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Transition to Vikki, part one (reworked)
Transition to Vikki, part one (reworked)
Chapters one through eight of original story, completely rewritten (final draft). Story continues from chapter nine as My transition to Vikki.

The full story of Steven Jennings and how he left his previous life behind for someone new.

This story takes numerous chapters to tell. After most of the original drafts were written well over a year ago, I thought it was high time to take them back to the laptop and look at them again. There they were read through, edited where I thought it was needed and amended to these newer versions.

Things were added to make the story flow better, other parts were altered or removed. Where necessary I smoothed out any rough edges found. These are the reworked second drafts of all chapters so far. The story is up to date, though heavily rewritten !.

You will notice they follow a new pattern, all parts now being more or less equal in length. I found that the older chapters tended to be getting too long towards the end. So, part of the rewrite was to crop them to a more uniform length. It does mean of course that my original chapter breaks have all been changed. In addition, original script typos, grammatical errors and plot glitches also have been corrected. A few minor name changes have been made too. I hated the unintentional aliteration of so many of the girls’ names ending with “A”. So some alterations have been made here.

Finally, as I’ve seen from other people’s stories, a disclaimer to ensure copyright. “This entire story, its plot, all characters and content is my own creation and my sole property. No individual person, group, body or association has my permission to use, copy or edit this story in entirity or part under any circumstances”.

Hope you like the updated versions better, Enjoy………………………………………………………………!!!!!!!!

It began simply, as most things do. I’d been trawling new porn sites, looking for something, for ANYTHING, to jolt me out of the downward spiral my life was descending into. To say I was depressed and lonely would be an understatement. That was the point when I first stumbled into the world of Tgirls. At first I was only curious, I watched some films posted to the sites. New to me, it was at first just something different to watch. Then as I went further I found their story pages and chat groups. I consider that day the day I started to wake up again. Up to this point I had been on autopilot for some time. Years spent playing the proverbial playboy. I was young, single and obscenely rich. Of course I used it whenever I could !, to get my pleasure where I found it, but got no real satisfaction. Every new encounter flowed into the ones before, and all were beginning to leave me with the opinion I had little reason to continue.

Being truly alone now, with no living family and no friends, I did what I want when I wanted. The sprawling house and its grounds had become more of a cell than my home. I longed to find some sort of escape, a purpose to keep living. Then SHE found me after I posted on a trans girl site asking them about their lives. Nothing insulting, I was genuinely curious and respectful. I wanted to know what decisions and circumstances drove them to take on their new personas. Something about the tone of my questions appealed to Gina and she replied almost immediately. Over the following days and weeks we talked more openly. I can see now with hindsight Gina was gently probing me, she was looking for my story and the real reasons for asking questions about her life. She wanted to see if I had any reason to continue with MY present way of life. Dropping subtle hints over time Gina wondered whether I needed to create a new existence entirely. Was I willing to make the leap of faith and do what she did. Would I give up my old life for ever and go down an entirely new path.

There must have been a spark between us, because soon we were video calling and I saw just how beautiful she was !. Mutual curiosity turned into friendship, then attraction and eventually a desire to meet in person. We both knew what this could lead to, but I wanted to find out if I was ready to break free and be with her. At long last, after six months of putting me off Gina agreed to meet on “neutral ground”. Plans were made and I counted down the days until we met. Looking back on it down the years, after all we’ve done since, I really do think somebody must have been looking out for me that day.

And Gina ?, right now she’s outside sunning herself with the other girls in the garden. It’s been a crazy three years, but I wouldn’t change a thing. To think it all started with a single chatroom post, but I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll go back to that first day when we met and I’ll tell you how we got to be where we are now.

Comfortable ?.

I agreed to meet Gina at a train station, somewhere between where we both lived. As she eagerly said to me in her most recent phone call,

“We can have a whole night together first to see if we both feel comfortable. Call it a test run before making a decision and taking things any further”.

The thought that I could at last escape my life, become someone entirely new, I finally accepted. After the death of my parents in that plane crash my entire life changed. Before then I was merely the son, the future heir to the fortune and business when I left school and university. After their crash, I became overnight THE source of income for all those around me. Everyone I knew seemed to expect, or want things from me, in compensation for their looking after my life as I continued with school. Especially so, after I inherited their money, cars, land and house in my parents’ wills. But only one of them had ever considered me as a real friend. None of the others thought to sit and talk with me. To ask about me or MY day, how I was doing, how I was feeling, did I need anything ?. I was automatically expected to be “strong” enough and keep going. To finish school, then university and take over running the company, the house and everything else they did. It took my “breakdown” in school to finally put a dent in their plans. Lost in my thoughts and self pity I almost didn’t hear the echo of somebody in stiletto heels walking across the marble floor of the station concourse. I looked up, and there she was, walking towards me in the distance, through the crowds of people.

As she moved, heads turned from all sides. The men looking with barely concealed desire, more than one calling out, propositioning her. The women seemed mostly jealous of her figure and height. After having talked for months online and then phone, this was my first view in the flesh. Standing at least 185cm without shoes and her straight, waist length black hair she moved with a feline grace that made me harden just looking at her. She had remembered to wear her Goth style makeup of black eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. From our conversations she knew it’s a particular favourite of mine regarding ladies. Gina was wearing a cream blouse and loose red scarf under a close fitting black jacket which barely held the large breasts within. This was over a tight, Fifties style, black knee length skirt. In all this she stood over 195cm with those heels. I just knew she’d be wearing seamed stockings and full lingerie to complete the look. She also pulled a large red suitcase on wheels by its handle. Gina literally stood head and shoulders above the crowd. She was the proverbial Amazon compared to all the people around her. To know she was here for me alone made me feel happy for the first time in weeks. The man standing next to me saw her and said to me,

“Look at that tall stunner over there, I’d love to see what she looks like under those clothes. I bet she’s someone’s bit on the side, on the way for a hot weekend in some lucky guy’s bed !”.

Telling myself,

“You have no idea my friend”,

and thinking I’d have some fun at his expense to start the Friday morning I said,

“She’s definitely here to meet someone. Look at the size of that case, must be planning for a long stay if you ask me”.

As Gina slowly moved through the concourse, the crowd parted and flowed around her whenever she stopped to look about trying to locate me. Nobody wanted to get too close to this heavenly creature in their midst. She’d almost reached the end and couldn’t see me through the people still moving about. A look of concern appeared on her face. The guy seemed pleased, thinking he’d a chance to claim her himself.

“Looks like she’s been stood up, she can’t find who she’s here for. Maybe I should offer to help the lady”.

I thought to myself,

“Would you still be willing to help her if you knew she came equipped with something extra ?”.

Thinking now was the time to metaphorically plunge in the knife and twist it, I stood up. Not a lot of difference for me as I’m only around 160cm, but the motion was enough to get Gina’s attention. She turned in my direction, saw that it was me waiting for her. Flashed a brilliant smile and headed straight towards me. Really confused now, the person who spoke to me before looked at her as she approached, then down to me and back to her,

“You can’t be serious !”, he said. “Her !, …with you ?. …How the hell ?”. I smiled and said to him,

“Some of us just get lucky in life”.

