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The Sex OlympicsThe Great Hollywood ClubYour name is Cam. You look like you! If you want a description, look in the mirror. You are a pizza delivery man, living in Los Angeles, the pay is good, and it helps with the rent. Unfortunately for you, you haven’t had sex for six months, ever since your bitch of an ex-girlfriend Claire dumped you for Dominic, a total dick, and has some annoying fancy office job while getting a company BMW car. However, one night is about to change your life forever. One warm summer’s night, you make a delivery to 207 North Palm Drive. A young woman opens the door. “Thank you, I’ve been waiting for this all day, my boss is kind of demanding”. She is wearing a black sleeveless T-Shirt, some jeans and some simple trainers. She has black hair tied up in a ponytail; she is also wearing so glasses and she looks kind of nervous, the kind of person who would be treated meanly. “That will be $8.00” please you say, as she hands over the cash, you over hear someone else talking. “Goddamit Novak, how hard can it be to find any more guys, it’s the 2012 Hollywood sex Games. How can no one be volunteering, have you even been looking”. You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t intrigued. Sex Games? “Please Miss Kunis, don’t say anything now, we’ve got company” That’s impossible, it’s not Mila Kunis, it can’t be, right? “Uh, you didn’t hear any of that did you” she says, with a worried expression on her face. “What the sex games, a little bit, what is it?” You ask, desperate to know what is going on.“I can’t tell you, now please leave. I’ll lose my job if you tell.” She looks very worried, and now has quite a serious look on her face now.But before you can talk any more, the other in the house comes in. It IS Mila Kunis. “Oh my God Novak, how hard can it be to get the pizza, you got the money, please, can I just have…” Her jaw drops when she sees you, she angrily turns to Novak.” What is he doing here, does here now about the fuck-a-thon.?” “No” you say coolly.“For fuck sake Novak, this is a secretive event, you can’t just tell people. You’re fired”. Novak looks devastated,“Please, I need this job, I’ll lose my apartment, my dog, everything”. You feel so sorry for her; you’ve might have cost Novak her job. You need to stick up for her.“Miss Kunis, first of all can I just say that I’m a huge fan of your work. I love Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Black Swan, and family Guy is like my favourite T.V show in the world.” Her expression no longer seems angry, but she is interested in what you are saying. “Look, your assistant didn’t tell me anything, I overheard what you said, that’s how I know, so please; don’t fire her because of me.” Novak looks at you, with a thankful look on her face, and you can see that her eyes are getting watery. She starts to talk again.“Miss Kunis, we can just pay him off, he seems like a nice guy, I’m sure he won’t say anything.” Mila Kunis looks at you intently, and begins to speak. “Well, to be honest, he is kind of cute. Maybe we could enter him in the contest.” You don’t know what they’re saying, but you’ve heard the words “Fuck-a-thon” and “Enter him”, so you have a good feeling about this. “Are you sure” Hayley asks. “Why not, we need more guys, and he might just meet the criteria, if he passes the tests of course, come on in”.Novak leads you into the sitting room. A phone goes off, “That’s me” says Mila “I’ll leave you to for a minute, and remember Novak, if you want your job back, no talking”You two are left in the room by yourselves. “Thanks for saving my job, you didn’t have to do that” You look at her, “I had to help you, it was the least I could do Miss Novak” “Thanks, and please, call me Hayley”You sit silently together, not willing to talk about anything, it’s too risky. Eventually, Mila comes back. She takes a seat and begins to talk to you“Right, so I bet you want to know what’s going on, well we will tell you if you past the tests, and then you can join the, uh, games. Do you want to try? It’s fully optional”“Why not, sounds like fun.”“Great. Test one; we are going to test you physically. Me and Miss Novak here will look in five areas, and if pass at least three, you pass.“OK”“First of all, well I’m going to be honest, you’re not ugly, so that’s one, you’re at least 5’10, so that’s two. Good start. Novak, test his armsHayley gets up and feels your muscles, “Well, there OK”“Let me see, not strong enough fail”.Ah well, two out of three isn’t bad, you’ll probably still pass”“Right now take off your shirt” Mila looks quite fierce in her red tank top and mini skirtYou do, and since you know that you don’t have a six-pack you know it’s going to be another fail. Uh-oh.