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white boiclit that serve all women that are BBC onI am a exhibitions that get off dressing in panties and collar and go to the roughest black hoods or projects. i will park BLOCK away on the streets and sneak thru the alleys. In B,ham Ala, Woddlawn in the early 2000 i new at the 1st 10st.s. was close to the 10 there was in the V there was a convenience store .if there was a white person she was a hooker or either there to score some d**g. in between them streets it was run black the largest gang in the city. this friday evening i was in my pink panties and matching collar.with a dog chain from the collar where i strap myself down where it look just like a real clitorus that i would have it the only thing showing. with the other end of the chain i had nipples clamps wthat was clip to both my pussy lips. it was aeound 11 that night i drown down the side street and just look down 8 9 st. where they had many dealers on this streets. i drove on by seen a cop seating in the next alley.I speed up and when to the ally on 1st, and turn down cross the st. and as i got close to the end of the alley that cop car slid up and block me both out with gun pointed at me i was scared and excited at the same time. The one was the aggressive ,and was calling out all verbal commands ,both where white the other was a rookie, the lead cop slab me out the truck. asking where the d**gs i told him i didnt stop and dont do d**gs. i had made out of a pinp pong paddle a thick big black cock with into a paddle. my exwife used to spank me with.but she had stop a while back becoming a whole roller in a chruch. the the main cop threw over the hood of my s-10 and made spread wide. they threw every thing out of my truck.He had my big black cock paddle in his ısparta escort hand, told me i was a sick fuck. ask where did i live i told him with someone i said my wife .does she know i said she was my Mistress until joining a chruch and it all stop. About that time another cop car pull behind them .Two old burly Big Cops of the age of late 40s to early 50. The lead white cops who was a bully and enjoying humilating me. if ask the rookie if he want to spank me.and ask me if that would be ok with me .I Said Yes Sir any one of you can. he was in my ear. telling did i know last week they where someone killed. telling me he should take me to the jail just like i am know. thank god i was still layed over the hood. because i had a hard and percum had a wet patch on my panties. He turn to the black cop do they want take over. I just hoping they would say yes. But told him no do want u want with that bitch. he was saying in a rough way how he could take me to jail but he giving me my only break for me to go home and dont get caught back down here again or threw me in the drunk tank dress ;like i am ‘ i was so turn on and excited. so i drove to this run down hotel on the west side. where rooms are run down and known for pimps whore, crack head, dealer,pimp ,its has only 2 floors 30 rooms. i went by my house to get more of my toys and a long dress that i put on to get the room. i know they charge white freaks like me more. i ok with that the hotel owner and clerks allow things to go there . they have surveillance camera behind the desk in the office is a wall from ever camera . as you check it like a wall of sex shows exihibitions, you can see all kink going on there. So i got a room by the ice and dink box. As soon as i got escort ısparta into my room i toke off the curtain folded them up as the sign said if you do bring them to the office.which i had a school girl outfit with no panties and a button up top with my pink collar still strap down with the dog chain and clamps on my clit. with it tied in a knot with thigh high pink stocking and my white fuck me pumps .When i got to the office the big black clerk and the four chairs was full of black bulls there to watch the 20 or least shows going on. you have to pay 10$ for someone has to put them back. He slip me a pic of paper like it was a recipe ,i said thank you Sir .turn to leave and told the other enjoy you show. You could hear what they where saying ,laughing an calling me degrading names i slip on the side and listen longer what the y where saying .one of them said what the bitch in said 119 if i cant find some pussy i call that slut. Which i had a gallon of hennessy voka ,all mixers and a case of bud ice down in the tub. and some fine 420 bud.. where i put up a black sheer over the window that was see threw. had all me black dildos of all size all the way to black stallions on displayed. the ones that had sucks i had the hanging and the one that didnt i had them lined from the smallest to the biggest on the window base board. its was the 4th july long weekend i had the room for 3 days. the surveillance camera one point as you walk out the door ,u can turn left theres the drink box an ice. i notice they where able to turn the first one right into my room. so i folded the sheer back half way .so they have a clear view . I walk a couple times infront all the rooms i seen black me having a gang bang on the white lucky pussy. ısparta escort bayan most had there doors open since the air was not that good. i knew an brought a fan.There was this young highschool thugs having a hotel party. with 4 naked young girls from there school. As prissy by there room one of the young bulls order me to come in i did . They said you bitch need to go get us some alcohol . i told them my room right above there i have a gallon of hennessy an voka a case of beer ice down. There was 7 young black bucks and four of the prettest hot white girls i had ever seen together. I told them i lots of toys that they can play with. This About 6′ 4″ Superior young bull stood over me with out a shirt. and said bitchs get up we going to the white bitch slaves room .He has ever thing all ready there that we need. They ripe my skirt and top off .all i had on was my pink collar and the chain from it with claps on my clit. leading them to the room with four naked teenage white girls and the 7 black bull they all where from West end high school.they found my locker box with collars ,chains, paddles, clamps, 5 pairs of cuffs ,ropes., bondage leathers. mask. As i serve them drinks and was the one who put collars on this hot white girls. and put clamps on there pussy lips. and had to tie ropes on there perk little nipples and we all had black dildos strap in there pussy and my boi pussy . by then there where over 20 of the black classmate . and this black truck all pimp out where they had a chain leash on the first white pussy and chAIN to the other 3 and a chain to me who i was on my hands and knees crawling to this pimp truck , when we go to they took red bandits tightly over our eyes. Lets us know we have the bloods colors of there gang. That means you are not worth to be a member. but wearing like you now. means the bloods are to use u as the what u are being taken to a place where nobody can hear or knowns this place unless they have the bloods tat on them beat in die out.

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