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Tiffy Through the AgesTiffy Smith walked out of his bathroom. He was freshly showered. The forty-eight-year-old faggot was getting ready for his sexy, younger Nigga to come over. Tiffy had taught history for twenty years in Louisiana. He took the early retirement date because his grandparents had left him a sweet trust fund. Also, his parents had died in a flight his father was piloting. Altogether Tiffy’s inheritance was just a bit north of eleven-million-dollars.The educator, originally known as Timothy Smith, was the only c***d of the only daughter of Robert Edwards . His grand-pops had founded a local bank in Arkansas that had then been sold to one of the largest conglomerates. The old man left a smattering of cash to his three grandc***dren. Everyone always knew that little Timothy Smith was a bit different. His mom and dad attempted to course correct him to no avail. But Timothy’s grand-folks were completely fine with him. They, surprisingly, admonished Rose and Herbert Smith for how they treated young Timmy. Rose and Herb fell in line. Timothy grew up well.The summer between his ninth-grade and tenth-grade years, a man named Leroy Watson started doing their yard work. Leroy was in his forties and had been in prison for aggravated assault. He was now on a work release program and Timothy’s parents hired him out.Leroy mowed the lawn in his white Arkansas Department of Corrections issued uniform. Herb Smith was away during the day at his law firm and Rose had a cushy position at the bank her daddy founded. Timothy always found an excuse to bring Leroy water or iced-tea. Leroy would smile at him revealing two gold teeth. Leroy would watch as Timothy swayed.One day in mid-July Leroy asked to use the restroom. It was about ten in the morning. Timothy let him inside to do his business. Apparently, Leroy was taking a dump. That gave Timothy time to go change into a red tank top and a pink thong he had stolen from his female cousin.Timothy knocked on the bathroom door.“Finishin’ up, son,” answered Leroy. “I wanna help,” Timothy shared.“Come on in.”The stench was overwhelming, but Timothy was undeterred.The caramel-skinned, athletically-built, inmate said, “I seent you switchin’ an’ shit. Knew you was a faggit!”“Yes, sir,” Timothy confirmed.“You cain’t tell nobody ‘bout dis.”“I won’t. I promise.”“Well suck on dis dick den!”Timothy knelt down and grabbed Leroy’s soft dick. As he sucked it, the tool grew to eight-and-a-half-inches.“Spit on it, sissy,” commanded the older man.Timothy spat. Leroy flushed the toilet. Then he stood up and barked, “Clean muh ass, faggit!Timothy used the tissue and took off the residual stains.Leroy turned back around and said, “Aiight I’ma fuck you now. You got sum lube?”“No,” Timothy said. “Dat cool! Y’all got some Crisco?”“Yes, sir!”“Go git it, boi!”Leroy greased up his dick and slammed it into Timothy.“Owwww,” the virgin sissy winced.“I’ma be gentuhl. But, you gone learn to take dis dick, faggit!”“Yes, sir!”“Damn! Dis li’l white ass tight!”“Fuck me, Leroy!”“Call me ‘Daddy’! I’ma fuck you like I fucked bitches in prison!”“Yes, Daddy!”“You need tah grow dis blond hair out longer!”Leroy nutted after a thirteen-minute pounding. He showered and went back to work on the yard.Timothy grew his hair out to shoulder length and Leroy had him send away for some pills that blocked testosterone. In a year, he was a total femboi. Leroy loved it.Timothy finished high school and earned a scholarship to Rice University. So, he moved to Houston. He continued to have the medicine delivered to him and took on a total androgynous appearance. He excelled at his studies. In his sophomore year, he moved off campus. He had a small apartment not far from school. Immediately after moving in, Timothy met Wayne ButlerWayne was a six-foot-two, two-hundred-pound football player at Texas Southern. He had a chocolate complexion. Two of his teammates shared an apartment with him. He spotted the five-foot-nine-inch, blonde one evening after getting back from a run. He called out, “Hey, pretty!”