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Whitewash High Ch.16Glug…glug…glug…slurp…glug…“You like it rough, don’t you?” Nik said, holding the woman’s hair like handlebars.His cock rammed down her throat hard and merciless. She did everything she could to not feel like puking. Eyes watered, fingernails dug into his quad muscles, and a dirty smile shone from the facial abuse.“Fuck, Daddy, I’m your China ****doll. Don’t take it easy on my throat. Harder!” she demanded, just before the thick, Ivory Tower of white cock shut her trap.“Glug…slurp…glug…glug…”Drool lathered the floor of the woman’s locker room. Gale had been teasing Nik the entire workout session. Every exercise she did extenuated her sexy form, directly in his line of sight. Squats showed off her firm ass to him. Cable rows popped her chest out in the tight sports bra. Hanging sit-ups showed off her slim, defined, sexy stomach. Every inch of her body oozed sexuality and power.When Gale gave him a wink and sauntered up to the locker room, it was too much for Nik. His cock was harder than a steel barbell and needed release. She was immediately on her knees, in front of the door, a few seconds before he walked in.“I’m going to drain myself in your slutty mouth, Gale. And then I’m going to fuck your tight cunt up against the lockers.”Pulling out, a long spider-web of saliva bridged between cock and lips. Mouth still open, she panted like a bitch in heat. Yellow rain poured down onto the Asian’s sexy face. She bathed in it like heavenly water, not turning up her nose or retracting a single inch.“Fill me full of delicious, white cum, Daddy. Give me more than piss to drink. Breed your good Chinadoll. I know China is only used for special occasions, but you don’t need to be shy. I’m so much better than the niggers,” she purred.He knelt down, hand still holding a tuft of hair. Instinctively, she kissed at his wrist, forearm, and any piece of him in close proximity of her lips.SMACK!“You like pain, don’t you, Gale?”She purred at the hard slap. And louder when he slapped her again.“Brand my face with your palm. I know the niggers think I’m burnt, but fuck them. I just want Daddy to use me for his pleasure. Nothing gives me more joy in the world than that.”He gave her hair a hard yank, eliciting more moaning. Nik could see a large wet spot soaking through Gale’s gym shorts. The other hand wrapped itself around her neck, carefully cutting off her breathing slightly. Leaning in, he kissed her on the lips. Ruby red lipstick painted them but it was a mess from the face fucking. Gale gasped for air, pussy clinching from the erotic asphyxiation. She trusted her Daddy completely. After all he did for her family in the past, something as simple as choking was c***d’s play. Her devotion was unwavering, unbreakable. Even if he went too far, causing her to pass out, she’d still believe no permanent damage would be done.“You’re my Chinadoll bitch, Gale,” he whispered in her ear. “My whoriental fucksleeve. You’re my yellow fever cure when I’m tired of slumming it in the jungle.”The sexualized racial compliments only served to make her pussy explode in euphoria. If not for her gym shorts, she’d have squirted all over the gym floor like a waterfall.“M…more, Da…Daddy,” she cooed, barely able to speak.Roughly, Nik lifted her and slammed the girl’s strong body against the hard steel of the lockers. Her kinky brain kept working through the shock and pain. Smiling devilishly, she lifted both legs in the air like a gymnast. The only thing keeping her from falling on the ground, cunt first, was Nik’s choke hold. Long legs slithered up his hard, muscular, herculean body to give him easy access to pull the drenched shorts off.Nik smiled, immediately getting the hint. He pulled them off, but not entirely. They crept down just low enough to expose a glistening pussy, and give enough flexibility to rest her knees against her ears. The position was awkward, and dangerous, but lust shot reason in the skull. How she kept breathing was beyond him, but his cock thirst for Asian muff. Her hands held his forearm tightly as he rammed inside the tight snatch.“Fuck!” she screamed. “I can feel you in my womb, Daddy.”The massive sexual organ slammed inside until it hit a wall. Pulling out, he slammed back in, again and again and again. If anyone saw them, they’d think this was a hentai instead of a porno because of the strength needed for the impossible position.“I know what you really want, Gale,” he grunted. “You want me to fill this cunt full of white seed to feed to Valerie. I know how your dirty, kinky mind works. You can’t be the bitch to any woman, and want her to bow down to you.”Eyes rolled into the back of her skull, and a numb tongue flapped around as Gale could only repeat the word yes, over and over again.