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Unexpected visitorThere was a knock at the door. Two people standing there, a man and woman. I stared at them not really taking in what they were trying to sell me, but at the fact that the female sales person had quite a nice rack on her. She carried on taking to me when I realised the man standing next to her had clocked me checking her out. He smiled so I nervously smiled back, and invited them in to carry on selling. They sat side by side on the sofa as I sat on the other sofa which sits facing it. I looked the woman up and down and could see quite far up her skirt then güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she probably wanted me to see (I think). I shifted slightly to the right to get a better cheeky look, when all of a sudden the man said ‘we are obviously not getting anywhere here, why dont we chat about something else’. I wondered for a minute what he actually meant. Has he actually witnessed me looking up his partners skirt, was he about to beat the crap out of me for doing so?!!He leaned across to what i’d now worked out to be his wife, lifted up her skirt perabet güvenilir mi slightly and said, “so, is this what you like”. I didnt know where to look, and she looked a little embarrassed. “Well”, he said, I stuttered slightly with my reply but for some reason the words came out saying, “yes, absolutely”. He lifted up her skirt even more to show a pretty pair of lace knickers. Then instructed her to take them off. She didnt complain and did as she was told. He stood up in front of the woman and started unbuttoning his trousers. Pulling tipobet out his cock he grabbed the woman and inserted it into her mouth. She had definitely done this before, porn star like. I watched in amazement at what was actually going on in MY HOUSE!!! Still having his dick sucked he told me to come to him, my cock was now bursting out of my pants so I jumped at the chance of getting some action. He grabbed me and pulled my pants down revealing my now throbbing cock. He grabbed my bum in one hand and her head with other, now thrusting two cocks into her mouth with great ease. “Dont be scared” he said, placing my hand on her boob, I managed to unbutton her blouse and cup my hand inside her bra, feeling her erect nipple whilst she now had a cock in both hands wanking them firmly…. TO BE CONTINUED (MESSAGE ME TO SAY WHICH DIRECTION THE STORY SHOULD GO INTO NEXT)

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