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THE TRAIN JOURNEY IN INDIA PART IIIHI ALL GUESS MOST OF YOU HAVE READ PART I AND II OF MY EXPERIENCETHIS IS PART III ( FINAL PART IN TRAIN ) BUT THAT JOURNEY WAS THE ONE I HAD MOST OF THE GUYS I MET ENDED UP FUCKING ME( THATS ANOTHER STORY)—–Well as you all read in Part II, I woken up in the train and the attendant Bhanu was smiling a bit cheekily at me.So there I was sitting and he was looking at me with his cheeky smile. I finally asked him why he he was smiling. He replied he wanted to do once again. I guessed that was not the reason for smile so I said ‘ No fun till you tell me why you smiling – what do you really want? ‘ He was nervous in telling me but I was a bit shocked when he told me that the guy in the next cabin had seen me dressed. I was geninunely shocked a bit and I asked him when and how. He replied he saw me last night when i had walked to the exit to smoke and he had seen from behind and had asked Bhanu if he had seen me close up as he wanted to see me up close. I said i will think about it but I want to have a smoke first. I picked up my pack of smokes and went to the exit. I was smoking and Bhanu asked me for a smoke which I gave him. We were smoking and i told Bhanu to keep a watch as I had to go to the loo. I told him to knock on the loo door if any one came and to tell them to come after a adana escort bayan while. I went in and did my thing and came out and Bhanu was standing there. I lit another one and asked him ‘ You ready for another round ‘ He nodded. I was feeling excited about getting a round first thing in the morning. I lit up my second smoke and was puffing away when a guy( he is the guy in the next cabin – which i found out later) walks up from the cabin gallery and looks straight at Bhanu and kind of ignores me. I am feeling damn nervous as he is a tall guy 6ft looked fit with just a bit of belly growing so i guessed he was about early thirties. I was through with half my smoke and then suddenly Bhanu says’ This is Mr Ashish Kumar – from the next cabin’ and ‘ there is no one else in first class’. Now i knew he had asked this Mr Kumar to come out. Kumar smiled at me and I smiled back. He was staring at me and he wanted to say some thing but couldnt. So I just said ‘ what you looking at?’ he replied ‘ you are looking GOOD’ I was wanting to get back to my cabin with Bhanu so i asked him ” What do you want ?’ Bhanu held my tits. I was so shocked but then I realized these two had planned it when I was in the loo. Kumar came forward and was feeling my legs up. There we were standing with the exit door open and the train slowed adana escort as it approached another station. I asked them both to come in but they were busy feeling me up and putting on a show for the by standers. After about 5 mins of felling me up and making me hard too( they both had super hard ons in their pants) we went to my cabin. Bhanu locked the door and they both stripped. Kumar held my tities and squeezed and Bhanu was rubbing my hrd on over my panty. Kumar then lay me on the berth and slid my panty off. Bhanu went out and Kumar locked the door again . Kumar was still feeling me up and was rubbing his hard on on my belly. I took his tool in my mouth and sucked him for a cpl of mins. Then I gave him a condom and he put it on his dick. He turned me over doggy and then fingered my ass. Kumar put his dick on my entrance and pushed . my hole was ready and he went in fully in one stroke. He started to pump me slowly with full strokes and I had my dick in my hand stroking my self. He pumped me doggy style for 5 mins and then he made me lie on my belly and spread my ass cheeks and entered in me again. Now he was pumping me hard and I now knew there was no one else so I was moaning. We did like that for a bit and then he made me stand and he lay on the berth and made me sit on his dick. I put his tool in me and escort adana pumped him till I couldn’t do it any more. Kumar had some stamina. He then made me stand with one leg on the berth and eneterd me from behind and humped me. He pushed so hard I was jumping up and down, even my fake tits were bouncing and I was about to cumm when he let go at full steam. He did not say a word all the time then he came in the rubber deep in me. I shot my load all over the bed sheet on the berth. We both took a minute to catch our breath and settle our blood pressure. He then said ‘ Damn!! That was sooo good ‘ . I kissed him on the cheek and then he took his clothes and rushed out and in came Bhanu. He was sooo hard he didn’t waste any time. He just dropped his pants and made me bend over and put on the rubber and enetered me. I guess he was too horny coz he pumped barely for 2 mins and came in the rubber.He left and said ‘ Thank You ‘ before going. I changed back to my normal dress as I had to get off in an hour and went out to smoke. There was Kumar and I saw him give Bhanu a big tip before they realized I was there. I asked ‘ did you both have fun?’ BHaanu was all smiles and Kumar said’ I am about to get married but this was more fun than any chick I ever had’ . Kumar asked me where I was going and I told him( thinking I am not going to meet him again anyway ) . As it turned out Kumar the stud was going to the same destination. We gotoff the station and we looked at each other. Then he said ‘ wanna check into the same hotel?’ —– THAT’S ANOTHER STORY —–

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