“Hey back, handsome,” Timothy replied turning around.“Oh you ain’t got no tits,” Wayne was puzzled.“No. I’m a guy.”“But you got ass like a woman!”“Yeah! I’m a sissy for BBC.”“Oh! You suck dick?”“Yes, sir!”“Shit! Let’s do it now.”“Follow me!”“So what’s your name,” the physical education major asked.“Timothy.”“I’m Wayne.”Wayne pulled out his rock hard seven-and-three-quarter inch dick. Timothy fell to his knees. The andro-guy sucked it passionately. Wayne picked up Timothy and placed him on the couch with his tail in the air. He fondled the fag’s shapely hips and round bottom before removing the tight jeans Timothy was wearing. He admired the buttocks and spanked it.“Cute ass,” the wide receiver said slapping his meat on Timothy’s hole.“Thank you,” purred the host. “Have you ever fucked a sissy before?”“Nah! But you like a girl to me.” Wayne stuck his rod in Timothy’s anus. “This pussy is tight!”“Owww,” whined Timothy.The remainder of the school year and a few weeks into the next summer, Timothy was Wayne’s fuck puppet. Wayne was doing him almost every day both were in town. Wayne made Timothy come up with a girl name. Tiffy was chosen. Wayne would drive Tiffy’s 1986 white Toyota Celica he’d been given for a high school graduation present.Tiffy would also cook for Wayne. Wayne had gotten his mom to share her recipes for meatloaf and collard greens via letter.Tiffy mastered the items. Wayne moved to Chicago a few weeks after finishing his degree for a coaching gig at a local high school. They kept in touch. The last time Wayne, who was married and had 4 k**s, had fucked Tiffy was a year ago. Tiffy hoped that would change.In June 1989, Tiffy turned twenty. He was out at a restaurant with a couple of friends. Upon excusing himself to use the restroom , there was a medium-height brown skinned uniformed cop that cautioned him about going to the men’s room. Tiffy explained that he was a boi. When he exited, the police officer was still there.The man asked for Tiffy’s number.Tiffy gave it gladly.The man called the femboi later that evening. “May I speak to Tiffy,” he asked.“Speaking,” replied the effeminate man.“This is the cop you met earlier. I’m Rob by the way!”“Hey, Rob! Good to hear from you!”“What are you up to. I just went down the street to call you from a pay phone. Told my wife I was going to get some milk and eggs.”“Oh, you’re married?”“Yeah! I hope that’s alright? I enjoy getting sissy pussy!”“Fine by me! Any k**s?”“Yeah four! One in the Army. One in college and twins in high school.”“Wow! How old are you?”“I’m forty-two.”“You look way younger than that!”“Thanks, sexy! I like those round hips and ass you got. Are you free during the day tomorrow?”“Thanks and yeah! My class is over at eleven and I’ll come home right after.”“Cool. Can I fuck you?”“Yes, Daddy!”Rob called the next day and got the address. He was in his personal vehicle, a 1985 golden brown GMC Yukon XL. The man was wearing a red muscle shirt and grey sweatpants. He smelled of Pierre Cardin cologne.Tiffy greeted his guest dressed in a pair of black Lycra hot pants and a white training bra.“Oh yeah, baby doll,” remarked the five-foot-eight, one-hundred-sixty-pound man. “I’m gonna enjoy this shit!”“Me too,” Tiffy added. “So you’ve done it with a sissy before.”“Oh, yeah! Been fuckin’ punks for over 10 years now. Been a while since I had a white one.”“Well, I love B-B-C!”“I hope so cause I’m ten-and-a-half.”That was all the prompting Tiffy needed to kneel down and start sucking. In fact, his newfound beau was as hung as he described. He sucked it and then led the older man to his bedroom.Rob took the shorts off Tiffy and spanked his ass. Before eating it, he announced, “Perfect!”Tiffy squirmed. Then he fought hard to take all the dick in his pussy.“You g
