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Three, Chapter 2The woman awoke between her two lovers, both still naked and lounging as they dozed. Their dicks were soft and she ran her hands along their thighs, hips, and abs as she started to become aroused once again. The two men watched her hands as she caressed them and her bare legs as she slid them back and forth seductively. When one of their cocks twitched she smiled to herself and sat up. Crawling to the edge of the bed she flaunted her ass before getting off the bed.”You two look like you could use a backrub,” she intoned suggestively and walked over to the open suitcase of sex objects. When she returned to the bed she had in one hand a bottle of lightly scented massage oil and a bottle of tequila in the other. Tossing the oil onto the bed, she uncorked the tequila and drank several gulps right from the bottle. Then, recorking it, she tossed it over to the two naked men before her and knelt on the edge of the bed. Each man drank about a shot’s worth and passed the bottle back to the woman, who was now fingering herself with her eyes closed in concentration, cooing softly. She drank several more gulps before motioning for the stranger to lie face-down in the center of the bed.The husband moved off and sat in the armchair, stroking himself hard as he watched his wife straddle the stranger’s ass and start rubbing his back with the massage oils. The woman’s dress was pulled up above her waist and she rocked back and forth on the stranger’s ass to massage her exposed pussy. She rubbed her hands all over his strong back and arms, moaning softly to herself as she did so. She slid down between his legs and rubbed him down to his feet before coming back up and focusing her attention on his ass.Her hands deftly caressed his ass cheeks and she tickled his balls with her fingertips. The low moan that escaped his lips sent a smile across her face, and she slid her hand under him to wrap her fingers around his lengthening shaft. She stroked his member a few times before moving her hands back to his ass. After a few more minutes of rubbing his ass and back the woman crawled back off the bed so her husband could get on. The stranger slid off the side and took his seat in the armchair to masturbate as the husband lay down for his turn.His wife started rubbing at his ankles, moving up his legs to his ass and back as he soaked in her sensual touch. She rode his ass, too, while she massaged his arms and shoulders, then slid back down to his feet and told him to turn over. He rolled onto his back and put his arms behind his head, relaxing as his wife started stroking his now-hard cock. Bending down, she took his shaft into her mouth and slowly started blowing him while the stranger watched with obvious pleasure. Her lips slid along him in a steady rhythm and she licked the underside of his shaft with her tongue, making his dick jump every time she neared his swollen head.As soon as she started tasting pre-cum the woman pulled off and sat back with a smile, wiping her mouth and eyeing both men who sat up in anticipation. “Now it’s my turn,” she said and crawled back off the bed. She stood in the middle of the room and started unbuckling the dress from behind her neck while her husband moved up to sit on the edge of the bed. She swayed her hips and grabbed her breasts, letting the fabric of the dress fall loosely over her hands as she bent forward to show her cleavage to her audience of two. Then, turning around she raised her hands above her head and let the dress fall forward so that now only her ass was hidden by the thin strip of fabric as her dress slid down her body.They watched her naked back with glimpses of the sides of her breasts as she rocked back and forth like a snake. Her dress hesitated, then slid down her legs to rest around her ankles, and she stepped out sensuously toward the tequila on the dresser. Striking a wide-legged pose, she arched her back and leaned forward to grab the liquor, giving them a good view of her pussy, ass, and legs. Standing back up she pulled out the stopper and put the bottle to her lips, throwing her head back so she could drink several gulps while the two men lusted after her nude backside.Replacing the bottle she turned around, standing fully naked before the mens’ gaze as they stroked their hard shafts and caressed the tightening ballsacks. She was more than a little tipsy now and walked on swaying tip-toe toward her husband, who spread his legs wide and grabbed her ass when she came near. With a dip she arched her back in front of him and kissed him fully on the lips before shoving her tits in his face. Her hands held his head against her chest while she rubbed her legs and pussy against the front of his hips and cock. She relished the feeling of grinding against him for a minute or so, then turned