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Vampires! Ch 5Danny gave a small moan as he was awakened by a wet mouth sliding down his erection.”Wow Sylvia,” he gasped as she sucked noisily beneath the covers, her tongue swirling around the base of his shaft. “That’s quite a way to wake me up.”Danny moaned again as Sylvia swallowed his entire shaft, right to the base, making a slight gagging noise as her nose pressed against his pubic hair, her lips circling the very base of his dick.The eighteen year old had travelled across the country with Sylvia, his vampiric neighbour, where they’d met up with two of Sylvia’s vampire family, along with their human blood slaves or donors. Danny definitely considered himself a donor rather than slave, whenever he let Sylvia sip from his blood she would more than repay him with a mind-blowing blowjob. He wasn’t quite sure about the other two vampires and their humans. Justin in particular, Anita’s human, didn’t look very willing.”Oh fuck Sylvia!” groaned Danny again as she deep throated him. Underneath the covers she popped her mouth off his cock, gasping for air.Danny pushed aside the bed sheet and was surprised to see a red haired head bobbing over his lap. Sylvia had black hair. And Sylvia wouldn’t have needed to gasp for air.”Sharon?” blurted Danny in shock. The busty redhead sucking his cock was Christian’s blood donor. She and Danny had spent the previous night spying on a vampire hunter and things had got a little heated. It seemed that perhaps Sharon had enjoyed it as much as he had.”Hey Danny-boy,” replied Sharon, looking up from his crotch with a wicked grin. She was pumping his erection in her warm hand.”What are you doing?” he blurted, still a little surprised by what was happening. He should have known it wasn’t Sylvia when he heard her gag as she deep throated him. Sylvia never gagged, even when he roughly fucked her mouth.”I’m sucking your dick silly,” replied Sharon with a wink. She plunged her mouth back down over his shaft and slurped noisily, causing Danny to fall back against the pillow and groan in appreciation.Danny wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, he lay back and let Sharon have her wicked way, her hot mouth sliding up and down over his rock-solid erection. As the pretty red head slurped and sucked, he glanced around the room, looking for Sylvia who was, thankfully, nowhere to be seen.He probably shouldn’t be surprised at Sylvia’s absence, the curtain was wide open and sunlight was streaming into the room. The gorgeous vampire would have been burnt to a crisp if what she’d told him about vampires and sunlight was even half true. She’d been ultra paranoid on the drive across the country so he didn’t doubt her word.Danny gave a moan, pressing a hand on the top of Sharon’s bobbing head to urge her faster and deeper. He briefly wondered if Sylvia would be angry or jealous, but then decided he should probably be more worried about Christian, who might not appreciate him getting with Sharon. Then Danny remembered Sylvia’s cryptic comment about Christian rating Sylvia’s blowjobs better than Sharon’s.”Fuck it,” he groaned, ignoring any guilt and grabbing hold of Sharon’s head in both hands. He thrust up off the bed, stuffing his prick deep into Sharon’s mouth and causing her to gag slightly, her lips stretched wide around the base of his shaft.The gorgeous redhead’s mouth felt awesome wrapped around his cock. Maybe not quite as amazing as Sylvia, but Danny wouldn’t say Sharon gave worse head than the beautiful vampire, it was a completely different experience and he was thoroughly enjoying it. For one thing, Sylvia never gagged, but the feel of Sharon’s throat clutching tightly at his shaft was incredible.Holding tightly onto the top of Sharon’s head, Danny bucked up off the bed, rapidly thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. To Sharon’s credit, she kept up without a missing a beat, gagging a couple times as he thrust a little too vigorously, but maintaining her sucking and even pushing down to meet Danny’s eager thrusts.With a loud groan Danny exploded, shooting heavily up into Sharon’s sucking mouth. Her nostril’s flared as she snorted in a breath of air and swallowed down Danny’s plentiful load of cum.”Wow Sharon,” moaned Danny when he’d pumped the last of his load into the redhead’s willing mouth.Sharon slurped the tip of Danny’s prick clean and climbed up the bed, lying on top of him with her head on his chest. Danny noted that although he was fully naked, Sharon was dressed, wearing a tight fitting black t-shirt and blue jeans.”Good morning Danny-boy,” she said with a broad grin. She licked her lips, tasting the salty remnants of his sperm on her tongue.Danny returned her smile. “What was that all about?” he asked her.”Just