ot a tight hole, baby boi,” hollered Rob. “I wanna fuck you all the time!”“Yes, Daddy! Fuck me as often as you like,” Tiffy approved.“Oh! I’m gonna.”Rob stayed until well past four o’clock when he figured his wife and youngest two would be getting home. He fucked Tiffy ataşehir escort two to three times a week until Tiffy moved to Louisiana to work at an inner city high school.Tiffy was Mister Smith at work, but most students and teachers talked about him behind his back. They called him Miss Smith. A few months into his new job, he was approached by Larry, one of the janitors.Larry Rogers was a handsome man aged fifty. He was single, but had two sons by different mothers. He and Tiffy had passed knowing glances on several occasions.Larry walked into Mr. Smith’s classroom to empty the trash during the history teacher’s planning period.“How you doin’,” Larry inquired.“I’m fine. How are you,” answered Tiffy.“Can’t complain. Wouldn’t matter if I did though,” the man chuckled.“That it would not.”“Where you from, Miss Smith? Uh…I’m sorry Mr. Smith.”“It’s okay, Larry. I grew up in Arkansas. I know y’all call me ‘Miss Smith’. It’s fine.”“Really?”“Oh, yeah! I can tell you mean no harm. Maybe you could come to my place and take a look at a couple of household projects I need to complete.”“You free tonight?”“Yes, sir! I am!”“Write down yah numba and I’ll call bout seven.”“Okay!”Tiffy handed the six-foot-two, two-hundred-forty-five-pound, husky, chocolate man a piece of paper.Tiffy was at home sipping some white wine when Larry rang.“Yo! It’s Larry from work,” the brotha shared.“Hey, it’s me,” replied Tiffy.“Can I still come over and take a look.”“Of course!”Tiffy gave the directions. An hour later, he heard the red-and-white two-tone 1986 Ford F-150 pickup truck. He opened the door in a light-blue lace chemise. Larry grinned, “Dat’s what I’m talkin’ bout!”“You like,” checked Tiffy.“Yeah!”“Come in. Would you like a drink?”“Do you have beer?”“Miller Lite.”“Dat work, sexy! I like seeing dat ass when you walk away.”“Thanks, Larry!”Tiffy returned with a beer in tow as well with his refreshed glass of Chardonnay. He asked, “How long you been into sissies?”“ For a while. My second wife caught me fuckin’ her brotha. He was femme as hell. Nice ass,” Larry replied.“Oh, my!,” Tiffy expressed shock.“Yeah! I’d be fuckin’ his ass every time she was gone cause he stayed wit’ us.”“That’s so hot! When was the last time you fucked a faggot?”“Bout two weeks.”“Nice. Who was it?”“Big butt chocolate fag, dat work at da lounge I co-own.”“Wow! I had no idea you were a business owner.”“Yeah! It’s me, one uh mah brothas and two uh mah cousins. You oughta come by Saturday afta-noon. Round bout three, three-thirty.”“I will.”“So, baby,” Larry started. “Come suck on dis!”Tiffy took the nine-incher in hand and wrapped his lips around it. It tasted salty and musty. He tickled the large low-hanging ball sack with his slender fingers. Larry groaned, “Suck dat dick!”After a few minutes feeling the sloppy blow job from the white bitch and playing with Tiffy’s ass, Larry gestured for the faggot to bend over.“Ahhhhh,” cried Tiffy as the monster entered him.“Yeah, bitch! You got dis big Nigga dick in yo white ass,” Larry howled.“I love it,” whined the privileged sissy.“Dis booty hole good! Tell me yah like Nigga dick!”“I love that Nigga dick, Daddy!”“Oh yeah, faggit! Take dis Nigga dick!”Larry hammered Tiffy with all his might. He busted a fat load and said, “I like yo’ booty, but we gone make it biggah dis weekend. Take off work nex’ week!”The following day, Mr. Smith put in a request for vacation. He called around on the substitute list and found a retired teacher willing to do the entire week. The next few days, lead to Tiffy sucking Larry’s nicely proportioned Black cock at the school after the end of day bell sounded.That Saturday, Tiffy spent the morning getting ready. He douched, shaved the small amount of body hair had, and showered. He lathered himself with cocoa butter and then put on a hot pink bodysuit. He covered himself with a pair of jeans and a blue sweatshirt. He threw pair of heels and his make-up bag in to the orange Jansport backpack he owned. He sprayed himself with a bit of Love’s Baby Soft body-mist. Tiffy got into his red 1990 third-generation BMW 3-Series and headed to Smooth Spot, the lounge Larry owned with his relatives.Tiffy arrived at 3:02 p.m. Larry’s truck was parked outside. In addition, there were three other vehicles: a blue 1983 Cadillac Eldorado; a silver 1989 Cadillac Coupe de Ville; and a black 1989 Dodge Dakota pickup truck.Tiffy walked to the door and was greeted. The man who opened up was a little over six-feet and looked a lot like Larry.The greeter said, “Come on in, sexy! What yah want tah drank?”Tiffy replied, “Maybe some vodka and cranberry.”