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through the keyholeMy girlfriend shares a house with two other girls as she is a student, she has known these girls since the first year of her uni course an got together with me shortly after starting so i was pretty close to them too. My girlfriend would often give me her house keys on weekends as i finished work earlier than her and my work location was closer to her house than mine. One day she forgot to give me her keys an after finishing i had to knock to get in, i knocked for five minutes until her one flatmate çankırı escort came rushing downstairs to let me in. ‘Im so sorry i was in the bath’ she apologised and i assured her it was fine. she told me that she would jump back in the bath an too have a cuppa if i fancied one, as soon as the bathroom door shut i heard her towel hit the floor an the sound of water splashing. I walked past to my girlfriends bedroom and sat in the room an got into my lazing about clothes, soon after i popped down to get escort çankırı a drink from the kitchen an on the way back up noticed the bathroom door had a keyhole, id been going to the house for three years and never noticed it! I could hear her splashing an the din of her ipod headphones as i walked past back to the room. The thought of her bathing made me feel horny and i felt my cock stiffen, surely i could get away with just a quick look? i felt wrong as i shut the door of the room very quietly but my çankırı escort bayan cock was getting harder and harder as i made my way forward. i reached the door an could smell shampoo an soaps coming from under the door. i got on my knees and put an eye to the keyhole. I could see her as low as her shoulder that was it, i was gutted i wanted to see her fully. She sat back fully and then her soaking wet chest was exposed, they were amazing and i started to wank instantly,she soaped them up an then washed it off an then got out exposing her shaved pussy and wet bum. i came at seeing her naked, all over the door then returned to the room leaving it dripping. I saw her again the day after and she never mentioned the mess on the door but smiled and winked.

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