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Vegas party week
I love going out to Vegas, stay up all night gamble all day. I have even hired a few hookers out there. Hookers are great but it just seems like they are acting or always have some place better to be so its rare to find any worth paying. I enjoy the drinking gambling and if some pussy falls in my lap I will fuck it. This story happened to me 20+ years ago.

One time at the blackjack table I fire up this convo with this hot red head. She must have been in her mid 40s, me in my early 20s. After several hours of play and several drinks we both find out we are there alone. At one point she makes a large bet, 500 bucks I think. I tell her if she wins I will make the same bet next round. As she’s dealt a black jack I’m thinking ok I’m all in with my 400 bucks. I move my chips in and she says if you loose you can take me to my  room, that way loosing wont feel so bad. Well I hit my hand till I bust, with a laugh she knew I did that on purpose.

We get to her room and I sit in the chair. She immediately gets on her knees between my legs and starts massaging my cock. As I lean back my rod is wanting out of my pants. She is trying to get my pants undone and I cant wait so I stand up undo my belt, unzip and pull my pants down to let my cock loose. Not quite fully erect she takes it into her warm wet mouth balls deep, she makes some tongue movement and it feels amazing. my cock swells to full size while buried into her mouth. I look down and can see she has one hand rubbing her pussy and one rubbing my balls. This girl is sexy as fuck right now. I love a woman who is into it and not playing around. Any woman that rubs herself with a cock in her mouth is the real deal.

She stands up kisses me and says I hope you have a condom. Well I didn’t, but there is a gift shop right at the bottom of the elevator. I pull pants up zip up and head out the door. In the elevator I hit lobby button and cant wait. When I hit the lobby I damn near run to the gift shop grab a box of condoms, I pay and tell them to keep the change, run back to the elevator and go to push the button for her floor and that’s when I realized I FUCKED UP!. I didn’t pay attention to her room number or even what floor she was on. I knew her first name but knew the front desk wouldn’t give out any info to her room. So with a box of condoms in a bag I walked to the bar, my cock still throbbing and me ready to cry.

I sit at the bar order a beer and start to realize how stupid that was. An hour or so goes by and no sign of the red head. I was hoping she may show up, but she’s probably wondering what the hell happened to me. Then a really nice looking MILF type woman sits next to me and starts playing the video poker game. After while illegal bahis siteleri she giggles to me and asks if I’m there alone or waiting on someone. I explain I’m there alone. She says she would have never guessed that with what’s in the bag. I snap my head and notice you can see right through the plastic. There it is bigger than shit (TROJAN). I laughed a little started up a convo and explained to her what happened. She was so into my story she even asked about the details like, did you get hard and ready? I explained to her exactly how I was getting blow job and everything. She says how funny it all is but if I really want to take care of it she can help out.

How’s that I ask, do you have a friend cause I can clearly see she’s wearing a ring. Then the conversation got real.. She explains that her husband is always telling her how he wants to be cuckold and watch her fuck another guy. She says for years now he has hounded her and tried to put her in every position possible but she just cant seem to do it. Now after hearing my story though she just may give it a try if that’s something I might be into. Does your husband have to be there the whole time I ask? She says she can probably do whatever she wants because he will be so happy it’s happening. But eventually yes he will have to be there. Ok I’m thinking to myself maybe I could have an hour with this MILF she can get this huge knot of cum that’s in my balls out of me and I could slip out or something to that effect.

I introduce myself to her and say tell your husband to give us one hour before he shows up. She gives him a call (people didn’t really text much then) and I hear her tell him she’s found a guy, he’s hilarious and I think I’m going to take him to our room but you have to give me and hour. Not sure what he said but she says actually an hour and a half.
She hangs up and says alright handsome guy if your game we got a little time before he shows up.

Lets do it as I reach out she grabs my hand and says come on then. We walk back to the elevators holding hands and at this point I’m really hoping the red head doesn’t show up, I couldn’t imagine what that would be like. Anyway as we’re in the elevator by ourselves she asks are you sure you’re ok with me being older and all? Of course I am I’ve never had an experienced woman I say. She explains she’s never had a younger man. She also tells me that her husband sometimes has a problem with erections so she’s getting more excited. We walk into her room she immediately turns on the shower and strips down. She tells me hurry up we don’t have much alone time get in here and clean up. I love a guy that smells fresh. I jump in the shower with her and I’m feeling tipobet güvenilir mi a little bit nervous staring at her beautiful ass I cant believe how sexy she is. She turns around and wow her tits are perfect, nice nipples with a little sag. I notice a little hair on her pussy too, to be honest everyone then was bald so I hadn’t even had pussy with hair.

