ever seen. I think this will work out I told her.

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