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Those Piercing Eyes”Raj, why don’t you get down and unlock the gate? Stop looking around and find the keys for God’s sake, there will be enough time for watching the nature;” Cooed my sweet little wife Sumi, sitting in a corner of the cab squeezed between my two k**s and a lap full of baggage; watching me dazed, admiring the scenic beauty of the surrounding. Even when she was irritated and frustrated at my behaviour, her voice betrayed sweetness that was an integral part of her beauty and sweet empathetic personality. In our married life of eight years, I did not remember having heard voice exceeding a particular decibel; which is common of a wife after eight years of living with a husband like me. Mind you I believed that I was a good husband that took good care of my sweet good looking curvaceous wife and our two adorable k**s. She had put on tiny bits of body mass as compared to the day we got married. However, I thought the increment enhanced her sex appeal rather than otherwise. The increase of mass was just where a man looked (or liked) in a woman. I was indeed overawed by the scenic beauty of the environment surrounding our house and the view of the majestic yet simple structure of the house. It was one of the prettiest houses we had ever lived in. and we had lived in enough houses in twelve years of my career, which entailed frequent transfers all over India to cities and small towns. I hurriedly retracted my thoughts to the job in hand, which was to find the keys to the main gate and remembered that the land-Lord had told me that the keys would be with our neighbour, Mr. Dogra. He had told me that I was lucky to get his house on rent and luckier to have a wonderful neighbour in Mr Dogra. I vaguely remembered that my land lord had mentioned that Mr. Dogra was ex-army. He had mentioned his army rank too. However, at the point I could not remember what he had mentioned. “Hi! Hey there! Welcome to the beautiful town of Ranikhet. I think you are looking for these;” Said a thundering but disciplined voice somewhere from atop the next house. I looked up and saw a not so old looking handsome aged man holding a bunch of keys in his hand and waving his hands and dangling the keys to attract my attention. “Oh! Good morning, er, Mr. Dogra!” I exclaimed fumbling for words, not remembering his army rank. I am Brigadier Prem Dogra; but you may just call me prem.” His voice was resonant and yet very affable. My wife Sumi must have heard his voice too; for she craned her neck out of the car window to look at the owner of that resonant manly voice. She saw the Brigadier. Standing in the balcony of his house and talking to me. As soon as Brig. Dogra saw my wife looking out of the window, he folded his hands and said, “Good morning and Welcome, Mrs. Mehta to this beautiful town of Ranikhet and welcome to our neighbourhood.”. Hurriedly getting rid of the baggage in her lap, My wife Sumi came out of the car and reciprocated Brig. Dogra’s gesture by folding her hands and saying, “Good morning sir, and we look forward to enjoying our stay in Ranikhet in your neighbourhood.” It was clear to me that she was impressed (if not attracted) by the handsomeness, the personality and sweetness of our neighbour.”Do not hesitate to call me at any time for anything you may need or for any assistance that you feel you require. I am here all day and night except for my morning walks and evening club round. My driver and my assistant Ramu are always at your service, whenever you need them.” offered Brig Dogra looking at my wife with a trace of (I thought) manly desire that I am quite accustomed to seeing in all men whenever my wife is in sight. Sumi felt a little awkward but happy at the appreciative look. She was perhaps happy that after so many years of our marriage and two k**s, she could still evoke such a look in handsome men’s eyes, even if they are somewhat of older age. To shake off any awkwardness at being caught looking at my wife with a little more intensity and duration than would have been thought appropriate, the Brigadier cleared his throat and asked my wife, “Madam, please do not be formal. Please ask for any assistance from me or my staff without any hesitation. They are free most of the time as I live alone here and we have cleaning and house care takers coming for cleaning, cooking etc. I shall ask them to treat your request for any assistance as my command.”I saw my wife Sumi examine the Brigadier carefully. She saw a long lithe well built man with moustache and straight posture with a predominant lock of grey hair covered by a typical cap that I always saw army men wear. His smile was infectious and charming. He walked erect and looked straight into her eyes. My wife Sumi was awed by such a personality and his generous offer on the first meeting. She profusely thanked the Brigadier as I opened the gate and entrance and we all went inside the house. The house was not large, but good enough to feel comfortable and yet small enough not to give too much bother to the housewife. We were surprised to find that it was tidy and thoroughly cleaned unlike our experiences with the previous houses. I learnt later that the Brigadier had his men clean the house in advance of our arrival as a goodwill gesture of a neighbour. We were really loaded with gratitude. It is a job for a new incumbent family, particularly the housewife to clean the house thoroughly before moving in. It took us a good part of one month to set up the house nicely and make all arrangements such as getting the help for cleaning the house maid to do kitchen chores, visit the market and fill up the fridge as well as tying up with milk man, washer man, groceries, gas connection etc. Sumi was delighted to get full support from the next door neighbour. Without making too much ado, the Brigadier sent his staff to take care of one thing or another.We invited the Brigadier for a dinner one evening. It was wonderful to have him as he enjoyed his time playing with our c***dren and our c***dren had a whale of time playing, talking and laughing with him. In the first meeting with the c***dren, he had won over their hearts and had become their most favourite uncle. Sumi and I liked his simple non assuming attitude. He behaved with us with such humility and dignity that we felt as if we had known him for years. He profusely appreciated Sumi’s culinary skills and ate heartily. Sumi was gleeful and blushed profusely at his abundant compliments of not only her skills at cooking but her graceful beauty. After the dinner, I placed some chairs in the veranda of our house and poured wine for the Brigadier and me. The Brigadier and I sat whilst Sumi was busy putting the c***dren to bed. Under the exterior of the Brigadier’s smile, I could detect some kind of sadness that I could not put my finger on. I reluctantly asked the Brigadier, “Sir, I apologize for being intrusive, but may I ask about your family?”The Brigadier ruefully replied that his wife was killed in an accident a year ago and his one son and one daughter had moved out to USA and he lived alone there. He visited USA to meet his c***dren occasionally but preferred to stay in India at his home in Ranikhet. I could detect something amiss in his life, which perhaps the Brigadier was not yet ready to divulge. I left it at that. We had a drink when Sumi appeared. We talked for a while when Sumi mentioned that there was a problem of getting our c***dren admitted in a particular good school. Since we arrived between two sessions, the school authorities refused to accept our c***dren mid-term. When we mentioned this to the Brigadier, he dismissed our difficulties with a simple wave of his hands. He excused himself, got up and walked a little to talk quietly on the phone. He made two calls and made some notes on a small piece of paper. He returned and looked at my wife Sumi affectionately, handing over that slip of paper to her and said, “My dear, go to the school tomorrow with this paper and deposit the amount written on this slip. Your both the c***dren shall be admitted tomorrow.”My wife was so thrille
