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Tummy KissesTummy KissesIt was my first semester away at school. I was desperate to fit in, anxious to please. I signed up to be on this party planning committee. Despite the drinking age laws, there was no shortage of beer, wine, and booze.Soon, it was time to time to decide who manned the booths. I don’t know how it happened, but my name was down for the “tummy kisses”. It was a variation on that old game where two people went into a closet for seven minutes, except I was to stay in the “closet”.The day came, and I was feeling no pain by the time rolled around when we were supposed to start. I was drunk. Everyone was by best friend. My first visitor in the closet was a girl we call “Yess Bess”. I recognized her voice. Now, Bess wasn’t exactly fat, but I might go with “thick”. She immediately dropped her skirt canlı bahis and underwear. I started kissing her tummy. I felt her hand on my head, pressing me lower. I finally figured out that “tummy kisses” meant “oral sex”. Everyone except me seemed to know this already. So I licked her clit. She kissed me on the mouth and whispered “Thank you baby” when her time was up. I remember thinking that now I was the girl who didn’t say no to the girl who doesn’t say no.My second was a really nerdy type of guy. I’m sorry if that sounds mean, but it’s the best way to describe him. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but please just make it sound like you do.” I was quite noisy. He came fairly quickly. There I was with a mouthful of “nerd goo” and I realized there was nowhere to get rid of it. So I swallowed. bahis siteleri He started to leave and I grabbed him and whispered “let your time run out.” I made fake sucking sounds and he joined in with “yes, baby” for the rest of his time. I don’t remember exactly how many guys I ended up having that night, but it was a lot.One of the girls was a cute, short, cheer type. “I don’t know how this works” she slurred as she entered. “I’m Jamie…” I whispered “I’m Kay” and slid her skirt and panties down and sucked her like there was no tomorrow. “Oh my gawd…” She never said anything different the whole time. She was my favorite of the whole experience. She had the most girlie little patch of fluff above an absolutely picture-prefect vulva that just begged to be licked, framed by those gymnast thighs of bahis firmaları hers, and she tasted absolutely amazing. I couldn’t get enough, but I tried. If I’m any judge, she came a number of times before someone outside called “Time’s up” and she stumbled half-dressed through the door shouting “OMG Amber, you were right!” I *did* run into her again, but as soon as it became clear who I was and what I’d done earlier, she made an excuse to leave.I *did* recognize a few of the elders, but with one or two notable exceptions, they seemed to treat me like a servant. They’d lift a skirt and pull things to the side and say “no teeth” or something equally sexy, and disappear when their time was up.A few girls came in and told me that actual tummy kisses were fine, it was the wrong week for them. I’d offer to lick their clits only, and all but one said yes.Eventually, Bess appeared again and told me my “shift” was over and she was my replacement. I stayed around until the time limit ran out; I figured it was about time that someone licked *me*.==========

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