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Training Of A Husband – Part I

i am presenting this story only after permission from my wife. From now onwards i will refer her as Sunita madam only because I am not supposed to take her name without adding madam. We got married about 3 years back. Then i was known as Rohit, a 25 years old guy of average looks. On the other hand, she was absolutely beautiful lady of 27years having sharp features. She was bold & confident and was enjoying a much higher post and salary as compared to me. I was totally flattened on meeting her but i was no match to her. I couldn’t believe my luck when she accepted my proposal.

After our marriage, i realized that not only she was stronger than me financially and psychologically but also physically. Once, some of her friends (all of them were girls)had come to our house for a get together. They were playing arm wrestling. I, laughingly commented that arm wrestling suited to men and not the tender ladies. On this, one of them challenged me to defeat them. The bet was that the loser will have to obey the winner whatever command is given. I accepted it. Madam (my wife) was selected to be my contender. But to my utter surprise, she defeated me within a couple of minutes. All of them started laughing. My wife said “I will give you two more chances. If you are able to win any one of them, i will accept defeat.” I got slight relief. But she very easily defeated me both times. I was at the verge of immense humiliation and shame. But now i had to face more.

I was standing quietly with my eyes down and face red with shame waiting for the command. Suddenly Mam ordered me to dance in a stern voice. I looked at her with feeling of anger and embarrassment. She said, “what are you waiting for? do you need a slap? As all of them were laughing, I started to dance because i was afraid that disobeying may lead to more serious consequences. They made me dance like a girl at various filmy songs for about half an hour. And in the last, I was given advice never to under estimate females.

In our married life, she was the dominant partner and her dominance increased gradually as time passed. Moreover, I realized that she was much superior to me in every aspect. I had no choice than to adapt to the situation. Then my company suffered some major losses and I lost my job. On the other hand, she got promotion. I tried hard to get another job but all in vain. She suggested, “till you get a new job, why can’t you stay at home and perform the household duties?” I had no choice than to agree.

I continued to stay at home and look after the house rather than going to office. One day, she removed the maid saying she was unable to do enough savings from her salary and as I was not earning, I was supposed to do all the house work. I shouted angrily and refused to do that. She became furious and slapped me hard, ” How dare you refuse me. I am the boss here. I will decide who has to do what sort of work. Go and make tea for me.” I kept standing. This time she slapped me twice, harder than before. With difficulty, I somehow managed to keep my balance and avoided falling down. She uttered with anger, “Any further delay and you will be in all sorts of trouble. And make sure the tea tastes good.” I quickly rushed towards the kitchen.

I now realized how difficult a housewife’s job is. All my leisure and enjoyments were gone. My routine entirely changed. I had to wake up at 6 AM in the morning, clean all the utensils, water the plants, attend the news paper vendor and the milkman. Then make bed tea for her and gently wake up her at around 7 AM. While she sipped tea, I turned on the geyser, kept a clean towel in the bathroom for her and quickly prepared the breakfast as per her wish and orders.

When she became ready and dressed, I served her the breakfast. After she had left, I broomed and mopped the entire house as thoroughly as I could because she wouldn’t tolerate even slightest amount of dirt and I was extremely scared of receiving slaps from her for that. Then I washed all the dirty clothes, first hers’ then mine. After that I cooked lunch for her & sent to her office. My afternoon was spent in ironing the clothes, cleaning the cupboards, sofas, bookshelves. Hardly I got an hour to rest. After returning from the office, she liked coffee & snacks to be served which I did without any delay. Then I started preparing for dinner. Sometimes, at weekends, if she desired so, we went for outing. Otherwise she went with her friends and I remained in the house.

Then came the night which I will remember lifelong. On account of her promotion, she had invited her friends for a dinner party at our home. She instructed me to behave properly in front of her friends. In black jeans and purple coloured designer shirt and brown boots , she was looking stunning, more beautiful and authoritative than ever. She commanded, “instead of staring me, it would be better for you if go and see whether the arrangements for decoration and dinner are being done properly”. I immediately obeyed.

While she was greeting her friends, I was busy with caterers and decorators. Suddenly I heard her voice, ” Rohit, bring us some snacks.” She was sitting with four of her friends on a sofa and ordering me as if I was her servant. I was so much embarrassed to hear this. All of a sudden, my male ego was aroused and I completely ignored her and acted as if I hadn’t heard anything. Strangely she didn’t react.