“Cummin’ up! Baf-room ovah dere. Go get ready and cum back out. The otha Niggas in the office right now.”“Awesome!”“I’m Moe by dah way!”Tiffy walked in and pulled off his overclothes. He applied his make-up with plenty of rouge and red lipstick. He stepped into the four-inch white patent-leather heels. He was now ready for action. Walking out, he was met by Moe who had the drink he requested.Moe remarked, “You a sexy li’l bitch! We gone have fun witchu!”“Thank you,” mustered Tiffy after taking a sip.They walked to an area of the lounge where there were booths.Moe was Larry’s slightly younger brother. He was on his third wife and had seven c***dren. His skin was darker than Larry’s. He had a huskular build. Also, Moe had been locked up a couple of times in the Orleans Parish Prison. He started fucking sissies while institutionalized. He was sexy with a killer smile that included five gold teeth. He was the one that had recruited Prentiss, the big booty bitch Larry had fucked a couple weeks ago. Moe was the owner of the Eldorado. He pushed Tiffy onto one of the benches and played with the booty.“Shit,” Moe gleamed. “Yo ass fat!”Tiffy purred, “Thanks, Daddy!”“I’ma fuck you now!”Moe began plowing Tiffy and the other guys heard. They rushed out to watch.Moe was delivering his sizable nine-and-a-half inch dick to Tiffy.Howard, the driver of the Dodge Dakota positioned Tiffy so that he could suck his dick while Moe fucked him. Meanwhile, Larry made Tiffy snuff some powder.“You like dis Nigga dick dontcha,” Moe asked.“Yes, Daddy! I love Nigga dick,” screamed Tiffy.Howard, the five-ten, athletic brotha with the nine-and-a-quarter-inch dick, barked to his cousin, “Don’t cum in dat bitch yet! I wanna fuck his ass!”Moe pulled out for courtesy’s sake.Howard stepped in. He felt the warm goodness of Tiffy’s hole and said, “Aw! Shit! Dis faggit perfect!”Howard slammed away as Louis slid over to put his nine-inch cock in Tiffy’s mouth.Louis drove the Coupe de Ville. He was six-feet-five-inches tall. He weighed two-thirty-three. He was a muscular, well-fit specimen of a man. His large ten-inch tool tasted of masculinity. He was forty-two and had ten k**s by seven different women. The hustler had avoided any legal issues because he kept it simple. He was a dead-beat dad. He had a faggot at home waiting on him – a hot tiny Mexican femboi he manhandled daily.Louis yelled at Howard to let him get some. Louis started fucking and Tiffy was hollering.“Ohhhh, my god, Nigga,” Tiffy screamed.“Take dis dick, bitch,” Louis returned.”Louis pounded Tiffy and nutted on his ass. The others came on his face. Larry only watched, but also shot a big load on Tiffy’s mug. He demanded, “Go git cleaned up!”Tiffy scurried to the restroom and cleaned himself. When he came back out, there was only Larry, Moe, and a woman.Larry said, “Dis Sandrine! She uh tranny. She gone pump yo’ ass.”“Hi honey,” the caramel-skinned cutie said.“Hi,” Tiffy added. “I’ll do what I have to!”