Gina at last stopped in front of me, I was at eye level with those amazing breasts and she caught me looking at them hungrily. She smiled,

“Easy tiger”, she purred, “there’s plenty of playtime when we reach the hotel”.

Stooping down she put her free hand on my shoulder, then leant in and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. Looking at the dumbfounded guy she said,

“I don’t want to smudge this lipstick,………………….at least not yet !”.

The face she made was pure lust as she said it. I thought it would be the right time to move, so I took her case in one hand and held out my other to take hers. The simple polite gesture seemed to please her. So, taking my hand she gave me another kiss, this time a bit stronger and her tongue crept between my lips to brush against mine. Giving another smile Gina whispered,

“Lets go”.

Walking hand in hand, back the way she came, I was painfully aware of the difference between us. Her natural height and those heels made her tower at least thirty five centimeters over me. People stared open mouthed at us, but for the first time in many months I walked with head high and a smile on my face. I steered us both outside and then into the car park towards the far end where the larger bays and cars were parked. Gina looked at me, raised an eyebrow as she asked,

“Okay, what have you brought with you ?”.

I decided to keep quiet a bit longer until there were only four cars left. I stopped, brought out the key fob and pressed it. The lights on the last car blinked and there was a soft beep. Gina squealed,

“You didn’t !, you brought THAT, ………………….HERE ?”. I shrugged and smiled,

“Why not, I want the lady I’m with to be seen and travel in style”.

I opened the boot and lifted her case into it, noting that it was a bit heavier than I’d expect for just one night. By now Gina had opened her passenger door and slid herself into the large Bentley. I walked round and closed it behind her, then round to the driver’s side. Sitting down I simply asked,

“Well ?, what do you think of it ?”.

She looked round, wriggled her behind on the soft leather and inhaled.

“It’s gorgeous !, so soft, so much room, and that smell. I just love it, I bet we could get up to all sorts of fun in the back of this car !”, she wriggled again, but this time suggestively.

“No doubt we could, but just think about how I’d have to explain all the stains to the guys cleaning it”,

I replied, trying not to laugh to much.

“We’ve got plenty of time for that, I’m keeping the car when we leave. In fact I want to keep the others, so I hope your friend has girls who drive expensive motors ?”.

“Don’t worry”, Gina told me. “Anna, Denise, Carol and some others drive. Anna trusts them with hers so there should be no trouble with yours”.

Accepting her reply I simply asked her where are we going. She gave me the name of the hotel and I entered this into the on board Satnav. The system calculated the best route and then it came up on the display. Starting the engine, I pulled out of the car park and began what would hopefully be the last hours and the last days of my life as Steven. The journey was due to take around three hours to get to the hotel she chose in the small, country town. I asked if she would like to make a stop somewhere for a drink or a break. I was left in no way mistaken when she simply started to rub her right hand slowly up and down my thighs and lightly over my crotch.

“If I’m being honest, I would like to stop somewhere secluded and let THIS service me with a nice drink, before we get to the hotel. I’m a bit thirsty !”.

My bulge was now reaching painful proportions in my trousers as she stroked, but all I could do was try to wriggle about to relieve the pain as my cock grew inside my shorts.

“Let me help with that”, Gina purred and slowly began to pull down my zipper as I drove down the road.

I hoped I would not be stopped on red at some lights next to a large lorry where the driver could look down and see all that went on. Gina had now unzipped my trousers all the way and undone the button. My sense of relief at this welcome breather was broken when Gina began to wriggle her hand inside my shorts and slowly stroke her fingertips up and down my increasingly hard cock. I looked over at her and she seemed a picture of the perfect lady to anybody outside. Eyes fixed straight ahead, or unworriedly looking around at the scenery as we passed through the outskirts of town. Anything, but the cock stroking temptress she was turning into. I couldn’t take any more of her gentle fingers stroking me slowly. So I began looking at my satnav display for a quiet side road, or even some secluded farm track !.

It took about another five minutes of driving and trying to concentrate on that. Certainly NOT the slow, agonisingly horny, cock stroking which Gina was dishing out. She now had a small smirk on her face whenever she looked at me, knowing full well I desperately needed to find a quiet space for her to carry on. I knew she had total control of her actions and was deliberately teasing me, almost to the point of cumming as I drove. The Satnav showed the immediate countryside and I saw what I hoped was a good spot to continue. Turning the Satnav off after I’d logged in the latest position in the journey, I turned off the planned route and started down a left hand small lane. Following it we eventually came to a small courtyard by the ruin of an old farmhouse. Turning off the engine I looked at Gina and said with barely held control,

“If you wish to continue then the station in the back is more than able, and definitely willing, to service you with a good drink !”.

Gina let go of my cock and smiled as she brought her fingers to her lips and licked them one at a time. I buttoned up the top of my trousers, got out of the car, and practically ran my way round the car to Gina’s door. I opened it and offered my hand to support her. All this with a raging twenty centimetres hard on poking out of the front of my trousers at Gina’s eye level. She looked at my hand, the rampant hard on and then up to see the need on my face and burst out laughing. She was still giggling as she slid her legs around on the seat and stretched out a leg to stand. I could see through the skirt the distinct outline of her suspenders. Noticing this as she stood and straightened her skirt she told me that she loves to wear stockings. Most of the others do also, especially when they have one of their weekend parties. Opening the rear door I let her get in first and she slid over to make room for me.

I closed the door and fell back onto the seats. Wanting to get more comfortable I took my shoes and trousers off completely, pulled my shorts down to my ankles and sighed in relief. Gina stared at my now fully erect cock and licked her bottom lip. Slowly she slid down until she was kneeling on the floor between my legs and looking up at me. I silently thanked whoever it was at the Bentley dealership who sold my father this car, for choosing the longer wheelbase version with extra rear legroom !!. She smiled sweetly and gently wrapped her small right hand around my cock and slowly began to move up and down. Her grip was gentle and gave me a small thrill at the shock of her touch. I looked up at her face, saw she was staring intently at my cock and beginning to lick her lips. Gina noticed me and gave a smile which somehow let me know this was only the beginning. Unable to speak, I held my breath as she moved closer and stroked up and down a bit faster.

Moving my hips in time was the only signal I could give to show any sign of my approval. I leant back into the seat and closed my eyes, then I felt her tongue slowly begin to lick my balls. Ever so slowly, and in little circles as she kept pumping up and down. My hips were making short thrusts of their own and small gasps escaped my mouth in time with them. Thinking how much more I could endure before I come, I then felt her other hand slowly drag her long black finger nails all over the helmet. At this point I began to moan and just surrendered myself to the sensations. Gina continued this for several minutes and I was getting more vocal as she türkçe bahis did her work.

