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Toilet sex for the last time…I had spent many enjoyable afternoons at the local public convenience, whether in the company of another older gentleman, who would skilfully and expertly draw a heavy load of hot, thick spunk from my eager young cock, or alone, wanking furiously to the erotic stories and well drawn illustrations that plastered the walls and doors of the establishment. The ‘cottage’ had been an eye opening and important part of my sexual education.I was, at this point in time, in my late twenties, and took a trip to the toilets, hoping for what Americans call, a ‘hook-up’. It was a beautiful, warm Summer’s day, the afternoon sun relentless and unforgiving. As I entered the premises, the place was pretty busy, with both of the cubicles occupied and two guys at the urinals. I unzipped myself and forced out a pee, then went to go and clean my hands in the one and only working wash basin. As I washed, one of the guys who’d been standing at the piss trough came alongside to wash his hands in the sink with me. As it looked like the cubicles weren’t going to be freed up anytime soon, I left the building and wandered around town for the thick end of half an hour, aimlessly looking into shop windows, taking in an ice-cream to cool down from the heat of the day.I made my way back to the public toilets; the place was a lot quieter now. Nobody inhabited the cubicles, and only one guy was standing at the urinals. Only, this was the same guy who had shared the basin with me, previously. Either he had the smallest bladder or he was looking for the same thing I was. He noticed me, looked over his shoulder and gave a knowing smile. I quickly went to the doorway of the building to check who was about, and confirming canlı bahis there was nobody in the vicinity, set about propositioning this gentleman. He was somewhere in his mid to late forties, his hair greying at the sides, bespectacled, about 5’10” and slim. I stood next to him at the trough, taking out my cock. He was already fully hard, slowly wanking his prick as I laid my eyes upon it. My own member began to grow as I asked if he would like a hand with that! As his other hand reached over to fondle my growing cock, he replied in a strong Scottish accent, ‘Aye, son!’ I walked over to the now free cubicles and beckoned the gent to come and join me.Once inside and locked, I removed my trousers and underwear, revealing my now fully engorged penis. The other gentleman did the same, and it was at this point I saw his strange member in all it’s glory! He was about six inches in length, with the biggest mushroom shaped cock head I had seen, and a very slim shaft that led to his thick bush of pubic hair. His hands were all over my young body. I removed my T-shirt so he could have access to my upper body, and his lips and tongue were straight to my nipples. Since I entered puberty, my nipples had become engorged, and it would not be until my early thirties that they would go down, so to speak. This guy loved them, sucking and slurping on them, his hands all over my now tingling bottom. He quickly diverted his attention to my fully aroused member, gently stroking my shaft. His hands were really light, almost like a feather, as they worked their way so gently along and around my cock. If he thought that being gentle and subtle would make the moment last longer, he was sadly mistaken! He had expertly fondled me, bets10 gotten me highly aroused; all I wanted to do now was cum! My breathing gave me away, and he removed his hand from my pulsating cock.’Don’t stop!’ I barked, half of me being assertive and needing the task done, the other, begging not to be taken to the edge and left in frustration! His hand was back around my man-meat, this time with a much firmer grip, slowly working a rhythm. After less than a minute of this ecstasy, I could last no longer. My breathing became deeper. ‘Fuck! I’m going to cum…!’ I wantonly moaned. He took a step towards the side of the cubicle and aimed my own cock to the opposite wall. The first jet of spunk left my body as it smeared across the tiled wall at about chest height. Then another. And another. And then I removed his hand from my softening cock, unable to take any more, as the last dribbles of my orgasm ran from the tip of my penis to the tiled floor.’Wow! That’s a lot of spunk!’ he commented. I smiled, embarrassed. I took a couple of pieces of toilet paper to clean up my own cock, and focused my attentions onto my companion’s strange looking member. I had assumed as he wanked himself at the urinals that his shaft would match up to his glans, only to be surprised by any lack of girth. Nonetheless, I wanted his big tip in my mouth…As we awkwardly manoeuvred our way in the confines of the stall, I sat myself upon the bowl of the toilet, taking the man’s thin shaft between a couple of my fingers, I brought that big swollen tipped b**st to my tongue, slowly running it around and over him. He gasped as my tongue flicked and lapped at his ‘banjo string’, the little piece of skin attached to the glans connected bets10 giriş to the shaft. And then I took him fully, into my mouth, my nose buried into his big hairy pubic bush, my tongue working in circles before I went down on his cock again. His breathing became short and shallow, and I could taste something sticky and sweet upon my tongue; his pre-cum told me he was edging ever closer. My hands had been relatively idle, merely stroking his inner thighs, but I moved them round to his bottom, gently stroking each of his buttocks.’I can’t last much longer!’ he said in his thick accent, and removed his cock from my hot mouth, starting to wank himself towards his orgasm. ‘No, you don’t!’ I snapped back, and took him back into my willing mouth. Furiously working that big helmet with my tongue, after just a few seconds more, I felt his body convulse and shake uncontrollably. His first shot of cum went directly down my throat, as did the second. The third was hot, salty, but with a hint of something savoury, but I had no time to relish it as he spurted again. Unable to stand the intensity of his own orgasm, he pushed me from his twitching cock, and I watched as the last few spurts mingled with my own previous cumming on the tiled wall. I could have handed him some toilet roll to clean his cock up, but I said, ‘Wait a minute or two, and I’ll clean your cock up for you!’ Out of breath, he smiled down and nodded with a grin. A minute or so of fondling this man’s backside and I licked the last few drops of hot spunk from his softening cock and said, ‘There we go. All clean now!’The gentleman pulled up his underwear and straightened up his clothing, embraced me and gave me a gentle peck on the cheek. He listened intently at the door, and when he was assured nobody was on the other side, hastily left the building. Meanwhile, I was left to clean up the mess from our afternoon delight, and the taste of him still fresh on my tongue.

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