d at this development and the Brigadier’s gesture that she instinctively held his hands in her hands and said, “Sir, I cannot tell you how grateful I and my husband are for your wonderful assistance. We were so disappointed at not being able to get the c***dren admitted in that school.””Just call me Prem dear. I am Prem to both of you from now onwards and I would mind if you address me otherwise. No Sir business. Understood?”Sumi smiled and looking at me said, “Yes Prem, I will remember that.” I nodded my head smilingly looking at the Brigadier’s charm working on my pretty wife. After the Brigadier had left and Sumi and I cleared the table and put our c***dren to sleep, I could see Sumi in a very good mood and I knew why. I was also delighted at having our c***dren getting admission in a prestigious school, which was not so easy to get into. I poked my wife teasing her and said, “Looks like the old man has charmed my young lady out of her wits.” My wife Sumi looked at me questioningly trying perhaps to check any trace of jealousy on my face and said, “Come on, he is not so Old really. It was indeed very kind of him to go out of his way for us. After all, he hardly knows us just for some days.””My, my! Look at my wify! She is all agog at the charm of our not so old neighbour. Ok? Happy?” I asked her trying to tease her.”Well, indeed, he is charming, if it answers your inquisitiveness. Aren’t his blue penetrating eyes charming?” Sumi asked me responding in the same teasing tone. I had to grudgingly admit that, that indeed was true. That night in bed, Sumi and I made love; which was like a whiff of fresh air for me; after a long time of boring exercise in bed since the past few months. I could sense that my wife was more than impressed with the Brigadier’s charm. Sumi mounted atop me and pumped me hard as she used to do long ago. She was a woman possessed. She had more than one orgasm. I was so happy at her energy and enthusiasm in bed. As she kept pumping me breathing hard, I could not but look at her heaving breasts. I clutched them in my fists and squeezed them hard as she cried and fucked me for quite a while. Finally both of us cummed together. That was one hell of a fucking session; we had in a long time.Our c***dren were admitted in the school without a hitch. The principal’s refusal earlier had a big negative impact on Sumi her. The Brigadier’s help turned all of that and she was chirping like a free bird.Needless to say that the Brigadier was more than our neighbour; he became a family member. My wife Sumi considered him as one of our family members and whenever she made some special dish, she would never forget to visit him just when the Brigadier was ready to have his lunch or dinner and serve him with her own hands. The Brigadier highly appreciated her gesture and would not tire telling me and Sumi how nice the dish was and how wonderful cook she was. Simultaneously, he would never forget to mention about how beautiful she was and how well she had maintained her figure. Our life in the following weeks passed off wonderfully with Sumi and the c***dren all the time talking of the Brigadier “General Uncle”, who fed them chocolates, chips and all those things, which c***dren are always crazy about. About four months after our shifting to Ranikhet, a phone call came from Sumi’s father informing her that Sumi’s brother had a serious tiff with some army men and he was put in jail after being charged with serious offenses. The news caused havoc in my wife’s family. Sumi was shocked and started crying as she learnt that her father had stopped eating. They could not get bail for him even after persistent attempts. Sumi’s father was worried that if he is presented with a charge sheet, his career would end and he would lose his job, which was in a semi government organisation. When the Brigadier learnt of this, he asked me to give all the details of the incident. I phoned and got a copy of the police First Information Report (FIR). He went through all the details meticulously. When he finished, his face beamed with a smile. He said he would like to try to do something for Sumi’s brother. It seemed that the person with whom Sumi’s brother picked up a fight was one of his junior colleagues. The office head quarter was about 12 hour’s journey by train. The Brigadier spoke to a number of persons on the phone and booked his ticket. He left by train the next day to meet his old friend and get the issue of Sumi’s brother sorted out. The case against Sumi’s brother was water tight. He had violently fought with an Army officer and had caused him injuries as witnessed by a number of persons. The next day evening I got a call from the Brigadier congratulating me and Sumi. His mission was successful. To our profound surprise we learnt that not only her brother was released, but the case against him was withdrawn. This had looked impossible earlier and we were clearly told by all legal brains that Sumi’s brother would be found guilty and punished. We informed Sumi’s father and brother about this development. Their joy knew no bounds. Sumi’s father was so thrilled that he booked a flight and came to meet the Brigadier just to thank him personally for the most wonderful gift that anybody could give their family. Sumi felt so obliged but thrilled that the Brigadier took all this trouble to resolve the issue of her brother’s matter. The pleasure on her father’s face made her so happy. He had not seen her father so happy in a long time. It seemed to her that her father had become at least five years younger, after he heard the news, because he had given up all the hopes of his son’s release, not to talk of his getting out without a scratch against his service records. After her father left and all the euphoria over her brother’s issues subsided, Sumi and I went to the Brigadier’s house especially one late evening to thank him for the extra ordinary help he had rendered to our family. The Brigadier’s reply was simple. He said, “You are my family too. I felt that it was my family member who needed my help and that is exactly what I told my ex-colleague, when I met him for release of Sumi’s brother.”Both Sumi and I and particularly Sumi, was touched by the Brigadier’s extra ordinary humility. Gradually, the boundaries between our houses looked like disappearing. The Brigadier and his attendants visited our house frequently and all of us in general, but Sumi and c***dren in particular visited the Brigadier’s house at least once daily, if not more.The Brigadier made it a point to buy gifts for our c***dren and bought big cakes without fail on our birthdays. He showered Sumi and c***dren with liberal gifts and thus became very popular with them. Our c***dren in turn treated the Brigadier’s house as their own. The Brigadier enjoyed c***dren’s shrieks and their shouts as they played on his well maintained garden and in his balconies. The c***dren called the Brigadier as “General Uncle” perhaps because of his moustaches. They played with him as if he was a c***d and tugged and pulled his moustache and asked him funny questions. Our life thus went on smoothly for a few days. Sumi had a habit of coming out of the shower, half dressed and dry her hair and hang washed clothes daily during morning hours after c***dren and I left home. Her mother always did Surya Namaskaar (offer prayers to Sun God) in the morning. She did this immediately after bath, wrapped in one wet cloth. Her mother had taught my wife to continue the tradition. Sumi followed the tradition. She came out when the sun rose and offered the prayers wearing just a wet cloth. She then dried her hair and body and changed into short clothes and did some Yoga Exercises in the balcony. At that time the entire neighbourhood was empty and she did not have to worry about anyone watching her. Our balcony was such that was not easily visible from outside except from one window of the Brigadier’s bedroom. She had a vague feeling that the Brigadier peeped from his bedroom at times hiding behind curtains, when scantily