That was when Gina decided to finally take pity and I at last felt her lips wrap around my helmet. She started to gently suck as she lowered her head a little bit further each time. I felt when it reached the back of her mouth and thought I was already in heaven. Having experienced plenty of blow jobs from women during my selfish “playboy phase”, I knew when the woman had skills. Already, Gina had surpassed them all with the way her mouth felt and what she was doing with her tongue !!!. Demonstrating total control, Gina let her gullet open. I quickly went from being in heaven, to being in some alternate dimension as I felt my cock slipping further down than any other woman had taken me before. By the time she reached the base and had taken it all down her throat, my hands were wrapped in her hair and I’d begun gently fucking up into her mouth. I could hear her making little slurping sounds and gulps as she swallowed my cock all the way. With no break, her tongue was always busy, washing and rolling around my cock as it lodged down in her throat. A few minutes of this and I knew I would be more than ready to blow it all right down her neck.

Sensing I was nearly finished, I felt her free hand wriggle between my cheeks and find my anus. Wondering what she had planned, I felt Gina slowly drive her middle finger all the way inside in one go. Then she started moving it back and forth, as if in a “come here” motion. The shock of this made me clench my cheeks together, trapping her finger. This in turn pushed me over the edge, I just felt the immediate need to let all my cum go right now. A tingle in my balls began, so I lifted her up until I held her head in one hand and took my cock by the base with my other. Knowing what was about to happen she knelt there with her mouth open and tongue out, pleading with me to come in her mouth and over her face.

Hearing her say that was the last straw, I felt my cum travel the length of my cock and the first shot went straight to the back of her throat and coated her tongue. Before she could recover, the second and third shots were already following behind. They hit her right between the eyes and then over her lips. Gina squealed with pleasure and eagerly waited for more. The rest of my cum she took in her mouth, wrapping her lips around the helmet and sucking like her life depended on it. My last spurts petered out and she knelt there with a satisfied look on her cum covered face. Smiling at me, she opened her mouth to show the cum she’d collected, then simply swallowed it and smacked her lips. Leaning up to me Gina kissed me deeply, our tongues entwined as we wiped away the residue of my cum. After finishing cleaning her face she broke away and said,

“How was that ?. I feel much better now after a good STIFF drink. You weren’t wrong when you said to me you like the taste of cum. Now you’ve got me all excited, it’s my turn for some relief. Are you sure you’re ready to “cross over” the first hurdle and do the same for me ?. Do you want to take care of my needs now ?”.

With that, she opened the door and got out of the car. We could hear cars passing by on the other side, only about ten metres away. Wondering what she was up to I watched as she unzipped and unbuttoned her skirt. She sensually wiggled her way out of it as I sat there, until she was standing in her black stockings, suspenders, tiny black see through panties and high heels. I could see a very impressive bulge beginning to appear and stretch her panties. Picking up the skirt and taking the heels off she got back into the car and closed the door. Settling into the centre of the seats, Gina spread her thighs and looked at me with anticipation,

“My turn now !, I would LOVE it if you could do the same for me”,

I knelt between her nylon clad thighs and rested my head on one. I could smell her clearly now. A mixture of the silk stockings, lingerie, scented body powder, expensive perfume and arousal. I stretched my hand out and slowly stroked the entire length of the bulge in her panties. It throbbed and twitched under my touch, she sighed and opened her thighs even more. I watched as the bulge continued to grow until I thought her panties would rip with the strain. Taking hold, I wriggled them under her backside and down her legs. Gina understood and lifted her behind to help me.

When I got her panties off and put the them on the seat, I looked back up and saw just how big she was. Her girl clit stood proud and pulsed gently to and fro in time with her heartbeat. Fully shaven, not a hair in sight !!, the look aroused me even more. A moan of lust escaped me and Gina looked down to see that I really was eager to continue. I told her how damned hot she looked, Gina commented that all the girls shave. She told me it makes sex so much better, being skin to skin every last inch. Looking at her in the light I could see that she beat me lengthwise by a good five centimetres and was a little bit thicker too. I also noticed she was wearing a metal ring around her cock, just under the helmet with a tiny ball on the underside. She said it helps to increase sensitivity, and feels glorious when it slides in and out of your pussy. Putting that aside, I focused on my turn to please her and wrapped a hand around her cock. Gina jumped a little at my unfamiliar touch and said,

“Just do to me what I did for you. Do what your instincts and feelings tell you is right !”.

She felt hot in my hand and I could feel it pulse in time with her heart. Realising I’d now crossed a line with Gina, but one that I wanted, I slowly began to stroke up and down as she had. Thinking I needed a bit more lubrication I leant forward and dribbled saliva onto the head. Gina watched all the time and gave me a nod and smile when I began to rub this in all the way down to make it slicker. She purred appreciatively and began to make little movements with her hips, as I had. Not having any long finger nails to return the favour, I decided to take us to the next step. Leaning forward I opened my mouth so I could gently rub my teeth against the soft spongy head. At this she looked down at me,

“You little devil !, I never showed you that trick !”.

I looked in her eyes and slowly licked her girl cock from base to the tip. Tasting her for the first time showed I was more than happy to oblige and bring Gina pleasure. The taste of her skin on my tongue, though new, gave me an electric thrill as I knew now I could do it. I could keep going with Gina for today and experience all she wanted to show me. Also, I realised I liked the taste of her and couldn’t wait to feel when she came in my mouth for the first time !. Opening my mouth I started to swallow what I could. I felt the cock ring and its little ball tickle the back of my tongue. She kept eye contact with me until I was down to the last fistful, at which point I gagged. Taking her cock out of my mouth and gasping for a breath she asked me if I wanted to continue. I nodded and tried to swallow her as before. Reaching the same point, and getting the same reaction I took her out once more. Saliva hung between my lips and her girl cock, it was one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen. Gina said encouragingly,

“Don’t be worried about taking it all on your first time. There are ways to do it to get the rest. You can swallow as you go on further down, or I can bend your head back over the seat edge and fuck your throat myself. It’s a LOT of fun, for both people !. But I think you’d like some control your first time ?”.

Thinking about what she said, I slurped up the hanging saliva between us and told her,

“The throat fuck sounds very interesting, but I would like to be in control the first time swallowing. I should tell you, I practiced with a dildo at home but always get to the same gag point. I must say though, now I’ve got the real thing to play with I won’t need my plastic any more !. This is SOOOO much better in my mouth, I could do this everyday”.

Kneeling again I spit lubricated her girl cock a bit more and then slowly started to bob my head up and down her length. Each time I got a bit further down and stroked the rest with my free hand. Soon enough I was back to the gag point. I lowered her cock so it pointed right at me and skewered myself straight onto it. I got to the gag point and swallowed once, like she told me. I pushed further down the length and felt a few centimetres advance as her tip slid into my throat. I knew I’d succeeded when I felt the metal ball slip past the back of my tongue. Taking a short breather, I could feel it was working. My throat was being kept open by her meat but I could still breathe at present. I also knew one more thing, I REALLY wanted to swallow the rest. You could call it personal satisfaction, realising that I loved the taste of her, or simply a desire to give the same pleasure. Whatever the reason, it meant there was no way in hell I would stop now.