This further encouraged me and I behaved in a similar way during dinner also. But she had other things in her mind for me. After the guests left, she came to me and gave me a hard smashing blow on the face. The impact was so severe that I had to grasp the door to prevent myself from falling down. I gathered courage and spoke, “what happened? Why are you so angry?”. Then came the second blow on the other side of face. Very soon the third and fourth followed. I was so horrified by this unexpected assault that I became speechless. She said in a loud voice, ” I had told you to behave properly. But you idiot, spoiled everything. Despite knowing that I can’t tolerate any sort of disobedience and indiscipline, you dared to misbehave. You insulted me in front of my friends. I didn’t want to spoil the party otherwise I would have smashed you there only. But now, it is time for punishment and that will be in such a manner that you will think a hundred times before disobeying me.” Now I was completely aware of my situation.

Suddenly, I felt there was some unusual feeling in the inside of my undergarment. Actually, I had ………. urinated due to fear. Both of us were trembling. She with anger and me with fear. After giving me few more slaps, she ordered me to undress. This time I immediately obeyed. She again commanded, “Turn into a cock and stand in front of the mirror”. I obeyed and to add to my humiliation, i saw my image in the mirror- a completely naked man forced to stay as a cock. Then I was frozen with fear when I saw a cane in her hand. Then she again ordered, ” Raise your hip and dont move a bit when I strike you.” Needless to say, i quickly raised my hip as high I could have. Then came the first stroke. I jumped and screamed with pain. She gave five more strokes for that and said, “If you move one more time, I will complete the rest of your punishment in the street.”

After that I endured twenty more strokes on my buttocks and back of thighs without moving an inch! But this was not the end. She kept me naked for two hours. When I was about to fall due to tiredness, she ordered me to stand and do ups and downs holding my ears. When I was tired of that, I was again made cock. This continued for two hours. After that I was allowed to dress. But not in pant and shirt. She said in a commanding voice, “You need to dress as a girl, then only you will be able to respect girls. Go and wear that pink nighty kept in the wardrobe.” I had to obey her each and every command. Wearing that nighty was no better than being naked. It was a transparent thing that easily revealed my private parts. Never in my life, I had felt so much embarrassed and shameful. For the whole night, she kept me standing in a corner holding my both ears with my both hands, dressed in a pink transparent nighty. It was only in the morning canlı kaçak bahis that she allowed me to wear normal clothes. I was unable to sit properly for about a week because of my sore bottom.

After the above incident I tried hard to please her. A couple of months later, it was her birthday. She again arranged for a dinner party. This time I was careful not to spoil her mood. I worked hard and didn’t even let her stand for a glass of water. I served drinks, food, salad, deserts and whatever she and her friends wanted. Some of her friends even thought that I was her servant. She was pleased with my service and praised me after seeing off the guests. I felt much relieved. She said smilingly in a notorious voice, “Darling, today you have done all the hard work to please me. Now wouldn’t you come to me in my favourite night dress to make it more appealing.” I understood what she meant.

Though it was embarrassing, I fulfilled her desire as I didn’t want to displease her by any means. On seeing me in the same nighty, she smiled, ” Lets add some flavours to your sexy dress.” She made me to wear a bra and inserted implants underneath the cups. Then she applied some lipstick on my lips and did a little bit of make up. My face was red with shame. She fucked me well that night. In the morning, both of us were aroused by the doorbell. It was the milkman. I asked for her forgiveness as I was supposed to rise much earlier. She ordered me to address him immediately. I started to change my clothes. She said angrily, “By whose permission are you doing that?” I said, ” but how can I go outside in this dress?” She said, “It seems that you need one more session.” I said sorry to her and quickly rushed towards the entrance door. The idea of milkman seeing me in a transparent nighty was bringing me nightmares.

I hid myself behind the door and took the milk by just taking only my hands out of the door. Thus somehow I escaped that embarrassing situation. When I served her the bed tea, she said laughingly, “I will ask the milkman how he liked the new girl? What was his reaction?” I shyly told her the truth. She was not pleased with this act of mine, “So you tried to act over smart. You need to be taught a lesson. You will remain dressed as a girl for two more days.” So more was about to come. During the day, I wore a salwar suit as per her instructions. In the evening, she brought me a new dress to wear. It was a maroon top, a black skirt which hardly covered my knees and a pair of transparent stockings and of course the bra with implants. She did a proper make up for me.