dressed, she did all these chores. My wife was not sure; but still she told me about it. I told her not to worry too much about that. I explained to her that firstly she was not sure. Secondly, even presuming that he was indeed watching her, what was the big deal? I laughingly told her that although he was older to us; he was young enough to experience hormones rushing in his balls, when he saw a beautiful, casually clad young woman like her. I explained to her how any virile male would feel in his position who had to compulsorily remain celibate for more than a year, after the death of his wife. If by looking at her he got some adrenalin rushing through his old veins even for a small duration, why should we grudge him for that? By letting him have a little bit of nice time, we did not lose anything. Did we? In fact, it would be a bad idea to deprive the old man at least of that, since he had been doing so much for us; I put forth a logical kütahya escort argument to my wife. Sumi could appreciate my logic although she seemed a little circumspect about it. All the same, it put Sumi’s tiny head at ease. After all, in all likelihood, it was her imagination and she argued to herself that she had nothing to lose even if our Good Samaritan became a bit younger for a few minutes, if he indeed watched her. Good for him, she thought. In the next few days she told me that she did not place the interfering clothes on the clothes line to block the view, she was rather generous putting on additional acts for her favourite benefactor; if he indeed was watching. She bent a bit more, stretched her hands up in air occasionally to display deep chasm between her bosoms to him. When she returned into the house after the act, she walked with the typical swagger giving her bums the movements that always drove men crazy. She began to do some Yoga exercises in our balcony that would need a bit of bending, rising legs up in the air, wearing short shorts and skimpy tops.Sumi’s playing this cat and mouse game ignited a lot of excitement in me. Sumi had always been faithful to me and I was positive that never in our marriage of seven or eight years; even a hint of thought went across her mind about cheating or even flirting with another male. Of course there never was any opportunity either. I began to wonder where all this could lead.I was curious imagining the expressions on the Brigadier ‘s face, when, if ever, he would be exposed to my beautiful and sexy wife’s intimate secrets; of which I was the only beneficiary until then. Some days passed off uneventfully. We all forgot about our brief discussion. One particular morning, Sumi had made a new delicacy that she cooked for us. Before she went in to take a shower, she packed a portion of it in a Stainless steel box to be delivered to the Brigadier as I was going out to go to the office. I hurriedly put the box in my bag, started my bike as usual and had just turned a corner when I realized that I had forgotten to deliver the box to the Brigadier. I stopped the bike there, parked it by the side and extracted the box from my bag. Whilst I was parking the bike, one of my colleagues, who lived down the road, passed by and stopped seeing me parking my bike. He asked me if I was ok. I told him all is fine. We chatted for a while and after he left, I decided to walk the small distance back to the Brigadier’s house to deliver the box. This sequence of events must have taken about half an hour. There seemed to be no attendant in the house. The ground floor door was open. I presumed that the Brigadier was in the ground floor main hall and entered the house. He was not in the hall. As I climbed up to the Brigadier’s bedroom on the first floor, I saw him through an opening in the bedroom door, standing by the window behind the curtains, peeping out to watch as Sumi came out after the bath to do her daily chores. I simply could not resist the temptation to watch the Brigadier’s reaction as he watched my half dressed wife shaking her hair in the balcony that made her boobs bounce freely without the bra and a wet white cloth loosely wrapped around her lissom body exposing her boobs. I was shocked to see the Brigadier had pulled down his shorts and had his tight long cock in his hand; which he stroked as he watched Sumi performing her daily routine exercises. The Brigadier’s cock was fairly long and thick and gleamed in the sun light; coated all over by pre-cum coming out from the tiny orifice of the stem of his bulbous head. It surprised me to see that even at that age (the Brigadier must be slightly short of 60) he had such a challenging cock that stood up like a flag pole in his palm.It felt awkward for me to stand and spy upon my neighbour thus. However, my legs were stuck to the floor as I could not but watch through what would be in store as the show progressed. The Brigadier was riveted to his spot as he watched Sumi do some Asanas of the Yoga exercise.Sumi kept exercising in the balcony, hardly aware of the impact she was making on our poor neighbour. And what an impact she was making! The Brigadier kept stroking faster and faster as Sumi spread her legs, raised them in the air one after another, jerked her hair up and down and bent and shook her body in the exercise. The whole show was highly tantalizing to say the least and any other male in place of the Brigadier would not have been better off. As the Brigadier watched movements of Sumi’s half hidden assets; filling up the rest through his imagination, he began stroking his cock harder. He was undergoing a wave of convulsions when suddenly my leg kicked one of the doors that made some sound and the Brigadier saw me watching him in the act of masturbation. He felt acutely embarrassed as he tried to cover up himself quickly. I was stuck like a dumb head on the doors, apologising and making very stupid incoherent noises as I retreated awkwardly trying to explain that I had come to deliver the food box that Sumi had asked me to deliver. I quickly withdrew and ran down the flight of stairs leaving behind the food on one of the small tables on my way out. I was so acutely embarrassed myself catching the Brigadier in his peeping tom activities that in the evening, I decided to go to the Brigadier’s house on my way back from my office, before going home and profusely apologize for my stupidity, so that this incident did not sour our relationship. However, before I could act, I got a phone call from the Brigadier sometime in the afternoon. His hello was pretty fragile as compared to his normal self assured resonant thundering greetings. He talked in roundabout way and requested that I should stop by his house on my way back and that I should strictly keep the secret between two males and that I should not mention any of this to Sumi. At about six pm that evening on my way back home, I saw the Brigadier having a cup of tea in his front lawn. I cleared my throat and tried to apologize, when he cut my statement in between and said, “Well, do not feel guilty. It is I, who needs to beg forgiveness.” Then regaining in composure somewhat he confided in me that he was starved of sex since his wife died more than a year ago. He swore to me that he would never look again in the direction of my house, when Sumi dried her hair or did her yoga exercises. He was surprised when I told him not to worry too much about what happened. I asked him not to stop looking through the curtains as there was nothing wrong if he did that because he was not hurting anyone. If Sumi did the exercises in the open half dressed, the Brigadier could not be faulted for looking. I promised the Brigadier that I shall not tell Sumi any of this and everything shall be just as before. The Brigadier appeared so obliged that he took my hands in his and with a hint of wetness in his eyes thanked me for my understanding. As I walked out after our evening chat, I felt pleased that this could lead to some excitement in our relationships resulting in some real surprises. Needless to mention that after the incident, the Brigadier was more than friendly to me. We met more often in the evenings and
he would reveal some of his secret army experiences. In his hey days, he confided that he was a star at the parties and many army wives and girls craved for him. He confided in me that during his service days, he had secret relationships with some of them too and many women wanted him to fuck them. He had indeed fucked some of his fan females, he grudgingly confided. I could detect a ringing tone of sadness and disappointment at him being left out to his palatial house alone with the two attendants, not being able to have any female company. He blurted out talking with me under the influence of booze one evening that only after we checked in his neighbourhood, did he find some vitality in his boring life. He inadvertently hinted at the role my wife played in this transformation. It must have been a week after the incident of my catching the Brigadier (with his pants down, literally). Sumi and I had retired to bed when Sumi asked me, “Raj, I am somewhat confused at the Brigadier’s strange behaviour since the past few days. He is avoiding eye to eye contact with me and behaves much more formally than before. I don’t know why.”The issue not only affected the Brigadier. It affected me too. There was this internal struggle going on in my mind too (wondering where aall this would lead to); since my talk with the Brigadier. I inadvertently blurted out, “Naturally, any