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Wife and her Fantasy LoverA few years ago my wife told me of her interest in how sexy a school teacher was that she had met. He reminded her of Bruce Willis ( of whom her fantasy was to have sex)After a few weeks she expressed how horny she felt when they just spoke to one another and how would I feel if she had sex with him. She and he had been flirty sexting for a while. I was in 2 minds about this and asked if she had discussed this with him. She said she had not but felt it could happen as he is a man and the right approach at the right time and it could easily happen.A day or two later she said she wanted me to take sexy Polaroid photos of her. Her face was never to be included in the photos. So later the day she had the camera out and asked me to take the photos. She sat on a chair in a mini skirt and spread her legs so I could take up skirt photos. She had no panties on and had trimmed her bush to a Brazilian strip.Her pussy was glistening wet whilst I took the photos. I asked her why she was so wet to which she replied she just felt so naughty and it also felt so sexy at the same time, also she imagined him seeing the photos and his hard on. She selected 3 photos and burnt the others. I asked when was she going to give the photos to him. She said the next day which karaman escort she did in a sealed envelope while they were talking outside the school. He called her later the day and told her he was so horny he wanked to the photos.He was married at the time. The following week on a Friday she said she was going to his office after school was out and may have sex with him. An hour before the time she had bathed and dressed in a black mini skirt and heels with a nice white blouse. I said she looked sexy, he may like what he saw but she would definitely have to wear pantyhose with the outfit to make it more sexy. She went back into the room and came out in sheer tan pantyhose under her skirt. Her legs although amazing without hose looked stunning now. She came up to me and kissed me bye. As she walked out I asked if she had panties on under. She smiled and said no. Two hours later she returned and found me in the kitchen, she was smiling ear to ear. I asked how the meeting was. She went into detail on how he kissed her, fondled her and was surprised when he put his hands under her skirt to find her tight wet pussy and no panties under her pantyhose. He fingered her to the point she nearly came. He was telling how sexy she was how firm and tight her pussy was, escort karaman what sexy legs she had and how sexy she was wearing pantyhose (he also said he loved it when a woman wore stockings or hosiery as it made him horny especially her legs) and how surprised he was that she had no panties on under. She said she told him was just for him easy access to her pussy.She said she had loosened his trouser zipper and pulled out his dick and was wanking it, then went down on her knees and started to suck him off. She said he was precumming a lot and could taste it. They ended up on the floor of his office on the carpet his dick she said was smaller than mine and as stiff as steel. He wanted to fuck her, she said not without a condom which he then retrieved two from a drawer. After he got it on he tore a hole in her pantyhose crotch and fingered her.He opened her legs and pushed his dick into her wet pussy and fucked her hard. She told me how fast he was fucking her and how she suddenly started to climax and orgasmed hard. He did not stop fucking her as she orgasmed making her feel faint for a few moments. She could feel his dick moving in and out and hear her wet pussy, suddenly she she felt herself starting the sensations leading to another orgasm and lifted her karaman escort bayan legs up and around his back. She shouted she was cumming again and orgasmed even more intensely a second time. This drove him over the edge and he came in shudders. After he had come she felt his dick go limp and it slid out of her wet pussy. He sat back and told her how amazing it was to have the pleasure of fucking her and how beautiful she was. He took the condom off which had very little cum in it and set on the floor. She picked up as asked why so little come? He said he had masturbated earlier as he did not think it would happen. He touched her pussy and slid his finger inside then licked the juices off. He handed her a few tissues to wipe herself. They stood up and embraced a final kiss before they parted. She said she told him it was a once off and would never happen again and left.As she stood in front of me she asked if I was still okay with her fucking him. I said it was fine she lived out her fantasy. She reached over and felt my cock which was fully erect under my trousers. I lifted her skirt and felt the pantyhose on her legs and up to her still wet and swollen pussy. She said she wanted me to fuck her now and loosened my pants and felt my cock straining against the pantyhose I was wearing under. “Mmm you are wearing pantyhose and you are horny because of me fucking him’ she said breathlessly. She pulled me closer and lifted herself onto the kitchen counter pulled my cock out of its nylon tent and into her hot wet pussy.

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