around and bend forward, rubbing her ass against his swollen member. She glanced over her shoulder and winked before pulling away and walking over to the stranger whose eyes had been fixed on her every curve and sensual movement. The armchair was large and he was sitting on the edge of the cushion, moving his hands from his cock to the padded armrests when she came near.Seemingly out of nowhere the woman produced a condom and knelt between the stranger’s widespread legs, slowly and sensually rolling the thin latex sheath down the length of his dick. Holding him at the base of his shaft she licked his cum canal from the base to the tip, then took his member into her mouth for a brief cock suck. She moaned when his dick filled her mouth and his head swelled and jumped, spreading a smile across her face as she slid her lips back up and off of his man meat.Standing back up she turned around and sat in his lap, placing her feet beside his ass and grinding her pussy against his dick. She put her arms behind her head and leaned back into him so he could fondle her tits, and he readily complied. He ran his hands up her thighs, around her ass, up the small of her back and around her ribs to cup her breasts in each hand. The husband sat on the edge of the bed and masturbated as he watched his wife grinding her pussy against the stranger’s cock and his hands groping her naked body. Soon she stood up again and turned to face the stranger. Sidling into him she placed one knee on either side of his hips and leaned her chest in so that her nipples were less than an inch from his mouth. Taking the hint he obediently began to suck, placing his hands on her upper back and gently pulling her into his open mouth. She let her head roll back as she relished the tip of his tongue circling her tit which was boldly offering itself up to be accosted by the stranger’s nimble mouth. The woman placed her hands on his muscular torso and started grinding her hips into his once again, rubbing her pussy slit along his shaft and coating both of their sex organs in her lusty lubrication.Her motions slid her tits up and down against his face, and a few times she raised her ass up high enough so that her pussy parted to envelop the fat, swollen head of his cock and planted their tight lips around the his glans. As soon as he was inside her she would pull off of him again and go back to grinding his hips, teasing his cock as it begged to fuck her brains casino şirketleri out.While the stranger’s lips still felt good on her tits the woman stood up. “My turn for a backrub,” she announced, and walked over to the dresser that held the tequila. She uncorked the bottle and drank deeply again before replacing it and turning around. There was a noticeable sway in her step as she tried to walk over to the bed and giggled uncontrollably. She saw them watching her naked body and she did a sexy wriggle for them with a grin plastered across her face. She tried to spin around seductively and fell onto the bed, arching her back and giggling as she ran her hands all over her bare torso and legs.Both men’s cocks were rock hard and she turned over to lay face-down in the middle of the bed. Her husband took his cue and straddled her ass, kneeling so his dick pressed along her asscrack. She cooed erotically but lay still
as he made a cursory pass over her back and arms with his strong, capable hands. As he leaned forward and back to reach her skin his cock thrust slowly along her ass and his balls rubbed against her pussy lips. He quickly transitioned to her ankles and spread them wide leaving her pussy playfully exposed. His hands worked their way along her legs, massaging up to her hips and ass which she rotated to raise her pussy a few inches into the air.His hands caressed her asscheeks as he kneeled across her legs, trapping them open and planting his shaft along her asscrack again. She could feel his strong hands grip her lower back as his hips eased off of her, lining up his shaft for penetration. Her inebriated mind was filled with thoughts of cock, and she moaned and gasped as her husband started fucking her slowly from behind. Her seductive calls succeeded in turning him on and she could feel his dick swell inside her, stretching her tight as the stranger looked on and masturbated.The man inside her kept a steady pace and soon the stranger stood up, walked over, and climbed onto the bed. His hands found her head and pressed her face into his crotch as he began to massage her scalp. She instinctively reached for the cock along her cheek and stroked his shaft and balls as the two men massaged her head and back. The stranger slipped his dick into her mouth as his fingers explored her head. There was nothing left for her to do now but relax and take in the sensation of being stuffed with cocks from both ends.Soon her husband pulled out of her