man in his position would.”Sumi was surprised at my answer. She asked me, “What do you mean by that? Is there something that you know which I don’t?”I evaded her question and started to talk about some other topic. She was no fool. She caught my chin and looked straight into my eyes and asked me, “What is it Raj? Why don’t you answer my question in a straight forward way?”When after a few exchanges of conversation, I realised that it was not possible to hide from her what had happened on that fateful day, I told her in detail all that had happened, when she had asked me to deliver the lunch box.”After a long silence and some quiet thinking, my wife Sumi said, “You should have told me this earlier.”I replied, “What could I do? The Brigadier asked me not to reveal any of this to you. He made me swear. He was scared that if I told you what had happened, you would break all relations with him.” Her answer made me think seriously. She said, “It was foolish of him to think that way. After all, our relationship means more than a stupid thing like that.” She then turned to me and asked, “Are you sure, you are telling me the truth and not making this up? I mean seeing him masturbating whilst I was doing the exercises? You mean you really saw his cock? You said, it was long and thick one just like yours is? Even at this age?” There was a clear expression of surprise on her face.I quietly nodded and supplemented, “Yes, but it was bigger than mine.” I could see multiple expressions flying thick and fast on her pretty face. Expressions of surprise, disbelief, puzzle, interest and shyness combined. I then narrated to her all that the Brigadier confided in me regarding his past adventures when he was in the army service. I told her that during his time, he was a well known Casanova. It took her some time to digest the information I fed her. She looked thoughtful as she murmured, “No wonder, he misses female company and has to make do with the crumbs available in the form of watching me after bath; that too, peeping through the curtains.”I knew, I had her where I wanted her to be. Looking at the right opportunity, I asked her, “Sumi may be we could help him if we want…” I trailed off not revealing my hand yet leaving the sentence significantly incomplete. She could not resist the temptation and curiosity, “What do you mean, we can help him? How?”I deliberately played evasive and said, “Well, nothing really, it was just that …” And again I trailed the sentence off incomplete with loaded meaningful glances.”Come on don’t be a smut. Tell me what you have in your mind.”I said, “I was just thinking that if you feel that he does need some help, may be you could… I mean maybe we could…” I again trailed off into loaded silence.”Oh! You mean, I should give him company, right?” She asked with glaring eyes. I said, “Well, yes, but not exactly. What I meant is that perhaps we could be a little friendlier to him than what we have been so far”. She replied back quietly, mulling over the idea in her mind (I was sure), “Well, I think may be, you have a point there. He is a very good genuine person and any such male would miss female friendly company. I know in my heart that my dad has the same problem nowadays after my mother died and he cannot confide this to anyone.”I decided to push the envelope further, seeing the right opportunity. I asked, “Tell me honestly, would you mind if some female agrees to have sex with your father out of compassion and affection, seeing him in this condition?”Sumi was thoughtful. She said, “You might call it outrageous; but I think that if her intention is only to have sex with my dad, without getting involved with him in a family type relationship; then I would be thankful to her. I mean, only if it is a casual sexual relationship bereft of her having any ideas of grabbing his property etc, through that relationship. But then, which woman will do that for him?”I jumped at this opportunity and replied, “I don’t know about your father, but for the Brigadier, I know who can, if she chooses to.”It took some time for her to digest what I said. She then looked at me pointedly and asked, “You mean… you are suggesting that…?”I meekly nodded my head. She was angry (but not much). She said, “You must be out of your mind even to think of that.”I replied back, “You just said that you would be thankful to that lady for your father. The situation is not much more different here. Is it? Of course, it is your choice.” I shrugged my shoulder in complete detachment. “And you are suggesting this to your wife?” She asked.I said, “It is just a thought. It does not have to happen. There is no need to do it. There is no compulsion at all. After all, it is entirely our decision on how much we want to help him. Just look at the trouble he went to help us without any obligation and look at what he has done for us.”She said stubbornly, “I don’t think I am ready to go along with you. We have to consider our marriage too.”Again shrugging my shoulders, I concluded, “I am with you either way. You are the boss. I will fall in line with what you decide. I will not ask you to do this if you don’t want to. However, if you ask me, as far as I am concerned, I would like to go out of our way to help him out just as he did and I see nothing wrong in your being that woman; if you agree. Besides, I must admit that he is smart, strong and very likeable if somewhat older and could be very good in bed.”Sumi punched me hard in my ribs in mock anger. However, I knew that if I was not very wrong, I had hit the nail on the head. From that day onwards, my wife Sumi was a changed person. She kept talking of the way the Brigadier played with our c***dren and treated them so affectionately. She was trying to prepare herself for something that perhaps she did not know and surely had never done before. She made it a point to take much more care of the Brigadier and to check every day about his health, spent a lot more time with him and noted down what medicines he took at what time. She generally gave him the medicines herself or else checked with the attendant if the Brigadier had taken the medicines or not. In fact to the Brigadier, she became sweetness personified. The ball between my wife and the Brigadier got rolling. Sumi visited the Brigadier at least twice daily. She served him the medicines and cooked food that occasionally the Brigadier said he liked. When the Brigadier was even slightly unwell, Sumi would rush leaving all work to check how he felt. I looked at the change in her attitude to my neighbour and felt pleased and wondered if something exciting could happen as the result
. Many times during our visits to his house, the Brigadier’s c***dren called him from overseas and gradually even they got to know our names and talk to us. They were happy that we were looking after their dad well. I tried to check surreptitiously if there was anything beyond the normal formal relationship developing between the Brigadier and my wife. However, the results were always the same. Their relationship remained just a tad more than formal but far short of intimate. I never felt that they even hugged sexily at any time. I was sure the Brigadier might have thought of making some moves. However, he did not want to risk ruining the relationship that he had so carefully tried to build up. I raised the topic once or twice at bed time about their interactions and tried to check with Sumi, if she was considering being ‘that woman’ for the Brigadier. Her reply was the same, “You told me I am the boss. So wait for the right moment and I will tell you when I am ready.”One day, at about 9 pm, the Brigadier’s attendant came running to us and said, “Saab is not well. He has fever. Please call the doctor. He has asked me not to call anyone but you.”We were about to go to bed. Sumi was in her night gown and was preparing to put the c***dren to bed. We immediately dropped everything and rushed to the Brigadier. We found that the Brigadier had high fever. He was semi conscious. We phoned the doctor. The doctor was not in town. On the phone, he asked us to give him some medicines. The servant went and fetched the medicines. The doctor told us that we should watch the Brigadier for the whole night and not let the temperature rise too much. As soon as we administered required medicines to the Brigadier, the Brigadier’s attendant got a phone call from his town. The attendant’s father was on the deathbed. The attendant escort kütahya told us that he had to leave immediately right then; but he was reluctant to leave