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White Neighbor Slaves pt 1My wife and me had been married for 30 years. I retired at 43 my wife was45. She was still a very attractive woman, 5′ 3″ tall 130 lbs. She shewalked every day around the neighborhood block. She recently changed herhair style to what she called a short nape and it was attractive on her. Asfor me I had gotten a bit chubby over the years but nothing drastic. Mywife , Carol kept trying to get to exercise more but I felt the yard workkept me in good enough shape. The only regret we had was not havingc***dren. Some people called that a blessing.Three months ago the new neighbors moved in next door. They were a blackfamily with two sons. Ben Weller was his name, he worked in security whichwas fitting. He was over 6′ tall and built like a boxer. I had to admit tomyself secretly, I had the odd fantasy of seeing him naked. His wife wasvery attractive woman also, worked for the state. Thad and Jake were theirsons. Thad was fifteen and Jake was s*******n. They took after their fatherbecause they were both big. In fact Jake was almost as tall as his father.It is safe to say my wife and me are quite passive people. We tend not torock the boat we were more submissive that aggressive. I guess that’s why Ialways felt intimidated by Ben when he came over to borrow something frommy garage. He made feel subordinate to him. I didn’t mind that he borrowedthings because he always returned them. Either him or one of his sons. Thenone day I needed the hedge clippers I had loaned to Ben.I went next door and found Ben in his garage tinkering with his truck. Hedidn’t have any shirt on I couldn’t help notice how muscular his upper bodywas. His black skin tone seemed to accent his muscles more. “What’s up,John?” “Oh, nothing, Ben. Just needed to use the hedge trimmer thismorning.” “Sounds like a pretty lame excuse to me.” I was caught offguard. “I, I don’t understand what you mean.” Ben walked over and closeddown the garage door.”I’ve seen you look at me. You’re thinking what my big black cock lookslike.” I shook my head and swallowed. “NO. No, Please Ben. I assureyou. Nothing like that ever occurred to me!” “You and your wife don’t havesex much anymore if at all. Except for a hand job she might give you.” Ididn’t want to admit it but he was just about right. Carol and I had sexonce in a couple of months. That didn’t go all that well.”Please. Ben. Can I get the hedge trimmer and I’ll leave you alone.” “I’llgive you more than the trimmed.” Ben stepped around from his truck, glaringdown at me. “Get down on your knees!” “Please, please Ben,” I was stoppedshort. He put his large hands on my shoulders and forced me down. Somehow,I was not afraid of what was going to happen next. Ben unzipped his pants,he was not wearing shorts. His huge erection plopped out in front of me.”Open your mouth,” he ordered. “Get your mouth over the head and suck it!”The head was circumcised and very thick. It was like putting a largecucumber in my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was doing this to him. “Com’onget some more in your mouth. Suck it!” I don’t how long I was sucking hispenis when suddenly he pulled it out of my mouth. He began stroking it andhis semen shot all over my face. There was so much I thought it would neverstop. “Next time I’ll make you swallow it!”He grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet. His hands quickly unfastenedmy pants and yanked them down to my ankles. “Just as I thought. You gotsome wood there.” He was right. I did have an erection. Put your handsbehind your back. Stand there while I milk this white thing.” I never hada man ever fondle my penis before. It was humiliating standing thereallowing him to masturbate me. I would only admit to my self that Icompletely enjoyed it.It took only about a minute, I was so aroused feeling his large handyanking on my penis. The ejaculation felt better than I had in a long longtime. “Put you pants back on,” Ben ordered, as he reached for thetrimmer. “Here. Have a good time. As much as I tried to get the images ofthat morning out of my mind, I couldn’t. Every time I thought about it mypenis would swell up. I had no idea what the consequences would be fromthat day.Two days later, when I returned from the post office, I found a note on thekitchen table. It was from Carol who said she had gone next door to helpHelen, Ben’s wife. I didn’t remember her saying anything about Helen orgoing there before. I met Jake and Thad in the driveway shooting abasketball through the hoop. “I just came over to see if Carol was here.”Jake and Thad smiled, “Yeah, she’s inside with mom and dad. The back dooris open.” It was good thing I didn’t have heart trouble. I stoppedimmediately in my tracks. Carol was down on her knees in front of Ben. Hislarge dick was sliding in and out of her mouth. Her arms were bound behindher back and she was completely naked! “Surprised, John?” Helen asked. Ihad not noticed but she was sitting at the table with a robe on.I still didn’t answer because I found it hard to believe what I was seeing.Ben smiled at