pussy and climbed off the bed. Taking a seat in the armchair, he began to casually stroke his member as he watched the stranger pull out of his wife’s mouth, crawl across the bed behind her, and start fucking her from behind. He ran his hands all over her skin from her ankles and thighs to her ass, shoulders and back.Through her moans she now started saying, “Oh god, you feel good,” and, “Ooh, fuck me harder.” The husband watched his wife’s pleasure build until his dick was ready to cum; then he retrieved the bottle of tequila, sauntered over to the bed and grabbed her wrists. The stranger eased his dick out of her pussy and her husband turned her over onto her back. The husband helped his wife sit up a bit and he uncorked the bottle, helping her drink another several gulps while the stranger massaged the tops of her legs from her ankles up to her thighs. When the stranger reached her hips the husband recorked the tequila and laid his wife back down.He planted his cock right on her face, and she immediately began licking and sucking his juicy balls. His hands caressed her tits and his thumbs massaged her clavicle while the stranger rubbed her hips and spread her legs. While the husband played with his wife’s nipples, the stranger pressed his mouth up against her pussy and started licking her slit and clit. She arched her back in pleasure and quickly came, screaming onto the balls in her mouth as she doused the stranger’s chin with her sex juices.As her orgasm subsided the men pulled away and moved to each side of her. Supporting her arms they helped her sit up before putting one cock in each of her hands. She was close to blacking out from the tequila and all her mind knew as the pleasure of her climax as her hands moved on their own to jack off the cocks in her hands. One of the cocks had a condom on it. She put the other one in her mouth so she could have both hands free to pull the latex barrier off of the other. Now she could feel his nice, smooth skin against her hand and she smiled around the shaft between her lips.With one hand on each of their members, she sucked and stroked them until they were ready to burst. In unison their balls tightened and their heads swelled even bigger than before. She took her cue and pulled the cock out of her mouth, letting them explode onto her face and tits. Normally she wouldn’t have been particularly turned on by this, but in her drunken state she just closed her eyes and let her husband’s cock shoot its cum across her face while the stranger painted a pearl necklace on her neck, chest, and tits. Their throbbing shafts felt so good in her hands, her fingers gripping their silky skin with her strong yet delicate grasp. Her hands slid as if by themselves along the pulsing, stretching shafts. She helped their swollen purple heads shower her with their lustful emissions, like an audience throwing her flowers for her perfect sexual performance.When she had milked them dry, she opened her eyes and let out an excited gasp. Both men smiled warmly at her, and she got up to wash off in the shower, rubbing cum around her nipples as she stepped in and turned on the water. Her husband and the stranger followed her into the bathroom, and all three of them brushed their naked bodies together under the hot water as they rinsed off. Even though both men had cum nice and hard for her, their dicks were still semi-hard and got harder as they rubbed up against her naked body.She rubbed her tits and face clean, then ran her hands through her hair to flaunt her body. Both men took their cue and pressed up against her, the stranger running his hands across her shimmering thighs from behind while her husband stroked her glistening breasts. Her eyes were closed and her head rolled back as she felt herself trapped between their bodies. She reached her hands down to cradle their shafts, one in each hand, and felt their lust for her grow with every stroke of their fingers on her chest and legs. She held the stranger’s cock up against her ass so she could feel him slide along her asscrack with slow steady thrusts. Her other hand fondled her husband’s balls and shaft while his hands playfully cupped her breasts.”Oooh, I want you inside me,” she said to no one in particular. The stranger pulled her knee up onto her husband’s waist, as her husband placed his hand in the small of her back and pulled her hips to his, straddling her pussy lips around his shaft. The stranger reached under her ass and started fingering her pussy, making way for her husband to prod his way inside her. The woman started breathing heavily in time with the man’s thrusts while the stranger stroked the lips of her pussy, stretched tight around her husband’s shaft. He kept his dick pressed up against the woman’s ass casino firmalari and the two men ground their hips into her under the cascade of hot water.The wife