because of the Brigadier’s condition. Sumi asked him to leave immediately and told him that we would look after the Brigadier. The Brigadier had two attendants. One already was on leave. That meant that Sumi and I had to take care of the Brigadier at least for the next two days. After the attendant left, I checked the Brigadier’s fever and pulse. He had high temperature. We had to apply wet sponge on his forehead constantly. The next day was a school day and the c***dren had to go to school. Sumi went back to our house and returned after an hour with some “Khichuri’ (Rice and Lentil mixed porridge). I woke up the Brigadier. Sumi served him and made him eat some of it. She then asked me to go to our house to check if the c***dren had gone to sleep or not and to secure the doors properly. I did as I was told and returned after half an hour to forty five minutes to relieve my wife. When I was about to enter the room, I was a bit surprised at the sight I saw inside. My wife sat with the Brigadier’s head in her lap. She rested on the bed-head. The Brigadier lay under a blanket. She was applying wet cotton sponge on his forehead and gently massaging it with her fingers of one hand. Her other hand was inside his blanket. She perhaps was caressing his hairy chest to feel his fever. The Brigadier saw me. Feeling awkward perhaps, he tried to move away from my wife’s lap. I waved him to stay as he was and I sat on a sofa just adjoining the bed. I told the Brigadier, “It’s ok. You have high fever. The doctor has asked us to be in constant attendance and you are going to follow our commands until you get well. So just be a good guy and follow our commands. Ok? We are going to be with you through the night”The Brigadier meekly nodded his head, looked at Sumi and closed his eyes. He seemed to fall asleep gradually under the tender caresses and forehead sponging by my wife Sumi. I asked Sumi to leave and go home. I told her that I would attend to the Brigadier whilst She could go home and take rest to be fresh for the next morning. She refused and asked me to go home, if I wanted to. She said she had to perform her duty. The rest will follow. She was determined to stay with the Brigadier through the night. I decided not to pursue the matter further. I stayed there in case the Brigadier’s health worsens and if Sumi needs ay assistance. Some hours passed. I must have dozed off. When I woke up, I found that my wife Sumi had fallen off to sleep with the Brigadier’s head still in her lap. Her chin rested on the Brigadier’s chest. My wife’s lovely firm and ample bosoms pressed onto the Brigadier’s face. I got up and switched off the lights and sat on the sofa resting by the back of the sofa. I could still see them in dull light. I decided to pretend to fall asleep and wanted to see if something happens. Nothing happened for a while as all were asleep. After sometime, I sensed that the Brigadier shook a little. He sensed my wife’s bosoms pressing onto his face and covering his nostrils. He spoke something softly to my wife. Sumi woke up with a start she sat up straight and resumed sponging the Brigadier’s forehead. The Brigadier gave out a faint grunt. He still had some fever. Soon his regular breathing told me that he fell asleep. Sumi saw me sleeping whilst sitting on the sofa. She got up from the bed. She shook me to wake me up and told me in hushed voice to quietly stretch my body and lie down on the sofa and go to sleep. I signalled that I could sponge the Brigadier’s forehead and she could sleep for a while. However, she just repeated her earlier instructions. I nodded, picked up a blanket covered myself fully and stretched on the sofa and pretended to fall off to sleep. I was just an arm’s length away from them. All the same, I had kept a peeping gap in the blanket and could see them clearly from where I was. Sumi, returned. This time she sat by the Brigadier’s side (between the Brigadier and me) folding her legs to stay on the bed and resumed sponging the Brigadier’s forehead, caressing his chest and neck by occasionally inserting her hand in his blanket to feel his body temperature. She sat in an uncomfortable posture and after a while, she again dozed off to sleep. When her head fell on the Brigadier’s chest again, she woke up, resumed sponging with her upper hand. To be a bit more comfortable, she stretched her legs along the side of the brigadier, turning towards the Brigadier putting the weight of her head on her lower arm. When again she fell asleep and her head fell again on the Brigadier’s chest, she gradually stretched full length to lie by the side of the Brigadier with her face facing the Brigadier. Her one hand rested on the Brigadier’s head with the sponge in her fingers and the other folded to support her head. Nothing happened for a while. Then I saw the Brigadier move a little. He opened his eyes; saw Sumi’s face close to his. She was fast asleep, snoring a little. He raised his head to look if I was asleep. I lay quietly and breathed as if I was in deep sleep. Brigadier’s fever seemed to have gone down. Reassured that I was fast asleep, He gently removed sponge from Sumi’s hand. He then gently rested her hand on her full length body taking care not to wake her. Sumi gave out a few grunts but remained asleep. The Brigadier pulled Sumi closer to him and enveloped her in an embrace in his arms. I was not sure if Sumi was too sleepy to notice that or pretended to be so. Sumi’s face was opposite the Brigadier’s face. The Brigadier pulled my wife closer to him. They were both lying close to each other’s body. The Brigadier was inside the blanket and Sumi outside. Seeing them in that condition, made my cock harden. This was the first time that I watched my wife lying close to another male. It must be the Brigadier’s moustaches tickling my wife’s nose that Sumi seemed to have woken up suddenly after a while and saw that she was in close embrace with the Brigadier. She raised her head a little and looked behind at me to see that I was fast asleep. She then whispered something in the Brigadier’s ears that I could not hear. The Brigadier murmured something back
and pulled my wife still closer to his body. Sumi mumbled something cosy and snuggled up to the Brigadier in his arms. I thought she said something like, ‘it is cold’. The Brigadier pulled his blanket over sumi. They were both covered inside the Brigadier’s blanket. I was sad that I would not be able to watch movements of their hands from outside. However at that point, they were then completely entwined in a close and intimate embrace with each other with the Brigadier’s arm over my wife and perhaps exploring her shapely behind.My cock was on fire. I quietly opened my fly and took my enlarged cock in my hand and began to crank it slowly. I felt from the movements inside the blanket that the Brigadier’s fingers were exploring my wife’s back and reaching down her buttocks. It was clear that Sumi was awake and did not offer any resistance. However, Sumi did turn her head behind once in a while to ensure that I was asleep.It looked to me that their game was not progressing much beyond that. In between both of them were falling off to sleep and nothing significant was happening. I felt that it was time to move forward. I inserted my hand inside the blanket and pinched my wife’s buttocks hard and pushed her into the Brigadier to hint to her that I was awake and that I wanted her to let the Brigadier explore her more. At the same time, I began to snore louder. This was a clear signal to her that I won’t mind her moving ahead. Sumi caught my hand and pinched it back to signal that she understood my desire. She quickly removed the blanket over both of them. Either she felt hot inside or she wanted me to witness their playact. She cooed something in the Brigadier’s ears and cuddled up to the Brigadier. She again whispered something into the Brigadier’s ears in sleepy tone. This seemed to have stirred up the Brigadier a little and he began to squeeze Sumi’s buttocks harder with both his hands. It was obvious to me from the energetic moves of the Brigadier that the Brigadier’s fever was completely gone by that time. Seeing his dream girl close in his arms, he seemed to have all his energy and virility flowing through his veins. I increased the sound of my snoring to give both of them the sense of comfort that they badly needed to sooth their nerves at playing such games. The Brigadier gradually rose over my wife and rested his mouth on her lips. Sumi adjusted her face and let the Brigadier kiss her hard on her