me. “She likes black cock just as well as you do, John””Yeah,” Helen added. “We’re just breaking your wife in. That’s all.” Shetook a drink of her coffee. “I heard you did some cock sucking the otherday in the garage. How’d you like it?” I was trying to think of somethingto say when Ben all of a sudden ejaculated in Carol’s mouth.The semen dribbled from her lips, down her chin and the side of her faceand eventually on the floor. My penis snapped to the quickest erection Ihad ever had. It was the most arousing thing I ever seen. I had never beenbig on porn like many men so I was a bit of a prude about these things. Benwiped the semen from Carol’s face and rubbed it over her tits. Her hardnipples were standing straight out. Ben untied Carol’s hands, Helen tossedher clothes to her.”Better put these on so your hubby can take you back home.” I never said aword not because I was angry but because I was to humiliated to speak.Carol got dressed and we went home. It was some time before I spoke up.”Would you like to tell me what that was all about over there?” Carolwould not look me in the eyes instead she hung her head. “I was forced todo what you saw. Helen got me over there on another pretense. I had no ideathat was going to happen. Please believe me.”It was almost like she read my mind because I thought about the garage kaçak iddaa froma few days earlier. Carol suddenly lifted her head. “What did Helen meanabout cock sucking in the garage?” Now it was my turn. I took a deepbreath. “It, it was nothing. I had an encounter with Ben in the garage afew days ago.” “What kind of encounter?””When I went over to get the trimmer.” I could feel the humiliation allover my body. “He, he forced me to suck his cock.” “And you never saidanything about it?” I starred at her. “Were you going to say anythingabout today?” It appeared we were both at a standoff. I had my humiliationand Carol had hers. “let’s just let it go and get on with our lives.”Two days later was Saturday, Ben called me over to his house. I was a bitapprehensive to say the least. Thad and Jake were there. “Get on yourknees, John.” I was completely intimidated by Ben and both his sons. Iquickly knelt down. Jake held my arms behind my back while Thad tied themup. I thought maybe this time it would be Jake or Thad. They made me standat which time they removed my pants and underwear.Ben led me down the hall to the bedroom. Helen was laying on the bed naked.The first thing I noticed, like all men I suppose, were her tits. They werebig and so were her nipples. “Can’t let my husband have all the fun withyou two,” she said smiling big. “When was the last time you licked pussy?”She asked. “I, I, I don’t know. Or remember.” I stuttered. Shelaughed. “Then you in for a treat!”Helen opened her legs and gave me a perfect view of her black pussy. Ithough about resisting but I knew it would do no good. Helen grabbed myhead and p
ulled me into her wet crotch. “Get your tongue in there. Slide itall over me!” She was moaning and groaning as she rubbed my face back andforth in her pussy. “There! Right there!” She shouted. “Keep your tonguerubbing over my clit!” A minute later she screamed and rubbed my face upand down her pussy, Groaning and screaming several more times.I felt like my face had taken a hot shower. She pushed me away then she layback on the bed moaning some more. “You did pretty good, John,” Ben smiled, bringing a damp towel to wipe my face off with. “I thing my wife likesyour face in her pussy.” Ben stood me up. “I see my wife’s pussy makesyour cock hard too.” I was beginning to associate humiliation with myerections.Ben led me back to the living room. He untied my arms. “Since you’re halfnaked. You might as well go all the way. Take your shirt off.” Ben retiedmy arms. “You ever heard of bdsm?” I nodded, “yes, I don’t live under arock. It’s some sort of weird kinky sex thing.” “Yeah, it is. But morepeople love it than you think.”Ben pulled out a ball gag and dangled it in front of me. “Ever seen one ofthese?” “Yes. They use it in kinky sex.” Ben laughed, “open your mouth.”I did and he inserted the red ball in my mouth. Next he fastened the straparound my neck to hold it in place.” He led me over to a mirror. “See howgood you look in that? We better take you next door and show Carol.”My heart skipped a beat when he said that. My god that was the last thing Iwanted. However, I was bound and gagged and I had no say in the matter. Irealized how helpless I was at that moment. Ben had total control overme. He could do whatever he liked. Anyone could for that matter. Completelynaked, Ben led me out the back door into the yard. Thank god we wentthrough the back gate so nobody could see me. He led me in the house andsat me down in a chair. I looked around but didn’t see Carol anywhere.Ben looked down at me. “Looking for the little woman? Bring her in, Jake.”Carol had a leather collar around her neck and was led into the room byJake with a leash attached to the collar. She also was buck naked, armstied behind her back. Thad walked in behind Carol. “You got a pretty hotlooking wife there, John. But I think she’s