She lavenders up her hands reaches down and starts to wash and stroke my cock. I go from soft to hard as hell in no time, soon as I’m hard I move in closer and we kiss. This woman is so sensual and sexy her kiss is nice and soft with a little tongue I felt like I was going to cum right then. I reach my hand down and start to rub her pussy, she spreads her legs just enough so I can feel her up good. Holy fuck this woman has a nice slit, super wet with a nice size clit, it might be the best I’ve ever felt. She asks is everything ok? Of course I say. She says you have to know that I’ve had 3 k**s so I’m not like the girls you’ve been with. I think your pussy is perfect from what I can tell.  As she’s stroking my cock she puts her mouth to my ear and says I’ve been married for 22 years and there’s nothing I haven’t done with a cock. You can fuck my ass, cum in my mouth or anywhere you want, if you want to cum inside me I’m fixed. The only rule I have is that you can’t use condoms I hate them. Now my cock is even harder than before.

She slips out of the shower grabs a towel and says hurry up I will be waiting. I began to rinse off grab a towel and head out. As I open the bathroom door I can already here moaning, I look around the room to see her naked on the bed, legs spread playing with her pussy and a porn playing on the tv. She says come over here and put that perfect cock in my mouth. I climb on the bed get on my knees and stick my cock right in her face. She leans her head to the side opens up and I thrust forward into her mouth. She starts to moan even more and moves both her hands down to her pussy, one fingering herself the other rubbing her clit. Fuck this is too much I felt like I was going to cum so I pull back out, wait a second and thrust back towards her face. She opens her mouth and lets my cock slide right back in, I push even deeper this time and start to fuck her face. The deeper I push the louder she moans. I have to pull out again and grab my cock as I’m about to cum. She says lay down beside me and relax you cant cum yet. As I lay beside her she reaches one hand out and starts to stroke my cock with her other still on her pussy. About that time the guy on the porn pulls out and jacks off all over this woman’s face. HHMMMM she moans turns to me and says that turns her on. She loves a guy who can perabet shoot a big load, I turn towards her and we start to kiss again. As we are kissing she begins to stroke my cock faster. I put my hand on her stopping her as I’m about to cum.

She then sits up, gets between my legs on her knees and starts to play with my cock while lowering her mouth over it. Then that’s where I see the experience kick in. She starts to slowly stroke me right up to the point I’m going to cum, as the pre cum oozes from my cock I can see her lick it off. She then would run her thumb up the tube of my shaft and squeeze out another drop or two of cum from me, almost like I was being milked. She tells me how perfect my cock is. I am not anything special, average length at only 6 inches and average girth about 1.5 inches but she is loving it. She continues to milk me until one point she turns to look at the tv and on the porn the girl is getting ate out by a guy. She moans again then lays on her back and tells me how much that turns her on too. She didn’t need to ask me twice, I got between her legs and started to lick her pussy. How fucking amazing her cunt is was beyond words. Yes it was larger than most (cause of giving birth)? I don’t know  but when I stuck my fingers in it was tight, wet and seemed to almost pull you in.  As I’m licking and fingering her pussy she is oozing cum like crazy, this is as wet as I have ever seen and that includes the porn I have watched. She then grabs my hand pushes it out of her cunt and arches her back. Lick the cum out of me she says. I slide my tongue down to her ass and lick up between her pussy lips. She gave me a mouthful and then grabs my head and says swallow it. I do as I’m told and have to say it was sexy as hell. I keep licking and she starts to cum, she grabs the back of my head and starts to fuck my face while talking dirty to me. Her cunt squeezes my fingers and her whole body shakes, just then her pussy starts to contract and I can taste her cum gushing from her. She grabs my head even harder and says that’s it swallow my cum baby. I was about to loose it.

She finally calms down and tells me to stand up. She gets on her knees, leans up against the back of the bed then grabs my hips and pulls me into her mouth. I start to fuck her mouth balls deep and feel the head of my cock swell up like I never had before. Just then she takes me all the way in and holds right there. My cock starts to shoot and soon she finds out she cannot handle it all. I keep fucking her and my cum is now running out of her mouth and down her tits completely covering them. I fuck her mouth like she fucked my face till I’m completely drained. I shot so much cum I was about to pass out. All guys know that when a woman takes charge and is in to it, it can have an effect and make us cum harder than anything.  

I hear a moan come from behind me and turn around. That’s when I saw her husband sitting in the chair stroking himself, but that’s part 2.


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