When I looked at the mirror, I was looking like a pretty girl. She now revealed her plan, “We are going for outing, dear.” Overwhelmed with humiliation, I begged her not to take me out in such a dress. But she was unshakable. First, she took me to a park, a place full of people. We spent our evening walking hands in hands there like a romantic couple even though I was looking down all the time full of shame and fear of someone recognizing me. Then she took me to a mall, again a crowded place. We did some shopping, had dinner in a restaurant and finally watched late night movie. Now I realized that it was better to confront one person as a girl rather than confronting the entire world. She enjoyed my harassment much. Needless to say what happened after we returned home. I was fucked for the whole night. The same business continued the other day as well. The only difference was that this time I was wearing an anarkali suit! The next day she allowed me to dress as a man.From that day, she very often made me dress as a girl as and when she liked. I had no choice than to fulfill her desires. Only hope was getting a job. Going to work was the only way I could get rid of all this. But after doing all the house work, there was hardly any time left to search for a job. Moreover, she had other plans for me. There was more to come.

One day, during the winter holidays, she called me, “How do you like your new routine of a housewife, Rohit?” I looked at her; she was having a notorious smile. Without letting me reply, she added, “You seem to be pretty much enjoying it. Isn’t it?” Confused what to say, I kept quiet. She said, “I assume your silence to be confirmation. Well, now just listen carefully. I have taken a decision.

Since I want you to be a good housewife and you are also enjoying your new role (there was a smile on her face as she said this), you will undergo training and transformation programme for three months.” I worriedly listened as she continued, “you will be trained thoroughly how to dress, talk and walk like a housewife. You will be taught how to wear sarees, suits and all kind of dresses girls wear. There will be cooking and dancing classes. I would also like you to learn stitching and knitting as all housewives do. You will be transformed into a girl finally. In order to pass that training and reach upto my expectations, you will have to work very hard. Any sort of shortcomings and indiscipline will be severely punished. In the end you will come out to be a well mannered, obedient, well dressed and well behaved housewife.”

Now I interrupted, “but how can I go to my job dressed as a girl”. She stared at me with anger putting her index finger on her lips. I quickly understood. That was an instruction for me to keep quiet. She continued further, “from now onwards, your only job is to serve me. Understood?” I nodded in affirmation. She spoke again, “after your training is complete and I am satisfied, we will remarry and you will live the rest of your life as my wife.” “your training will start from tomorrow” were her final words. I was left wondering about my fate.

The next morning, she took me to Miss Monika’s house. I couldn’t sleep for the whole night because of worry and fear. I had to remain there for at least three months. Miss Monika was a tall lady with strong built, aged about 32 years. She was very confident and commanding in her gestures. They hugged each other smilingly and completely ignored me as if I was not present there. Suddenly, my wife ordered me in a stern voice to wish her.

I immediately obeyed, “good morning, Monika Mam”. From their conversation, it was evident that they had already talked and planned about my training. Miss Monika questioned me, “Are you ready to be trained to become a wife from a husband?” I nodded in affirmation, “yes”. My wife slapped me hard and said, “say, yes mam, you idiot. You don’t know how to behave with your teacher”. I did as instructed. Now there were two mams in my life; She said further, “He needs a lot of training. I doubt whether three months will be sufficient”.

Now it was Miss Monika’s turn, “don’t worry dear. I will take care of that. I am not at all as merciful as you. Under my care, he will receive much more frequent episodes of disciplinary sessions than a couple of bottom spankings in few months.” They laughed as I kept standing with my head down, filled with feelings of embarrassment and terror. I was very much humiliated to discover that Miss Monika already knew about the punishments I had received at the hands of my dominating wife. Then Sunita mam instructed me, “I have given her full authority to train you and if required, to punish you in any way she pleases. So be careful in your behavior and attitude.”

As soon as my wife left, she told me in a commanding voice, “One thing you must remember is that from now onwards you have to show respect to any lady that comes to this house. You will have the opportunity to meet many of them as your teachers as part of your training. You will address each of them as madam and obey whatever they say. Failure in doing this may cause nightmares to you. Now go to that room and change quickly. I don’t want to see you wearing pants and shirts anymore.” I immediately rushed to that room. A maroon colored salwar suit was lying there with matching churidars.

Alongside, a set of padded bras and panties were lying. Quickly, I undressed and wore all that stuff. She welcomed me with a cunning smile, “now you are looking like a nice lady.” I silently stood there waiting for her further orders. She spoke, “your actual training will start from tomorrow. Today I will do some modifications in your physical appearance internet casino so that you may be able to look and feel like a girl. Till then you go to the kitchen and make two cups of tea and some sandwiches.” Wondering what was about to happen, I did as told by her.