Gina said to hold there before going on, I only had five centimeters to go. I began to feel a little impressed with myself at this whole surreal situation. When I woke up this morning, I was just an average guy going on a blind date. Roll forward several hours and here I was in the back of my car. Not very long after receiving an earth shattering blow job by a gorgeous woman on the same first date. Then only minutes later, on MY knees with twenty plus centimetres of her throbbing girl cock sliding slowly down my willing and greedy throat. Taking a deep breath and swallowing one more time, I pushed the rest of the way. Gina’s girl cock slid the final few centimeters down my open maw. Finally, I had all twenty five centimetres in my mouth and throat. I felt so fucking horny !, and more than a little pleased with myself. I’d gone down on Gina without hesitation and succeeded in taking all she had. Feeling between her cheeks I could feel something protrude from her asspussy, I gave it a little experimental tug which made her jump. Gina complimented me, in between her gasps of pleasure,

“You look as though you’re enjoying yourself a lot down there, baby !. I wasn’t sure you’d be so willing to reciprocate as soon as you did. There’s no other way to say this, so don’t be offended. If we go the whole way and you come to live with us, I have a feeling you’ll be a VERY popular little cock sucking slut !. Other girls I know have ones bigger or thicker than mine. So take things slowly, you’ll get to eat them all in the end and absolutely love the feel in your throat. I see you found my butt plug, don’t worry darling. We all wear them, makes us nice and receptive when we fancy a good fuck. You’ll appreciate being prepared and loosened when you finally take some of the larger girls and strapons into your own pussy”.

I decided that was not important now, but it WAS time to get my reward. Bobbing my head all the way up and down her length, I worked my tongue around the skin. Swallowing her down to the base I knew she would not be far off cumming. Working the rest of her length with one hand, I cupped and rolled her balls with my other hand. I felt her grip my shoulders, tight enough to dig her nails in. Then Gina tightened the grip with her thighs as she started to buck and gasp,

“Nearly there !, Oh my God !!, ……keep doing this and I’m going to cum in your mouth”.

I stopped bobbing and held the head of her cock under the ring with my teeth. Sucking like I was draining the last of a milkshake through the straw, I waited for her to cum. Gina gripped my head in both hands and jerked uncontrollably, forced herself into my mouth another few centimetres and fired a series of thick heavy shots. I caught the first three and swallowed in reflex. I could feel it sliding down my neck into my stomach. It was warm, and slightly thicker compared with my own. Something else I already knew after having practiced at home. Finding I definitely liked the taste of Gina AND what was happening between us here and now, I made up my mind I wanted more of it. I recovered my composure and held my head still as she pumped the rest of her cum directly into my waiting mouth. Eventually she stopped and let me go. Gina said,

“You may only be a beginner, but I think you’ve got a natural talent for this. I can’t believe you took all of me, then let me cum in your mouth so soon after us meeting !!. The girls are just going to love you !”.

She watched as I opened my mouth to prove I still had her plentiful donation, then I closed my mouth and slowly let it all slide down my throat. I showed her my empty mouth and she bent to kiss me passionately as we shared the sticky residue.

“Service break over I’m afraid Gina, time to get back on the road. We have a hotel to reach today, and if you ARE my future, I definitely want to go a LOT further !!!”.

Gina smiled as she put her panties, skirt and heels back on,

“My thoughts exactly, we have the rest of the day and the whole night to play. You have NO idea how glad I am that you want to carry on. I’m definitely going to fuck you deep later on, if you want me to !. I can’t wait to feel your gorgeous cock pumping deep inside my pussy”.

We got into the Bentley front seats and I returned to where we left the Satnav route. Gina corrected her make up which had got streaked and more than a little messy as we drove away. I already had the beginnings of another painful hard on, in anticipation of what was to come. While I was driving I kept thinking about what would take place between us later. Having spent months watching TS porn I certainly knew what she wanted to do to me. But instead of being afraid I was looking forward to Gina doing it, and also how much further we could go when it was my turn. Returning to the M6 motorway we headed south towards the M5 and then Taunton. This had taken around ten minutes which was spent in silence. Gina cast a few looks in my direction to see if she could work out my current mood. I kept driving the Bentley in and out of other traffic and occasionally I smiled to myself. She did notice however that whenever I did this, I always licked my lips first. She probably sat there and wondered to herself,

“Is he thinking of backing out ?, was this all too much for him ?, will he really want to go further with the plan ?”.

I on the other hand, was enjoying the journey. I drove silently, thinking hard to myself about the last hour and replaying in my mind how we spent it pleasuring each other. I’d certainly enjoyed it and definitely wanted more of Gina than she’d shown already. I could still taste her, so every now and then I’d run my tongue around inside my mouth, then swallow and smile. I knew it wasn’t the same but it would do for now. Looking round to Gina I saw her watching me, almost weighing me up, waiting for something. I smiled again, dropped my left hand to lightly brush her firm thigh through the tight skirt and said,

“Don’t worry honey, I’m not backing out. We’re still going to the Castle Hotel and spending the night together. After this taste, I want more, MUCH more of you. If you are typical of the girls Anna has gathered, then I could spend eternity with you all”.

I saw the relief in her eyes and thought I’d up the stakes to show my intentions and make her feel better. I asked Gina to call the hotel on the in car phone and put it on speaker. Gina dialled and after a short pause someone answered,

“Hello, this is the Castle Hotel reception, Valerie speaking. How may I help you?”.

“Hello, this is Mr Jennings, I have a double room booking for two tonight. If possible I would like to make an upgrade. Is your best suite available ?. I apologise for the short notice but we feel like celebrating”.

“I’ll go and check for you now. Mr Jennings”, we could hear on the other end soft clicking as the girl at reception checked their computer system. Eventually she came back on the line,

“Mr Jennings ?. The suite you asked for is available if you wish, but obviously it will cost more. Do you still wish me to make the change on our system ?”.

I looked at Gina, she was smiling sweetly and gently nodded. I told Valerie at the other end,

“Please confirm the booking change to the suite, for one night for two people. We’re currently on the M5, heading south and should be there within the hour. Oh, and could you possibly arrange to have a bottle of your best white wine waiting when we arrive ?”.

A few more soft clicks came over the phone,

“Booking confirmed Mr Jennings, upgrade to the suite for one night, for two people. The wine will be there when you arrive. Thank you for giving us an approximate time of arrival. I hope you both enjoy your stay with us”.

I looked at Gina as she slowly stretched her long legs and arched her back, pushing her magnificent breasts even further out. All the while she was watching me and ran her tongue across her lower lip. I grinned wolfishly and said over the phone to Valerie,

“Don’t worry. We intend to !”. Gina ended the call,

“I feel like a bit of music, what do you have ?”.

I felt in the mood to rock it up a bit. Scrolling through the built in mp3 music system I found the album I wanted, Dynasty, selected it to play in random order and pressed play. Gina was curious but I told her to wait for the music. The first track came on, one of my favourites, X-Ray eyes. Great!!. Gina said,

“I don’t know the song or group, but I do like the beat. Who is it?”. I told her,

“It’s Kiss. Just follow the beat and listen to the lyrics. You’ll get the general idea of a typical Kiss song!”.

We bonus veren siteler spent half an hour listening as songs played. Magic touch….., Dirty livin’….., Save your love….., among others. I knew from what had not been played already, which song was left. Sure enough the bass beat started and Gina, who had been getting more and more into the music,

“I know this one. “I was made for loving you”. You can get up to all sorts of things to this song !”.

