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Trumped Up Punishments – Chapter 6: Sex EdTrumped Up Punishments – Chapter 6Sex Ed Classes“Mummy, please, don’t make me go to school! I just cannot face any more of this. Just look what they did to me!” Rebecca pointed to her red, sore breasts and angry welts on her upper thighs, the result of brutal punishment inflicted during an assembly of her whole school. “If you don’t go, they will kick you out. They should not have that satisfaction. We are going to deal with this the right way. I have reported Mr. Warner to the police and we will get Mr. Barton to apologize before the end of the month, never you fear. For now, you just have to stick it out. We will win in the end!”Rebecca’s mother was a well-known civil rights attorney, a virulent opponent of President Trump, and as stubborn as she was unreasonable. This was her big chance; she was going to bring the school to its knees; the repercussions of this would reach the state capitol as well as the White House. Though she professed to love her daughter, she valued her career more, and if her daughter had to suffer for her mother’s professional (and political) advancement, so be it. And so it was that Rebecca boarded the school bus that Tuesday, her mother waving her good bye with an encouraging smile. A few stops later, her class mate Peter Shaw, who had also been punished the day before, though much less severely, also joined the bus. Their eyes locked, and this did not go unnoticed by the other students – there was quite a lot of suppressed giggling. Both students were intercepted by one of the security guards (who introduced himself as ‘Dan’ – he did have a name, after all!!) and escorted to Mr. Barton’s office. His secretary, Ellen, handed them a sheet of paper setting out their timetable for the day. Rebecca was to report to Mr. Hennessey for the second period of the day, while Peter was to attend Ms. Lamont’s class at the same time. Both teachers taught biology, as they both knew … Rebecca could not concentrate during the first lesson of the day. For one thing, she knew that everyone in the class, the teacher included, had seen her naked, punished and humiliated the day before. For another, she knew that she would be asked to strip again in the next lesson, this time in front of a class, not the whole school, with everyone in the class being much closer. Her heart was pounding. An hour later, she dutifully reported to Mr. Hennessey’s classroom. “Ah, thank you, Rebecca. We are not quite ready for you, but just sit with the others for now.”Rebecca joined the class. The lesson started and, unsurprisingly, it was a sex ed lesson. Mr. Hennessey was showing diagrams of the male reproductive organs, asking the class to name the different parts of the penis and testes. Rebecca knew many of the students by sight, but as she was in a different year, she did not know anyone well. Ten minutes into the lesson, there was a knock on the door. Dan and another security guard wheeled a gynaecological chair into the class room. Rebecca went düzce escort pale. This was going to be even worse than she had expected! Peter, in the meantime, was standing in front of Ms. Lamont’s class. Ms. Lamont was explaining what was going to happen. “The aim of today’s lesson is to familiarize you all with the male anatomy and to practice putting a condom on a penis. We are fortunate that Mr. Shaw is available to help with this – no need to rely on diagrams and bananas when you have the real thing (giggling in the classroom) available.” Peter had to get undressed and was soon facing the class as naked as the day he was born. He knew that they had all seen him naked the day before, but being naked in a classroom, with just twenty or so students (with slightly more boys than girls) was a different experience still. It felt more intimate, yet clinical and matter-of-fact. To Peter’s surprise, his penis was entirely flaccid. He knew he was a ‘grower’; in other words, his penis, in its flaccid state, was tiny, but grew to entirely respectable proportions when erect. Everybody knew this, of course, having seen him erect the morning before. Still, there was some giggling, which Ms. Lamont quickly stopped:“This is work! You will treat this lesson seriously! I know that hormones are coursing through your bodies and that this is a situation we are all unused to. But there is nothing funny about it. Any inappropriate behaviour or comment will be rewarded with demerits. Still, Mr. Shaw, it would be better if your penis was erect. In fact, if you could stroke it in order to make it erect, that would be great, and at the same time a good demonstration of the properties of the penis.”Peter was embarrassed, but started stroking his cock. This did not achieve much, it continued to be limp in his hands. “Well, we will just have to make do as it is. Robert, please come to the front and show us Mr. Shaw’s epididymis.”Robert, whom Peter knew only slightly, pointed to the back of Peter’s scrotum. “That’s where it is, you can’t really see it from the front.”“Then lift it, Robert, don’t be shy!” Robert gingerly took hold of Peter’s scrotum, but this did not help, he had to lift one of his balls to show the epididymis underneath it, clinging to it. “Just keep holding it. Students, come forward one by one to have a closer look.” Despite himself, under Robert’s touch, Peter could feel how his penis was stirring. He blushed profusely. One of the boys noticed Peter’s predicament and mumbled something. The word ‘gay’ could be heard.