“You better have bought the dress you teased in the picture. If I’m going to wear you as arm candy, I want to be rock hard the entire gala,” he said. “You know what the real award is, don’t you?”“Yes…yes…yes…yes…yes…,” she slurred.“Fuck, Chinadoll, I’m going to pop soon. You’re tighter than before. Fucking the others mean you’re not gaped out and loosened for me,” he complimented, grunting harder with each strong stroke.Heavy, cum filled orbs slapped against her firm ass. The momentum of thrusting just made his balls move like a swing, back and forth, spanking her.“Cum…cum…cum…cum…,” she moaned.Mind dissolved into ahegao level lust, her body spasmed at the first blast of goo that painted the insides of her fertile womb. Every thrust pushed more and more of the powerful seed deep inside, and like a dog, Nik knotted his bitch by not pulling out. He chose to stare into her cum drunk eyes, smiling at how much fun they were having.Their walls were down. They opened up their hearts to each other. She was his bitch, his Chinadoll harem girl, and it was her personal choice. Nothing made her happier than being fucked by him, and dotting on him like a clingy, motherly, girlfriend.X“How’s she doing?” Nik asked, drying off in the locker room.“She has potential. I’ve never seen anyone with as much attitude as her though. It won’t be easy.”“You’ll do fine. I’ve got confidence.”Gale smiled, almost blushing at the compliment.“Are you going to be in the audience for the competition?” she asked, putting on some clothes.“Wouldn’t miss it. I’ll be cheering you on, center row so you can see me.”“Good. I’ll be looking at you the entire time I pose.”“What trophy would this be?” he questioned, curious.“I’ve lost track. I haven’t lost a show since I started. After the first few, it became a game. No one that I know who has entered is even going to come close to my physique. I’m perfection.”She blew him a kiss. Decked out in a pair of dark sunglasses and a biker jacket, her bad girl image got Nik’s cock stirring again. Tight leather pants made her sculpted ass beg to be m*****ed. Although if Nik didn’t know her, he’d think she’d kick a man in the balls before talking to one.“By the way, tell Valerie she better not be getting balıkesir escort lazy. There is an open weight competition coming up in a couple months. I need a new challenge,” Gale said.“I’m the man in this relationship but yet I feel like a messenger between you two. Why can’t you just call her yourself?” he asked, shaking his head in disbelief.“I can’t just tell my rival this information. It wouldn’t be half as fun. You could order me to call her, Daddy. I’ll be a good girl.”“No, I’ll pass along the message. If I have to order you to do silly stuff like that, it’ll be a waste. I’ll play along.”Gale sat on Nik’s lap, wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders. Batting her eyes, she kissed him softly on the lips.“I want you to glaze my trophy in cum during our victory celebration,” she smirked. “I’m going to be so wet seeing you there in the audience. You don’t know how many contests I’ve done, daydreaming of you sitting there cheering me
on. I’m going to crush the opposition, Daddy.”Gale kissed Nik again, running smooth hands all over ivory skin. But the moment the spark would set the fireworks off, she pulled back, grinning.“Enjoy your night at home, Daddy. I know it’ll be lonely without me there. I need to check-in on Suzy and make sure she is staying out of trouble.”The moment Gale stood up, Nik gave her tight ass a fun spank. A wild purr answered, and made Gale sway her hips more seductively as she left him all alone in the locker room to finish changing.XSuzy walked into the dirty, rundown apartment. She lost track how many days it had been since she last stepped foot in there but she needed to get fresh clothes and a couple books she forgot.“Well look who finally showed up,” a harsh voice called out.Suzy could see her mother standing in the doorway to the master bedroom. She wore a torn bathing robe, and puffed on a cheap cigarette. The eighteen year-old could smell weed, booze, and cigs. It must have been another party night.“I was staying at a friend’s house, mom,” Suzy said, defiantly, walking towards her room.“Got cash?”“No, do you?”“Don’t sass me, girl. You owe me rent. If you ain’t going to pay, I’ll have to rent the room to someone who can keep the lights on.”Suzy stopped dead in her tracks. The comment left her stunned. Her mother was a whore and a horrible human being, but Suzy didn’t think she’d stoop so low to charge rent.