“Right final area, I didn’t want it to come down to this but, Novak take out his dick”You are taken aback by this, Hayley looks quite confused and unsure, until Mila yells at her to do it, she quickly takes your pants down, and unfortunately, since Mila Kunis has been talking to you, and you’ve got a boner, great now you’re not going to be in the fuck-a-thon“Wow, you’re at least eight inches, that is a definitely pass” Mila says, and for the first time, you see a smile on her face. Hayley just looks embarrassed, while stifling a smile. You put your clothes back on“Ok, for round two, you need to know about your films, again five questions, you just need three”“Q1. Who played Rocky?”Yeah, this question is amazingly easy.“Sylvester Stallone”“Correct. Q2. What is the name of the film that stars Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins?”“The Shawshank Redemption”“Right. Q3. What Australian actor won an Oscar for playing the Joker in the Dark Knight?”She’s just letting you win now, it’s pretty obvious. “Oh, um, Heath Ledger?” You say with some sarcasm.“Right. You win, although we really need people for the challenge, some I was easy on you. Time for the final round. Novak get his dick out.”“What”“Come on Novak, you know the rules, you suck his dick, if he doesn’t cum in five minutes, he wins”Just then, Mila phone goes off again, so she leaves to answer it. You and Hayley are sitting in the room, both avoiding eye contact with each other. “Look you don’t to do this if you don’t want to, I can just leave”Hayley looks at you, “It’s not that, I actually like you, I mean your sweet and funny, the only person I’ve ever had gave head, or even had sex with is my old boyfriend, and he dumped me just after a year. He just used me”You feel for her and you tell her that you will just go“But what about the contest, you want to be in it don’t you”“Of course I do, but not if it makes you uncomfortable”Just then, Mila comes back“Never mind Novak, he looks tasty” she says lustfullyShe sucks your cock down to the root, swirling her tongue on the underside. Her tongue barbell feels like nothing you’ve ever felt on your johnson before, almost electric. She swallows and her throat clenches around the tip, squeezing and massaging it. You are now completely stiff in her wonderfully warm, wet mouth. She starts pulling you out of her mouth, and then sucking you back in. The pressure is exquisite. You don’t think it will take much to shoot your wad from this point. You hold her hair away from her face, so you can watch every second“You made it, well done. Enjoy your blue balls” She laughs“Thanks”, you say glumly. “Now what’s the fuck-a-thon?”“Well, once a year, I and loads of other Hollywood celebrities stage a sex games. Challenges you see. The winner gets $100,000 in money and three wishes from all of us, as a way of saying Congrats. You wanna do it.”Do you want to take part in a sex games with celebrities. Fuck Yeah.“Yay, I’ll call the girls, say we’ve got another contestant. Novak, give him the details”“OK, meet them at the Presidential Suite at the Beverley Hilton Hotel next Friday at 10 pm. “Thanks”“Wait, before I see yo
u out, let me just do one more thing”She grabs your dick and starts stroking it, and quickly you start to cum all over her“Oops, sorry”“I forgive you” She hugs you, and put her number in your pocket. When you get back to the car, you realize that you left a bunch of pizzas in the car. The next day, your boss fires you, since you can’t explain what happened. Now you have to win the fuck-a-thon.You arrive at the hotel and when you knock on the door, Hayley greets you.“Hi, I’m so glad you made it”“Good to see you, too, I’ve been looking forward to this all week”“I bet you have. Listen, when this is over, do you; maybe wanna get a coffee or something”. Is she asking you out on a date? Now. “I mean if you don’t want to, that’s fine, I guess.”“Hayley, I’d be happy to”“Great, how about tomorrow at eleven, I know a great café”Just then you see a another woman come in “Are you Cam?”“Yeah”“Come this way”“You are lead into a bedroom, you see three other guys waiting there. The woman tells you to wait there. There are waiting for another guy to show up. You make small talk with the other contestants, theirs Lee, who is an Asian who must have passed the test. Theirs Dwayne, who is about 6’6 and kind of scary looking. And then there Garrett, he’s from Canada, and looks like he is too young to be involved in this sort of thing. You see the final contestant arrive, and your jaw drops. It’s Dominic.“Right then, now that you’ll all here, let me introduce you to the host for the evening, Ms. Angelina Jolie. You all look in amazement at her, wearing the sort of dress that you’d expect at the Oscars or something”.“Hi guys, as you know this is the 2012 Hollywood Sex Games. You will have your work cut out if you can beat our defending champion, Dominic. Last year he dominated so well that it got boring, I hope that doesn’t again.”She shakes hands with the contestants, and talks to them a bit, until she comes to you.