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TowelMy hubby has this weird habit after working out at the gym, he changes into a dry t-shirt in the parking lot, then wraps a beach towel around his waist and removes his sweaty gyms shorts from underneath the towel before driving home (some ol’ surfer dude ritual, I presume, it’s actually very discreet), he alleges that he doesn’t want to get his seat sweaty. I think it turns him on to drive home with his cock and balls out. He could change in the locker room like everyone else, but oh no. I usually just d**** my beach towel over the seat and drive home fully clothed, very ladylike.Since it was the holidays, hubby took some time off, so we decided to work out together. I told him to drive the SUV instead of the sedan. After we worked out, he performed his little ritual and we pulled out of the parking lot. We only live a few minutes away so I had to act fast. I reached over and squeezed his thigh and he u*********sly shifted down in his seat, tilted his pelvis up and spread his legs a little bit. He accepted my invitation. While he was driving home, I slid my hand under his towel and began to caress his balls and rake his pubic hair with my finger nails. My attention had the desired effect and soon I had a very hard erect penis in my hand. I slowly and rhythmically began pumping his shaft. The towel around his waist was in the way so I unwrapped it and d****d it to either side. My hubby was driving home with his erect cock exposed for all to see (except çorum escort that we were in the SUV with tinted windows) with his wife, in the passenger seat, intently pumping his shaft.I was getting worked up myself, so I slid off my Lululemon’s. Now we were both naked from the waist down, he with his cock at attention in my hand, me with a very wet and hot pussy. I took my hubby’s right hand and placed it between my legs. He accepted my invitation and began gently tracing my outer lips with his fingers. I couldn’t wait to get home and get fucked on the kitchen counter. That was my plan.At the first stop light, one of my girlfriends that just finished the same spin class at the gym, pulled up next to us in her sedan. She motioned for me to lower my window. We looked down into her car, so I figured she wouldn’t see anything from her vantage point below us. My hubby leaned over to my window to so he could see her too. I knew he found her attractive and I could tell he still did because his cock actually got harder and hotter in my hand as I continued to stroke him during our stoplight chat. He didn’t lean over to chat, he was checking her out behind his dark sunglasses.Focusing on the conversation with her was difficult, as my husband continued massaging my outer lips in a gentle circular motion. I was so excited, my heart was racing and my breathing was labored, I felt like I still in my spin class. My girlfriend had no idea that I was giving my hubby escort çorum a handjob while he was fingering me, only a few feet away!!! Then without warning, mid-sentence, he thrust two fingers into my dripping pussy. I stammered and rolled my eyes back. I think she suspected something.Thankfully, the light turned green and we abruptly ended our conversation and we were off again. Our little interlude at the stoplight really got him hot, literally hot, his cock was radiating heat. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer, so I slowed by pace but he wasn’t having any of that. “You started this” he said “and you know I didn’t want a mess on the seats, so one way or another, you’re cleaning this up”. Fair is fair. But we were almost home, one more light and a left turn to go.I was so hot myself. I just wanted his cock in me, in my mouth, in my pussy, just in me, anywhere. And I didn’t want to clean up his mess, and it was gonna be a big mess, his cock was really hot and his pre-cum was all over my hand and his balls, and flowed steadily from the tip of his penis, he was gonna blow and soon. I leaned over to give him a blow job but I couldn’t reach because of the center console and my seatbelt. I debated in my mind what to do.I unlatched my seat belt and got on my knees on the front seat, my naked ass faced the passenger window, and my stomach rested on the center console, like a fulcrum. I was a human teeter-totter.My hubby saw what I was planning and told çorum escort bayan me to take off my sports bra too. No way!!! I would be naked in the front seat; on-coming traffic would see me topless. And we were almost home!!! Someone we know would recognize us. I protested at first. But I didn’t want to soil my new sports bra. So off it came in one swift motion. Then I dove down on his steaming cock. I was so distracted, intent on the cock at hand, and my hubby fingering my pussy and anus across my back, I didn’t notice that we missed the left turn light and we were stuck waiting for next light. If anyone looked over now, he would see my dripping pussy and the back of my head bobbing up and down on the driver’s cock.The light turned green but we didn’t move. My husband was on the brink, a second later, his cock erupted in orgasm. Instinctively, he simultaneously pressed my head down on his cock with his hand and lifted his pelvis as he thrust into my mouth. I was gagging but I had nowhere to turn. I was pinned between him and the steering wheel, teetering on the center console with his hand pressing my face downward, impaling me on his cock. He jammed his thumb up my ass and his index and middle fingers deep in my pussy. I shuddered as I came too. My pussy tunnel clamping down convulsively on on his fingers as my orgasm rolled through me in successive waves.I was in heaven.Then came the horns. Our sexual trance broken, we turned into our neighborhood. As we pulled up the driveway, I checked my phone. My girlfriend texted me, she knew what we were doing at the stop light. I texted her back, “which one.”

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