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Trade Show Affair (Part2) Boat AdventureFour months went by, my life was back to normal after returning from the trade show. The routine was same old work, home life, sex life, Ted called in from time to time all business we flirted over the phone nothing too crazy for fear of being recorded and or caught. One day Ted asked me to text him my cell phone number, I told him I don’t think that’s a good idea, he was persistent saying it’s good your phone is locked I won’t text after 5 pm not going to make trouble for you. against my better judgement I texted him my number. Another couple months went by. Ted & I Sexted whenever we had time, he would also call me to talk during the day at lunch, we would flirt sometimes talk dirty I would be sitting in my car my skirt hiked up around my waist playing with myself while he directed me over the phone. Things were getting really crazy! One day Ted told me about the boat he had telling me I should come down we’ll spend some time on it together would be a lot of Good Clean Dirty Fun! I laughed told him ya sounds like fun, not thinking he was serious. Another couple months went by Ted again mentioned coming down spending time on his boat, I said how the Hell would I ever get away with that? Take some holidays I’ll pay for your flight, take a taxi to the marina I’ll meet you there. My mind was swirling thinking, could I get away with this? My life again was in a rut another adventure sure would be Fun, I knew I could trust Ted, I said FUCK IT, I’m going for it! I called Ted told him OK you pay the flight I’m coming down, I told my husband the company was sending me to our facility on the east coast to help with some training. He dropped me at the airport, I got on the plane got off, took a cab to the address Ted gave me I eryaman escort called him from the car he was there waiting when I arrived. I got out, we said Hi then walked out on the dock to his boat, WOW Ted was not exaggerating when he told me about his boat! It was 42 ft cruiser with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, Very Nice once on board we kissed he told me to go below change he was going to pull out of the marina. I went down to the bedroom changed out of my work dress into a pair of denim shorts with a yellow tank, I climbed back up where Ted was piloting the boat out to the big water, it was a beautiful day sunny hot, Ted told me he picked me up at a different marina, where his slip is located he knows a lot of others around and they all know his wife, we cruised away he said the lake is a long series of lakes we were going out of the way so we had less chance of meeting anyone he knew. I sat next to Ted as we cruised down the lake the wind in our faces, he put his arm around me we kissed, I’m glad you came down, we’re going to have a great time.After about an hour or so Ted pulled into this private, secluded little cove, dropped the anchor & set everything up for the stay. He turned on some music poured some drinks we sat and relaxed. We talked a while, what a beautiful place I commented Ted replied more beautiful now with you here, he turned we started kissing his hands moving up feeling his way up my body, he whispered God Trish I missed you, worried I replied Ted lets just have a good time, I need this, but it is what it is, nothing serious, No Love OK? Ted said sure OK all good here. His hands moving up to my shoulders then pulled down the straps of my tank top, unhooked my bra, my Tits fell out he started licking & sucking them, I was moaning escort eryaman as he continued massaging them, we started kissing again, he was now down at my denim shorts unbuttoning them then dropping the zipper, I raised my Ass so he could slide them off me I was now laying there in nothing but a small Black thong I bought special for this trip, I looked up said well what do you think? Ted looked replied OH MAN! Sexy Yummy! He stripped his shirt then dropped on top of me his hands roamed all over my naked body as we kissed, I pushed him away, I want to Suck you Cock, he stood up I dropped on my knees,he removed his shorts to let his Dick spring out he was Hard as Rock I slide my lips around it, his body shuddered as I started Sucking and Jerking his Cock I was slobbering all over it making slurping noises, I was feeling like a Nasty Slut again which is what I really want and need from Ted. I stopped looked up at him, come on give me your Cum I want to taste it, I returned my attention to his Dick bobbing on it I could feel his legs start to shake then he grabbed me by the hair pulled me towards his pelvis and Groaned GOD DAMN! I”M COMMING, his Cock started twitching in my mouth then he unloaded his JIZZ, I swallowed it like a Dirty Whore. I released my suction once he was done got up then lay down on the bench, Ted grabbed the sides of my Thong slid it down my legs, I was now naked he took hold of my legs then went down on me, he commented on my bald shaved Pussy which I cleaned up for him, he stuck his tongue inside my slit then started swirling it around then licked & nibbled on my Clit which drove me Nuts. I could feel my juices flowing as he licked them up I could feel his tongue down the crack of my Ass Sucking out the juice that was puddling there, eryaman escort bayan my Orgasm was building, my legs were shaking I started to Buck Wildly as I took off I moaned I’M CUMMING KEEP GOING KEEP GOING, he Licked furiously as I bounced under him. My Orgasm slowed Ted still had his face Buried between my legs once I stopped shaking he got up his Cock Hard again ready for Action, he took me slid me over onto my side lifted one leg up then moved in, I could feel the head of his Dick pass through my Wet Cunt Lips then he gave it a good push I grunted as he bottomed out against me. OH GOD I cried COME ON GIVE IT TO ME FUCK ME FUCK ME! Ted pumped me with his full length Hard I could feel my juices flowing, then he pulled out took me moved me down onto the deck on my hands and knees, then Fucked me Doggy, HOLY FUCK I cried YA YA YA GIVE IT TO ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEEEEE my Orgasm took over again Ted just PLOWED my WET CUNT HARDER, grabbed a hold of my Hips Pumped me Harder, I turned told him to PULL MY HAIR, he grabbed hold of my hair with both hands pulled my head back I Scowled THAT”S IT NOW FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER HARDER I WANT TO FEEL YOU! Ted really went wild SLAMMING MY CUNT I could feel my Ass & Tits shaking with every Hard Thrust he gave me. Didn’t take long now Ted started Cumming Groaning HERE IT COMES! He slammed me a couple more time then buried his Cock Deep inside me and Released his Cum Spurt after Spurt I could feel his Seed flowing into me, once he was done pulled out there was Cum flowing out of me it was everywhere. Ted flopped over laying on the deck of the boat beside me.I dropped down on my stomach beside him Cum flowing out of my cunt onto the deck. CHRIST Trish you’re something else, well I told you I just want what I’m missing at home I could never be like this with Brad my husband, he’s the type would think I was out Fucking everybody, WOW he said well I’m sure glad I benefit from this, laughing! We got up off the deck jumped into the water to clean up. More to come!

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