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Today”You don’t have to do that”, he said as I slid to my knees. “I want to…”, I replied, my eyes focused on his waistband and my hands tugging at it. I guess he could see how hungry I was because he relented and let me have my way. As soon as I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and tasted him, I became lost to the world. Sounds from the rest of the house passed freely through the wide open door, but nothing could distract me from what I was doing. His soft moans kept egging me on, driving me to suck deeper and with more and more passion. And then I crossed the threshold…the point of no return every submissive knows about. Where you just sit back on your knees with your mouth open and your eyes looking into theirs, and wait for them to fuck your mouth like the türkçe bahis cock-hungry slut you are. I didn’t have to wait long before he slid his hands on either side of my head and started rocking his hips into my face. And I’d be lying if I said my pussy didn’t get extra wet watching his head roll back whenever I swirled my tongue along the underside.After a bit, we took a breather and tried to resume non-sexual activities and conversation. But, like I said, I had already crossed the point of no return. So when I started to clean myself of my juices, of course it turned into me playing with my pussy. And of course that caught his attention. And of course he was back on me in an instant, his body pressed close to mine in that way that gets me every time. This time güvenilir bahis siteleri we both stayed standing, watching each other masturbate to the other. I find him to be almost irresistibly sexy, so I came pretty quickly watching him stroke himself. He’s got a juicy dick, with a fat head and a nice bulge down the shaft. Thinking of how he looks when he’s fucking me, and how he feels in my pussy, stretching me out and pounding against my spot, sent me way over the edge. I came hard, biting my lip to keep from making any noise that would attract attention from the people upstairs. But as my second and third and fourth orgasms were building, I couldn’t help but tell him what I was thinking…”You look so fucking sexy like that, stroking your dick for me””I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri love how it feels when you fuck me, and when you tell me to ‘cum for daddy’””I fucking love cumming all over your dick””And you always look so sexy when you’re fucking me, I love watching you”I kept going, and I could see that my words were turning him on so much that he was going to cum soon. So I started rubbing my clit again, my tits hanging out of the top of my dress and the bottom of my dress hiked way up. He moved even closer to me, with the tip of his cock brushing against my thigh with each stroke. We were both right on the edge, and the feeling of his cum shooting over my skin triggered my own final orgasm. With his cum dripping down my stomach and thigh, I came harder than I had the whole time we were playing. My knees buckled and I fell back against the wall. He kissed me, and gently cleaned me up, though I secretly wished I could have let it stay just like that for a little while longer, his cum marking his territory. Maybe another time…

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