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Visit with GrandpaI was on my way to spending a weekend with my Grandpa. All the best memories were passing through my mind of being his favorite little girl! I could see it now, all those special nights we had me and my Grandpas. I knew I was the special grandc***d because I was the only one he would let stay up late and watch tv! Also hang out and share all those special stories before bed. He would always take such great care of me as his favorite little girl! I can still remember all the times we would stay up late watching tv eating popcorn and I would sit on his lap. I also remember his special popcorn bowl only we would eat from. I was the only adana escort bayan grandc***d he would bath and comb hair for hours. He was such a great man in my eyes and will love him for those great memories. I also will always love those late night stories of his and special tuck ins at night.Well now I am returning as a teenager and spending some time with him. I cannot wait. Looking forward to the late night tv and story time again. When I arrive there he is waiting and a big smile on his face!! I was so happy to see him again!We settle in and he was in his robe and I was in my pjs he says to me with the big bowl of popcorn you want to adana escort do like old times and winks! I go “grandpa!!” I wink back and say back to him “ok” I crawl on his lap and say what are we watching tonight? As I get on his lap I notice a rock hard member pocking me. I do not say a thing. I do get very wet. I never remembered if that was the case from the past. He was quite big. I was thinking all kinds of things during the movie. I could feel him moving it and it throbbing a lot. I would not say a thing and occasionally move a little to adjust teasing him. I thought it was funny.When it was time for bed I kissed him on the check and I did notice escort adana the big budge in his lap. I still did not say anything. Just was red I am sure and said good night and went to bed. After a while I noticed the light on in the living room still. I slipped out to peek. I saw him in his chair and he had his large cock out and was stroking it. I could not stop looking at it. Once he was done I went back to bed and had to play with myself. I was so aroused it did not take me very long. At the exact moment I was about to explode I opened my eyes and there was my grandpa peeking through the door and I kept going and he was stoking at the same time. I finally climaxed and opened my eyes again and he was gone.The next day at breakfast we both had a great time catching up and never talked or mentioned the incident. I so love our times together. I wonder what tonight will bring???

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