“I’m still in high school and you want me to pay rent? Are you nuts, mom?”“Tough economy. Homeboys aren’t paying much anymore. Rent went up.”“You’re sick, you know that?”“I told you not to sass me, girl,” Suzy’s mom said.“And what? You’re going to beat me? You don’t have the spine to do it.”“She won’t, but I will,” a harsh voice said from inside the master bedroom.A tall, muscular, black man walked out with a swagger. All he wore were a pair of boxers. He flashed some gold with his cocky smile.“Hey there, Suzy, miss me?”Suzy’s jaw hit the floor. Him? Her mother?“What the fuck are you doing in my house, Jimmy Jack?”“Oh, dont’cha know, your mom and I have been real close for a long time. She has been one of my best workers this side of town. Ain’t that right, sweetheart?” he said, groping the woman’s ass.“You’re sick, both of you. Fuck you both!” Suzy said, storming off to her room.She was both pissed and sad. It was bad enough her mom was a professional hooker that sold her body for nothing. But a classmate being her pimp?“Hey, bitch, I ain’t done talking to you. Show some respect to the man of the house. You can start calling me daddy,” he chuckled.Suzy’s stomach turned inside, almost making her vomit.“Get out of my room, and get out of my apartment, you stupid nigger. I’m not afraid of you,” she said, putting on an aire of bravado. “You got knocked the fuck out easily by a cracker, a teacher at that. You’re the bitch.”Jimmy Jack immediately snarled, angry at the emasculating words. He stepped forward but stopped after two feet. Suzy had picked up the knife from her drawer and pointed it at him.“Step one inch closer and I’ll cut you. Got me?”Suzy stood her ground. The feisty attitude from school wasn’t an act. Despite the fucked up, sad situation, she wouldn’t brook no shit from anyone.“I’m going to walk out of here and we’ll leave it at that,” she continued.Suzy wasn’t stupid though. Jimmy Jack had over a foot and a hundred pounds on her. The knife became the great equalizer for only as long as he thought she was bluffing. He smiled again, moving off to the side to give her room to escape. Carefully, slowly, like out of a horror movie, she inched towards the exit. Her eyes never left his for a moment. Hand sliding against the cheap, cracked wallpaper, one step at a time to freedom.Her hand touched air. The open doorway. Stepping out, she turned and ran for the exit. The moment her eyes left contact with Jimmy Jack, he lunged forward and pushed the girl against the doorframe. She fell down with an oomph. The blade clanked on the floor, away from reach.Jimmy Jack kicked Suzy in the stomach.“Stupid bitch. You think I’m going to let you disrespect me like that? You’re nothing but a whore, just like your mom. I’m going to teach you respect.”He stormed off into the master bedroom momentarily. Suzy looked up, eyes full of tears from the pain, seeing her mother just stand there passively.“Mommy,” she mouthed, unable to get the word out as she keeled over in pain.Jimmy Jack came back, belt in hand. It boomed like thunder as he took a practice swing on the kitchen table.“No, don’t!” Suzy screamed.The screaming could be heard in the hallway of the apartment building. No one gave it a second listen, going about their daily lives. People who lived on the same floor just walked by the noise to their apartments, shutting the door on it. The entire time Suzy screamed for her mother’s help.XNik laid on the couch, watching TV. Valerie hugged him closely, snuggling into his chest.“Amanda’s been less of an annoyance lately, and has backed off a lot in the meetings. It is nice not having to deal with her shit for once, Massa,” she said.She felt safe, secure in his arms. No lewdness, just a quiet, peaceful, hug.“That’s good. I wonder what court is going to be like. I’ve watched enough Law and Order but never went to court in person,” he replied.“Don’t worry about it. You’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re the victim.”“Yeah, I know, but Amanda’s attitude felt more like I’ve been the one on trial. Michelle hasn’t told us anything from her husband either. I guess no news is good news.”“Maybe she found a man? Half the time a girl just needs a good fucking to lighten up, just like how a guy needs his balls drained to stop being grumpy.”Valerie poked Nik, teasing him. He chuckled at the lame joke, pulling her up for a soft kiss.“I just want to relax like this, you know? I hope once this first year is over with, life will settle down so we can become boring,” Nik signed. “Maybe I’m getting too old but I want to put the wild life behind me.”