“Hi Cam, Mila has said great things about you, I look forward to seeing your work later on,” she says blowing you a kiss and she walks away. She really is beautiful. As she approaches Dom, she gives him a kiss on the cheek, she obviously favours him.“OK, here are the rules. First of all, this is a totally voluntary situation. None of the girls here have to have sex with you, and you don’t have to do anyone you don’t want to. Some of us might have some, shall we say, special requests, and you’re not obligated to fulfil them – though this will severely hurt your chancesYou do not say anything about this; otherwise we will sue you or everything you have. And more.Third, every girl here has a ‘panic button’ in her room. If you get too rough, and won’t stop, then you’ll face the consequences.”Finally, just to make it totally clear, you’re NOT ALLOWED TO TELL ANYONE. That means now or ever, whether you say yes or not, whether you win or not, no matter what happens. You know, that reminds me, did they ever find Rich Johnson? Just the one part? That’s what I thought.There are five challenges. The first one is the inspection. All the women will look around you and we vote on who looks most impressive. The winner gets 10 points, the runner-up gets 8 points, third gets 6 points, and you can see how this goes. I’ll tell you more about the other challenges when we get to them. But right now, get naked and get out there”. You unzip. It seems that while Dwayne has the advantage in height and Dominic has the advantage in strength, you have the edge in size. You walk into the huge living room, and you see every sexy T.V star, every hot movie star, every fuckable musician, every beautiful supermodel, their all here.Angelina Jolie starts to talk into a microphone. “Ladies, welcome to the 2012 Hollywood Sex Games”. This causes all the women to scream and cheer. “If this is your first Sex Games, then you are in for a treat. We have five very eager participants ready to challenge for the money. So Dwayne, Lee, Garrett, Cam and Dominic, good luck. Ladies, you now have ten minutes to inspect the men. “Like Angelina, all the women are wearing fancy dresses. You are just standing there naked, but the fact that dozens upon dozens of beautiful women are coming towards you is giving you a massive boner. You see various celebrities go up to the men, and you then notice Lea Michele looking straight into your eyes. You actually went to high school with her. You always had a crush on her, but she never noticed you. She doesn’t even remember you“I just want to tell you that I think you’re the best looking guy here, and you have the nicest cock here. I hope that I can play with you later.” She gives you a kiss on a cheek before moving on. Next is Eva Mendes feeling up your balls, and then Cobie Smulders arrives.“Cobie feel how big his nuts are, he must have bucket loads of cum in them.” Cobie however, looks unimpressed“Eh, he’s got no muscles, Dominic can fuck for hours”OK, those comments hurt a bit, but on the plus side the rest of the celebrities seem impressed with you, until finally Bar Refaeli. She takes one look at you, and plants a wet kiss on your lips, while reaching for your junk, could this be your first fuck?No, it can’t, because Angelina comes and ruins it. “Bar you know the rules, no fucking, not yet”She leaves upset, but looks at you as if to say, “I’m gonna fuck your brains out” With that the inspection s over, and all the girls go into a bedroom. They come back about ten minutes later“Gentlemen, we have been voting on who is the sexiest out of all of you. Lee, you came fifth, Garrett was fourth, Dwayne’s third, Cam’s second and Dominic won.”OK, second place isn’t bad, you take it, but you’ve got to do better in the next round“Guys, in round two we are going to test your willpower, we are going to put on a show that most men could only jerk off too in their dreams. Lea, Naya, come in here”.Out comes Lea Michele and Naya Rivera, both of them are no longer dressed in designer dresses, but in a naughty schoolgirl outfit. Lea begins to talk.“Now guys, this is very simple, we are going to have some fun, and you’ll watch. But there is only one rule; you cannot touch yourself whilst watching. If you cum, that’s game over as well”“Now Lea, l think we should start, just looking at you is making me wet”Lea grabs the back of Naya’s head and shoves her tongue down her throat. The fact that the two stars of Glee, a show that Claire made you watch countless times, is making your dick rock hard, but you can’t do anything about it. You hear a groan, and you see Lee stroking himself, saying that he couldn’t help himself.