becoming addicted to blackcocks.””Kneel!” Jake ordered. Carol obeyed immediately, dropping to herknees. Jake removed his pants and stroked his large black cock beforeshoving it into Carol’s mouth. Carol gagged a few times. I watched whileJake pumped his teenage cock in and out of Carol’s mouth. His big testiclesswung back and forth occasionally striking Carol on the chin. Abruptly Jakegroaned and thrust his hips forward.After a few seconds I could see the sperm rolling from Carol’slips. Quickly Jake and Thad changed places. Thad slipped his black dickinto Carol’s mouth and began humping. I had no control on my emotions aseveryone could see. Aroused by everything that was taking place, my dickwas standing straight up. “Makes you really hot! Watching your wife suckbig black cocks.”As much as I didn’t want to admit it, he was right. It did arouse mecompletely. The image of Carol’s mouth dripping semen and her tits bouncingback and forth. It did make me hard! Again I saw the sperm dripping fromher lips and down her chin and onto her chest. Jake and Thad pulled Carolto her feet then turned her around in front of me. Jake slid his handbetween her thighs and into her pussy. “Yeah, this bitch is wet and wild.”Jake brought Carol over to me and made her kneel. He shoved her head down,”now, suck your husband’s cock.” It was probably 20 years since my dickwas in her mouth. Those days we use to make love at lot. The slurpingsounds she made aroused me even more. I closed my eyes, groaned out loudand the sensation shot through my body like a bolt of lighting. Her mouthwas full my sperm for the first time in years.Ben pulled Carol to her feet and bent her over the arm of the sofa. I couldsee the wet crack of her pussy peeking through her ass cheeks. Ben droppedhis pants and rubbed his thick black dick up and down Carol’s ass crack.”Now, I’m gonna fill your pussy with a real cock!” Carol moaned loudly asBen slid his hard dick into her. Carol was groaning and the room was filledwith the sound of Ben’s thighs smacking against Carol’s ass.Suddenly she screamed, “OH MY GOD! OH, oh, oh god!” “This black cock isnot ready yet, bitch!” carol groaned and screamed again while Ben rammedhis large dick in and out of her pussy. It must have another minute beforeBen had his orgasm and pulled away. I could see Carol’s pussy drippingBen’s semen down her thighs and on the sofa arm. She was still catching herbreath.The door opened and I saw Helen walk in. She was dressed a bitstrange. Thigh bets10 high boots and black leather dress with a matching leatherbra. “What you boys doing over here?” She asked. “Just having some fun,”Ben replied. Helen looked over at Carol. “That bitch is a mess. You boysgo give he a bath and get her cleaned up.”Jake and Thad pulled Carol to her feet and led he out of the room. Helenturned back to me. “This works out just fine,” She smiled. “Me and Ben gotyou to play with. And the boys got your wife to play with. Works out justfine.” Ben yanked me up from the chair as Helen walked around me. “Youever had your white ass spanked? I bet you did when you were a boy.” Icouldn’t answer her because of the gag in my mouth.”Well let’s just bend you over that sofa arm.” Ben forced me over the armjust like they had done Carol. Now my ass was sticking up in the air.Helen placed her hand on the ass. “Let’s see if we can put a little colorin that white ass of yours.” The next thing I heard was a loud whack and astinging sensation on my ass cheeks. There were four more whacks and thestinging in my ass was turning to a burning sensation.During the whacks from the leather belt, Helen would stop and then slap mewith her hand and pinch my ass with her fingers. Then follow it up withanother few whacks from the belt. Needless to say, it was a painful on mytender ass cheeks. “I think this bitch has had enough ass whipp’in.” Helenreached between my legs and grabbed me by the balls. “You remember how muchthat ass whipp’in hurts. You step out of line and I’ll whip your white asstwice as long. You hear me?”I quickly nodded my head yes. My ass was still on fire and I didn’t wantany more. Ben grabbed my arms and yanked me to my feet. Helen stepped upto me. “Spread your legs! Wide open!” She picked up a couple of smallmetal clamps which she clamped onto my nipples. I felt more discomfort asshe tightened them down. She picked something else up from the table.”This is my favorite riding crop. I like to use it on white mans cocks.”She teased my cock and balls with the crop, rubbing it all around mygenitals. The constant pain I was feeling in my nipples was having aneffect on my penis. It was making it hard as a rock. Helen began by tappingmy glans with the crop then lower to my testicles. I responded with suddenjerking and grunting which made her happy.My dick was sore from being slapped so much with the crop as was my scrotumand inner thighs. Ben and Helen found it amusing how hard my red peniswas. Helen grabbed it and began masturbating me there in the living room. Ibriefly wondered where Carol was and what she was doing. Then Suddenly, myaching testicles began to spill out my semen into Helen’s hand.They soon decided they had enough fun for one night so they untied me andreturned to their home. Shortly after Carol came in and went straight tothe bedroom. The next morning I didn’t wake until ten. I heard Carol inthe kitchen so I threw on a robe and went in to see what she was doing. Shewas wearing her flower apron, just and apron and nothing else.I smiled at her, “I don’t think I ever saw you just wear an apron.” “Jaketold me stay naked when I was in the house. Just in case a man would liketo use me.”I could see the outline of her nipples poking against the front of theapron. I stared