When I came out with tea and sandwiches, a beautiful young lady was sitting there. Now I knew for whom the other cup was. She was introduced to me as Deepti mam, my beautician. After finishing the tea, both the ladies took me to the dressing room. I was made to strip with only bra and panty remaining on my body. I kept standing in that position, almost dying with shame. Deepti mam said to me, “we need to remove all that ugly stuff from your body” pointing towards my hairy legs.

Then a painful session of waxing began. With the help of waxing and hair removing creams, they removed all the hairs from my legs, arms, chest and tummy in a couple of hours. Now only my head and genital area were the parts that still had any sort of hair. They left instructing me to call them once I had removed hair my pubic hair also within half an hour. I was obliged that they had left that part for me. I did as ordered without any delay.

After completely removing my pubic hair, I again wore the panty and called them. This time only Deepti mam came as Monika mam had to go to some other place. She did a proper facial and face massage after which she applied some gel on my bare legs and arms and thoroughly massaged them. Then she taught me how to apply mascara, lipstick and foundation with several others tips regarding my makeup. She gave me a gel which was to be applied around the nipples and a cream to prevent growth of moustaches and beard. She said smilingly, “Sweetie, you will develop nice boobs within a couple of months.” My face turned red with shame.

After all this, she made me to wear a black skirt and pink top along with transparent stockings and a pair of ladies’ sandals. She ordered me to shave four times a day until the effect of that cream was evident, to massage my legs and arms daily in a similar way as she did, to do a facial daily and waxing every alternate day. Finally, she warned me not to forget using that ‘boobs gel’. Till all this was over, Monika mam had returned. On seeing me in an entirely different look, she commented, “well done Deepti! Now she is looking like a true girl.” I silently kept standing while they giggled and made fun of me.

Very soon, I realized that Miss Monika was a very strict lady in true sense. From the very next day, I was asked to follow a very tight routine which was – to wake up at 5 AM in the morning, do the utensils and water the plants. Then I was supposed to do the dusting and clean the furniture and then broom and mop all the rooms, kitchen and balcony. Then I prepared tea for her.

After that I prepared breakfast as she read the newspaper. After serving her the breakfast, I had to wash all the dirty clothes manually. Then I was spared two hours for my beautification. During this time, I did all sorts of things which Deepti mam had told and taught me. Then I took bath and dressed as a decent, nice girl. Then I had to go to a place nearby to attend the two hour cooking class. On returning, I cooked the lunch according to Monika mam’s desire and served her. I was supposed to have lunch only after she had finished hers. Then it was time for the second round of brooming and mopping the house.

After that I had to go to the one hour stitching and knitting class followed by one and half hour dance class. On returning, I had to make and serve coffee with snacks to Monika mam. In the evening, I was supposed to practice the things being taught such as wearing saree in various styles, doing various types of makeups, dancing etc. Deepti mam would make frequent visits in the evening in order to keep an eye on me and also taught me more lessons regarding dressing sense, use of cosmetics and the correct way of walking and behaving like a decent girl.

At around 8 PM, I was supposed to start cooking dinner of Monika mam’s choice and then serve her. This time also I ate only after she had done with hers. Now I had to take bath again and change. In the beginning, I was only allowed to wear saree, even during sleeping. I had to change sarees three to four times daily in order to get myself habitual of wearing different types of sarees in different ways. Later when I got trained in that, she made me to wear salwar suits and skirt-tops also. After the dinner, she used to watch TV while I pressed her feet. At around 11 PM, I was allowed to go to sleep.

Monika mam needed me to perform all the above mentioned duties in a completely perfect manner. I was slapped hard and caned even if an inch of dirt remained after cleaning or even if there was a little bit of extra salt in the food. I was supposed to be punctual by all means. Even five minutes delay in completing the task would earn me fifty sit ups holding my ears or at least 10 strokes at my bottom. Moreover, she didn’t tolerate even slightest delay and hesitancy in following her commands. As she had correctly said before, I had disciplinary sessions much frequently.

One month passed (though it was like a decade for me). My training started to show. Now I was able to wear all kinds of sarees with ease. I had become an expert in makeups and cosmetics. My arms and legs were becoming more and more smooth, fare, glowing and tender. The food cooked by me was liked by Monika mam and her guests. I had also learnt good manners that girls are supposed to know such as taking small steps while walking, speaking only when allowed to and that too in a low tone, keeping my eyes down while confronting any female.