“Massa balıkesir escort bayan going to stop being a stud in the sack for his harem?” Valerie kept teasing, running a finger across his lip. “I’m sure I can keep your wild side lit. We haven’t broken my bed yet, and I’ve always wanted to do that.”Nik smiled, caressing Valerie’s hair. His other hand cupped her cheek gently, stroking it as he stared deeply into lust filled eyes.“Do you know how hard it is for me to not fuck you in your office every day? A broken desk would happen quicker than a bed.”“Fuck, Massa, you know I love it rough. My pussy clenches when I feel my asshole hurt sitting down. I do have a request, Massa.”“A request? What about?” he replied, curious.“I want Michelle.”“What do you mean? You already have Michelle.”“I want to fuck her without you around, like really fuck her. Sometimes I feel needy, Massa, and her black ass teases me. I can feel the same tension you must have being around us, during times you can’t touch us.”Nik nodded his head, listening to her request.“You’re definitely bi.”“You had any doubt?” she giggled.“Sometimes you can never tell in the heat of the moment.”“I was only a virgin with men, Massa,” she purred, running fingers over his hard chest. “My college days were wild in the Caribbean. Want me to put on a show for you with Michelle, and show off my strap-on technique? I’m sure she’d be happy to buy your strap-on.”“That is still being made? I thought it got cancelled.”“The website still has a few in stock. Expensive though. Butter up Michelle for me Massa, please?” Valerie asked. “Don’t you want to see her eyes roll in the back of her head as she gets DP’ed by your cock? I knew a stud like you doesn’t like sharing with other men. Honestly, that makes me feel safe being with you. It makes me feel special that I won’t get passed around like trash. But I’m sure you’d make an exception
for one of your girls, only using your own special strap on.”“One of these days I’m going to worry about waking up, strapped down on all fours, and hearing the sound of a whip cracking behind me,” Nik teased back.“Shhhh, don’t ruin Michelle’s fantasy.”Both of them laughed at the lewd jokes. They kept chatting before drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms. An unknown amount of time passed by. Nik’s cellphone rung. He lazily woke up, still in dreamland, and reached over to the table to grab it without waking up Valerie.“Hello?” he asked, almost slurring his words from sleep.“Hel…help me…”“Huh? Who is this?”Nik began waking up, hearing a girl on the other end in distress.“Please…Mistah…help me.”“Is this Suzy? Where are you?”“Mistah Cracka…man…it hurts. It hurts. Please, help me.”He could hear the pain in every word. It punctured his skull like an arrow, immediately telling him this was a serious situation. Unless she was a high class actress, this wasn’t a joke. The phone went dead, then kept beeping loudly. Instinct kicked in and Nik bolted up, knocking Valerie over.“What? What the hell?” Valerie shouted, surprised and annoyed. “Why did you push me on the floor?”Nik gave the hand to silence her, hitting redial on the phone.“Pick up, pick up, come on…dammit!”“What’s wrong?”Confused instead of angry, Valerie knelt there on the floor, waiting for Nik to answer.“Hi, 911? Yeah, I just got a call from someone asking for help. Her phone went dead…No, I don’t know where she was calling from. She just asked for help and said it hurts. Okay, okay, the number was…”Five minutes later, Nik hung up the phone and collapsed on the couch. It was a surreal moment. Flashbacks struck his inner-eye, tormenting an already tortured soul. Valerie snuggled up next to him, consoling him, being supportive.“It’ll be okay. The cops will take care of things. They will find her.”“What if they don’t?” he replied, pain etching his face. “She asked me for help. I need to do something.”“You’ve done all you can do. She is just your student. You shouldn’t be attached like this, Nik.”“I know I shouldn’t. I don’t know how to explain it. I feel protective of her. First day of school she challenges me, throws slurs at me, tries to humiliate me in front of her peers. But I stood my ground and won her over. It might sound dumb to you but there is a bond there. She had one call to make and it was to me. I’d like to think it means something.”She rubbed his back, sitting next to him the entire time they waited. What for, they didn’t know. Maybe the cops. Maybe Suzy.BuzzzzzzzzThe phone went off, and in a flash Nik had it pressed against his ear.XNik rushed into the private hospital room. Suzy laid u*********s on the bed. Bandages covered up her face and arms, and bruises and welts covered up the remaining bare spots. He knelt next to her, holding the girl’s hand, stroking it softly. His face was a mixture of emotion. Sadness. Anger. Confusion.Dr. Rai sat on a chair next to the bed, reading a book. Nik rushing in surprised her.