was completely relaxed, and she closed her eyes and rolled her head back onto the stranger’s shoulder as she was pinned between these men’s strong cocks. One hand went absentmindedly behind her head to the stranger’s neck and back, holding him against her while her other hand reached forward to stroke the neck and chest of the man whose cock was inside her. She smiled as she enjoyed their touch, and said, “Ooh, we’re in the shower. You could fuck me in the ass,” to no one in particular.She felt the cock pull out of her cum-hole and her shoulders were pushed forward and down. Apparently she was bending at the waist, and the two cocks pressed up against her again. She started sucking on a dick that really turned her on for some reason, as another one started sliding in her ass. It felt good this time, and she moaned onto the cock in her mouth, reaching one hand up to hold onto his waist and ass while reaching the other hand back to try to feel the man behind her.Sliding her fingers across her back she straddled them around the cock pushing into her ass. She loved the feeling of his dick between her fingers, and she pulled her mouth off of the man-meat in front of her to say, “Oh yes! Fuck me slow and deep!” With no further prompting the man behind her bottomed out inside her, and she started sucking the dick at her face again as she let out a moaning squeal at the sensations she was taking in.Both of her hands moved to grab her own ass, parting her cheeks as she was steadily penetrated with long, smooth motions. The steaming water shimmered across her back and a pair of hands firmly held her back and ribs, though she couldn’t tell whose they were. They held her stead
y and rocked her slightly back and forth so both cocks could plunge a little deeper into her. The water ran over her back and down her free-hanging breasts, dripping off her nipples in a constant stream that added a thrill to the arousal she as already feeling.She loved not knowing which cock belonged to her husband, and her thoughts turned to the blindfold lying in the suitcase of sex toys. Moving her hands onto the muscular chest in front of her, she pulled her mouth off of the cock it was on and slowly rubbed her tits from his cock to his pects as she slid the dick out of her ass. Without opening her eyes, she reached back to rinse between her asscheeks, then turned to get out of the shower.”I need someone to dry me off,” she said seductively, and opened her eyes as her feet hit the bath mat. She could hear both men washing off their cocks and she stepped forward, put her arms above her head, and swayed her hips as she waited for them. They finished quickly and each grabbed a towel to rub down her body. Her husband started at her ankles and she spread her legs wide so he could dry her thighs, pussy, and ass. The stranger started at her tits, rubbing them gently before transitioning to her back, head, and arms. The towels were soft, and by the time they had finished she felt warm, dry, clean, and ready to be aroused again.She walked slowly out of the bathroom, looking over her shoulder with a wink as she turned the corner and sauntered over to the bed. The men dried off in record time and followed her, turning the corner to see her lying naked in the center of the bed. She was arching her back with her arms lying out to her sides, one leg cocked up in the air with a sultry look on her face as she stared at their naked bodies across the room. The husband moved to the suitcase and retrieved two lifelike rubber dildos, complete with veiny shafts and sizable swinging balls. He lubed one of them up and tossed them onto the bed beside her.Her hands quickly scooped them up and slid them in where they belonged; the lubricated one was balls-deep in her pussy and she was using the other one as a lollipop. The men kneeled on either side of her and grabbed her wrists, guiding her hands to their still-hard members. They each took one of the dildos and fucked her with them while she held their cocks in her hands and moaned. She moved her fingers along their shafts a little, but her focus was on the cocks in her mouth and pussy. Even though they were only rubber they were thick, and feeling four cocks moving in her mouth, pussy, and hands was a real turn-on for her. The two men happily plunged the dildos into her, squeezing the balls to make the head and shafts swell just a bit, and making her moan whenever they did. She wondered what it would be like to have four men at the same time, all lusting after her and feeling each of their silky shafts and heads. Then she remembered the thrill of not knowing which cock was her husbands when they fucked her in the shower, and she smiled and let go of their silky, pulsating shafts. Pulling the dicks out of her throat and pussy, she laid them aside and rolled onto her stomach, crawling seductively over