One day, while I was dressing up after showers, I looked at the mirror and noticed that my bosom had started to swell. It was a necessary and expected change as per my transformation program but I felt much humiliated and shameful. That day, I couldn’t face any one. Although I was wearing a padded bra from day one and there was hardly any difference in my external appearance, but I knew from within my heart that my chest was going to be converted into breast!

One day, Monika mam told me that my mistress (Sunita mam) will be visiting in the evening to know the progress of my training and for the sake of my name change. This was worrisome news for me as I knew that she was not a lady who could be pleased easily.

As per Monika mam’s instructions, I skipped the classes and spent most of my time in practicing the skills learnt and in dressing up and adorning myself. As Monika mam had ordered, I dressed myself in a red colored chiffon saree with a matching velvet blouse along with a fancy black pair of ladies slippers, went into the kitchen and stood there waiting for her further orders. My heart beat increased when I heard my mistress entering the drawing room.

After a while Monika mam ordered me to serve tea and snacks. I came out of the kitchen, holding a tray carrying two cups of tea with snacks. I was walking slowly, taking small steps with my eyes facing down.

As I reached near the sofas where they were sitting, I heard Sunita mam’s voice, “Vow! My dear husband has been upgraded into a beautiful and shy girl.” I knew that she was impressed by my appearance. I wished Sunita Mam and then served the tea and kept standing waiting for further orders. My mistress asked, “how is she (I was again full of shame on being referred as ‘she’) doing, Monika. Hope she is not causing much trouble to you. Let me know if she does so.” She replied, “don’t worry Sunita, I will take care of that. But I must tell you that she is a fast learner. She has adapted well to her new routine. I hope she will serve you well as a wife once her training is over.” They kept on talking like that for about an hour and as always, I was kept standing being completely ignored.

Then Sunita mam whispered something in Monika mam’s ear and Monika mam said to me, “You have news. Your mistress has changed your name. From now onwards you will be known as Deepali. And you will always talk in feminine gender.” Once again I felt disgraced and humiliated but there was nothing I could do. Sunita mam turned towards me, “Deepali, I have come to know that you are attending dance classes güvenilir casino also. Will you like to show us some of your talent?” Before I could say anything, Monika mam said, “go and quickly change your dress as your mistress wants you to dance. You very well know how much she enjoys a good quality performance and how she hates a bad one” I obeyed without any delay.

Wearing a frock style suit of red colour with ghungroos wrapped around my feet. I started to dance as soon as she signaled. As they were enjoying vodka, I was trying my best to please my mistress but soon my legs began to ache severely. But I dared not so stop. They made me to dance for about an hour on various filmy songs, mostly of Sunita mam’s favorite list. Suddenly, Sunita mam pointed towards me to stop, “your performance was ok but not upto my expectations. You need to work hard in this area.”

I silently listened with my head down. Then she whispered something in Monika mam’s ears after which she said smilingly, “Deepali, go and show your room to your mistress.” I escorted Sunita mam to my room. She looked all around for a while and then commanded, “Strip”. Though I was shocked a little bit, I didn’t even notice that my hands had already started to unbutton my dress.

Once again, I was completely naked in front of her, embarrassed as much as I could have been. She looked at me from top to bottom and slided her hands over my bare buttocks and thighs. She was happy to notice my developing bosoms.

Then she ordered me to do a parade. While obeying her, I felt that she was enjoying. Suddenly, there was some sound at the entrance gate and now I noticed that the door of my room was wide open. I was staring at the door filled with concern of someone seeing me in that state when she slapped me, “you seem to have learnt nothing from your past. While in front of me, your entire attention should be towards me and not anything else.” I immediately realized my mistake and begged for her forgiveness. She said, “it is my intense desire to cane you but since you are under Monika’s training, I will leave that for her. Now dress yourself and quickly bring three cups of coffee in the drawing room as Deepti must have come by now.” I did as ordered.

Now it was time for me to cook dinner for all the three ladies keeping in mind their likes and dislikes. I prepared three kinds of vegetables, dal, chapattis, rice, salad, raita and kheer. I had to keep running from kitchen to dining table and vice versa throughout their dinner as keeping any one of them waiting might have resulted in serious consequences. They kept discussing about planning my further training while enjoying the dishes. Though I was not praised, I supposed that the food was ok because I wasn’t slapped either! Sunita mam left along with Deepti mam with strict instructions to me to be more dedicated in my training.

