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Two Friends Enjoyed Mom With My Permission

My mom’s
name is ARCHANA. So getting back to the continuation. Till then because of
my foolishness mom was fucked by many people. Then after the barber and friend
went on that night I had my dinner and at nearly at 10 pm mom got into
consciousness and felt very tired. She called me and asked where my dad was. I
told her that dad went to get stock from Mumbai. She then got up and drank some
water. I told my mom to eat food which was by me from a hotel.

She then ate the
food and washed her hand and started to come to watch TV. But while walking she
was a bit itchy and scratching her thighs. She doesn’t know what had happened.
So she removed her saree before me and her panty was wet. She was in confusion
why her panty was wet. She also removed her panty in front of me. She saw white
fluid coming out from her pussy she was shocked how the male sperm liquid had
come in her pussy. She shouted my name and asked to get a bucket and a water
bottle. I got the bucket and a water bottle she stood and spread her legs and
kept the bucket under her pussy so that the male semen will fall in the bucket.
That white sperm liquid was the barber’s and his friend’s liquid. But she doesn’t
know that then she took water bottle and cleaned her pussy. She came to me and
asked me did any one come to house while she was in u*********s. I told that no
one came. I also said that dad told me to go out and play and he locked the
door and I came late then he told me that he was going to Mumbai and went. Then
my mom got understood and realized that she was fucked by her husband who is my
dad. But she doesn’t know that she was fucked by a barber and his friend.

That night
we slept and the next day my dad came from Mumbai. My mom welcomed him with a
naughty smile. So my dad took my mom into our bedroom and I went out to play
without closing the house door. We were playing hide and seek game. I used to
play with all grown up guys of the age of 22-24 years boys. Three boys and me
came and hid in my home which was not closed. The boys’ names are RAJU,
MANOHAR, KUMAR. We four went and hid our selves under the table which was
beside the bedroom door. As my mom and dad was busy in fucking inside the bed
room. My mom started moaning and we four herd the moans of my mom and peeped
inside the bedroom through the ventilator which was above the door by climbing
on to the table. At first raju lifted me till the ventilator and I
saw my mom and dad naked and my dad was kissing my mom’s boobs. Then my friends
all three peeped through the ventilator and they were very happy to
see my mom’s naked body and she was been fucking by my dad. I told them to come
out as it’s not fair to hide inside the house and more we are doing cheating by
hiding inside.

They looked at me and came out with me. Then they all played for
some time and all went home. But the three boys called me and said we shall
talk for some time. But one boy named MANOHAR went home and said he is
going to his village and went home. Then the two boys RAJU and KUMAR took
me to the back side of my house. There we sat and talked. Meanwhile in the
conservation RAJU told that he helped a woman who has fainted on the road. I
doubted that weather they had come to know about mom’s condition. I enquired
for some time and realized that they don’t know. So I thought them as good
friends and told my mom’s condition and they were shocked to hear my words on
mom’s condition. They asked me the full details about her and also asked me at
what time will she faint and for how much time will she be in sleeping mode
that means in u*********sness. I told that every day my mom will kaçak bahis faint for 6-7

They asked me the time when she will faint. I told at 4 in the evening
and will get into consciousness at 10 in the night. Then my dad called me so we
all three people went to our house and I went in and my dad was talking to RAJU
and KUMAR. He asked them whether they are good friends or not. The told yes we
all three (ME,RAJU,KUMAR) are good friends. Then my dad went into
the bathroom. After some time my mom came out of the bed room and went into the
kitchen. While she was going into the kitchen the two boys RAJU and KUMAR were
seeing my mom’s body. Then mom got some snacks for them. They thanked her for
getting. Then after some time they went to their home. My dad came out and
talked to me while my mom was cooking food. My dad asked me silently how I had
shaved my mom’s pussy and her under arms very clean and clearly. I said
with a shaving blade. Then he said good. So after three days that is on Tuesday
my dad has to go to BOMBAY again as the clothes stock was not sent to my dad’s
shop. So he called me and my mom and told the whole matter and he also
said that he will come back after 3 days.