“Bye-Bye.” Says Naya“So Naya, do you want to show them your amazing tits”“Only if I can show them yours Lea”They both undo each other’s tops, and your dick is throbbing. Naya’s tits are amazing. They can’t be real. Lea’s are a little on the small side, but she makes up for it with a slender body. They both resume kissing. You see that Dwayne is stroking himself silly. Even though he’s out, he wants to keep going. Garrett stares intently, but he is moaning in agony. Dom looks cool as a cucumber, while you are losing your mind. “Lea, I think it’s time we get totally…naked”Naya stops, and pulls down Lea’s skirt, leaving you to see the beautiful shaved pussy that she has. Lea then returns the favour, revealing Naya’s trimmed, juicy cunt. It all becomes too much or Garrett, and he ends up cumming. He begs for another chance, but the other girls tell him to go. You notice that some of the other girls seem to be enjoying this show too. Miley Cyrus’ nipples are sticking out, as are at least twenty other women’s.“Hey boys, we brought a friend” Lea says, pulling out a dildo. She puts it in Naya’s pussy, leaving you to watch as she groans in pleasure. You watch Lea’s hand move faster and faster, trying not to lose your load. Naya’s pussy lips grip the rubber shaft each time see slides it out of her twat. Her words are changing from coherent to just
plain moans and shrieks as she approaches orgasm. “Oh yes, ahh ahhh ahhhh, oowwwoooww, God I love it! Owww, yeeeaaaassss, oorrrrrr.” You fail to notice at first that the other girls have taken a step back from Naya and you as she furiously rubs her clit with her free hand. Her hips start to buck in the chair and you stare in total lust at a show hotter than any strip club. She ends up having an earthshattering orgasm. Your dick is now oozing pre-cum, but Dominic looks fine.“My, my Lea, we have two tough eggs here. Do you wanna play good cop bad cop.”“Gee Naya, if you mean, good girl trying to make them cum bad girl trying to make them cum then sure.”You see Naya walking towards you. She licks her lips as she sits you down onto a chair. You notice that Lea is doing the exact same thing to Dominic.“Gotta admit Cam, that was impressive. You haven’t cum yet, but it’s time to give in.” “Nope”“Come on, do it for me, it’ll make me happy. Don’t you want me to be happy? I’ll make it worth your while” Naya then gets the dildo out and goes down on her knees, just inches from your member.“Imagine this is your dick”She then begins to stroke the dildo and then she licks it“Then imagine my nice red lips around your cock, taking every fucking inch until I gag, covering it in spit”. She then begins to suck on the dildo, while stroking your thighs. “Then imagine this entering my cunt.” She is making you so hard, but just to make sure; she begins to blow warm air onto your bell end, making you squirmShe hopes this will make you bust a nut, but, you don’t budge, her expression changes from happy to angry“Don’t fuck with me k**, give me your hot load, I fucking deserve it. If you don’t I’m gonna punch your motherfucking balls”“Sorry baby, but I wanna win”“Listen, what’s stopping me from sitting on your dick and making you come, you wouldn’t last a minute?”“That would ruin the fun, wouldn’t it?”Naya looks at Lea, both are shaking their heads. They swap sides. Naya going to Dominic and Lea is going to you. She leans on a table in front of you.“Isn’t this great Cam, I’ve been wanting you all night. I’ve been imagining how amazing the sex would be if we got together. Just think about it.”She closes her eyes and begins working her finger up and down on her clit, moaning with pleasure. “Oh God, Cam, you’re so hot… put your cock in me, make me come for you… fuck me, please fuck me!”She looks at you, surprised you haven’t cum yet. She looks at you with puppy dog eyes“Am I Ugly?”“Of course not, how can you think that”“If I was pretty, you would’ve bust your load by now, but I guess I’m not, I mean, you never talked to me in high school”You remember”“Yeah, you were probably the only guy there who was handsome, nice and not gay. Do you know I went to prom by myself, and I know you did too. If you asked me, I’d have said yes, and then I’d would have rocked your world later on”You hear some of the other women telling you to just come. She’s guilt-tripping you. But she soon realizes that it isn’t going to work, so resorts to another tactic.With a sudden effort, Lea pulls herself onto the table and spreads her legs wide right in front of you, displaying her shaved, naked pussy right before your eyes.”You want to lick me?” she asks, smiling. “I’d love to feel your tongue on my clit… lick my pussy and I’ll let you come”You are on the brink, you can’t take much more, and Lea isn’t helping, as she turns around showing you her perfect ass.“You can lick my ass as well, you can fuck my ass, no one’s ever done it, and so you know I’m tight. I might even bring a friend”Just then, you hear a grunt. Dominic has cum all over Naya’s face while she was doing her dildo routine.