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Truck Stop AdventureI woke up and saw the morning light filtering through the curtains. An arm lay across my side. I was laying on my side and turned to look back at my companion. He was still asleep, his youthful features innocent in sleep. I grinned and eased out from under his arm. I rolled out of the full-sized bed that my big recreational vehicle’s bedroom held and stood up. My cock was semi-rigid with the need to piss. I was stark naked as I padded quietly from the small bedroom, down the short hall to the even smaller bathroom, to relieve myself.As I pissed into the toilet, I looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t changed much since the night before, other than I’d just added yet another lover’s notch to my bed-post. I was still a thirty-something, middle-aged man, enjoying a month-long vacation in a rental RV. I was also enjoying the company of like-minded men, mostly younger than myself, from time-to-time.I finished up and flushed, then reached for the bottle of mouth wash. I took a deep pull, swished and spit, and then gave my still semi-rigid cock a quick wipe with a damp cloth. I returned to the back of the bus bedroom to find my young lover sitting up in bed. And he wasn’t just sitting, either. He was stroking his rigid young cock with one hand while cupping his nearly hairless balls with the other. The covers were kicked to the end of the bed and his legs were spread wide as he jacked his morning wood.”You need a little help with that?” I asked as I stepped up to the side of the small bed. His eyes opened and he grinned as he took in my own nakedness.”I could probably use some, David!” he chimed in his sweet, boyish voice. My companion was young, and until I had picked him up the night before, he was inexperienced as well. I had brought a hand towel in with me, and tossed it onto the bed alongside my young lover as I knelt alongside his right thigh. I replaced his hands with mine, and he settled back into the pillows he had piled up and enjoyed what I was going to give him. I began to stroke his meat with sharp, rapid strokes, enjoying the slight upward curve he was gifted with. That curve had done things to my prostate the night before that dreams are made of, inexperienced or not. I considered his face, finding that he had closed his eyes once again as he enjoyed my manual maneuvering of his manhood. He looked very young, though I had checked his driver’s license and found that he was indeed 21, as he had claimed when I met him in the truck stop lounge last night. I had stopped for dinner and after deciding to spend the night in the lot, I went for a drink. He was seated at the bar, looking innocent. I sat a stool down, and asked him if he was even old enough to be in there. He replied that he was, and showed me not only his driver’s license, but his military ID as well. He was a soldier on leave, headed back to Ft. Hood where he was an MP. I introduced myself and bought him a drink. He was drinking vodka and orange juice, a screwdriver, and I joined him. After another round, he joined me in my RV.I lowered my mouth to his rigid cock and wrapped my lips around the boy’s knob. I tasted a bit of his salty pre-cum as well as residual soap from his shower the night before. We’d both showered after making love, and depositing a healthy load up each other’s asses! I stroked his shaft as I worked canlı bahis my mouth lower with every bob of my head, until I was nearly taking his entire length into my throat. He was only five inches. (I like to take a snap-shot of cocks I suck alongside a ruler, it’s a thing I guess) I easily worked him to full hardness with my tongue and lips and had him moaning within seconds.I worked on his cock, pulling off to lick the shaft or suck on his balls occasionally, before returning to full-on cock gobbling. I wanted his load but I also wanted to tease him along for a while. I knew he needed to get back on the road, and I probably needed to as well, but I didn’t want to go half-assed either. I wanted him to remember this encounter, along with the fun we’d had last night, for a long time. So, I slowed up and savored his youthful dick for a few minutes.As I continued sucking his cock, he admitted, “I fucking can’t believe how good this feels. Your mouth is so fucking hot.”I looked up and grinned at him around his mouth-filling meat. I swirled my tongue around his knob for a moment and then lifted off long enough to ask, “I guess you never thought getting sucked off by another man would be so much fun?”He looked at me then, and I could tell he was concerned about his sexuality. I knew what he was thinking. I’d heard it before. “Don’t worry about it,” I told him. “Getting sucked off by another guy doesn’t make you gay. It makes you satisfied.” I grinned and licked his piss-slit.”I don’t care if I’m gay or not,” he muttered. “I just like what you’re doing to my dick! You’re so much better than my girlfriend. She could really learn something from you, David.”