to the suitcase beside the bed. She reached in and retrieved a blindfold, then turned to face them.The woman sat with her knees to one side and one arm back, dangling the blindfold from her other hand as she bared her breasts to them, squared her shoulders sensually and batted her eyes. The biggest smile planted itself on her face when she saw both of them lusting after her with their entire bodies, from their staring eyes to their raging cocks. Then, sitting forward she fastened the blindfold over her eyes and crawled toward them again. She was still more than tipsy, and by the time she felt their hands on her body and her hands on their cocks, she wasn’t sure which was her husband. A thrill shot through her pussy and her nipples stood up hard.One was on each side of her and she felt them stroking her neck, tits, legs, and ass while she slowly ran her fingers over their man meat. One of them started sucking on her nipples and the other grabbed her ass and fingered her pussy. Their hands were strong and manhandled her just the way she loved. The man behind her laid his dick along her ass and held her close to him while his fingers on one hand darted in and out of her pussy and his other hand fondled and caressed her ass and hips. The man in front of her sucked on her nipples and kissed all over her breasts as his hands cupped and caressed every inch of her skin on her neck, shoulders, chest, breasts, and ribcage. She squared her shoulders, rolled her head back and spread her knees wide, placing her hands on her thighs and letting them satisfy their lust for her body.Their hands roamed and caressed, and she moaned and pressed into their touch. Then she felt them pressing her back, and she laid down compliantly. She could feel them get off the bed and heard one of them rummaging around in the suitcase before they remounted the bed and knelt beside her. Each man took one of her wrists, and before she knew it she was handcuffed to the headboard. She pulled against the restraints but they were unyielding, and she arched her back and bent her legs, wriggling seductively to entice them to fuck her brains out.When she felt a pair of hands on her ankles pulling her legs apart a wave of sexuality rushed güvenilir casino through her, drenching her pussy and hardening her nipples. Her feet were pulled back and a pair of balls eased onto her mouth. The shaft stretched out over her chin toward her tits, and the owner’s hands took her ankles as another dick pressed along her pussy slit. A man’s hands held her thighs near her ass as he rubbed himself along her pussy, and she was too drunk to tell if he was wearing a condom or just sex gel on his dick. It didn’t matter to her, and she sucked on the balls at her mouth as her pussy was enflamed with passion. She was pinned securely beneath the man sitting on her face, her arms trapped gently under him as he knelt, her ankles held in his powerful hands, holding her pussy in position to be fucked by the other man. The cock on her swollen pussy lips took advantage of her helpless state, leisurely rubbing his shaft along her slit while his strong hands felt up her inner thighs and ass. With one hand he dipped the head of his cock down between her hungry lips and slid himself into her waiting pleasure chamber.A long moan escaped her throat and the balls in her mouth tightened as the man on her face watched her vulnerable piece of ass getting fucked deep and powerfully. The dick plunged into her pussy, tapping its balls against her asshole with every stroke as her cum canal grasped him and tried desperately to hold his pulsing shaft inside her. His hands cupped her ass and his thumbs stroked her pussy lips as he filled her with his manhood. She felt like a tree on the shoreline, held in place as the waves slammed into her again and again, forcefully filling her crevices with its strength and bringing the thrill of vigor to her blind, helpless form. Each time he filled her womanhood with his raging member he filled her soul with satisfaction and desire.He pulled out of her and got off the bed, leaving her turned on and wanting more as the man at her face removed his balls from her mouth and crawled into position at her ass. He grabbed her ankles and wrapped her legs around him, lining up the head of his cock for penetration. She pulled him inside her with her feet on his ass, guiding his pace as he eagerly fucked her pussy. The other man straddled her chest, laying his hard cock between her breasts and rubbing her tits with massage oils. She moaned at the warm, thrilling feeling of his hands gliding across her breasts and chest as another hard dick was gliding in and out of her pussy. She felt her ankles being grabbed and the man inside her held her legs beside his waist, immobilizing her as he pleasured himself on her chained and vulnerable form. She enjoyed every minute of their assault and cooed and moaned loudly as she filled her inebriated mind with each sensation th