“You got here quickly,” she said.“What happened? You just told me she showed up here.”“You hung up before I could tell you what happened. She was found u*********s and brought in on an ambulance. I was on duty when she came through.”“It looks bad,” he said.“It’ll take a while to heal, but thankfully it won’t require surgery. Although if it went on for much longer, the shock might have killed her. My guess a strap or belt. But she got whipped a lot.”“Who fucking did this!?” he snarled, switching personalities on a dime.“I don’t know. Like I said, she came in on an ambulance.”“What about the cops?”“They haven’t shown up yet. They don’t quickly come out this way for a beating. They probably think she was turning tricks.”“I was the one who found her,” Gale said, surprising the pair by popping in the room.“You? How?” Nik asked.“Found her outside her place. Someone beat her and stuffed her in a trash can. If she wasn’t moaning in pain, I’d not have noticed. The place is a war zone.”“Why were you following her?” Rai asked, curious.“She’s been staying with me. A girl in my line of work always makes sure to learn everything about who she deals with. Everything,” Gale replied.“Did you find anything else out?” Nik questioned.“Never had time. I drove her away, and called an ambulance. Chances are whatever happened, happened in her apartment.”Nik knelt back down, stroking Suzy’s hair gently. It hurt him to see her beaten to a pulp. She was a pain in his ass since day one, but he felt a connection to her. It wasn’t sexual, but more fatherly. He wanted to see her rise out of the shithole of her birth, and go on to do something with her life than be a schoolyard pimp.“I’m going there,” Nik said.“You can’t be serious, Rajah. Leave it to the cops,” Rai said.“Don’t Rajah me, Maya. This is serious. Look at her! I need to do something. She called me. She asked me for help, and I couldn’t do anything.”“What do you mean she called you for help?” Gale asked, confused.“Before you found her. She called me. Somehow she got my number. Why escort balıkesir do you think I got here so quickly? I called the cops but they couldn’t do anything. As sick as it sounds, I felt relief you called me to say she was here, Maya. At least then I knew she wasn’t on the street, dead somewhere.”“At least let me go with you, Nik,” Gale said. “You don’t know who is going to be waiting. I’m not just a pretty face, you know.” She said the last sentence in Rai’s direction, as if knowing what she was about to say.“Fine, fine, just don’t go getting killed, you two. And don’t do anything stupid,” Rai commented, sitting back down.“If Michelle or Valerie ask about me, just tell them I’m out. I don’t want them to worry yet. I’ll tell them myself.”Nik stood up, leaned over, and gently kissed Suzy on the forehead. XNik and Gale stood outside the dilapidated apartment building, motorcycle helmets held under their arms. Beggars and thugs walked the street. One tough decided to give Nik a long, hard stare which the white man returned in kind, not intimidated in the slightest.“Let’s go up and see what we can find out, Gale,” Nik ordered, leading the way.The inside looked worse than the outside. Needles lined the floor, used condoms, junk and trash. Nik could now better understand Suzy’s chip on her shoulder. Some doors were closed, some opened, and some broken. Each and every step made crunch sounds. Gale couldn’t hide her disgust, like a noble relegated to being among the peasants.The pair came to the correct door. Nik gave it a hard knock.“Who is it?”“Are you Mrs. Thompson?” Nik asked.“Miss, and I don’t talk to cops.”“We’re not cops,” Gale chimed in.“Your kind don’t come this way unless you’re cops or gangsters, especially you, slant-eyes.”Before Gale could reply to the insult, Nik put a strong hand on her shoulder.“Ma’am, my name is Nik Knight. I’m your daughter’s high school teacher. We’re just coming to inform you she is in the hospital.”There was a long pause, but they could hear some scurrying in the background. The door slowly cracked open, revealing the middle-aged woman’s used up form and dirty clothing. Gale could tell she had a hard life of d**gs. It took all her willpower not to wretch.“She is in the hospital?” the mother asked, surprised.“Yeah, we’re trying to figure out what happened. She was found outside your building. Did she make it inside?”The mother shook her head quickly. Gale leaned in, whispering into Nik’s ear. She could see through the door into a single, large room. No corridors or hallways. Suzy’s bag rested against the kitchen table.“Really?” Nik asked, keeping his cool. “What is her bag doing there?”“Oh, uh, that? She was here last night.”“Bullshit,” Gale shot out.“Hey, I don’t even know why I’m talking to a slant-eye and some stuck u
