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Twice In One Day[For Robert…!]I was just getting up when my phone buzzed on the nightstand next to the bed. I glanced and saw that I had a text. It was early, so I was surprised that anyone would be texting me at that hour, but when I saw who it was, my heart started beating faster. It was from Robert!’Would like to drop by soon! Is that possible?!”Drop by’ was code, of course, and I understood it perfectly; so I replied: ‘OF COURSE! When?!”Half an hour?!!!’ Was his reply. My answer was an emphatic, unambiguous, ‘YES!’So I hurried and got dressed, washed my face and brushed my teeth, and then headed out through the back yard to where my two car garage was, and where my glory hole was located! I turned the lights on, bumped the thermostat up so that it would be warmer, and waited for Roberts arrival; which was soon after words!I heard the door that opened out onto the alley way open and close, and I knew it was Robert!”Morning, Robert!” I said.”I know it’s early,” he said through the plywood divider panel where the 3 inch round hole was located, “but I just HAD to come by! I just HAD to!””No problem, Robert!” Was my reply, and I heard him undoing his zipper and belt, and within a matter of seconds (no more than that!) he was inserting his already erect cock. I sat there in silence and watched it emerge. It was a beautiful sight, and I couldn’t help but smile to myself at samsun escort how lucky I was to have such a sincere young man who wanted me to lavish the sort of attention I intended to onto his cock as Robert!At first I leaned forward and kissed his cock head. As I did, I felt his cock stiffen; and I ran my tongue all over the rounded cockhead, and around the flaring rim of his glans; savoring it’s warmth and satiny smoothness.I knew he didn’t have time for me to do my usual slow, teasing blow job, where I’d make him squirm and groan for quite some time before allowing his load to escape; so I hurried things along instead.After sucking his cock for a moment, or so, he said: “Oh GOD. I’ve MISSED THIS SO MUCH!!” So had I! Hearing him say how much he had missed me sucking his cock thrilled and flattered me. The fact that I was so much older than Robert didn’t factor in at such moments. In fact, as I felt his cock in my mouth, and as I pumped it slow, then fast, slow, then fast, the issue of our respective age difference seemed absolutely irrelevant! And it was!!! What mattered was not just the mutually reciprocal physical pleasure of that moment, but the deeper emotional connection of us as males!What had started out (or so I had initially assumed) as just a quick, one-time-only blow job, had rather rapidly grown into something significantly more complex and incisive escort samsun for us both!But as I remembered that Robert was on his way to work, and that there was no time for anything other than a quick, but hopefully satisfying blow job, I speeded things up accordingly!As I did, Robert’s cock grew stiffer and stiffer, and I knew that he was approaching the cusp of an ejaculation; and the thought of that warm, creamy thick load of sperm, bursting forth into my waiting mouth, spurred me on…and soon I heard Robert moaning “Oh GOD! I’m, I’m…COMMING!! I’m COMMING!!!” And, happily, that is exactly what he did!As Robert unloaded his cum, I swallowed and swallowed! I did not want to miss a single drop of that precious fluid, and he kept ejaculating until he began to calm down, and his cock slowly started to go flaccid once again! Even then I kept his cock in my mouth, savoring the taste of his cum. But then he withdrew, and he thanked me very profusely, which I admit filled me with a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure.”I have to go now,” Robert said, somewhat apologetically. “Sorry! But I really NEEDED this before going to work.”Smiling, I replied: “There is no need to apologize, Robert! Besides, I loved sucking your cock this early! What a wonderful way to wake up!”I could hear him zipping up his fly and fastening his belt.”Would it be okay if I stopped back by tonight samsun escort bayan after work?””Absolutely!” Was my reply. “Just text me before you do so I can be ready. I have some things I need to do throughout the day. So give me a heads up before you arrive.””I’ll definitely do that,” Robert replied. But then, just before he left, he thanked me once again for the blow job. “It was fantastic!” He said. “Just what I NEEDED!””I’m glad to hear it! I’ll see you again later!””Definitely!” Then I heard the back door open and close, and a moment later, I heard his car start up and drive away. I caught a brief glimpse of him as he’d gotten into the car, and seeing him (so young and good looking) my pulse surged once again at my very good fortune!I savored the taste of his cum in my mouth. I recalled his unabashed and unfeigned eagerness as he’d unloaded that delicious quantity of sperm. For some reason, I thought of his parents, who I knew only vaguely, passed through my mind at that moment, and that they would have been more than a little dismayed, and distressed, at the thought of me ‘siphoning off’ any possibility of any future off-spring Robert might have otherwise had. That made me smile for some reason. I ran my tongue around inside my mouth, tasting the remnants of Robert’s load of cum that lingered there.I had an erection now, too, and so I jacked off, and as I came…I was remembering the feel of Robert’s lovely young and eager cock in my mouth; and I was especially excited to know that I was going to get a second load from him later in the day! How much more lucky, and fortunate, could I be?!The End

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