So after that I and my dad had lunch and we went to SECUNDRABAD railway station
to reserve a ticket to BOMBAY .the train was at 4:45 in the evening. So
we both got back to home and when we returned home the time was 2:30 and
my dad said the train time to my mom and he will be leaving today itself. So he
packed some luggage and I asked him that I will also come to railway station.
But he took me aside and said that my mom will faint at 4pm. So he said if no
one will be at home means it might be problem.

I stayed at home and dad went to
the railway station at 3:30 since the railway station is far from our house. Me
and mom waved him hands and closed the door. So I was sitting with my
books and reading and mom was watching tv the time was 4 and as I expected
my mom fainted in the sofa itself. I didn’t bother much about it as I saw
her regularly fainting. After 10 -15 minutes my friends RAJU and
KUMAR came to my house. I opened the door and they came inside my
home then I closed the door. They came in and saw mom sleeping on the sofa.
RAJU and KUMAR asked where my dad was. I told them that he went to BOMBAY .
they asked me when will he return back. I said after 3 days that is on Saturday
morning he will catch a return train and will come back. They felt very happy.
Then KUMAR asked me are u not afraid to sleep lonely at night. I said mom will
be there naa so I don’t feel frightened. Then RAJU said your mom will be
in u*********sness and will wake up late in night at 10 . So I thought for a
while and asked RAJU and KUMAR to stay come and sleep at our
house during night. They thought for some time and said yes.

Then I
felt happy. Then RAJU said lets watch tv now. I said ok. But KUMAR said
that my mom is sleeping n sofa so we cant site and watch tv. Then RAJU
said lets lift your mom and place her on the bed. I said ok . Then we three
lifted mom and took her to the bed room and placed her on the bed. Then we
three went into the tv room and started watching tv programmes. Suddenly KUMAR said
I have a good English movie. I said get it lets watch in DVD player . so KUMAR
went out and brought the movie I switched on the dvd player and kept the
dvd in the player then we kept watching the film. In the movie one
married lady was fucked by many man as I was only 13 at that time I
don’t know more so I asked my friends what the men were doing to the lady in
the film. Then RAJU said that the lady got fever so they are curing her to get
rid of fever casino firmalari and also the lady will feel happy if they do like that. So we kept
on watching that prom movie. After some time RAJU said let’s try what that
people are doing in the movie. I said ok but how. Then KUMAR said we will
do it with your mom. I said but how will we do she is not in consciousness.
KUMAR said nothing will happen. I said ok.

But suddenly cell phone rang.
It was my dad. I lifted the call and my dad said that the train had arrived to
the railway station and now he is getting into the train as the train came
early today at 4:30. So till the train started going dad is speaking to me.
Then after the train started he said bye and I put off the call. The time was
4:50 by then. My two friends are watching tv and I joined them. Then RAJU said
shall we start our work in the film with ur mom. I said not now. We shall do it
tomorrow. And we continued watching the movie. So after 5 minutes RAJU and
KUMAR said that they are getting sleep and they will sleep in the bedroom where
my mom was sleeping. I said ok and RAJU asked me are u not getting sleep. I
said no. then KUMAR said what will u do when we both are sleeping I said
I will play computer games. They asked me where the computer is. I said it is
in the bed room itself. They felt little disappointed with this . so
I locked the door and we three went into the bedroom.

Then I went to my
computer and switched on it. Then RAJU slept on one corner of the bed and KUMAR
slept on the other corner of the bed. That means my mom is sleeping in
between my two grown up friends. I started playing the games. And after playing
for half and hour I felt bored and switched off the computer. And turned back
and saw both RAJU and KUMAR putting their one hand on mom. I thought they
are sleeping and went near to them and removed their hands on mom. As I removed
their hands they both were awake and asked me what happened. I told the matter.
Then RAJU said nothing will happen. Till then they didn’t get sleep they were
just acting. Then KUMAR got up and told me that he and RAJU are putting hands
on mom. I said ok. Then both kept their hands on mom’s body and then
RAJU said that we will practice how to do what the people had done to the lady
in the film. I said ok and sat on the chair and started watching them.