p teacher. I told ya she wasn’t here. I’m done talking.”She tried to slam the door shut but Nik shoved his foot in the way.“You don’t seem to know the predicament you’re in, Miss Thompson. Your k** was whipped, almost to death. You want to do hard time? c***d neglect isn’t something to scoff at,” Nik said, calmly.“Cops never come here. I’ve got protection. I just need to call my man and he’ll fuck you up.”“I’m not interested in picking a fight. I just want to know what went wrong. I can see the blood all over your floor. It has been hours. Why didn’t you call the ambulance? Make an anonymous phone call. Something!”“You fucking her, is that it? Damn slut holding out on me. She owed me rent, okay? Business has been slow. Bad economy, you know? Need to pay the bills.”SMACK!It was lightning fast. Gale looked stun. She should have expected it, but it still shocked her. Nik’s face was pure anger. The palm print lit up the mother’s face. She held her cheek, sobbing, as she fell back into the apartment.“Is that how you talk about your daughter? You call her a slut? What kind of pathetic mother are you to say those things?”Every word came out in anger. Every word came out in frustration.“I’ll sue you. You told me your name and job. I’ll put you in the poor house, you bastard,” she screamed.Nik ignored her, walking over to grab Suzy’s bag.“I’ll get my man after you. He’ll make you look worse than that worthless daughter of mine. He runs this block. He’ll run a train on you and make you his bitch.”She kept sobbing, laying in the corner of the room. Nik stared her down. Gale leaned up against the doorframe, keeping a watch for anyone garnering a peak at the commotion. She couldn’t help but chuckle at the insults. The mother didn’t know Nik’s history like Gale did, lest she wouldn’t make such stupid comments.“You tell your man, if he ever lays another hand on her again, I’ll personally gut him like a fish and defile his corpse. I’m not someone to fuck with!” he told her. “You’re a vile, disgusting creature. You made your own bed. You didn’t have to force your own c***d to sleep in it too.”Nik proceeded to leave the apartment but stopped short in the doorway.“And if you call the cops on me, be my guest. If you want to go to jail as well, I’m sure the girls in the pen would enjoy turning you out for tricks, especially after hearing how you’re a c***d abuser. Food for thought.”Every word came out like sharp icicles, piercing through the only shield the mother had. The pair could hear the pathetic woman continue to sob through the open door as they left.“I need a bath, Gale. This place sickens me. I thought I saw it all before.”As they walked down the stairs, a man whispered at them from an opened door.“Hey, white boy. Yeah, you. You love making trouble for yourself?”Nik pointed at himself, before walking over cautiously.“What kind of trouble is that?” he asked.“This is JJ’s territory. He hates crackers. I heard you messing with his woman upstairs. You must have a death wish.”“If this JJ hates crackers, why is he fucking one? He want to get a half-breed k** to punch around like a coward or something?”“I don’t know nothing about his politics, just he ain’t a dude to mess with. I heard the girl screaming earlier. She learned her lesson the hard way.”“And you didn’t try and help?” Gale asked, repulsed by the coward.“Didn’t you hear me, slanty? This is JJ. He don’t fuck around. He carved up a dude who tried to muscle in on his territory. The k** might be nineteen and in school, but it’s just a cover for his gang.”“Thanks for the information. And how do you know JJ won’t find out about this?” Nik asked.“He probably will, but I doubt he’ll do anything to me. I just told you he was a killer, nothing else.”The man shut the door quietly, leaving the pair alone in the empty hallway.“This JJ sounds like a chump to me. If Musashi were here, he’d take over in an instant,” Gale commented, following Nik outside.Nik put on the biker helmet, and hopped onto Gale’s expensive ninja motorcycle.“I need a bath.”“You already said that, Nik,” she replied, holding onto his thick chest muscles as she got on the back.Atop of the motorbike, they sped off back to his place. A myriad of ideas and emotions flooded his skull. He wanted out, but the life called him back in again. He put down the sword once, and now he had to pick it up to defend another. Gale rested her head against Nik’s back. She could feel the conflict inside his soul.

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