Sandrine injected the silicone into Tiffy’s booty. Larry drove Tiffy home. The sissy had to lay on his stomach for a few days to insure the pumping settled well.Tiffy rested up during the week. His ass was now fatter. He had been visited by Howard on a daily basis. He got fucked on Sunday night by Larry and Moe. He walked into work and Principal Brooks looked at him with admiring eyes.Principal Brooks’ first name was Wendell. He had played for the New Orleans Saints for two years until getting ataşehir escort bayan injured. He stood at six-foot-one, and now weighed two-hundred-ten-pounds. He was fifty-four years old. His wife taught at an elementary school in the city. His daughter was a nurse and his son was finishing up an engineering degree. He messed around with an attractive half-white, half-Black shemale. Wendall’s tranny friend had super sweet 36DD tits and a 47-inch ass. He fucked that sexy doll of a faggot every Sunday while his wife was at church. The education administrator thought about fucking his biracial femboi-toy as he observed Tiffy go by. He sent a note a couple of hours later asking the history teacher to stay after school. Principal Brooks called the school where his wife taught and left a message that he had a parent-teacher conference to attend after hours.Tiffy sucked Larry’s dick during the lunch period. Larry spat on the sissy’s face and said, “We gone fuck in da gym after school tomorrow!”“Yes, sir,” Tiffy replied to the order.“You love suckin’ dis Nigga dick!”“Yes, sir!”‘Coo. I tol’ da principal bout you. He paid fitty-buck to fuck you! Do dat shit!”The final bell rang. Tiffy was supposed to be at Principal Brooks’ office at four. Thankfully, Tiffy kept a douche bottle in his backpack he carried everywhere.School was out. So, most of the students milling about were athletes. Tiffy ran to the restroom. When he got inside, there was a basketball player in there. “Sup, Miss Smith,” said the nineteen-year-old senior that had been held back.“Hey, there,” smiled Tiffy.“Oh, so you ain’t notiss I called you ‘Miss’?”“I heard. I just don’t care!”“Dats wassup,” replied Corey Ellis, the six-foot-one-inch, one-hundred-seventy-seven-pound, point guard from the varsity basketball team. “I like dat ass!”“Corey, we can’t anything before you’re over eighteen and out of school.”“Well, I’m nineteen! I’m legal!”“I understand. But hit me up after you graduate.”“Aiight bet!”Tiffy got freshened up and went back to his classroom. It was right at 4:00 p.m. so he headed to Principal Brooks’ office. In the room, when Tiffy arrived, there was also Coach Freeman in the office.Coach Freeman was a former football player at Mississippi Valley State University and headed up the gridiron team at Ralph Abernathy High School. He had been a defensive back. He was now six-foot-two and weighed two-hundred-forty-pounds. He was married to his second wife and had three k**s from his first marriage.The principal said, “Mr. Smith, I wanted to chat with you and the coach really quick.”“Yes, sir,” replied the teacher.“Did Larry, the janitor, talk to you?”“Yes, he did!”“Great! You know I’m about to pound that new big booty!”“I’m ready!”“Get on your knees,” barked the coach. “Suck our dicks white boi!”“And take the pants off. I wanna see that fat ass,” Wendell said.Tiffy fell to his knees after taking off the khaki slacks he was wearing.Both Black men pulled out their dicks. Wendell was already on hard. Wendell was packing eight-and-a-half-inches. Freeman’s cock was seven-and-a-half-inches with incredible thickness.Tiffy sucked them. Freeman pushed his fat, wrist-thick cock in Tiffy’s hole. Wendell made the bitch continue sucking him.Freeman spread the bitch’s ass cheeks apart. The Negro stretched the booty hole. “Take it,” be ordered.“Yes, Daddy,” wailed Tiffy. “Suck this dick,” commanded the principal.Freeman went hard. He pulled out and nutted.Mr. Brooks took his turn. He hammered and pounded. Tiffy screamed. He nutted in Tiffy’s puckered faggot ass.Corey Ellis, the un-studious basketball player from earlier that day, walked out of the apartment in the housing project where he lived with his mom and two younger sisters. He went down the street to the complex where Sammy Woods stayed. He carried his backpack.Sammy was in the honors program at R.A.H.S. He did most of Chris’ homework. He was a tenth-grader that most of Chris’ crew made fun of because he was a sissy and had gynecomastia. He was five-foot-six and weighed one-hundred-forty-pounds. He had adorable A-cup tits and a plump ass. His was an only c***d and his single mom worked in the evenings at a call center. So, he was alone.Corey knocked on the door. Sammy answered still wearing the same outfit he had on earlier. “Hey, Come in!”