Now she started moving in her seat and slowly riding up her skirt as she did. She reached the tops of her stockings and had her thighs on full show. Then she started unbuttoning her top to show more cleavage as she moved and sang along. It was all I could do to keep my eyes on the motorway, looking for the turn off to the hotel, praying I wouldn’t miss it or cause an accident. It came along at the right time, just as the song ended. Only two more miles !.

Following the exit and signs directed us toward the town centre. Looking at Gina I could see her straighten her skirt and button her top. Looking me straight in the eye,

“Wait !!. All things come to good boys who wait”. I looked across at Gina,

“What about the naughty boys ?, what do we get ?”. She rolled her eyes before replying,

“Naughty boys ?, they get to fuck a hot pussy until their partner begs for mercy !!”’.

Assuring Gina I wanted be SOOOOO naughty for her, I followed the road and we soon arrived in the centre of town. We found the roundabout and pulled up in front of the hotel entrance. Turning off the engine I looked at Gina and asked if she was ready. Gina stroked my arm,

“Yes, let’s go and see what the day brings”.

I got out and walked round to Gina’s side to open her door. By the time I got there, a young lad around nineteen-ish was waiting with a luggage cart. As Gina swung her legs round to get out, he could see her tight skirt stretched over her thighs and the suspenders showing through. Then she gracefully got out, stretched her arms and arched her back. He stared at her with his mouth open as this six feet plus, raven haired goddess in heels stretched right in front of him. She posed in front of him, arms out, chest thrust forward and hair flowing down her back. She looked magnificent !!, like something from legends of old, and she knew it !. Taking him by the arm I looked at his name badge, it said Colin, and steered him round to the driver door.

“Colin !, mouth closed lad, you’ll trip over your bottom lip. Can you park this somewhere safe please and then have the luggage taken up to our suite ?”.

I gave him the car keys and a £20 note, he stood rooted to the spot, mouth wide open. Knowing he’d be incapable as long as she stayed there I took Gina’s hand and we walked into reception. Straight up to the desk where we joined the queue. I waited until the girl had finished with the current customers. Turning to us she smiled sweetly, and her eyes went wide when she saw Gina towering next to me, with her hand running lightly through my hair. Before she could speak I told her,

“Mr Jennings and guest. We spoke earlier about the upgrade”.

Not taking her eyes off Gina, she reached for the room key and asked if we’d like to sign the register. I signed and we were directed to the stairs which would take us to our suite, top floor, at the back, away from the street and traffic noise. We climbed the stairs in silence, both knowing we were heading toward something we could not come back from. At the door I looked at Gina,

“Ready?”, I asked.

She stared into my eyes and I could see a hunger slowly starting in the depths of hers.

“No going back once we enter this suite”, she said.

I simply smiled, pulled her down gently and kissed her. At the same time both of my hands were slowly roaming all over her body, from the breasts, and their surprisingly hard nipples, round to her waist and hips, to rubbing her thighs and then grab her buttocks and pull her into me. As she could feel me begin to respond she sighed, kissed me again with more force than before. I broke away, opening the doors to the suite. Then I reached for her waist and the back of her legs and picked Gina up. She was so much taller than me, but no trouble at all to lift or hold. I could see a stunned look on her face, but from the way she looked at me I could tell she quietly approved of it. One arm around my neck, the other stroking my cheek, Gina asked me,

“Why did you do that?. I’m not complaining, in fact it makes me feel safe being held like this”.

Motioning with my head I told her,

“Look above the door, what do you see?”

Gina looked up, back down at me with a confused frown, then back up to the frame above the door. I could see her thoughts had connected themselves together now and she knew what I meant. Still there above the door, from the last occupants I thought, were two small silk embroidered horseshoes resting on the frame. Someone must have left them there as good luck charms for the next people to enter.

“Oh!”, she said,

“Ohh, …………………………OOHHH!!!”, as it dawned on her that the last people here were newlyweds. Looking at me with eyes wide, she put on her best innocent little girl’s voice,

“Oooh, Mr Jennings !!. I do believe you’re having naughty thoughts about seducing me. Do you want to pretend we’re newly married ?. I’ve never done it before !”. Then she rubbed her free hand up my groin slowly and giggled,

“Ooh, you’ll hurt me inside, you’re soooo big !”.

Saying nothing, I carried her into the suite and closed both doors with my heel. Then I gently put Gina down and we looked around our suite. The main room was large and well decorated, not overtly expensive, but tastefully done by an expert. There was a large plasma TV on one wall, with a comfy sofa and chairs placed around a central rug. A small table by the window held a silver wine bucket, in which I could see the top of a bottle amid the ice. Through one door I could see a small dining room, if we wished to eat privately. The other door led to the bedroom, where I could see that Colin had already placed our two cases. We went in to look at the bed, it was kingsize if not more, also a four poster and looked superb. The adjoining bathroom was even better. There was a twin spray head walk in shower and also a nice large double ended bath, for a really good intimate soak. Walking back into the main room I could see the window doors were full length and they opened onto a small private terrace.

Opening the doors I walked onto the terrace and looked around. We were in the centre of town, but the terrace was not overlooked by any other room or buildings. High trees had been planted to screen the rooms from prying eyes. There was room for two wooden loungers with pillows and parasols, plus a small table. It looked quiet, peaceful, private. I filed that away, already planning at least one part of the night to come. Gina came up behind me, slipped her arms over my shoulders and down my chest and started lightly making little circle movements,

“What would you like to do now darling ?”. I spun round and looked up into her green eyes, they sparkled as she said it,

“Darling !. I really like the sound of that. I most certainly do, especially when YOU say it”.

I leant up and kissed her, one hand stroking the back of her neck lightly, and the other one cupped over a breast. I just held it there, feeling the warmth and its movement as we kissed more passionately. Our tongues beginning to dance with each other and slowly weave around the other’s mouth. Gina broke away first, her chest raising and falling as she breathed. I could see the arousal in her eyes, and knew she could see the same in mine. Standing at arms length, with her hands on both my shoulders, Gina looked at me and asked,

“What shall we do now to pass the time ?”.

She alternated the weight on each hip as she said this, leaving me in no doubt as to what she wanted me to say. I wanted to, REALLY wanted to. Gina stared at my groin, the bulge there was so obvious it was almost obscene. But I was thinking if I wear myself out now, will there be enough left in me to please her tonight. Gina must have read my mind,

“We can get to know each other now, properly, totally for a couple of hours. It will still leave time to shower, dress and then eat dinner. We could even go out for a couple of hours before bed tonight”.

That was enough for me. I growled at her and started unbuttoning my shirt. Her eyes went wide,

“Ohh yes, this is going to be sooooo much fun, for both of us”.

Taking my hand, she turned towards the bedroom. I picked up the wine bucket as we went. In the bedroom I was pushed to the end of the bed, Gina told me,

“It’s time to really show you what’s on offer in your future, if you accept”.

With that she started gently humming to herself with eyes closed. She pulled her scarf off and silently came towards me, then put it around my neck, showing me a birds eye view down her cleavage. Next came her cream top, button by button. Looking right into my eyes as she licked her lips and unfastened each one. Finally the last one was undone, and with a smile which told me she knew exactly the effect she was having, Gina turned her back and pulled the shirt from inside her skirt. Looking over her shoulder at me she let it slide down both arms and onto the floor.