lips. I was thrilled to see my wife kissed by another male for the first time. I was sure, she was thrilled equally. They both kept kissing for some time. I heard her umms.. and the Brigadier’s mmms…” I knew the Brigadier’s joy knew no bounds. This was his dream come true. His nostrils had not smelled female fragarence for a long time. He had no occasion in a long time to feel a woman’s lips and body close to his for longer than he cared to remember. Besides, he was not kissing just any woman. He was kissing the woman he was masturbating and ejaculating for. The Brigadier squeezed Sumi’s buttocks hard. He kept running his fingers all along the curves of Sumi’s curvaceous behind. He wanted to remember each of her curves, so that when alone, he would resurrect the information from his memory data base and relish the details later. He was trying to feel her buttock muscles and ass crack. Sumi giggled when she felt the Brigadier feeling her buttocks. They kept kissing and feeling each other for some time, making my cock fully erect. Sumi reciprocated the kisses of the Brigadier heartily and sucked on his tongue. There was muffled slurping sound of their lips and tongues licking each other’s skin and sucking each other’s saliva. As the kiss progressed, the Brigadier became impatient and tried to climb over Sumi. However, Sumi managed to keep the Brigadier where he was, telling him, “Hold on… Don’t be impatient. Wait… etc.”Out of breath, slowly both disengaged from a long and passionate kiss. Sumi turned over on her side resting on the bed on her back. The Brigadier gently rested one of his hands over Sumi and kept caressing Sumi’s face, neck and portion above her breasts in such a way that his hand occasionally just brushed her breasts. As soon as it brushed them he would withdraw his hand quickly. Sumi understood that the Brigadier desired to feel her breasts; but lacked the courage to touch them. She caught his hand and placed it on one of her breasts. This was just the signal the Brigadier was waiting for. Having got the go ahead, he slowly pushed apart the flaps of Sumi’s gown and inserted his hand inside. When the Brigadier fumbled with the bra, Sumi rose a little in the bed and unclasped the straps of her bra. That moment must have been of monumental importance for the Brigadier. He was feeling my wife’s that part, which had made him sleepless for many nights. I was afraid lest he might ejaculate simply by the feel of my wife’s luscious breasts. As he felt my wife’s naked breasts in his hands, I felt him jerk visibly. The Brigadier was becoming impatient to move forward, whilst my wife was trying to restrain him, whispering in his ears that I was sleeping close by. At the same time She did not resist his moves. I again punched Sumi from behind to push her to move ahead. I heard her grumble a little acknowledging my push. She made the Brigadier turn and rest on his back and slowly rose her head and upper body a little and rested her head on one of her palms. Pretending to look behind at me to check, if I was awake, with the other hand, she began to fumble with the Brigadier’s trouser’s’ fly. The Brigadier quickly opened his trouser’s zip to extract out his hard and fully erect cock that uncurled like a fat snake getting up from its hole, ready to attack the opponent. I kept looking at the fully erect flagpole of a cock standing atop the Brigadier. I was sure Sumi looked at it with complete bewilderment too. She was a bit hesitant to feel it. Then she gently touched it. I gave her a nudge from behind her. She looked back at me and winked at me smilingly as if hinting to me that she was going forward as per my instructions. Sumi began to stroke the Brigadier’s big penis with slow deliberate movements, rubbing his foreskin and spreading his pre-cum lubricating all parts of his thick and long shaft. I saw the Brigadier tightening himself up in the bed in ecstasy; it was a long time since any woman had touched his cock. She caught his testicles and gently caressed them, lifted and felt them and lovingly massaged them in her palm with her delicate fingers as only she knew how.The Brigadier caught Sumi’s one free hand and kissed it to express his gratitude for giving him the VIP treatment. The Brigadier was in cloud nine. He had not expected Sumi to offer herself to him on a platter. He had been dreaming of Sumi and masturbating himself to ejaculation daily. It was just too much for him to see the same dream girl pumping his cock in his bed. The Brigadier slowly rose from the bed and took a good look at me. He asked her in low whispering voice (and that time, I could hear him), “Is he asleep?”Sumi saw him looking at me, she told him, “Don’t worry. He sleeps like a log. You cannot wake him now even if you beat drums in his ears.”I heard it and poked a finger hard into my wife’s bum’s crack to hint to her that I heard her. She gave out a muffled ‘ouch’ as the result. The Brigadier wondered and asked her in hushed tone, ‘What happened?”Sumi replied, “Nothing. Perhaps a bed bug.” She whispered back to him. The Brigadier was hard at work on my wife’s ripe breasts. He had pulled down my wife’s gown well below her breasts and had removed her bra with a little bit of cooperation from Sumi. The Brigadier caught one of her breasts in one hand and sucked on the other breast whilst he caressed my wife’s torso with his other hand inserting his other hand inside my wife’s gown. Sumi tugged at the vest of the Brigadier and asked him, “How are you feeling Prem? Are you feeling temperature anymore? Do you think you can dispense with this?”The Brigadier
replied in clear voice removing his vest and resuming sucking Sumi’s breast, “I never felt better. I am fit as a horse, as you can see and horny as hell.”Sumi began kissing the Brigadier’s hairy chest. Sumi’s other hand was busy caressing and shagging the Brigadier’s cock. She was astonished to feel the Brigadier’s cock as big and thick and hard as a rod. She asked the Brigadier, “Prem, you are hard as a rock. Did you ever fancy me in this way in your arms dear?”Without hesitation, the Brigadier replied, “Every day without fail. I watched you in wet clothes doing exercises. I ejaculated almost daily. However, I just fancied this. I never thought this would ever happen in reality. I cannot say how much thankful I am. You have made me many years younger.”Sumi said, “Don’t thank me Prem. We are lovers now. Lovers never thank each other for their love. You don’t have to masturbate now on. I will not like your semen to be wasted. I want to take it in as much as I can. Don’t worry. I am not going to be pregnant because I already have had the vasectomy. What I am doing is nothing as compared to what you have done for us. Lovers do all they can, for each other; without thanking or expecting thanks.”Sumi kept cranking the Brigadier’s rod. From behind her I again nudged her, egging her on to move faster. She pulled the Brigadier’s trousers down. The Brigadier quickly pulled down his trousers and got rid of his under wear. He was fully naked on the bed. Sumi kept playing with his testicles and with the girth of his thick cock. The Brigadier made Sumi to sit up in bed so that he could pull Sumi’s gown over her shoulders. They were both fully naked on the bed. Playing with the Brigadier’s big shaft, Sumi said, “Prem, you have a thick and big cock. How is it so even at this age?””Well, Sumi, for one, I try to remain fit as a fiddle by taking long walks and doing exercises. That plays a part. But the most important part is you.” Pointing at his cock he continued, “Today he has seen an opportunity to be introduced to a beautiful companion and therefore he cannot remain confined to a smaller size. He wants to impress the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.”I could see Sumi blushing profusely at the compliment. She kicked a punch in the Brigadier’s rib and said, “Don’t flatter me falsely. I am not the prettiest woman you have seen.”The Brigadier was slowly getting rid of his hesitation with Sumi. He pulled my wife in his lap. She must have felt the Brigadier’s rock hard cock on her pussy. Perhaps she adjusted her position to take his cock between her thighs without letting it enter her. She caught his head between her hands and pulled his mouth on her mouth inviting him to kiss her. However, before mating with her kütahya escort bayan lips, the Brigadier said, “I do not know of any prettier woman than you are. You are not just pretty for the eyes. You are pretty at heart. You are indeed the prettiest woman I have ever laid