“Thomas, I said that this was a serious lesson. I am sorry that you cannot treat it as such. An erection is a normal physiological reaction to touch, and does not say anything about sexual orientation. That’s ten demerits to you, thank you.” Thomas looked abashed. That was serious. He did not fancy starring in one of the upcoming punishment assemblies … Meanwhile, each student was having a closer look at the back of Peter’s scrotum. His penis was, by now, standing escort düzce fully erect. “Ok, and what does the epididymis do? Sally?” As Sally was explaining how it stores sperm and gets it ready for ejaculation, the inspection of Peter’s scrotum by the class continued. In the meantime, Rebecca had been allowed to get undressed behind a screen, and Dan had helped her onto the chair. Each of her legs had been strapped down, and now Mr. Hennessey adjusted the footrests in such a way that her legs were spread wide. “Ok, maybe one of the girls can come forward to explain Miss Ward’s reproductive anatomy to the rest of the class?”There were no volunteers. “Samantha – how about you come up and show us?” Sam was a quiet, shy girl. A bit of a wall flower. She was dying of embarrassment, not just because of the whole situation, but also because she did not really know what the different parts of the vulva were called. “Ok, so tell us what you see.”“Um, these are the lips of her vagina. And this is where the clitoris is.”“Okay, continue, please.” “That’s really all I know.”“This was your set reading. I’m afraid I’ll have to award you five demerits. Return to your seat.”The lesson continued. In the meantime, Peter, at full erection, was lying on his back across the teacher’s desk. Ms. Lambert was demonstrating what to do with a condom. “Be careful not to tear the condom when you tear open the packet. Take your time over this, however excited and in a rush you might be. Now, examine the condom to see which way it goes. Press your thumb and forefinger down on the tip, bring it down on the top of the penis, and use the other hand to slide down. There!”She had expertly fitted a condom to Peter’s erect penis. “Ok, each of you collect a condom from me and have a go yourself. I will be here to help if need be.”She took the condom off again and invited one pupil after another, boys and girls alike, to come to the front and fit a condom. Some students were clearly more accomplished than others. One of the girls, Nicole, had forgotten to check that the condom was the right w
ay round, and unsuccessfully tried to roll it onto Peter’s penis for several minutes, fingering Peter’s sensitive glans the whole time. Peter was beginning to get worried that he might cum as a result of all of this, and tried hard to think of unsexy things. Finally, Ms. Lambert stopped Nicole’s efforts and explained to her that, if she were having sex with Peter, she would be best advised to throw the condom away, having tried to put it on the wrong way round: “His pre-cum, you know, the glistening liquid you can see emerging from his urethra, can contain sperm, and you now have it all over this condom. If you just turned it around, this would then have direct access to your vagina once intercourse takes place. Here’s a new condom, have another go!”A few classrooms on, Mr. Hennesey was explaining that he would now check whether Rebecca was still a virgin – if she wasn’t, it would be possible, he went on, to examine her in düzce escort bayan greater depth. He put on some latex gloves and opened up Rebecca’s inner labia and stuck a probing finger inside her. “I am sorry to say,” he addressed the class, “that Miss Ward is no longer a virgin. She has no business having sex at her age, and I am minded to award her at least 20 demerits. Or maybe we can punish her here and now. We will have a think about that. However, the good news is that we can now have a proper look inside her vagina.” He produced a speculum. “This will enable us to have a deep look inside her, of great educational value.”Rebecca was appalled. She had never had penetrative sex in her life, and could not explained how her hymen could have torn. However, as she was sporty and had had her vagina whipped savagely during punishment assembly the previous day, the reader will have no difficulty attributing her torn hymen to either sports accident or the torture the previous day. Mr. Hennessey inserted the speculum and opened it up. This was uncomfortable enough, but now there was a steady stream of boys and girls coming to the front to have a close look inside her. She was dying of humiliation. Peter, in the meantime, was not sure how many more condoms he could bear being slid down his shaft – every touch moved him further along towards orgasm. There were, as far as he could tell, three boys left to practice their condom-applying skills on his penis. The entire class was still watching with great interest and concentration. The next boy was now coming forward and took the condom his predecessor had put on off quite roughly. This was enough to put Peter over the edge: his stomach muscles contracted, and load after load of semen shot out, landing mostly on his stomach, but also as far as his face. At the same time, given that the touch had been ephemeral, he did not experience much of an orgasm, or rather, he experienced a ruined orgasm. Once he was spent, the whole humiliation of his situation became even clearer to him – he blushed from head to toe. “You have made a mess – I’m afraid we will have to stop here.” Ms. Lambert handed him a towel. “Get cleaned up, get dressed. The lesson is over.”The school bell confirmed what she was saying. It was also heard by Rebecca, strapped into the gyno-chair. But before Mr. Hennessey unstrapped her, he asked if she would prefer 20 demerits or punishment ‘on the spot’. She could not face another punishment assembly, and opted for the latter. Mr. Hennessey produced a riding crop and held it up for the class to see. “Now, each member of the class, as you leave the room, should castigate Miss Ward’s vulva using this implement. Don’t be shy, make your strokes count!”Rebecca’s already sore vulva, spread wide, made a good target and most of the pupils applied considerable force, so that her screams soon filled the classroom and corridor outside. After this ordeal, Mr. Hennessey unstrapped her and told her to get dressed again. The worst part of the school day was over for Rebecca and Peter. The rest of the day, all they had to endure were the knowing smiles and giggles of their schoolmates, and the knowledge that there would be more sex-ed classes over the coming weeks …

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