a bit of fun,” replied antalya escort Sharon, tickling Danny’s right nipple with her fingertip. “So why did you think it was Sylvia sucking your cock?”Danny squirmed a little. “I…”Sharon giggled at his discomfort. “Don’t worry, Christian likes to play with his toys as well.” Sharon paused thoughtfully for a moment, “so aren’t you a little worried about her fangs?””Huh?” Danny was still half awake and didn’t follow Sharon’s meaning at first.”When she sucks you off?” explained Sharon. “Don’t you worry she’ll bite it off.”Danny shrugged. “She’s careful I guess.””That’s hot,” whispered Sharon.Danny nodded, suddenly aware of Sharon’s full bosom pressed up tight against his bare torso. He remembered the feel of her heavy boobs in his hands and felt a slight stirring in his crotch.”Do you think Anita fucks Justin?” asked Sharon with a naughty smirk.Danny frowned at the question. “For some reason I don’t think so.”Sharon laughed at this. “She’s one scary bitch huh?”Danny grimaced at that. “She does seem a little…more intense than Sylvia and Christian.””She’s smoking hot though isn’t she?” added Sharon. Her warm hand slid down Danny’s flat stomach, her fingers running through his pubic hair. Danny felt a slight tingle in his balls, but he was too recently spent to respond.”Where are they all anyway? The vampires I mean,” asked Danny, ignoring Sharon’s comment’s about Anita. He remembered the feel of Anita pressed against him, her tongue tasting his blood from Sylvia’s lips. The memory sent a shiver through him. He wasn’t sure if it was fear or excitement.Sharon shrugged. “Christian prefers to sleep down in the cellar,” she explained. “Less chance of any sunlight down there. I imagine the other two are down there with him. Want to go have a look?”Danny looked up at this. He’d always wondered what Sylvia was like when she was sleeping. She described it as a deep trance, but he’d never really seen her that way. Even when they’d been driving there had been a dark screen between them to protect her from the sun.”What about Justin?” Danny asked. Sharon’s hand was now toying with his flaccid penis. Not stroking him or anything, just playing with his soft prick using her fingertips. It tickled a little, in a pleasant way.”Who cares?” replied Sharon curtly. “He’s brain-dead, Anita’s drained him far too much to be any fun.””So we’ve got the place to ourselves?” asked Danny, ignoring Sharon’s hand as she rolled his testicles around on her fingers. He was feeling a little blood flowing to his dick now. He briefly wondered if he could talk Sharon into a little more than just a blowjob.”We sure do,” said Sharon, letting go of Danny’s genitals and patting him on the chest. “Let’s go explore!””Don’t you live here?” replied Danny with a crooked grin.”Oh shut up!” Sharon pulled the sheet all the way off Danny. “Come on,” she said as she got up off the bed. Danny noticed that her black t-shirt had a picture of Marilyn Manson on it. She definitely liked her heavy metal.Danny sat up and reached down onto the floor beside the bed for a clean pair of boxer shorts.”There’s no one here, you won’t need clothes,” Sharon said playf
ully as she stood in the doorway admiring his lean nakedness.Danny shook his head at that, pulling up his boxers. He at least had a little modesty.Not bothering with a shirt or pants, Danny followed Sharon out into the hallway of the mansion, wearing only his boxer shorts.”So have you got any idea why we’re all here? Why Christian summoned Sylvia and Anita?” asked Danny as he followed Sharon down the hallway. He liked the look of Sharon’s firm looking ass in her tight blue jeans.”He summoned them?” asked Sharon, glancing back towards Danny as she led him downstairs to the ground floor. She seemed surprised, “you know more than me then. Maybe it was something to do with that vampire hunter Damon?”Danny frowned, remembering the sight of Anita ripping out the hunter’s throat in front of him and Sharon. “Sylvia said it was something else, but she wouldn’t say what.””Sounds very mysterious,” Sharon said with a grin.They made their way into the kitchen where there was a door leading down into the cellar. Sharon paused at the top of the stairs leading down into the darkness.”Are you ready to descend into the dark dungeons? The vampires lair?” she asked dramatically, grabbing Danny by the waist and pulling him close, one hand reaching around to squeeze his bum through his boxer shorts.Playing along, Danny took the opportunity to grab one of Sharon’s big tits and squeeze it through her Marilyn Manson t-shirt. “Don’t worry darling, I’ll protect you.”Sharon grinned as Danny’s other hand cupped her other breast. “I’m relieved that my tits are in escort antalya safe hands.”Danny gave Sharon one more squeeze before releasing her and then following