my eyes on. I know you are feeling sorry for this old man.”Sumi was quick to reply back. “Don’t give me that credit. You may be aged. However, I knew you are young where it matters.” By mistake she blurted out that I had told her that the Brigadier had long cock. However, the Brigadier did not seem to notice that. He said, “Whatever, but you are indeed the most wonderful thing that has happened to me at this stage in my life. I feel as if I am reborn to…” before the Brigadier could complete his sentence, Sumi jumped on him and kissed him hard repeatedly saying in between breaths, “You speak too much. Don’t speak. Kiss me. Make love to me.”That was too much for me to bear. I began cranking my cock faster. I wanted them to fuck quickly. However, Sumi was playing games with the Brigadier. She was delaying the inevitable. Was it because she was apprehensive about his long and thick manhood causing her some pain? I wondered. They kissed so intently and for so long that they were bound to be out of breath. Both trying to regain their breath, separated. Prem laid Sumi gently on bed. He spread his one palm on Sumi’s body and rested it at her navel hesitating to massage her pussy area. Sumi caught it and made him rub his palm on her pubic area. She then whispered, “Prem, tonight, I am yours. Don’t hesitate. Make love to me as much as you want. But pray be silent. I would rather my hubby remained asleep.”The Brigadier looked at me. I continued pretending I was fast asleep. However, I smiled tongue in cheek. I felt that we would have to make the Brigadier aware that I was in this too. However, the time would be of my wife’s choosing. The Brigadier spread his large palm over my wife’s lovely pubic area and caressed it lovingly. Sumi always kept her pussy clean and shaved. The Brigadier was pleased with the smoothness he felt when he caressed Sumi’s pubic region. He said, “Sumi, you are nice and smooth.””Do you like it this way Prem?” Asked Sumi.”I love it darling.” said the Brigadier taking the initiative to call my wife ‘Darling’.”Well, Raj always likes me clean shaven and smooth there.” hinted Sumi about my existence.”Can I suck you there?” asked the Brigadier. “I said, do what you want. Don’t ask.” replied Sumi getting a little irritated.”I am yours for the whole night. You may suck me, fuck me and do everything except anal sex. I don’t like it. We never do it. Look Prem, now we have a relationship that is far beyond that of neighbours or even friends. I and my husband Raj both are on the same page regarding this. Today my willingness to share the bed with you has manifested because of your fever and our concern for you. I decided today to confirm our relationship. My husband and I would like you to share me with my husband. We both agree that you deserve a female companion and I and my husband both feel and you will perhaps agree with us that I could be as good as a companion anyone else for you. Do you agree?”The Brigadier was overawed at my wife’s statement. He was touched. He meekly nodded his head. Sumi saw the Brigadier’s expressions and said, “Come now, my lover, prepare me to serve you.” She grabbed the Brigadier’s head and signalled him to move towards her legs. The Brigadier gingerly moved towards her legs and made my wife spread her legs far apart. He slid down to at the end of the bed to place his mouth between her legs. Oh! What a sight it was! It looked as if the Brigadier was trying to find his lost youth between her legs (which I thought, he indeed was). Sumi spread her legs wide enough to let Prem dig his head deep between them licking and poking her clit with his tongue. Whilst he was digging his tongue deep into the recess of my wife’s spread out cunt, he was also squeezing her breasts and occasionally pinching her nipples with one hand. The Brigadier wanted to drive her to a point, which would compel her to beg the Brigadier to mount and fuck her. I must admit grudgingly that he was doing a good job it; because as the result of his actions, Sumi was undergoing unprecedented convulsions with her body shaking and ‘Ooohh…’ and ‘Ahhh…’ repeatedly escaping her lips even when she was trying hard to remain silent. I did offer this treatment to my wife often. However, either I would get tired too soon or she would not get the ecstatic moments that I thought I would have liked to give her. On the other hand, the Brigadier’s stamina far exceeded mine and he was able to extract such grunts, sighs and exclamations from Sumi; which I was never able to do. From the way Sumi began sighing and moaning, it was evident that she was nearing her orgasm. And the Brigadier was in a hurry for her to expedite it. He certainly knew how to drive his paramour to the highest level of ecstasy. I could now relate to what he had told me about his experiences in his active service. The Brigadier withdrew his mouth and replaced his tongue with a finger of his hand. He then inserted one finger into her pussy hole and began to gently massage her clitoris. Sumi was just about to explode with her f
irst orgasm and with the Brigadier’s finger digging into her love hole, she did with a rather loud sigh. This let loose all the restraint Sumi could manage in spite of the highly titillating activities from the Brigadier. She was trying hard to control her decibels. However, she could barely able to control her ecstasy. She started crying out to the Brigadier, “What are you doing, Prem? This is driving me nuts. Oh… Ahhh…” I knew she was having a huge orgasm. He clit was her weakest point. When I needed to pep her up, that was the formula I used and now the Brigadier also learned of my secret weapon. She shook and trembled for a while, closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh enjoying her high. She then stretched her hands to invite the Brigadier to come in her arms. The Brigadier climbed up atop her gently, taking care not to put any weight on her. His thick and long penis hung down pointing upwards. Sumi held his penis in her one hand whilst held the Brigadier’s head in her other hand moving her fingers through his hair and guiding his lips onto her lips in a passionate and hungry kiss. I could clearly see that she was hot as hell to get fucked by long and fat cock of the Brigadier. I could hardly blame her for that.The Brigadier kissed her for some time and raised himself to kiss her long and thick hair. He then descended to kiss and lick her neck with his tongue. He kept kissing her neck for some time, then began kissing her breasts and above. His saliva was flowing down my wife’s juicy breasts. I could see that Sumi was relishing each brush of the Brigadier’s tongue on her lithe body. She twitched her eyelids or gave out an ecstatic moan as he brushed her tongue on sensitive parts of her body. When the Brigadier reached her navel, Sumi stopped the Brigadier. He looked at Sumi questioningly. “What happened?” he asked.Sumi pointed her finger at me as I sat up on the sofa and looked at them. That the brigadier’s condition was awkward would be an understatement of the year. He was bowled. He was completely foxed seeing that they got caught red handed. He could not utter a word. Looking at the shocked expressions on the Brigadier’s face, Sumi said, “Come on Prem. Relax. Don’t get disturbed. It’s ok. As I told you, Raj and I are on the same wavelength as far as this relationship is concerned. It was my husband, who persuaded me for this adventure and I am glad he did. Mind you, he has been watching whatever we did. That was just to make you feel relaxed.”Then looking at me and my hard erect and eager cock, she continued, “As you can see Prem, he enjoyed our love making. Did you not honey?”Without answering, I stood up stripping off my dress and in no time was fully bare whilst the Brigadier watched me wide eyed and speechless. It took him some time to reconcile with the situation. I sat fully naked on the bed by the side of my lovely naked sleeping beauty Sumi with my cock at full attention.Sumi took my cock in her hand and stretching her arms wide inviting me in them, she said, “I see that the show was erotic enough to make you so erect and hard. Now don’t be a spoil sport and come in my arms and join us, will you?”I quickly snuggled into my wife, poking her side with my erect and hard cock into her waist and went into her arms and said in low voice, “This was what I was waiting for. I wanted you both to feel relaxed and make love. Love is so blissful. There is no jealousy, anger or hatred and there is no feeling of possessiveness. Love is giving happiness and