at accosted her. When the man on her chest started thrusting his hips to fuck her tits, she enjoyed it. When the man at her ass raised her legs straight and felt her up as he slowfucked her pussy, she reveled in it. She pulled against the restraints and wriggled her body and legs to entice them to manhandle her even more strongly.It worked like a charm. She felt her legs being spread wide and held securely, the cock in her pussy slamming into her faster and harder. The man on her chest leaned forward to hold her arms down and his swollen head prodded her chin as his dick tittyfucked her glistening, oiled breasts. She rolled her head back and gasped, letting the man’s shaft and head glide along her neck, her body delighting in their renewed dominating assault. As she neared her climax she could feel their cocks were fat and swollen, ready to cum in her as she anxiously desired. Instead of feeling them swell and burst inside her, she felt her ankles released and the cock pulled out of her pussy. The man on her chest released her arms and both of them moved off the bed. After a few moments she stretched and wriggled seductively, arching her tits into the air and pining for their loving touch.Strong hands gripped her ankles and turned her over onto her stomach, crossing her arms at the wrists and pushing her knees into a kneeling position. Her legs were spread as she knelt, her arms still above her head which pressed her tits into the bed and raised her ass high into the air. Her asscheeks left her pussy completely exposed and she felt a thrill run through her as she lay poised in such a provocative and vulnerable position, waiting to be fucked. She imagined them watching her and masturbating, and she moaned softly as she fully adopted the role of their sexual plaything.She felt a pair of hands stroking her ass and a rock hard cock rub briefly along her pussy slit, teasing her. A moan escaped her lips and she could feel the other man kneel in front of her. Someone said, “Beg for our cocks.”A smile crept across her face and she cooed, “Oooh, I…” She was cut off by the loud SMACK of a paddle across her ass, and she gasped in excitement and stinging pleasure.”Beg!” he demanded, and the paddle smacked her firmly once more.”I want your cocks!” she shouted obediently as another blow landed; this one was softer and playful. “Please fuck my pussy!” smack “I want to suck your dicks!” smack “Cum on me! Cum in me! Anywhere!” She felt a hard cock slap across her face and she tried to take it into her mouth. A hand on her chin stopped her and she felt another cock spank her ass.”You don’t fuck us, we fuck you.””Then please fuck me!” she begged. One cock pressed against her face and another slid up and down her pussy slit. “Fuck me deep and hard!” she shouted as they rubbed themselves on her, teasing her pent-up sexuality. “Please fuck my pussy, I’m begging you. Fuck me so deep it hurts. Fuck my brains out, and keep fucking me til I scream!” She screamed. One of them, she didn’t know which, had reamed his bulging cock inside her waiting pussy right up to the hilt. She was filled so deep it hurt but in her drunken state after all their teasing buildup it immediately drove her to the brink of an orgasm, and as he started fucking her she came all over his shaft and balls, screaming out her rolling climax. The man in front of her slipped into her mouth and both cocks started thrusting in time, deepthroating her mouth and pussy on every stroke. She rode her orgasm all over their members and both of them pressed deep inside her and came.All three of them braced in ecstasy as their climaxes pressed them into one. Wave after wave of their pleasure doused her pussy and mouth, and she in turn clamped down on their shafts with her tongue and her womanhood covering them both in her own saliva and sex juices. The dick against her tongue pulsed and pulsed as she swallowed his cum, and the dick in her pussy seemed to go on forever, filling her with his lusty satisfaction again and again.Once their simultaneous climax had subsided they pulled out of her and removed the handcuffs from her wrists. She lay there exhausted as the men went to clean up, and before they returned the endorphins coursing through her veins had lulled her to sleep. She awoke the next morning under a thin sheet, mostly clean and without her blindfold. Her husband lay beside her, the stranger nowhere to be found. “What happened last night?” she asked her him.”You were pretty wild,” he replied knowingly, “What’s the last thing you remember?”She thought for a minute before replying, “Backrubs?” He kissed her forehead and said, “You had much more fun than that. I’ll tell you all about it sometime.”

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