Then they both started to rub my mom’s stomach on saree and then
kept their hands inside her saree and started rubbing her navel. After
rubbing for 5 minutes they removed her saree pallu and RAJU started
kissing her lips and whole face. The KUMAR kissed her navel and stomach
area. Then they changed their places and RAJU went to navel part and KUMAR went
to face part. After some time they again slept on either side of my mom.
And RAJU slept on the right side of mom and KUMAR slept on left side of mom.
Then RAJU started pressing mom’s right boob and KUMAR the left boob on
her blouse ant after some time they unhooked the blouse and saw mom’s boobs in
her beautiful light pink coloured bra . they cant control themselves and
started kissing her boobs on bra hastily. Then lifted her and removed her
hanging blouse and bra and her petticoat and started licking her panty. Then
they removed her panty also.

ow I came to them and said it’s enough now and
told to come out for playing. But KUMAR said please wait for some time . so I
kept quite and watched then they both got down from the bed and started
removing their dress. Then they came to mom and at first KUMAR
started licking her pussy then KUMAR kept his hard cook into my mom’s pussy and
started stroking hard and RAJU was kissing her lips,boobs and navel.
KUMAR güvenilir casino fucked mom in her pussy for 15 minutes. Then RAJU took KUMAR’S place
and started fucking mom very harder than KUMAR. After 20 minutes of RAJU
fucking mom then again KUMAR took the chance and fucked mom in her pussy
and this time he cummed in moms pussy. Then RAJU also took the chance and
fucked her and cummed in her pussy. Then RAJU turned her back and spread mom’s
legs and licked her ass. Then RAJU lifted her and kumar placed his cook in her
ass and started fucking her again this time while fucking he is saying bad
words to mom and as he is fucking I saw blood again coming out from mom’s ass.
I came to them and shouted at KUMAR that blood is coming.

Then KUMAR said
that if blood is coming that means ur mom is feeling happy. So I moved aside
and kept quite and watched. After KUMAR fucking mom’s ass then RAJU came
to fuck her ass. And the same thing happened while RAJU was fucking blood is
coming from mom’s ass. So they both continued it for 30 minutes. Then the both sandwiched
my mom by exchanging their places for 45 minutes. Then I felt very bored
and shouted at them to come out. As they both were tired they got up from the
bed and they wore their dress. And I asked them to dress up my mom also.
They said that they will do that later. But I said if mom will wake up and see
means she will get doubt . But RAJU said now the time is 7:16 so we will play
for half an hour and we will come back and dress ur mom. I said ok and we went
out to play some games. And KUMAR called me and RAJU and we went
home. Then RAJU said to me that they will do what they had did in the evening
for some more time I said no as mom will get conscious ness with in 2 hours as
the time was8 pm . but KUMAR requested me to allow them and they will do it
only for 1 hour. So I allowed them.

They quickly undressed themselves and
went to the bed where mom was still lying nude on the bed. They both did
the fucking for 1 hour and got up . I asked them to dress my mom in her saree.
So they obeyed my words and started dressing her. Mean while they were dressing
I remembered what happened what happened after the barber and his friend fucked
my mom. White sperm liquid came out of mom’s pussy . so I told them to stop
dressing her and I went into the bath room and brought he bucket and water and
cleaned her pussy. Then RAJU and KUMAR asked me what I did. I said nothing
I they dressed my mom in the saree and left her on bed by giving her a deep lip
kiss. Then we three went out for dinner for a good hotel by locking mom inside the
house itself. We returned back home by getting a parcel pack for mom after
eating at 9:50 then opened the door. We went and sat on the sofa. Mean while
KUMAR went inside the bedroom and saw mom was still in u*********sness and
called me and RAJU. We went to the bedroom .

Then KUMAR sat beside her and
placed his hand on mom’s boobs by his touch mom got into little consciousness
and KUMAR removed his hand in fear and came back. We all went into the
hall and sat and watching tv. After 5 minutes mom got adjusted herself and
became normal and came to the hall where we three were watching tv. My mom was
surprised to see RAJU and KUMAR in our house till late night. I said that
they both will sleep in our house with me till dad returns back. My mom also
agreed and asked us whether we had our dinner or not. Then RAJU said yes we had
and also brought a parcel to u aunty. Then my mom gave him a smile and went
into the kitchen and had her dinner and that night my mom slept in the bedroom
and we three slept in the tv room. And that’s the end of the day and the my
friends begged me daily I allowed to fuck my mom till Saturday evening when she
was in u*********sness. That’s the end of the story and readers please reply me
and give your valuable response to my id so that I will post my next story

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