Turning around she leant forward and pouted at me, at the same time she used her arms to push her large breasts together. I was struggling to maintain composure by now and physically having to stop myself from grabbing her. I knew this show was just as much for her fun as mine. Putting the wine bucket on the floor I took my shirt off and let it join Gina’s. Her bra was black lace, underwired and see through, three quarter cup and fastened at the front. I could see that both of her nipples were pierced with little titanium bars, a little ball at either end. They were both standing proud now and I knew that she was getting just as much enjoyment as me from this. I decided to open the bottle of wine and enjoy it further.

Gina was moving her hips in little figure eight movements and cupping her breasts, all the time staring directly into my eyes. I looked at her, and mouthed silently “Take it off!”, whilst I was also taking off the wire cage from the bottle. She saw me making clearly suggestive movements on the bottle and with a moan she unclipped her bra and turned around again. I had twisted the bottle to get the cork almost fully out when she turned back to face me. I saw her there, with fingers twisting her nipples, moans escaping her lips…….I let the bottle cork ………………………POP!!.

It flew across the room, Gina jumped and saw the wine spill over the bottle and down the side. She gasped and dropped to her knees, I leant forward with the bottle and let the wine spill over her breasts. I poured enough over them both to make them nice and wet, then slowly started to lick the wine from her breasts. Putting the bottle down I cupped a breast in both hands and sucked deeply on the nipple. Then I began to move my tongue around her breast, clockwise, in little circles, cleaning it of wine, but leaving it oiled up instead with saliva. Gina just held me there, on her knees, eyes closed and head flung back, muttering softly to herself as I moved around her body,

“Oh god”,…….”go on”,………”keep doing that”,……….”yes yes”,…………”just there”,………… “lick me”,…………. “there, right there with your tongue”,………”gently with your teeth”, over and again.

I slowly and carefully moved back and forth from breast to breast and cleaned every inch of them and her nipples of wine. When I finished she was panting heavily and looking at me with a distant, far away look. I was staring at her moistened breasts, with my own face covered in wine. Gina stood, not to steadily as she still had her heels on,

“I had myself in a nice rhythm with that striptease before you popped off and shot wine all over me. I’m not complaining, far from it, I loved what you did !!. But I don’t think I’m in any shape to finish, now you’ve distracted me”.

“Never let it be said I leave a lady hanging”, I replied.

Standing in front of her, my lips nuzzling a nipple as I reached around her to the zip at the back of her skirt. Licking her nipple I slowly lowered the zip and put both hands inside the back to undo the catch. I moved my mouth to her other nipple and looked Gina in the eyes as I slowly lowered the skirt over her wide hips. Gina pulled my head to her breast and repeated her sighs of before. When the skirt had reached the floor I slapped her backside and she stepped out of it and kicked it to one side. I stood back and looked at her. All she had on now were black panties, straining to contain her massive girly clit, stockings, suspenders and high heels. I could see the effect on her, and being honest with myself, I wanted her so much it physically hurt. I quickly stripped myself down to just my boxer shorts and then I went to stand behind Gina. She leant back into me, feeling my bulge with her hand as she did. A moan of desire escaped her lips as she wrapped her hand around it in my shorts,

“Yes, so big, I want this !. I want it inside me,………. my mouth !,…………. my pussy !!. GOD I need this please !!”.

Grinding my groin into her buttocks I whispered to Gina,

“I want the same thing. THIS is what you do to me Gina. It hurts how much I want to take you right now. I’ve never wanted to fuck another woman so much in my life !!”.

I moved her to the edge of the bed and pushed her until she was bent over it, her breasts hanging down toward the duvet cover. I stood behind her and admired her backside, two perfect pillows with a crease down the middle. I could see that the back of her panties was pulled up between the cheeks, leaving the butt plug on clear view. I began to stroke her cheeks and hips, at the same time rubbing myself forcefully against her so there was no doubt to my arousal. Gina began to make little sideways rocking motions and thrusts backwards onto my bulge, at the same time saying softly to herself,

“Yes, yes”.

I hooked my fingers into the panties at Gina’s hips and slowly began to slide them over her backside and down her legs. At the same time I whispered in her ear,

“Gina, you’ve been very, VERY naughty. Time for me to punish your pussy I think”. With that she cried out,

“Ooohhhh yes, I’ve been sooo naughty. Please, punish me. My pussy needs to be punished !”.

Now I had her panties round her knees, she lifted her legs in turn so I could slide them off totally. Gina flipped them onto the floor then fell forward on the bed. She lay there, knees drawn up to her breasts and legs spread, shoulders down on the duvet. Her head on one side and her black hair spread out in a halo around her. She looked stunning and I ached to make love to her. Before, it was just a primal sexual urge, a desire to fuck her as hard as I could. Somehow in the last few hours things had changed between us, now it was something deeper, something better.

I decided to take her as she lay, there was plenty of time for my turn afterwards. But RIGHT NOW, I wanted to feel her around me, pulling me into her, begging me to go deeper, cum inside her, fuck her like the exquisite sexual creature she was. My shorts were now on the floor, so I moved behind her and slowly pulled the plug out of her. It came with a “slurp” and I could see it was three inches long and about the same circumference at the base. It drew a deep moan from Gina, so I looked at her still open but now twitching pussy. It begged to be filled and I could see it was still leaking lubricant from the plug. I put my face down to her opening and inhaled. A mixture of women’s underwear, perfume and pure sex, I dipped my tongue into her pussy to taste her and moved it around in a slow careful circle. Her muscle gripped my tongue and Gina began to make low moans as I tongued her pussy. She stabbed her hips back onto my tongue as I plunged it deeper into her.

Pulling her cheeks wide open I licked her crease from the back, right down under her to her sac and giant girl clit. I wrapped my hand around it and started to pleasure Gina slowly, my other hand was pushing two fingers into her pussy right down to the knuckle. Gina was now twitching and moaning to herself as I did this. I spent the next ten minutes alternating between licking and sucking her pussy and penetrating it with my fingers. I had no idea how much longer she could last, but I knew I needed it NOW. Crouching over her buttocks I pulled my penis down and back and moved the head of my cock into position at her entrance. Gina felt the intruding organ’s presence and muttered,

“Not without some lubrication !. Got to be wet first !”.

Looking around I settled on the only thing within reach, the bottle of wine. I picked it up and poured some over my now aching penis. The wine on my sensitive head tingled deliciously. When I was good and wet I introduced the bottle neck into her pussy. Gina moaned like a whore, so I leant down and whispered in her ear,

“Have you ever been lubed up with a £600 bottle of 2010 Lucien Le Moine Chevalier Montrachet wine before ?, because it’s happening now !”.

Saying that, I poured a little over her pussy, a little more straight inside her opening and watched some of it run down her onto the duvet, and the rest blowing bubbles as it trickled down into her rectum.

“OOH GOD !!, I can feel it dripping inside me. You kinky, delicious deneme bonusu bastard !!. Get behind me and fuck me now, DO IT !!”.