accepting it, when others give it to you. Love is not snatching happiness or trying to take it forcefully. Prem, we want you to be our love mate. I want you to share and enjoy Sumi with me. Traditions and social conventions and beliefs be damned.”I began licking and sucking her breasts as the Brigadier resumed licking Sumi’s pubic area and went down to lick her labia and upper thighs. He began massaging Sumi’s thighs with one hand, occasionally squeezing them hard to relieve them of fatigue. Sumi heaved a sigh of relief and low audible grunt of pleasure as she felt better with the massage the Brigadier offered her thighs. I caressed my wife’s pubic area and enjoyed the smooth feeling down her contour leading to her lovely and tantalizing pussy lips. I spread her lips apart. Sumi jerked with the touch of my fingers on the sensitive areas and let out a loud moan. She did not have to control her moans anymore. I slowly inserted my one finger into her pussy and started massaging her clitoris lifting it up occasionally. I knew this drove her mad with lust. She would not be able to resist her craving to be fucked. And this time there were two lovers to fuck her. That experience was so exciting for her. There was no feeling of guilt for having violated the sacred marriage vows, because this was what her husband desired and as per vows she had taken, she was duty bound to fulfil husband’s desires. She was therefore perfectly within her social and religious domain to copulate with another male lover.As soon as I inserted my two fingers in her pussy hole and commenced finger fucking her, she began to shake and tremble on bed. Her moaning increased and her craving to be fucked started to build up. Sumi was highly vulnerable to finger fucking and who else knew that better and I did. Perhaps most of the females are like Sumi. I did not have much experience with others though.In no time, my wife Sumi cried out, “Raj, Prem, please fuck me. Do not torture me this way. Stop this and fuck me hard. I am your bitch in heat.”Whilst I was working on my wife, the Brigadier sat aside and was watching me slowly shagging his cock. I caught his arm and invited him to be the first to mount on my wife. His hard erect shaft was eager to say the least to find his way into my wife’s Sumi’s waiting pussy hole. The Brigadier gingerly mounted atop Sumi. Sumi looked at him smiled and closed her eyes. She caught his cock in her hand and centred it on her pussy lips. Sumi rubbed his cock on her pussy lips for a minute or so and symbolically pulled it into her hole. The Brigadier got the signal and pushed his hard erect, long and thick cock into my wife’s waiting pussy just a little. Sumi sighed. Was it due to pain on account of the Brigadier’s fat and long cock or anticipation and excitement of experiencing another male penis, I could not know. However, her sigh seemed to be a mix of various emotions. As soon as the Brigadier pushed his rod slightly deeper into Sumi’s passage, Sumi cried out “Slowly, Prem…” The Brigadier withdrew his cock. He caught Sumi’s boobs in his hands and with a slight thrust of his pelvis, pushed his cock further. Sumi remained quiet in anticipation. When the Brigadier pushed it one last time harder into her pussy, Sumi closed her eyes and took it in silently. She was relishing a thicker cock with a long shaft. I was sure, she wanted to be fucked by the Brigadier many more times. I could imagine her inner delight at feeling her whole passage full of a man’s meat. She moaned as the Brigadier slowly pumped his rod into my wife’s pussy. She could not control her moaning getting louder and louder as the Brigadier kept pumping her harder as the time passed. She kept calling, “Prem, this is nice. Oh God.. Fuck me darling. You are doing fine. Oh Prem, fuck me harder…” Her own juices mixed with the Brigadier’s pre-cum had fully lubricated her passage and it was then smooth for the Brigadier to fuck her. This was the first time for months for the Brigadier to fuck a woman of his love. He loved my wife and dreamed of fucking her and creamed out for several months since we had moved in to the next house. The Brigadier increased his speed of fucking. As Sumi got used to the Brigadier’s long and thick cock and gradually increasing pace of his skilful strokes, she began to reciprocate his thrusts and bounced up to match the Brigadier’s rhythm. To facilitate the Brigadier’s pelvic thrusts, upon Sumi’s signal, I inserted a pillow beneath my wife’s shapely bum to raise her pussy angularly so as to enable her to rec
eive the Brigadier’s shaft fully inside her passage deep down her body. In a short time, Sumi matched the Brigadier’s thrusts with her up wards thrusts. His testicles slapped my wife’s bums at increasing pace and created “Futch… Futch… ” sound. Both the Brigadier and Sumi kept letting out sounds such as “Hmmm… Aahhh…”, as they pulled and pushed into each other. Gradually their tempo mounted. It did not look as if the Brigadier had quiet high temperature some hours ago. This was a momentous experience for me too. I was seeing my wife fulfilling desire of an old person who had been suffering from loneliness and celibacy for the past one year and who we felt deserved to be satisfied. This was a novel experiment for me and my wife. We were treading on an unknown and perhaps a dangerous path which was social taboo. The Brigadier appeared not able to hold much longer as he reached a high. Sumi looked at him and from the expressions on his face understood that her lover was about to reach his climax. She stopped the Brigadier and asked him to dismount her. My wife asked the Brigadier to lie on his back on the bed and climbed up on top of him straddling him between her legs. I thought she wanted to cum with her lover and give him the pleasure that she felt he deserved. That action was designed perhaps delayed the Brigadier’s climax. She held his still hard, fully coated cock with slime of juices from both the mating lovers. As soon as she assumed her position, she gently inserted his rock hard cock into her hole rubbing it just a little on her pussy lips. The Brigadier was re-energized and was able to sustain a bit more. My wife kept pushing and pulling into her mate with frantic pitch. It was then the turn of her mate; the Brigadier to thrust his pelvis upwards to push harder into his lover Sumi. The Brigadier grabbed my wife’s flying boobs into his hands and squeezed and massaged them as Sumi fucked the Brigadier hard.Sumi pumped into the Brigadier and moaned out loud, almost a shriek. The Brigadier in turn reciprocated her groans with huge sighs as he pumped his cock up into my wife’s cunt. Their matching duet resonated through the bedroom. Their huffs and puffs and smell of sex spread across the room. From the increase in the pace of their grunts indicated that they both were about to reach their climax. With a big sigh from Sumi followed by a loud Ohhh… My… that was great… from the Brigadier. Both ejaculated. My wife’s cunt began to overflow as both collapsed exhausted on bed. There was a huge energetic ebullient expression on the Brigadier’s face even though he was exhausted. Sumi had great satisfying expression, that surfaced on a hungry person’s face when he has filled his stomach with stuff he relishes eating.It took them a minute or two to recover, after which, Sumi looked at the Brigadier, smiled and stretched her arms to take him into a big embrace to convey without speaking; her appreciation of how wonderful the Brigadier was in bed. The Brigadier kissed my wife hard on her lips for a few seconds and kissed her forehead, mouth cheeks and neck to express his profound gratitude for being a wonderful lover Sumi had been. I was watching their mating and then their post copulation loving mutual appreciation sitting on bed.The Brigadier looked at me and said, “Raj, I cannot tell you how touched I am at both yours wonderful gesture. But for your feelings and understanding, my life would have been like desert. You and Sumi have come as an oasis in the desert. I beg to be forgiven for having even considered building sole relationship with Sumi. I am touched to learn that it was your initiative that we could do what we did today. I guarantee you on oath that this incident will be buried with me and no one would even get a whiff of smell of our adventure. You have my word that irrespective of whether we have another such opportunity or not, this and any such incidents in the future, will remain strictly between us.

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