“Oh My God, it’s in my fucking eye. This stings so much, what the fuck did you do?”Lea lifts up your arm“We have a winner”. All the other women woo and scream. Lea smiles and asks you “How was that then””It was amazing, but is it over now?” you reply, squirming in frustration.”Yeah, I think we’ve all gone a bit further than we planned on, but it was really nice, now, how about a lap dance for the champion.” She then gives you a kiss on the lips.Suddenly you notice that, unknown to Lea, Naya is coming right up behind her. While Lea’s eyes are locked on yours, Naya grabs your dick, gently stroking it and aiming it at Lea’s pussy.When balıkesir escort Lea finally plonks her ass down in your lap she gets a big surprise as your cock plunges balls-deep right up her cunt. Her eyes open wide and she gasps “Oh my God! You’re right inside me!”Lea tries to pull herself off but Naya grabs her hips and slams her back down again. “Go on, fuck him Lea, he’s the champion!”Lea sits there for a moment, getting used to the feeling of your massive dick up her. Your heart is racing. “Lea, I’ve been dreaming of this moment!” you groan.Lea whispers “I’ve been dreaming of it too,” then gives you a passionate French kiss and starts humping your dick.Lea bounces up and down on your cock, panting into your neck with her hot breath, moaning “Fuck me, oh, ohh, fuck me, keep fucking me, fuck me hard, oh, oh, ohhh!” You’re going dizzy smelling her perfume and feeling Lea’s sweet little cunt sliding up and down your cock.Naya whispers in your ear. “She’s always wanted you, so fuck her good. Fuck Lea good and hard like you’ve both wanted! Go on, fuck Lea! Fuck that little bitch! Fuck her hot little cunt!””Yeah Cam, give it to me!” cries Lea. “I’m your little slut! You’re the winner so fuck me hard!”Naya nibbles your ears and kisses your neck, and Lea’s tongue is in your mouth as she pants “oh, oh, more, more, I love your cock, give me more… oh God!”Then Lea tenses up and starts cumming. You hug her tight and she bites your shoulder as her pussy starts twitching around your cock. Lea cums and cums over and over again, panting and twitching and squirming. Her eyes are wide and crazy because she’s never cum so hard in her life. Probably. Hopefully. Eventually she collapses against you and says “Oh God, thank you.””Any time, baby,” you reply.You still haven’t cum yet, which is borderline impossible considering how close you were before she started fucking you. You hold Lea’s hips and she starts squirming them around. Naya gets down between your legs for a better view of your dick and she starts stroking your balls.Lea is deliberately squeezing your shaft with her vagina. “Cum for me Cam, shoot your cum in me!”That sets you right off and you start to cum. But at that moment she tilts her hips a bit too much and your cock pops out, pointing right at Naya.You shoot your load right in Naya’s face. One spurt gets her across her forehead, nose and cheek. Another blast gets caught in her hair. And just as Naya gasps in shock, a stream of cum shoots right into her mouth and up her nose.Your dick is squirting everywhere like a fire hose. Most of the rest of your load gets sprayed over Lea’s bottom and gaping pink cunt.”Oh… My… God…” says a stunned Naya, cum dribbling and dripping off her face and down on to her tits.Lea tries to turn around to see what’s going on but she accidentally shoves her cum-soaked ass right into Naya’s face. Naya’s nose gets rammed up Lea’s bum and her mouth gets pushed into Lea’s wet pussy.”Mmmmffff” howls Naya, her mouth full of pussy lips. She finally breaks free and starts gasping for air. Naya sits there speechless. Her face is completely smeared with cum and it’s all in her hair too.”Oh god Naya, are you okay?” says a concerned Lea when she finally realizes what just happened.”Oh yeah, sure, apart from being covered with sperm and learning what my slutty friend’s pussy tastes like!Hilarity and friendly hugs ensue.As the girls clean each other off in the shower, Angelina walks towards you“Very impressive boys. I can’t remember such an awesome battle, or such an awesome reward, now both Cam and Dominic are tied for the lead. The