at her bars ass sticking out the back of the apron. She wasright I would love to use her right there!As the weeks went by, Carol and I got use to being used as sexual slaves toBen and his family. It was certainly unlike anything we had everexperienced before in our dull middle class lives. I actually had to get aprescription for some of those sexual enhancing d**gs to keep my dick hardand preforming. As for Carol, she was doing just fine.Carol was mostly used by Ben, Thad and Jake. Helen was not really intowomen all that much. As for me, I was used by just about everyone. Helenloved having a white man as her sexual slave as did Ben and the boys. Oneafternoon I was working in the garage, sorting boxes when Thad, Jake andtwo of their friends walked in.When they closed the garage door I knew what they had in mind.”This is the white bitch I was telling you about,” said Jake.His two friends smiled and nodded their heads. “You right! He does look alot like Mr. Farley.”Thad came over, grabbed my nipples through my shirt and pinchedthem. “Mr. Farley is one of our white teachers at school. A real prick!”Jake laughed, “yeah. If we had him here right now, we’d fuck his ass hard!””Since we don’t,” continued Thad. “You’ll have to do!”The boys quickly surrounded me, tying my hands behind my back, stripping methen bending me over the wooden bench I had in the garage. The rest waspretty much self explanatory. When they finished, I had sperm dripping fromall my holes. I was quickly beginning to dislike this Mr. Farley.However, Carol got used by the boys a lot more than me. Every day when theJake and Thad came home from school they stopped by our house first forsome “black cock service” as they called it. Carol had to be ready everyday Monday through Friday three-thirty in the afternoon. They would stripher then make her suck their cocks until they were almost ready toejaculate. Sometimes they would bend her over and fill whatever hole thefelt like.It always amazed me how much sexual drive teenage boys have. They wouldconclude their “black cock service” by four o’clock. Sometimes they wouldbe back at five for another. Then back again at seven and sometimesnine. Also amazing was the fact they always had ample loads of sperm toeject. I was not exempt from “black cock service” I had to suck them offjust as many times as Carol.One Saturday morning I was called over by Helen. “Strip!” She barked, and Icomplied to her command. I knew it was time for the bondage gear to comeout. Chest harness, arms fastened behind my back, cock and ball harness andball gag for my mouth. The finishing touch was the two nipple clamps and ablack leather studded collar buckled around my neck.”That’s good,” she smiled. “Now, you look like a white man slave.”I didn’t know it at the time but Helen was having a few of her friendsover. Three more black women arrived after about an hour. I was downstairsstanding naked in the center of the playroom. The women strolled around me,poking, pinching, fondling, prodding and slapping whatever they bets10 güvenilir mi feltlike. One of the women grabbed my balls and yanked.”You like eat’in black pussy?”I quickly nodded my head, not wanting her to pull my balls any tighter.”That’s good! We got a lot of black pussy for you to eat,” they alllaughed.They began by giving me a good hard spanking which left my ass burningred. They removed the gag, made me kneel on the floor and leanbackwards. For about the next hour my face and mouth was covered with blackpussy. I didn’t think is was possible but my tongue was actually sore fromall the licking.Of course they had some other fun with me. They fastened another gag on methey called a penis gag. There was a small cock head that went into mymouth while on the other end was a larger rubber dildo. They took turnsmaking me face fuck them with the dildo. The high lite for me however, wasgetting sucked off by one of the women. I was pulled around the house by mycock and balls then masturbated by one of the women.Several days later, Thad and Jake took me for a ride to another house but Idon’t know where. I was stripped, made to lay face down on a bed with myarms and legs tied to the rails. I was fucked by about eight men, at leastthat was how many cocks I remember going in my ass. I later found out Jakeand Thad told some boys that I was Mr. Farley and for a price they couldfuck me in the ass. I guess that’s when I officially became their malewhore.Jake and Thad would always dress me in a suit, white shirt and tie