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The true story continuesWe were preparing to leave at the end of our holiday. C. had wanted to talk about our meeting with the photographer, and I encouraged her. I found that it turned us on to re-live the entire experience, and we had some great sex as a result. She wanted to experiment much more than before, and I was getting some long sessions doing things she’d always refused to explore. She even demanded anal sex, and I was only too happy to provide it. In return, she’d acquired a strap-on, and returned the favour both with that and with her fingers.Although I was pleased with this new activity, I always had a nagging feeling that it wasn’t enough for her. She’d enjoyed being fucked by this stranger, and right in front of me. Sometimes she said things that even surprised me, taunting me about the size of his cock, and how it had made her realise that she could get better deeper orgasms than I’d ever given her. I wasn’t sure whether this was just part of a game, spurring me on, or whether she was getting frustrated. I didn’t have long to wait to find out. The day before we left the phone rang. She answered it, and I realised at once that it was the German, who introduced himself as Kurt. He had rung to invite us round for a drink before we all went our separate ways. There would be a few of his friends there. She didn’t ask me, she just said that we looked forward to it. It was that evening. I could see that she was excited at the idea, and she spent half the afternoon preparing herself. I knew what she was thinking, and I had no choice but to go along with it. At least there would be others there!We arrived on time, and Kurt opened the door to us. He threw his arms round C., embracing her tightly for a few moments, before shaking my hand and inviting us in. There were two other couples already there, drinking and chatting. Both of the women were younger than us, and attractive güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri if a bit slutty. One of the guys was big and well built, the other probably my age and build. They were introduced, and we sat down with a drink and chatted. They seemed OK. Kurt came over, saying ‘Well, that’s it, we’re all here;’ He sat down beside C. then said to the others ‘This is the lady I was telling you all about.’ Hmm, I wondered just how much he had told them about our previous meeting. C. laughed nervously. He put his arm round her, and pulled her towards him. His hand rested on her breast, and I realised that she had come without a bra. He gently fondled her, as if he weren’t really thinking about it, but I could see that the others were noticing. Her dress was light and floaty, and as he played her nipple became more and more evident.For a while we all relaxed, and helped ourselves to more drink. I chatted with the second guy who was also British. At one point he turned to me and whispered ‘whatever you do, don’t cross the big guy. He’s got a record for v******e and will turn on you if he gets annoyed. Just play along.’ I looked across at him; yes, I could imagine that he was a nasty piece of work, and he was bigger than me anyway. I shrugged and said I wasn’t going to argue with him.The big guy stood up. He’d been all over the woman sitting beside him, but now he walked over to where C and Kurt were sitting. He leaned over and put his hands on her knees, pushing them apart. Her dress rode up, revealing her bronzed legs, and as he pushed it further, a tiny white string. He grinned and touched it, then hooking a finger inside it, he pulled it aside. C isn’t shaven, and is proud of the mound of red hair, manicured into a small patch which hides inside her bikini (when she wears one!); Now it showed and he smiled with pleasure. He touched her mound with perabet giriş his large podgy finger, then having greased it well with her juices, he pushed it hard inside her cunt.Aware of what the other guy had said, I didn’t react, but I wasn’t used to seeing some rough overweight low-life pawing my wife. He was quite different from Kurt, who had always acted courteously, even when fucking her. I sensed that this one would be more physical and in it for himself. He pushed his hand back and forth, first one finger then two, getting as far in as he could. There was no subtlety, it was a rough finger fuck. And all the time, she was leaning against Kurt, and I wasn’t sure whether he was holding her still or supporting her. Anyway, she wasn’t complaining at this point. Kurt undid a couple of buttons on the front of her dress, and manipulated her tits out. She was moving a little, no doubt allowing the big fingers to do their work without causing too much damage.All this time she was leaning on Kurt. Her dress (worn deliberately, I think) had buttons right down the front, and he clearly thought this was provocative. Very slowly, and one by one, he undid them, working down from the top, so that first her breasts, then her flat belly appeared, then finally the last one revealing the tiny strip of cotton round her hips which was her knickers. The dress parted, and she lay back in the arms of one man while another feasted himself on her. Withdrawing his fingers, he now stood up and undid the buckle of his belt. He quickly pushed down his trousers and his underpants, and pulled his shirt over his head. I now saw that he was repulsive, an overweight middle aged guy with a big overhanging belly. I doubted that he could even see his swollen cock from above, but he clearly knew where it was, and took it in his podgy hands. From behind he looked ridiculous, his pants round perabet güvenilir mi his ankles, his naked bum fat and hairy.He leaned over her and pushed forward. I saw her tense as he entered her and for a moment Kurt seemed to be restraining her. But she knew how to relax, and he was able to leave her pressed back against the settee. The pounding began, no subtlety, just a long hard rough fuck.I became aware that the other guy’s wife had come and sat herself behind me. Her hand began to stroke me, and for a moment I was distracted from what I could see. She had her hand inside my shorts, and with the other neatly unfastened the button and pulled my growing cock out. She lowered her head and took me in her mouth. Beyond her I could see my wife being pulverised by the big guy, whose fat arse banged rhythmically against her. I doubted there could be pleasure in it for her, but she had been the one keen to come. Now the big guy’s wife joined us on the settee, sitting on the other side. It had been a while since I had two women pleasuring me at the same time, and I was going to enjoy it. I couldn’t concentrate on the activity taking place across the room, but I was aware that the big guy had pulled out and moved away. Kurt and the other man took his place. At least they were a bit more sensitive. But I was only vaguely aware of them because I had two women undressing me and playing all over me. One of them told me to get down on the floor, and she lowered herself onto my face, her bush centred on my mouth. The other lowered herself onto my hard cock, and taking it into her hand she stroked it and directed it deep into her. Then, as she slowly rose and fell, the two women started to kiss and fondle each other. I was in heaven.My tongue tasted the juices that were being offered to me, and the slow rocking movement at the other end ensured that the pleasure would last for a while.After it was all over, we all sat together and drank. Everyone was satisfied, even C, who didn’t seem to have minded the big guy. It turned out that she had always wanted a bit of ‘rough’ and while she wasn’t in a hurry to repeat that particular experience, she put it down to experience..

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