“Wassup,” the athlete said with a head nod.“Nothing! Just doing some homework.”“Well, here mah assignments for da week. Got till Monday to git ‘em done.”“Okay!”“I wanna fuck yo’ punk ass right now.”“Yes, sir!”“Git on dat dick, faggit!”Sammy eagerly dropped down. He extracted his lover’s eight-inch tool and began sucking. Corey enjoyed the methodical head job. “Take off dat shirt and lemme see dem titties, bitch! Go all da way down on it!” he loved that the girlyboi complied. He placed his hand on the back of Sammy’s head. After a few minutes, he said, “Leggo tah yo’ room.”Sammy tooted his ass in the air. His four-inch dick was at attention.Corey got behind the bitch boi and spat on the hole. He grabbed some baby oil from the nightstand and squirted it on the sissy’s butt. He spanked it a couple of times and dove in. He was starting slow. He worked up to a full-on long-stroking. Because he had a ton of stamina, he stayed until well past 9:00 p.m. They fucked the whole time. But, he did need to go make some money selling weed so he willed himself to leave.Tiffy continued to get used by the janitor, the principal, and the football coach. He was getting fucked on the daily. Graduation day arrived. Tiffy was at the auditorium.Corey finally ‘earned’ his diploma. Directly after the ceremony, while the teachers and parents were hugging the graduates, he walked up to Miss Smith. Corey gave him a hug and whispered, “I’m fuckin’ dat big booty tonight.”Tiffy replied, “Yes, sir!”“I’ma tell my momma n’em I’m goin’ tah uh party. Pick me up at dah McDonill on Court and MLK.”“Got it!”The honey-colored basketball player headed off without another word.Tiffy scooped up Corey at the appointed time. He drove to his house.“You got sum licka dere,” Corey inquired.“Yes,” Tiffy confirmed.“Coo! I got some weed and snow fuh us.”Inside the house, Corey demanded, “Go on an’ git nay-kit! And den fih me a drank! Sum brown.”Tiffy disrobed. Corey stroked his dick through his black dress pants. He undressed. He rolled up a blunt and lined out the cocaine. They got high while Tiffy sucked on the nice dick.Corey bent Miss Smith over at the point was feeling free. He jiggled and played with that booty. He pulled baby oil out of his backpack. He rubbed it in. He stroked his dick between the globular ass cheeks on Tiffy’s crack. He slid it inside.Tiffy yelped.“Shut da fuck up, bitch,” Corey howled. “Take dis dick!”“Yes, sir,” Tiffy yielded.“You mah bitch tah-nite, faggit! Dis ass sof’ too! Shid, punk ass slut!”“I love that big Black dick!”“Yeah! Ah know dem niggas dat work at da skoo wuh fuckin’ you!”“Really?”“Yeah, bitch! Dis ass big as hell. Niggas luh big booty!”“I love Niggas too!”“Take dis thug nigga dick den.”Corey slammed Tiffy on the couch. He nutted and kept going.They eventually made it to the bedroom. They fucked off and on the whole night. When Tiffy awoke up the next morning, his former student was nowhere to be found. Tiffy’s car was gone. Thankfully, he kept his wallet in a safe in a kitchen cabinet when a thugs over. He also found a note that read, ‘Just borrowing the car. Be back bout 10
:30. Have that bitch ass ready.’Corey held to his word. He fucked Miss Smith that night. He moved in and stayed through the summer until he headed off to the Marines. He got a nice present his second week of being a live-in Dom from his white bitch – a black two-door 1984 Chevy Impala.As the years progressed, Tiffy continued to meet sexy Black men. Some were doctors, some were thugs, some were in the military. They came from all walks of life. And he let each of them use him. In April 1999, his mom and dad were flying from their home in Arkansas to Phoenix in their Cessna 172 Skyhawk airplane. His father had been piloting for many years. They escort ataşehir crashed in Oklahoma and were both killed. Tiffy was typically saddened by the news. He went to his hometown and settled the arrangements. A couple of weeks later he was back in New Orleans.On a cool evening in November 2007, he was leaving the salon where he got his fat booty waxed. As he walked to his vehicle, he spotted fine Black man in the parking of lot of the shopping center. Tiffy smiled and turned around to wiggle his ass. The newfound target waved a silver Blackberry Pearl mobile device. Tiffy gave a thumbs up and hopped into his bronze 2004 Acura MDX crossover. He drove over to the guy and rolled down the window.He said, “Hi there! Want my number.”