whichthey acquired from the local thrift store. My hands were bound, I wasgagged and blindfolded. They allowed the boys to come in and strip me. Bythat I mean they ripped my clothes off and then fuck me one by one. Theblindfold always stayed on so I never saw who any of the boys were. The gagwas removed however, so they could stick their cock’s in my mouth wheneverthey wanted.Sometimes the boys were a little rough. My ass got spanked quite a bit. Ithink they felt like they were punishing Mr. Farley instead of me. Mynipples were pinched and twisted until they were painfully sore. They werenot so gentle to my poor cock and balls either. They spanked, slapped andharshly yanked them until I finally ejaculated. My genitals was always asource of amusement for them.They liked to see my various reactions to having them pulled, twisted,pinched, tied, squeezed and slapped. It was another one of those mosthumiliating things I had to endure. I know it sounds absurdly kinky butplaying the role of Mr. Farley was the most sexually exciting thing I hadever done. Jake and Thad could see that, so they turned it into a regularweekly thing.There was the time Carol got a little more stimulation than she wanted. Benand Thad had just fucked her on the kitchen table in front of me. I wastied to a chair, naked of course with no way to hide my stiff cock. Theytied Carol to a chair across from me and gagged her mouth. They stuck alarge vibrator between her legs with the head against her clit. Then theytied her legs together so the vibrator would be held securely in place.They turned it on and sat back to watch the fun. Carol could go a long timewithout an orgasm during normal sex. Sometime she don’t even haveone. However, the vibrator is a different story. She could orgasm quitequickly with that throbbing beat against pussy. I saw her head go back asthe first orgasm overpowered her. Her whole body shook and her tits bounceduncontrollably up and down. She was trying to scream but the gag kept hercries muffled.With the vibrator still locked between her legs and pounding her pussy, thenext one came. She shook again and her tits heaved up and down again. Mycock was dripping by now as I watched her. Thad came over to her andstarted pinching and twisting her large nipples. Her hips were rocking inrhythm with the vibrator while her tits bounced along in rhythm also. Itwas the first time I really saw her exhausted.Thad came over to me stroking his hard black cock. “Open your mouth,bitch!” He ordered, sliding his cock down my throat. Shortly after, heemptied his load in my mouth. Ben didn’t want to be left out. He rammed hisblack cock down my throat next and humped away until my mouth was full ofhis semen.I know it might be hard to understand but Carol and I actually enjoyedbeing slaves to Ben and his family. A whole new world opened up to us. Ienjoyed being dominated by them just as much as Carol did. I liked playingMr. Farley. Carol enjoyed being spanked not only on the ass but the tits,it really made her hot. She loved it when the boys made her wear just ahalter top and a short pleated skirt.One day Thad and Jake decided to take Carol along on the day I was going toplay Mr. Farley. They thought she should watch as her husband be used andabused by a half dozen other black boys. I was bound, gagged andblindfolded as usual, completely dressed in suit, shirt and tie. It almostalways began with me sucking someones cock. Later, I was stripped of myclothing, spanked and fucked among other things. They did enjoy forcing meto ejaculate. The felt it was approp
riate humiliation for Mr. Farley.The following week, Ben and Helen hosted a party at their house and bothCarol and I were invited. As the white slave neighbors, of course. Caroland I were not allowed to wear any clothes. we were to remain naked exceptfor the leather collar around out necks. We were to be the servants and theentertainment for all the guests. We served drinks and snacks and had toallow the guests to fondle whatever they liked.During the course of evening, I was taken to the guest room several timesby both male and female guests. The male guests either fucked me or forcedme to suck their cocks. The female guests preferred to have their pussieslicked and sucked. I was also taken into the guest bathroom twice. Once bya man that fucked me on the floor and once by an attractive blackwoman. She made me stand there with my legs open while she sucked mycock. Then she slapped my face.”You better not ever tell anyone what happened in here. You hear me?”As for Carol, I noticed her being led down the hall to the guest room a fewtimes also. One time she was outside on the patio, kneeling in front ofthis tall black man. He had hold of her hair while shoving his hard blackcock in and out of her mouth. I also noticed her tits were a littlered. Another time I saw her in the living room by the sofa on her knees,sucking another mans cock. Her face was covered with semen. The party was asmash, Carol and I were the high-lite and we were requested to attend everyparty from then on.

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