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Visiting Tom IITom and I swam for a couple hours before Mr. Robinson came down. He asked how the water was,Tom said it was cold at first. Great he said and started taking off his clothes. I couldn’t help but watch as he took his shirt off,and seen he had no chest hair. Where we lived most of the men had some hair, others were covered front and back with it. As he pulled off his pants, his dick and balls were fully exploded. Completely hairless, just the hair on his arms, legs,and head was there. He jumped in and swam around for a while. Mrs. Robinson, Tom’s mother called him to help her do some work. After Tom left I swam over to Mr. Robinson, he held on to me and asked how I was. I told him what I had been doing since we moved. After we talked I asked him why he didn’t have any hair on his chest and crotch. He laughed and said, after working outdoors all day,the sweat stuck to it and starts to stink. I finally built up the courage to ask him if he’d show me how to shave. He smiled and said normally I wouldn’t, but considering you’re dad’s passed, and you’re like a second son to me, I’ll help ordu escort you if that’s what you want. I said it is. I said I didn’t like the hair, it looks funny. He gave me a hug and said let’s have a look. I kicked my legs and laid back, floating on my back in front of him to look. Mr. Robinson smiled and ran his hand over my crotch and said you haven’t grown much in the man department. Emberrised, I covered myself and said mine’s not much smaller than Tom’s. He pushed my hand away and said you’re right, how about you getting up early tomorrow and we’ll get started. I hugged him and said okay. After swimming, we dressed and went to the house for dinner. After eating and taking my bath, Mrs. Robinson said they didn’t have another bed, do you mind sharing a bed with Tom. I said it’ll be like we were younger, no problem. Tom and I climbed into bed, Mrs. Robinson kissed us good night and turned off the light. We lay talking for a while before knodding off. The next morning I got up and went downstairs and found Mr. Robinson in the kitchen drinking coffee. I asked him if he remembered what escort ordu he said. He said I sure do. Since no one’s up yet go ahead and sit on the table. He found a pair of scissors and said to lay down. He pulled my pajama pants off and spread my legs. Cutting the hair above my dick,he lift my little balls and dick and cut the hair. He said I think something wants some attention, I looked down and seen I was hard. Blushing I reached down and put my hands over my dick. Mr. Robinson said don’t worry about it, know a great way to get it to go down, moving my hands I asked what it was. He sat down and pulled my legs till my butt was on the edge of the table. He looked up and said don’t move,then lowered his head down and put my stiff dick in his mouth. I couldn’t speak if I wanted to, as he sucked and ran his tongue over my dick. I could feel his breath on my belly as he sucked and breathed quicker. The feeling was amazing and I started breathing quicker and my heart beat faster. As he sucked, he ran his hands over my legs, then pushed them up,exposing my butt. He opened his mouth and ran his ordu escort bayan tongue down my dick, over my balls and licked under them. He reached down and pulled my butt cheeks open and licked my hole. I couldn’t help be hold my legs up, and lifting my butt up for him. He moaned as I raised my butt giving him full access to my butt. He reached up and stroked my dick as he licked and probed my hole. I moaned loudly as he pressed against it and felt something funny in my groin. He licked his way back up to my dick and started sucking me again. My dick started twitching in his mouth and he pressed on my balls. I started breathing quicker and my body started shaking. I felt like I had to prevent, but Mr. Robinson wouldn’t let my dick out of his mouth. Suddenly I felt my dick pumping and I felt something coming out of it. As my dick pumped, my body stiffened. You could hear the pop as Mr. Robinson raised his head and broke the vacuum he had on my dick. He stroked my dick as he looked up and asked, how was that. My head was swimming and the whooshing sound finally left my ears. I couldn’t speak or move for a couple of minutes. I asked him what happened, he smiled and asked, was that the first time to cum. I said yes, he said I’m glad I’m the one who did it for you. He pulled me up and said let’s finish getting you shaved.

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