“ I don’t mind showing her a thing or two,” I replied. I gulped him to the root and slowly slurped back off. “Maybe we could include her, if we ever get together again.”He shook his head. “Oh, hell no! She’s not really this open minded. I don’t think she’d want to see me again, if she ever knew I’d sucked a dick.”“ Or had your ass fucked and filled with cum?” I added with a smile. “And then had that load sucked back out?”“ Man! You have got to stop talking like that! I’m going to shoot!” he groaned.I started jacking his cock faster then, and told him, “Go ahead and shoot! Just let it go!” I kept jacking his dick, watching his face as I brought him closer and closer to his climax. His eyes were shut tight again, and his mouth hung open as he panted deeper and louder. I stroked his chest with my free hand, rubbing his tiny nipples as I did. I wrapped my lips tight around his knob and flicked my tongue across the leaking piss-slit. His body went rigid on the bed and his hips arched upward. A few minutes passed before I felt his cock start to pulse in my hand and I took the first thick blast of his hot cream against the roof of my mouth before pulling off and letting the rest blast off and stripe his lower torso and upper thighs.”Ooohhh, fuck!” he grunted as I continued to stroke his cock as it grew sensitive with the last of his semen dribbling out. I smeared his shaft with cum and licked. I smeared his balls with cum. I smeared his asshole with cum. I scooped some up and smeared my throbbing cock with cum. It was still warm as it lubed up my shaft.He was panting in the aftermath of his orgasm as I lifted his heels and pushed his legs back. His eyes opened and bahis siteleri looked up at me as I moved to kneel between his thighs. My cock was aimed right into his open, cum-smeared asshole, just inches away as I stroked another wad of fresh cum along his anus. His ring twitched and he panted when I tucked my middle finger inside for a moment.”Oh, jeez! Oh, jeez!” he panted as I wiggled my finger inside him. I pulled out and crawled forward to press my knob against his rosebud once again. I leaned forward and pushed, and he moaned loud as I fought against his tight resistance. I leaned over him and looked down into his eyes. “Relax,” I told him. He nodded a moment later, and suddenly I plowed inside.”Uuunnngggghhhhh!” he groaned, loud, just as he had last night, when I took his ass-cherry. Then, he had been bent over the table in the sitting area. I used spit from my tonguing as lube for twenty minutes or so to relax him and make him ready for what I had to give him. My cock, some seven inches plus in length and nearly six in girth, was something I’d learned over the years could tear a guy a new one, if he wasn’t well lubed and relaxed. I’d learned how to take care of my male, and female, lovers before giving them my high-hard-one up the ass. “Ooohhh, shit!” he grunted as I started to fuck him with slow, steady, probing thrusts that eventually picked up into a smooth, flowing fuck. The bed creaked beneath us a
s I plowed him deeper and deeper. He hadn’t been able to take my full seven plus the first time, or the second, but now, with him on his back looking up at me, his legs spread wide and pushed back like any good whore, my cock was finally bottoming out inside him, balls deep.”Aaaggghhhh!” he grunted as I buried myself fully inside his bowels and held myself there. I twisted my hips a little, stirring my cock within his guts. “Uuunnngggg!” he moaned as another pulse of cum dribbled out of his cock head. I noticed that he hadn’t gone limp, even after firing off his morning load just minutes before. I wiped his cum up with a finger and pressed it to his lips. His eyes locked onto mine as he licked up his cum from my finger, tasting himself for the first time. When he began to suck on my finger, I resumed fucking him.”I knew you’d like the taste of your own cum,” I told him as I plowed him. “I could drink up your sweet cream all day!” I drove deep with three quick thrusts, gave