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What the Maid Saw.Esther had worked for Lord Bentford for almost five years before he passed away and his property,including the house and all his wealth passed to his son,Master Paul. Master Paul had married into a very wealthy family,the Gillenham’s,but after a few months the marriage had broken down and Jane Gillenham had returned to her parents saying that Lord Paul was the ‘rudest and most uncouth person she had ever met and that he spent more time with prostitutes than her….’ This caused outrage and her father went to speak with Lord Paul;Esther had heard every word. Lord Gillenham had ordered Lord Paul to ‘ …see the Friar and chastise oneself before it was too late,before he would loose all his position and standing….’ A week passed before a letter had arrived and Esther had brought it to Lord Paul in his library. She waited in case there was a response ,but instead saw Lord Paul gulp and then stare at the contents of the letter.”Will that be all,Sir?” Esther had asked.After a few moments of silence Lord Paul answered, ” I am expecting a Friar Benedict to arrive tomorrow,please make him comfortable and then direct the staff that I wish to not be disturbed tomorrow evening,the Friar and I will have a lot to…discuss”,Lord Paul said still staring at the letter.Esther left the library,she didn’t know what to make of Lord Paul’s behaviour when he saw the letter,but she done as she was told;she made up one of the large bedrooms and directed the other members of the staff of Lord Paul’s wishes.The following day a carriage came lumbering up the long and winding driveway of the house.Esther and James,the butler met the carriage at the steps to the house.A footman jumped down from the carriage and opened the door, a small,wizened face man exited the carriage,he was very thin and his face wore a very stern look,his face was an ashen colour and his beady eyes surveyed the house.He wore the long black habit and bonnet of a clergyman.The footman held a black leather bag .”Welcome,Friar canlı kaçak iddaa Benedict,” James said. “His Lordship has directed that you be made comfortable and that he will see you in the library at 7pm this evening,” James continued.Esther waited for the Friar to reply,but he juts nodded. She showed the Friar to his room and left him. She wondered what this was all about.She asked James what his opinion was and he told her that Lord Paul was going to make a large donation to a church by way of repenting. Esther was still unsure. As directed all the staff kept away and indeed everyone took the opportunity to have an early night,all except Esther,she was very intrigued by the appearance of the Friar and by Lord Paul’s behaviour.She decided to investigate.At ten minutes past seven she left her quarters and made her way to the library.As she crept closer she could hear voices.Once she reached the door she heard Lord Paul say; “I am willing to do whatever is required.”Esther knelt down and peered through the keyhole. She could see Lord Paul standing by his desk and the old Friar sitting by the fireplace,his leather bag was on the table and sipped sherry as he stared into the fire. Lord Paul looked very uneasy.”Have you received it before,boy?” the Friar spoke,his voice was low and his tone measured.”Yes,Master Friar,at school”,Lord Paul replied.There was silence,the Friar took another sip of sherry as Lord Paul stood by the table.Esther wondered what was in the leather bag ans she could see that Lord Paul glanced at the bag every now and again. “Very well,boy,let us begin”, the Friar said as he stood up and walked to the table. “Bare yourself ,boy,” the Friar ordered.Esther knelt,rooted to the spot,what was going to happen?She watched as the Friar opened the bag and produced a school cane,she had seen the very same type at school many years ago.Then she saw Lord Paul take off his shirt and then begin to undo the buttons on his trousers,all the time the Friar watched,standing canlı kaçak iddaa by the table holding the school cane.Esther could make out a slight smile on the old Friar’s pursed lips as lord Paul lowered his trousers and under garments and stood naked,the reflection from the candles and fireplace danced on his naked body.Esther felt very aroused and slid her fingers under her night dress and touched her wet vagina,she took a deep intake of breath as she touched herself while looking at Lord Paul’s nakedness.Lord Paul stood naked as the Friar walked around behind him, she noticed the Friar look at Lord Paul’s bare bottom and the smile on his face grew larger and then he said, “Bent over the table ,boy,as we have agreed you will receive twenty strokes every night for the next week,” the Friar said slowly.Esther watched as Lord Paul bent over the table,his bare,firm bottom exposed to the pleasure of the old Friar,she suddenly felt jealous,she wished she could touch his bare posterior.Esther was sure to enjoy the sight unfolding before her.Friar Benedict and Lord Paul.Esther continued to watch as the old Friar stood behind Lord Paul and then she was taken aback as the old Friar touched Lord Paul’s naked bottom,the Friar was clearly doing this to pleasure himself as he said, “Now boy,you will receive a rich and lasting memory of this night,discipline is good for boy,especially those who have too much.”Esther watched as the Friar groped the bare bottom of Lord Paul for a few moments,she could see that Lord Paul,who was in profile to her had squeezed his eyes shut,he clearly enjoyed the touch of a woman as opposed to a man,especially the touch of this old priest who was clearly getting a personal thrill as he stared down at the bare bottom he was touching ,a bare bottom that he would soon be thrashing.Esther wondered did the old Friar have an erection,she wondered what would happen and thought for a moment that the old priest was about to insert himself into Lord Paul as he was now canlı bahis şirketleri standing directly behind Lord Paul and pressing himself against Lord Paul’s bare bottom as he said, “Now,boy,now,boy,discipline is good for wicked boys like you.”Then Esther watched as the Friar placed the school cane across Lord Paul’s bare posterior and raise it up before bringing it down with great force. Lord Paul lowered his head.”Head up,boy,” the Friar ordered and then placed his hand on Lord Paul’s bare bottom again,tracing the line left by the cane.Esther saw the old priest smile with satisfaction as he brought the cane down on the bare bottom again and again,two strokes in quick succession caused Lord Paul to cry out. “That’s it boy,now I am getting through to you,” the Friar said as he brought the cane down again.Eventually Esther,saw Lord Paul buckle at the knees as the cane viciously kissed his bare bottom.The Friar was miling broadly now and then said, “Regain your composure,boy,tonight’s discipline is nearly at an end”.Esther watched as the old priest brought the cane down five more times,each time Paul cried out and pounced the table.Esther saw the deep lines across his bare bottom and then saw the Friar place the cane on the table and using his hands to rub and gently slap the Lord Paul’s bare bottom.”Now,boy,you may get dressed and we will continue this tomorrow evening,” the Friar said returning to his chair by the fire and watching lord Paul dress himself with an expression of pain on his face.Esther rushed back to her room and once in the safety of her bed touched herself again all the time remembering what she had just seen.The following morning she served Lord Paul breakfast but learned that the old Friar would take breakfast in his room as he in prayer. That evening Esther again positioned herself at the library door and watched the priest bring the cane down on Lord Paul’s bare bottom again. As she watched the expression of pain on Lord Paul’s face she touched herself,she felt that she was getting as much pleasure as the old priest who was smiling and taking every opportunity to touch Lord Paul’s bare bottom.At the end of the week the old priest left and Lady Gillenha
m returned,peace was restored in the marriage of Lord Paul.

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