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Trip to the bookstore with StephieI had met stephie online and we had had a lot of fun together. Stephie was a crossdresser, was about my age, and looked great when dressed. She and I had spent many weekends in a motel, fucking and sucking each other till we couldn’t do anymore. Occasionally we would invite another person or 2 to join us and we would be there as a couple, so it didn’t matter whether it was other crossdressers, regular guys, or the occasional m-f couple. Stephie had this fantasy about going to an adult bookstore/ theater and being a total slut for any and all cummers, so I agreed to go with her to make sure nothing got out of hand.We got there one Saturday night about 10.Stephie was dressed in black thigh highs, 4 inch high stilettos, a short black leather miniskirt, burgundy colored lace top, 44dd breast forms, a long red wig, and the sluttiest makeup job she could do. I bad gone in a minute or so ahead of her, so when she came in no one knew we were together.She was almost 6ft tall with long legs, with the heels güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she towered over most of the people there, and was very noticeable. The plan was for me to go into a booth and she would follow me in after walking around the store a bit. we would start making out with the door open and see where it went from there. I found a booth across from the theater room and after I put a movie on I settled in waiting for Stephie. it wasn’t long before she showed up with a huge smile and a couple guys not far behind her….she looked back at them and winked as she walked over to me and started kissing me. She was rubbing my cock when she looked to a couple guys who were right outside the door and asked me if I minded sharing her. Since that was our plan of course I said yes, and told the guys outside to follow us to the theater. We went in to the darkened theater, there was movie on with a woman ducking a huge cock. I looked around and there were about 8 or 10 guys in their watching the perabet giriş movie and they turned to see who came in. Stephie was hard not to notice, so they watched us come in and sit down. there were theater seats, but also small round tables that looked like those large wooden spools from electrical wire. That’s where Stephie headed. the guys that came with us pulled their cocks out and Stephie started stroking them. Stephie was looking around, smiled and said, ” well guys, it looks like this is your lucky night, I want cock in my mouth, my ass, my hands, and I want to be covered in cum when I leave here.” She grabbed the closest cock and slid it in her mouth. She got on her back, one guy slid his cock in her ass as another shoved hiscock in her mouth. The guy fucking her was pounding away and she was moaning and sucking and suddenly he started to cum…., he shot a hot creamy load inside her ass and he barely pulled away before another guy shoved his cock inside her. She now had a cock in her mouth, a guy jerking perabet güvenilir mi off over her face, and a new one fucking her. Stephie was having a lot of fun, and I knew this was gonna be a long night,lol. there were now about 20 people waiting to use Stephie, and I was getting really turned on seeing her being covered on cum, all these cocks of every size shape and color in her mouth, and her ass. I had seen at least 10 guys in her ass, the rest a sloppy pool of cum dripping out of her, and her face was covered completely. This went on for a couple of hours, some guys coming back for seconds. Finally Stephie couldn’t take anymore, she needed a rest. She had a huge cock about to deposit a load in her ass, and 2 guys jerking on her face. As they finished she gestured to me to come closer, as I did she kissed me, and thanked me for bringing her, and told me that it was my turn. I smiled and told her we had time for that later, but I had something else in mind. it was then that I started licking and kissing her all over. Cleaning cum from everywhere, sharing some with her, but mostly swallowing all i could. We got up slowly to leave, and as we were walking out cum was dripping out if her, it was probably the hottest thing I’d ever seen…..and I couldn’twait to get back to our room to clean some more…

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