I realigned my helmet and slowly began to push into her. I had Gina positioned so I was pushing almost straight down into her bowels. As my helmet popped inside her pussy, she tossed her head from side to side,

“Hold there for a moment, and then slowly give me half of it, please !!!”.

I paused for a count of ten seconds and then slowly drove ten centimeters more into her silky depths. Gina was now clutching the duvet and panting as though she’d finished a London Marathon. I held for another ten seconds and then drove the remainder of my weapon slowly into her bowels until my balls rested against her. I let the feelings sink in, I was deep in a silk glove. Every little twitch, every tiny move from either of us transferred to my cock and brought a moan or shudder from Gina. By now she had splayed her legs apart and was almost doing a side split onto the duvet, this brought my downward thrusts into a more normal fucking movement. I could feel her rippling pussy muscles milking me inside her so I bent down next to her head and whispered,

“How do you want me to do this ?, …slow and sensual lovemaking ?, …maybe some dirty, frantic sex ?, …or are you in the mood for outright demonic fucking ?”.

Gina turned to look at me, make up smearing across her face and the duvet. She writhed on the bed in her now laddered seamed stockings and looking to me as though she’d been gangbanged by a regiment !!. She gripped my face with a hand, kissed me like it would be her last and said,

“Fuck me, I need to be fucked right now, FUCK ME, FUCKKK MMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”.

At this point any pretence of subtlety or finesse was gone. I began a series of long slow withdrawals to my tip, and then just as long insertions to my balls. Every now and then I would throw in a small sideways motion or rotation for variety. Gina lost control. She cried, she moaned, she begged for more,

“Go deeper”,……….”HARDER !!!”,………………..”FASTERRRRR !!!!”.

Clutching the duvet, twitching her legs, moving her arse around, I had the devil’s own job to stay in the saddle as I rode her. My tempo picked up and I really started hammering it into Gina up to the hilt. I thought I was mating with a she devil,


By now Gina was crying out loud or whimpering and I was almost there. I could feel the familiar itch in my groin and tip that I was going to blow soon. I’m sure that people in other room must be able to hear her cries and the bed banging against the wall. I let Gina know I was going to cum and that sent her over the edge too. She was pulling her clit as I hammered her pussy and I could feel it coming. I told her to get ready and Gina screamed,


I rammed into her one last time and then held myself balls deep as I fired rope after rope of cum deep in her bowels. Gina howled like a wild thing as she felt me cumming in her pussy, then she came all over the duvet. I watched her jump as she shot again and again, whimpering as she did. Her pussy muscles working in time to grip my cock as I gave her the last dribbles of cum. After a minute we calmed down, I slowly withdrew from Gina and she turned onto her side. I could see her pussy still open and dribbling a mixture of cum, wine and body secretions down her cheek. Gina looked at me with a “cat that got all the cream” look and said,

“That was amazing !!. Brutal, frantic, almost demonic !, I needed that and I can feel from my well fucked pussy that you needed it too !. Look at all the mess we made !!”.

She scooped up some of the cum with her fingers and licked it,

“Mmm, nice !. Definitely goes well with the wine”, she scooped up more and put her fingers in my mouth, I licked them automatically. I was still buzzing, my synapses fried. It felt unreal, as though I had watched an out of body experience. Gina could see my confusion,

“Penny for them ?”, she said.

Gathering my thoughts into some sort of order so I could reply I told her,

“That was most probably the most intense fuck I’ve had in my life so far !!. I’ve NEVER wanted to fuck a woman so soon, or so hard, in my life after meeting her. I felt attuned with your body when I was inside you, like we were one person. Both knowing what the other wanted, it almost frightened me. Almost !. EVERYTHING we did felt right, I started out wanting to take MY pleasure, but by the end it was all about giving YOU pleasure as well !. Does any of that make sense ?”.

I held her close and we began to kiss again, not casually as before, but this time deeper and with more feeling. As the lovers we had just become. So many lines had been crossed, but for me one line still remained, and I was eager for Gina to take me so I could experience it at last. Our hands began to stroke each other automatically, instinctively knowing what each other would like.

“What was that you said about wine ?”, I asked.

She repeated her scoop and lick from before and a wicked grin appeared on my face.

“What are you up to ?, I hope it’s something naughty !!”.

I went in the main room naked, on view to the whole world through the window and returned with the wine glasses. Placing them on the table I retrieved the bucket and bottle from the floor and poured it into both glasses. Holding the glasses out to Gina’s questioning look I explained,

“It’s my new COCK-tail. White wine and a scoop !”, Gina got the message and began scooping cum and juices from her pussy into the wine glasses, alternating between hers and mine.

When there was none left to collect I told her not to forget her cum on the duvet. Those were scooped up and added to the wine glasses. We both swirled the cum mixture around with a finger and then lay back on the bed and started drinking our unique, personal vintage. I felt satisfied for the moment, but I could sense Gina eagerly wanted her turn. I could see her look at me hungrily and her clit twitched as though with a mind of its own. Putting down her wine glass Gina turned to me and said,

“My turn now. I feel so goddamned horny I could fuck for hours. Time for me to fuck you darling, I’ll be gentle……. This time !. It’s not every day you get to pop a cherry !. And even better, you get to watch me doing it !”.

Pointing at the wall across from the foot of the bed, I could see a full length mirror. Gina began to kiss my neck and shoulders lightly as she raked her fingernails down my chest.

“We are going to have so much fun my darling. Time for you to join the sisterhood and find out what it truly feels like !!. If you liked fucking MY pussy, just wait until I’m completely buried inside yours”.

With that Gina threw herself down onto my chest and the next assault on my senses began. One moment I was sipping my cum and wine drink, the next I’m pinned to the bed under Gina’s body. She’d pounced on me like a cat, knocking my glass and wine all over myself and the duvet cover, and then started to move herself around in a way which would certainly get a response given time. I could feel the bars of her protruding nipples digging into my chest. Gina moved her hips as she gyrated and ground herself on me. I could feel her begin to grow and harden against my leg and realised that the time had arrived. Soon she would be pushing it all inside me, over and again, doing to me what I’d not long ago done to her.

My head swam as it finally dawned what we were actually getting involved in. This was going to be no quick one night fuck !. Not even a few days experimenting with the most sensual woman I’d ever met. This was me effectively saying goodbye to one life and hello to another life with her !!. In the cold hard light of day I decided at last that this is what I want, and let her do as she wished. Gina propped herself on her right elbow on the bed, lying over my chest and legs. Her legs placed outside of mine so I couldn’t move, her left hand slowly stroking my face and hair, all the while looking in my eyes. A small grin was on her lips as she continued to grind around in small circles, her nipples dragging across my upper body. I could feel her physical response and knew she could feel mine too, as my cock once more began to stir, pinned between my leg and her delicious thighs. She was intently watching me, testing me I think to see if I would run or allow her to continue.