“Yeah! I want that ass to,” replied the dark-skinned man in an accent.Tiffy gave the digits. Tiffy noticed the jet-black 2003 Mercedes E-Class sedan the man was about to enter had diplomatic license plates. He thought that was interesting Two hours later, Tiffy’s cell phone rang.“Hello,” said the deep African voice. “May I speak to Tiffy.”“Hi, it’s me,” answered the excited femboi who had gotten two additional rounds of booty injections.“What are you doing?”“I’m just relaxing at home. May I ask where you’re from?”“Namibia. And you?”“I grew up in Arkansas.”“By the way, my name is Petrus!”“Great to meet you.”Petrus Mbaha was the vice-consul at the Consulate General of the Republic of Namibia in the Crescent City. He worked as a banking executive before being appointed to his current position six months prior. He grew up in the capital city of Windhoek. His parents had decent means. He attended attend college at the University of London. He earned an A.B. in economics and then went to Northwestern University in Chicago for his M.B.A.Mr. Mbaha was now forty-nine-years-old. He had a solid-thick build and stood six-feet-two-inches tall. He had been married since 1984. He had a son and a daughter – both adults. His wife was still in Namibia and planned to move later after she got some items situated with their home and other things. While in London, Petrus met a ‘daffy’. ‘Daffy’ was derogatory slang used in Britain to refer to faggots. Percival was a grandson of the second Lord Haxby and as such had a terribly privileged upbringing. Petrus was intrigued by the way the sissy walked and talked so he questioned him one day during a study group. That turned into fucking Percival daily. In Chicago, he connected with a cute ebony sissy called ‘Maxi’. Petrus said, “I love your big ass. When can I come see you?”“I can be ready in an hour,” Tiffy shared.“Okay then! Text me your address.”“Sure thing. Call when you’re on the way.”Tiffy got ready for the African.Petrus arrived finally.“Come in,” Tiffy said after opening the door. “Wanna drink?”“Do you have vodka,” inquired the diplomat.“Yep. Need a mixer?”“Do you have cranberry juice.”“Nope lemonade and fruit punch.”“Lemonade then.”Tiffy made the requested beverage. He poured one for himself too.Petrus sat on the couch still dressed in his black trousers and blue polo shirtTiffy handed him his drink and said, “I’m glad you came over.”“I’m glad too,” Petrus admitted.“I can see from your hand that you’re married,” Tiffy referred to the large yellow-gold wedding band encrusted with diamonds.“Yes,” confirmed Petrus.“Nice! How long you been into faggots?”“I met one when I lived in London. Enjoyed it! Fucked a few when I was in Chicago.”“Had any boipussy since you’ve been here?”“Yeah. Met one on My Space a couple weekends ago.”“Hot! How many languages do you speak?”“Four. English, Afrikaans, German, and Oshiwombo. And you?”“English and I’m learning Spanish. What’s the last one you speak?”“It’s a Bantu language. My heritage is Ovambo.”“Cool!”“I love your ass! It’s huge,” Petrus admitted.“Thank you! Do you want to fuck it,” inquired Tiffy.“I want to own it!”“Wow! I’m good with that!”“Then come on and suck my dick!”Tiffy pulled the monster. Petrus was hung like a mule. It good girth. “How do you like it,” asked.“Love it, daddy,” Tiffy purred.