her down the stairs. Sharon had grabbed a torch from a hook next to the fridge to light their way.”The torch won’t wake them up?” Danny asked nervously as they descended into the vampire’s lair. Even though he had nothing to worry about he couldn’t help feel a little anxious, the darkness adding to the unsettling atmosphere.The cellar looked pretty typical. It had concrete walls and a wooden roof, with a number of old looking tools lying about and plenty of dust and cobwebs. Sharon was holding the torch so Danny couldn’t take a proper look around.She shined the light on the far side of the cellar where Danny saw a black door that looked surprisingly un-dusty given the surroundings.”Through here,” said Sharon, walking across to it and turning the handle.”Wait! Are you sure we won’t disturb them?” asked Danny. Anita in particular he didn’t fancy waking up.Sharon rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry Danny-boy, they sleep like the dead.”With that, they entered the room. Danny wasn’t quite sure what he was expecting, but this certainly wasn’t it. The room looked much like a lounge, with a comfortable looking couch and a few chairs, even a coffee table with a couple of magazines on it. Not a coffin to be seen.”Huh,” grunted Danny looking around.What was more interesting were the three vampires, all sleeping, or in a trance or whatever. None of them even stirred at the entrance of the two humans, even when Sharon shined the torch right into their placid faces.Sylvia was stretched out on the couch, and it almost looked like she was sleeping. She was still wearing her long black gown that she always wore, one slender thigh poking elegantly from the slit along the side.Christian was seated comfortably in one of the soft looking chairs, his hands resting on the arms and a blank expression on his face. He almost looked as though he’d just dozed off watching tv. If there’d been a tv in the room.Anita was the strangest of the three. She was kneeling down on the floor next to Christian’s chair, her hands resting on her thighs and a very calm expression on her face. She looked a little like a meditating Buddhist monk or something. Only scary.”They’re really sleeping?” asked Danny in surprise. It was like walking into a room where time had stopped. It didn’t help that they weren’t breathing either, just completely frozen in place.”I don’t think it’s exactly sleeping,” replied Sharon, moving around the room amongst the vampires. “At least, not what we know as sleeping.””Sylvia said it was like going into a trance,” said Danny, remembering their conversation in the car.Sharon nodded. “And nothing will wake them up,” she snapped her fingers loudly in front of Christian’s face. Danny jumped, but the male vampire didn’t even stir in the slightest.”This is weird,” whispered Danny.Sharon reached out and ran her fingers affectionately through Christian’s dark hair. “I remember when I first starting living here I often come down and watched Christian while he slept,” said Sharon. “Once I even took out his cock and sucked it, tried to get him hard.””Did it work?” asked Danny. He was still cringing at Sharon’s casualness; he was worried that one of the vampires would wake up at any minute.Sharon shook her head, “didn’t even get a twitch. They’re completely out of it when they’re sleeping. You could do anything you want to them.”Sharon moved in front of Anita. She’d changed out of the blue blouse and black skirt that she’d worn the night before, probably because of the blood she’d got all over it when she’d killed Damon. She was now wearing a grey skirt and a white blouse. It had to be about the least vampire-looking outfit Danny had ever seen. She looked more like an office worker than a blood sucking killer.”What are you doing?” hissed Danny as he saw Sharon crouch down in front of Anita. Even though he knew they wouldn’t wake up, he still couldn’t bring himself to raise his voice much above a whisper.Sharon reached out and squeezed one of Anita’s firm looking breasts through her blouse. “She’s got a great rack,” the redhead commented as she felt up the sleeping vampire.”Sharon, don’t!” said Danny anxiously.”She won’t wake up,” Sharon assured him, sliding her hand over to Anita’s other tit and squeezing it as well. “You should feel these puppies.”Danny shook his head, staring at Sharon’s hand as it moved over Anita’s chest. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.””Oh, come on!” urged Sharon. “She won’t bite. At least not while she’s sleeping. If you think I’ve got nice hooters, you’ll love these things.”Danny hesitated, he had to admit that Anita antalya escort bayan was deliciously endowed. “No, Sharon, I..””You don’t like my boobs?” asked Sharon, shining the torch in Danny’s face.Danny sighed. “Fine then,” he agreed, moving forward to join her in front of Anita. “But then we’re getting out of here.”Sharon pointed the torch back to Anita’s bust as Danny reached up with both hands and cupped the vampire’s big tits through her blouse.”Oh wow!” groaned Danny as he squeezed Anita’s jugs. They felt magnificent. Full and firm, not quite as big as Sharon’s perhaps, but perfectly round and perky, and more than filling his groping hands.”Told you they were nice,” said Sharon, grinning as she watched Danny massage Anita’s big tits. He seemed quite taken with the vampire’s chest, no longer scared he was going to wake her up.Sharon waited patiently for almost a full minute as Danny kneaded and mauled Anita’s breasts through her blouse, occasionally letting out a moan of appreciation as he explored every inch of her firm melons.”Enjoying that stud?” asked Sharon, slipping her hand down to Danny’s crotch and squeezing a very definite bulge through his boxers. He’d apparently recovered from her oral wake up call.That seemed to snap Danny out of his breast-induced daze. “We should get out of here,” he whispered, letting go of Anita’s boobs.Sharon traced the outline of Danny’s erection through his boxers. “I want to see something first. Stand up.””Huh, what?” asked Danny in alarm.”Stand up,” repeated Sharon.Danny mutely obeyed, getting to his feet and standing in front of Anita. Sharon reached up and tugged down Danny’s boxer shorts, his stiff erection popping f
ree and bobbing around a few times. Grinning, Sharon reached up and grabbed hold of his hard shaft, stroking it a few times.”I’m not sure this is a good idea,” whispered Danny. Inside he was torn. He knew what was coming and he couldn’t deny being curious to see Anita’s full lips wrapped around his dick.”Just be careful of her fangs,” warned Sharon, reaching over to Anita with the hand that wasn’t pumping on Danny’s cock and grabbing a handful of the vampire’s blonde locks.Sharon then drew the two together, the head of Danny’s cock meeting Anita’s red lips. Danny gasped as he watched Sharon guide the head of his cock into the vampire’s slack mouth.”Wow, this is hot,” murmured Sharon, her eyes twinkling as she took in the sight of the teenagers hard cock piercing Anita’s lips. “I wonder if the bitch has ever had a cock in her mouth that she hasn’t bitten off.””Sharon,” Danny said warningly, suddenly this didn’t seem like such a good idea. His penis however seemed to have a mind of it’s own and was still hard as a rock, the tip resting against Anita’s wet tongue.”Shut up Danny,” snapped Sharon. She pushed on the back of Anita’s head, making the vampire’s mouth slide down Danny’s trembling shaft. Danny gave a moan as he felt a slight graze of her teeth against his shaft, but they didn’t seem to do any damage.”Oh fuck!” moaned Danny as he looked down at Anita. The gorgeous buxom vampire was kneeling at his feet, his cock half buried in her mouth, a sight he never thought he see from the deadly blood sucker.Danny wasn’t sure if it was the danger of the whole situation or the pure sexiness of the busty blonde Anita, but his cock was about ready to explode. He tried to focus on not getting too turned on. “Um, Sharon, I’m gonna cum soon.”Sharon looked up in surprise, she was slowly wanking the lower part of his cock, the top half was in Anita’s unmoving mouth. “Really? Already?”Danny gave a moan and a nod as Sharon moved Anita’s head back and forth over Danny’s cock a few times, gripping the unaware vampire by her blonde hair.”I… um… you’d better take me out,” moaned Danny, unable to resist the allure of Anita’s gorgeous sexy mouth himself. He watched as Sharon moved Anita’s mouth back and forth on the end of his prick.”Cum down her throat,” instructed Sharon. “I wanna see that bitch swallow it.”Danny swallowed, at that moment there was nothing he’d rather see. “No, Sharon. I don’t think it’d be good for Anita to wake up with a mouthful of my jizz. It wouldn’t take her long to figure out who it belongs to.”Sharon was silent a moment, but still moving one hand on the lower part of Danny’s cock and the other was pushing Anita’s head down on his prick.”Ok, I guess you’re right,” agreed Sharon at last. She pulled Anita’s head back off Danny’s cock and leant forward, capturing the trembling tip of his organ between her own lips and sucking him deep into her mouth.”Ah!” Danny immediately grabbed Sharon by the head and thrust forward as his cock exploded. Thick ropes of cum spurted across Sharon’s tongue. “Oh fuck!” groaned Danny loudly, no longer caring if his noise woke the three vampires in the room.Danny’s hips bucked as he loaded heavily into Sharon’s obliging mouth. Danny closed his eyes, imagining that it was Anita drinking down his seed…. to be continued

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