In her gorgeous way Gina was giving me one last chance to back out gracefully, before we went to a place from which I could not come back. I looked into her amazing opaline green eyes, sensing her apprehension and hope. Could I also see a small flicker of need ?. I never thought that Gina might also want to take this to the next level emotionally. Never thought that she might want something extra from our relationship. If what I thought I saw there was true, then Gina could even be looking for serious love from our coming together. Right here, right now, all I knew was that I could lose my soul in the depths of her gaze and it shocked me to realise I no longer cared. I simply smiled at her, nodded once and kissed her slowly and tenderly, trying to let her see that I cared about her. Even after our monumental fuck and Gina’s make up streaked and smeared across her face. With her long black hair all wild, seamed stockings ripped to shreds. Gina STILL aroused me more than any of the airhead barbie types I’d spent my playboy years fucking. Laying back down, I put my hands behind my head, looked at her and simply said,

“Your turn my love, I’m ready. I know you’d never do anything to hurt me. I WANT to feel you in me when you cum !”.

Gina was still watching me, stroking slowly, but I saw a couple of tears in her eyes as she smiled again and lowered herself to kiss me. This time she held my face in her hands and looked lovingly into my eyes when she did. Her tongue darted from between her lips and into my welcoming mouth, searching for mine. I let her find it and we kissed with growing strength and passion, rocking gently on the bed as we pressed against each other. Our tongues chased each other around as our lips meshed again and again. We were both making low satisfed moans and sighs while we kissed. I tried to raise my hands to hold her, pull her even tighter to me, but Gina pushed my arms back down, shook her head and continued with her kiss. This time, her first time, Gina wanted to be in control and I was stunned to find that I understood completely !.

Gina started kissing my face, beginning with my eyes and then round to my ears. She would press gentle, butterfly kisses on me and then sweep on somewhere else, leaving me with only a brief sensation of pleasure and the constant smell of her. A minute or two later she would be back again, this time a little stronger, and taking slightly longer with her kisses. All the time she would continue to stroke my hair and neck, still gyrating her hips and her breasts moving around as she worked herself, and me, into a slow frenzy of desire. When Gina finally started on my neck she would run the tip of her tongue up an down either side, stop to kiss me , then gently bite me, sucking in deeply as she did. Giggling as she did this it became clear that she was trying to see if I would let her “mark her territory” for all other women to see. I wanted to respond to her, grab her and show her my feelings but I understood that this was her game and I just had to endure. All I could do was whisper huskily,

“Do it, mark me as yours. Claim your prize for all to see”.

She heard my reply and really attacked my neck, biting and sucking like a thirsty vampire. What before had been merely pleasant, now became intensely erotic and I hardened even more. Lying there all I could do was moan with pleasure as Gina claimed me as her property. Moving from side to side of my neck, kissing, biting, licking and I moaned with her as she did. I was finding it hard to concentrate now with the feelings bombarding my senses. From her strokes, kisses, marking me as hers and gyrating all around. Having no idea how long this had been going on I just lay back and enjoyed her attention. The feel of her moving around me with her lips and hands. My restrained cock now felt like it had an iron core, urgently I rubbed myself against Gina trying to get her to notice and take pity, do something, do anything !, but she continued and just let my anticipation build further.

Gina eventually slowed, then came to a stop. I lay there, panting and breathing heavier now, glad for a pause but missing the pleasure I’d received. I felt like I was balanced on the edge of a high mental cliff. But knowing I would willingly jump into the depths below if Gina asked me to, as long as she continued with her actions. I felt her rise and shift her weight around until she knelt by my waist, my first reaction was to miss the heat and sensual pressure of her body. My second reaction was that she’d certainly notice the state of my arousal, it would be obvious with her kneeling there. I kept my eyes closed, knowing this was part of the game and I imagined I could feel her gaze as she looked at me from head to toes.

Only now did it hit me that Gina had aroused me quicker, higher and harder than any other woman I’d known to this point. It was funny, but I felt this mattered to me above almost anything else. I really wanted to impress her, to make her want me the way I ached for her. Gina moved and got off the bed. I heard the swish from her stocking clad thighs as she moved across the room, then a couple of quick “snaps” as she opened her case. She retrieved something and then I heard her move back to the bed and resume her previous pose by my waist. For the first time in over thirty minutes Gina spoke,

“Steve, do you trust me ?. If we continue and you let me make love to you, we can never return. Things will change forever, so I need to be sure this is what you want”.

Did I hear apprehension, need, in her voice ?. Was this an indication she is looking for a more serious commitment ?. Turning to face where her voice came from, I kept my eyes closed and told her,

“Gina, I’m sure. This is what I want, and I want it with you. It’s taken a long time to come to terms with myself, but here with you, now, is where I feel I need to be”.

Weeks of chatting online with Gina, telling each other what we wanted from a lover, hoped for in the future and needed from a relationship, had given us a real connection. Hundreds of phone calls between us, sometimes several a day had brought us here to this point. I could not see the look on Gina’s face when she asked me, could not see her hope and need, but I sensed any tears were being held back by willpower alone. I understood she needed me to say the things I did. She needed to hear, in my own words, that this was not just a quick fling. Gina deserved to know that I wanted her as she was. In her heart she knew she wanted me to say them almost as much as I did. I did not see the relief on her face when I answered, but she leant forward and kissed me again, stroking the side of my face. I felt tears fall and at that point I understood, Gina had gone beyond simple physical attraction, she now also wanted me emotionally. She was falling in love !. And how did I feel about her if I was being honest to myself ?. I was gently told,

“Turn onto your stomach”,

Not wanting to hide my disappointment for not at least stroking me I turned over and waited for her next step. I heard her open a bottle top, the next thing I felt was a sensation of something being dripped onto my back and shoulders. It was something cold, thick and ran like syrup across my shoulder.

“Time to loosen you up with a little massage I think darling”,

Gina giggled. I sensed she was really happy now after my answer to her questions. She started to rub the oil into my shoulders and carefully down the middle of my back. As she worked I could feel the oil get slowly warmer on my skin when she rubbed it in. My shoulders were tense, but under Gina’s skilled hands I slowly unwound, until I just lay there with a satisfied look on my face. Gina worked around my sides and ribs, gently moving in circles up and down, the heat from the oil radiating outwards. All down my spine and slowly around the vertebrae, Gina slowly and skillfully massaged each one. By now I was completely relaxed and found I was gently moving my own hips around without even noticing.

Gina then switched to my legs and feet, deliberately missing my backside out, no doubt to work me up even further. Starting with a foot Gina rubbed more oil in, working all of the toes, the ball, the heel and sole. Then slowly up the shin and calf muscles, pressing harder to release any knots. I just lay there with my mind drifting, this must have been her intention from the start. As Gina started on my thigh she put a bit more pressure on and really worked any tension out from the muscles. When one leg was finished Gina went back to the bottom of the bed and started on my other leg and the process repeated itself. At the end of this I was sighing with her every touch, she knew that she had me exactly where she wanted. Her administration of the sensual massage and my total state of relaxation said it all.

At last, she dripped oil onto my backside, I felt it run down into my crease and then down to my balls below. The cold sensation from the oil felt delicious against the warm glow of the rest of my body. That was merely a taster of what was yet to come. I held my breath in anticipation of Gina’s next actions.

To be continued in part two………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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