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Tribute ThreeMs. B and Ms. J intensified their onslaught. T and C endured this degrading situation. Every time one tried to retreat from his cock touching the other’s the ball tether and a whip quickly held him in check… each shaft stayed rigid, continuously rubbing against the other, mouths filled with the two headed dildo. For a brief moment their whipping stopped… some fidgeting was heard by the ladies along with their low voices.Their wives returned sporting their own erect shafts in the form of black veiny bulbous head strapons. The women circled their tied sword fighters, heels clicked on the tile , their hard black dongs bobbed as the two strutted. They stopped either side of their gladiators, joining in on the exhibition. The mistress’ gloved hands grasp cocks and together. C & T felt each other, leather fingers and strapon all at once. They grunted tokat escort through their cock filled mouths. Quickly the ladies cocks were covered in the slaves syrupy secretions. The men’s shafts produced for their wives demands.The hooded males muscles tensed ,sweat rivulets were formed over their heaving chests. Balls ached from lack of release, cocks sore from continuous stimuli…. Ms. B sensing the tortured souls agony suggested they try something else… The ball tether was loosed, double dildo removed, overhead straps released. They panting boys crumpled to the floor. The cool tile touched warm flesh sending shivers through the fatigued men.C’s leash was tugged by Jenna toward her hard strapon. He knew what to do and began to take the syrupy covered shaft in his mouth. Jenna snapped his head back, ” First you lick it clean!”, C did as he was tokat escort bayan told. His tongue scooped up the salty sticky goo from Jenna’s cock. He knew that he was cleaning not only his filth but T’s as well. But that didn’t phase him as he hungrily dove into his task. His hands boldly grasp Jenna’s leather booted calves, as he lapped on her shaft. She playfully bobbed it so his tongue had to chase after it.B soon followed suit, but less deftly. She grabbed the back of T’s hooded head and thrust her cock into his surprised mouth. The bulbous head penetrated his lips and toward his throat. T gagged as the big shaft rammed into his face. He tasted precum on it as it slid past his tongue. B’s whip stroked his back as she roughly fucked his face. T struggled to keep up with her thrusts. By this time C had worked his hands up Jenna’s boots, over escort tokat her tight stockings and cupped her ass cheeks as the two found their rhythm. He engulfed her cock, pulling he ass into him as he submissively sucked her. The base of the strapon massaged Jenna’s mound as she fucked C’s mouth. T managed to stabilize his forced sucking by also cupping Bonnie’s beautiful ass in his hands as well. A delicious benefit of his current subjugation indeed. His hands gripped her thrusting ass tightly, her whip urging him to task. ” I think they’re about ready don’t you ?” Jenna ask of B. She couldn’t hear, both hands gripped T’s head as she skull fucked the kneeling figure. He cock jackhammered T’s mouth. Clyde and Jenna stopped to watch the two. Ms. B hurled derogatory comments at her victim as she assaulted his mouth with her strapon. C had never seen her go at it like this before. Ms. J. watched in delight as she witnessed her husband being used like this by another woman…. her hand grasp her strapon and continued the stimulation through her panties, her booted toe toyed with Clyde’s purple head….

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