In the last, while I was pressing mam’s legs, she said in a grave voice, “your progress is not up to the mark. All of us feel that you need to be dealt with more strictly. Concentrate hard on your duties otherwise you will be in all sorts of trouble. It seems that you still feel yourself to be a man. Unless you start feeling in your heart that you are a girl, you will go on committing mistakes and receive beatings from us. And how many times have I told you to pay attention to her commands while in front of Sunita leaving rest aside. Now it’s time for a disciplinary session.” I was made to do ups and downs holding my ears fifty times, then she ordered me to turn into a cock, after which she gave me twenty cane strokes on my bottom.

Any possibility of cutting short my training period had vanished though I was a little hopeful that my mistress might reduce my training period if I was able to please her. But this proved only to be a flight of fantasy. Rather, it became much harder. Now Monika mam reduced the time given to me to complete any work, be it cooking, cleaning the house, washing clothes etc. The extra time derived was utilized in practicing the skills and receiving punishments. The disciplinary sessions became even more frequent and tough.

Now the cooking classes started concentrating on specialties. I had to master myself in all the dishes that were Sunita mam’s favorite. The dance classes became longer. All of my lady teachers also started testing me at frequent intervals. I was punished severely if any sort of unsatisfactory response was there and my report card was marked as well. Monika mam utilized that card very well. A single red mark in my report card was not left unattended by her. Of course, I had to undergo a frightening disciplinary session.

Meanwhile, my body underwent several more alterations that were required for my feminine appearance. One day, Deepti mam took me to a surgeon and got my ears and nose pierced. Now I had to wear nose pin and ear rings all the time. Monika mam took me to a centre known for sex change procedures and some sort of surgery was done on my vocal cords to change the pitch of my voice. I was overwhelmed with grief and shame to notice that my voice had become very much like a girl. By this time, my hair had grown up to neck and I was taught to apply gajra in my hair, to make chotis and judas.

I started developing feminine feelings as I was being given some female hormones for this purpose. Besides this, I had to read women’s magazines and watch some TV serials oriented to women.

Sunita mam made another visit after one month. This time, she spent even more time in observing my progress. I had to dance, cook food and show some of my self made table tops and mats (as taught in the stitching classes). This time also I was made to undress as she keenly watched the modifications of my body and approved them. Finally, she was satisfied and praised Monika and Deepti mam for their intense efforts.

After one more month of vigorous training, I was almost turned into a female. I looked like a girl, behaved like a girl and did all sorts of things that only girls do. Moreover, I felt myself as a woman. My breasts had developed fully and I no more needed padded bras. I had grown my hair long enough to make chotis and judas. I didn’t require shaving any more. All I needed to keep myself up to the mark was to wax my legs and arms, apply some cream and massage my body parts, do make up as thoroughly taught by Deepti mam and dress up nicely.

At the end of three months, both Sunita mam and Deepti mam came to Monika mam’s place to test me. I was made to dance for two hours, ordered to cook various varieties of dishes, clean the entire house twice, wash plenty of extremely dirty clothes manually and do all sort of household works.

They keenly observed my way of talking (though I was hardly allowed to speak), walking and behaving. Finally, they discussed among themselves and Monika mam announced that my mistress had passed me in the test. I was very much relieved and happy to know this. After a couple of days, Sunita mam invited Monika mam, Deepti mam and all of my lady teachers for a thanks giving party. She asked Monika mam to bring me to the venue along with them. After a long time, I was going to be a guest at a party rather than cooking and serving food. As per Sunita mam’s orders, I was made to get myself dressed in a short, pink, single piece cocktail dress which hardly covered my knees. Even the thought of going out in such a dress scared me like anything.

But there was no choice. The restaurant had a separate banquet hall for ladies’ kitty parties where only females were allowed. That was the venue. I kept standing as they took their seats waiting for their permission to sit. But soon my hopes vanished as Sunita mam commanded in a loud and harsh voice, “You will serve us once the waiter has kept the dishes on the table and be careful for if any one of us feels ignored, I will turn you into a cock and start spanking your buttocks here only”.

I was pretty much scared to hear this and shameful too as I could easily notice several eyes staring at me from the surrounding tables. For the entire duration, I kept standing, serving and obeying my mams. It was only after we returned to Monika mam’s place, I was allowed to have my dinner. There was hardly any difference between this party and the ones organized at home when I had to cook and serve.

Later, after discussing with Monika mam and Deepti mam, Sunita mam declared the date of our marriage. Within fifteen days, I was going to become a bride!

The story of my wedding and …… coming very soon.

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