“Get to work then!” Tiffy gagged.Petrus approved groaning, “That’s a good boi!” He pinched the cocksucker’s nose with his left hand. Petrus was growing anxious. He instructed Tiffy to get him another drink and lead him to the bedroom. He played with huge white booty as they walked up the stairs. He flicked Tiffy’s cocklet once the homeowner got on the bed. He shook the butt cheeks then ate the boipussy. Tiffy squealed as Petrus penetrated him. They fucked for the next hour. Petrus enjoyed it immensely. “I want to be your African Daddy while I’m here. I wanna see you often!”“I’d love that,” beamed Tiffy. “Can I get a sandwich?”“Sure.”Petrus eventually convinced his wife to remain in Namibia. Over the course of the next two years he was in New Orleans, he spent 80-percent of his nights with Tiffy. He paid for the white sissy to get butt enhancement surgery in Argentina. They traveled to the Caribbean every couple of months. He had Tiffy get a tramp stamp.Tiffy was sad to see Petrus leave. He started getting fucked again immediately by Negroes from his past and new ones too.Fast forward to the present day.Tiffy had met Darius Johnson through a hook-site about nine months agoDarius was an ex-con who had gotten caught up unfortunately through one of cousins having a massive amount of cocaine. Darius was a senior at Southern University with a high GPA. The judge was a racist and took no mercy on the well-spoken young man. He served six years and had been out for four. He relocated to live with his mom. He buckled down and went to work at a veterinary office during the day and part-time at a burger chain in the evenings. He became a certified vet tech.Now Darius cohabitated with this girlfriend. They had two c***dren. She was a cosmetologist. In the big house, Darius was where Darius got turned on to fembois. He did a few during his stint and was hooked.Tiffy had instantly fallen for the five-foot-eleven, blue-black, nerd of a felon. Tiffy liked his slim, toned body. And the biggest turn-on was Darius’ intellectualism.They could discuss any topic. About six months into their budding relationship, they picked up the pace. They started connecting more frequently although Darius’ baby momma was nosey.Darius had to get a burner phone. Tiffy gave Darius a 2013 Dodge Durango when his 2007 Honda Pliot went out of commission. Darius denied the gift at first, but then came up with a story that he got it from his boss’ cousin at a great price.Tiffy put on a red deep V-neck, Ruched, long-sleeved, club wear dress. He selected a pair of Vince Camuto leopard-print booties from his footwear collection. He added some vanilla-scented body spray and walked downstairs. He needed no thong because Darius had putt Tiffy’s little cock in chastity. The device was a Utimi silicone cock cage. It had a small gold padlock on it.Darius gave it to Tiffy shortly after he’d gotten the Durango. He said, “I’m in love with you, faggot!”“I’m in love with you too,” Tiffy replied.Tiffy heard a knock at his door. It was the smart dude. He opened.Darius smiled as he examined the sexy bitch in front of him.It was a Saturday morning. The twins were with the baby momma’s parents. Baby Momma was at the salon doing hair. Darius had all day. He had got
ten some Kush.Tiffy said, “Hey, handsome!”“Hey, boo,” Darius shot back. “You look hot!”“Thank you, Daddy!”“You’re welcome,” the super-dark-skinned guy replied.“I’ve got your drink over here!”“Good, bitch! I like how you’re dressed!”“Thank you, Daddy!”“Is the game set up?”“Yes, sir!”“Let’s play!”They set about their competition. Darius won 70-percent of the time. But today, Tiffy played JUKEBOX. It was a game changer. Darius took it in stride and said, “Good job, sissy .I’m ready for my boipussy!”Tiffy led Darius up the stairs.“That ass is so fucking fat,” the former physics major announced.“It’s yours,” replied Tiffy.“I know!”Darius spanked the fat tail. He pulled out his nine-inch thick member. He laughed as he reached to feel the chastity-locked cocklet. He stuck his big dick in.“Take this dick, sissy,” commanded Darius.“Yes, sir,” whined Tiffy.“You’re my femboi hoe!”“Yes, Daddy!”“I love that big white ass!”Darius and Tiffy fucked until 2:00 p.m. “I’ll be back when my baby momma goes to church tomorrow,” he said.Tiffy smiled broadly.

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