him a passionate kiss, and then held myself in place while I told him, “I want you to do what I did, last night, and the next time you fuck your girlfriend. I want you to cum inside her, and then immediately go down on her. I want you to suck your own spunk out of her cunt, and don’t stop until you’ve got it all out, and got her off!” I started fucking him again. “And when you’re done, go up and give her a deep, tongue-filled kiss as you stick your fat dick back inside her. You’ll see. You’ll be rock-hard and ready to refill her.” I leaned down and gave him a kiss, tasting a bit of his flavor on his lips. “And when you cum again, do it again. Every time you cum inside your girl, I want you to eat it back out. You’ll see. She’ll love it, and will never say no to anything kinky you want, ever again.” I was still steadily fucking is tight ass as I gave him these instructions.”And then, I want you to e-mail me, send me pictures bahis şirketleri if you got them, and someday, we’ll get back together and show your girlfriend where you learned about kink.” I started fucking him harder and faster then, feeling my semen begin to boil in my balls. I was going to fill him up again, one for the road so to speak. He could sense it, also, and suddenly began to beg me, “Feed it to me, David! I want you to cum in my mouth!” It was the first time he’d told me where he wanted my load. I paused, holding myself deep inside him for a moment. My cock twitched. Another thrust and I’d start spitting hot seed up his ass.”Okay,” I grinned. “Open up!” I pulled out and grabbed my shaft with my hand. I was throbbing, pulsing, and I could feel my semen rushing up my piss-tube. He rolled forward, his legs falling to either side of me, and reached for my dick. His mouth was wide open as I released my tight grip and fired off. Cum shot out and nailed him right in the cheek just before his lips wrapped around my knob. I knew he could taste more than my salty cream. He was tasting his own ass on my dick, and as he pulled more of my hot cream out, jacking my shaft as he sucked, I took hold of his head and patted him.”That’s it, that’s it. Suck that spunk out and swallow it. Swallow it all. That’s my good little cock-sucker! Eat my cum. Use that tongue on my cock. Be my cock-sucking bitch!” I pushed forward and shoved nearly my entire length into his mouth. He was gagging in seconds, and I felt hot cum and saliva leaking from his lips onto my balls as I pressed them against his chin. He fought me for a moment, but soon accepted my cock into his throat as my last rounds were fired.I let him go and collapsed onto the bed, panting. He rolled away from me and grabbed up the towel I’d brought in. He started wiping his mouth off, gagging a couple of times. He spit some up into the towel. For a moment, I thought for sure he was going to throw up.”It’s okay,” I told him. I rolled off the bed and caressed the back of his head as he wiped his face. He looked up at me.”I don’t believe I did that,” he moaned. “I’m not gay. I’m not a cock-sucker.”“ For me, you are,” I told him, and then leaned down to kiss him, full on the cum-smeared mouth. He tried to turn away, but I managed to lick up a bit of my own load before he could. I think the aftermath of his orgasm, combined with the idea that he might have been enjoying himself more than he’d ever imagined, worked to send him into the bathroom. I heard him wash up, and a moment later he was throwing up. I felt for the young man, and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I was seated in the lounging area when he slipped out of the bathroom and returned to the bedroom. I had a bottle of V8 juice out and was drinking from a glass when he finally emerged, fully dressed. He had the look of a shamed young man all across his face.”You are a wonderful young man,” I told him. He barely paused before turning towards the door.He looked back and smiled, ever so slightly. “I’m sorry. I’ve got to get going.”“ Don’t forget to write,” I said as he stepped through the door. It banged closed behind him. He’d pulled his car up alongside my RV the night before, and a minute later, he was pulling away, headed for the nearby highway. I realized in that moment that I couldn’t remember what his name was.”Too bad,” I said to myself as I moved forward and settled into the captain’s chair. I fired up the big diesel engine. Two minutes later, I was on the road, headed in the opposite direction as my most recent sexual conquest.

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