others have some catching up to do. We will now take a one hour break to let the boys recover, and then we will do the next challenge.” You are the other guys re-dress and wait in the bedroom. You have some small talk with them, their nice guys. But then Dominic appears“Well well, look at the pussies. None of you are even close to me when it comes to sex. Just quit”You want to punch him, right now, but that assistant from earlier tells you that the competition’s back on. You are lead out to cheers, and Angelina stands in front of you.“Welcome back men, it’s time for part three.”“Are you ready to meet one of the most beautiful women on the planet? Let me introduce to you Miss Kim Kardashian”You turn your head to see Kim Kardashian walking towards all of you, totally naked. Her tits are large and round, her legs go for miles, she has a lovely trimmed pussy, and her ass. Wow. Just Wow. “Now guys, this test is going to test stamina. It’s a little known secret, but I give the best blowjobs in all of Hollywood” Kim says, showing a seductive smile throughout.You think to yourself “That’s how she became so famous”“Now boys, my blowjobs are private. It’s just you and me. Who wants to go first?”Dwayne comes out of nowhere“I’ve seen your video with Ray J; I know you love black cock”Kim expression turns into one of annoyance, being reminded of her sex tape“OK big boy, you first everyone else out!” She shouts, seeming angryYou wait, outside, just a minute and eleven seconds later, Dwayne comes back. He looks at you and simply says“Fuck, she really is good”You gulp, getting a bit nervous, as you have to wait, preparing for the sexy Kim Kardashian to blow you. Garrett enters next. He lasts 44 seconds. Lee comes in his pants before he even sees her. You get the feeling that’s he going to lose. Finally Dominic arrives. He outlasts all the others, lasting 5 minutes and 59 seconds exactly. It finally your turn, you enter the bedroom.“Hi Cam, pleased to meet you.”“You too Kim”“As you can see, I’m naked, would you mind being naked… with… me”, Kim says, putting her body close to yours while saying it. You happily oblige. She looks at your rock hard cock“Very impressive, the biggest out of the men”. She starts to stroke it“You’re more beautiful than Katy Perry and Rihanna combined” you blurt out. Yes it’s corny, but it’s better than cumming.Kim blushes a little bit. “Why thank you very much, and by the way, when I put my hand on your dick, that started the clock”“Kim, how did you make then cum so fast?”Kim grins lasciviously as she drops to her knees. Her fingers feel grand on your skin, sending nerves impulses to your brain and back, causing your cock to swell even further. Her face is upturned toward you, her eyes revealing a blazing flame behind them.”Well, first, I made sure he was good and hard with my hand,” she says as she strokes up and down your shaft. You close your eyes and moan quietly.”Then, I licked him real good.” You open your eyes to watch her pink tongue dart out and taste you. You quiver with the delicious sensation. She licks all around the head, and then licks down the shaft to your balls. Her eyes look up at you with a deep lust smouldering in them.”I sucked his balls, one at a time.” You gasp as she takes your nut into her warm mouth. Her tongue whips around it quickly. You hold her head lightly in your hands, unwilling to push her harder than she’s already going. Her eyes gaze again at you with fire. She pops your ball out of her mouth, and she licks down from your sac toward your asshole. She flicks wickedly at your taint between the two. You groan louder, the sound echoing in the tile-lined bathroom. She pulls the other testicle into her mouth and gives it the same treatment as the other one. She hasn’t sucked your cock yet, and you’re already nearly exploding. This girl’s good! “I licked my way back up,” she said, her voice sultry and teasing. She flattened her tongue and lapped up your shaft like an obscene lollipop. Then you flinch in pleasure and moan explosively as she delicately uses just the tip of her tongue on that ultra-sensitive spot just below the head on the underside of your cock. You are out of your mind with the need to cum, yet she withholds it, keeping you in constant, delicious torment.”Only then did I take him in my mouth,” Kim says just before she surrounds your cock head with her lips, warm and enticing. You are so close, you groan, but the models finger presses hard on your taint below your balls. Your ability to cum right now is cut off; she could hold you in ecstasy almost indefinitely, if she continues to use that spot.You don’t know how long you got to last for, but you start to doubt that you’re going to make it. You won’t even be close.“This is amazing” you groan“Dominic said nearly the same thing, Lover,” she says with an evil grin and wink. “So I took his cock into my mouth, like this.” You groan you’re loudest yet, as her expert mouth takes you deeper and deeper into her mouth. After she gets about half in, she pulls back until just the head is still consumed by her lips. Her eyes are smiling, because she has you right where she wants you: crazy with desire.She begins bobbing on your dick, and, on each descent, she takes more of your manhood down her throat. You start feeling your balls tightening, but she does, too, and she stops you with finger pressure again. You are pretty much constantly moaning and groaning. Words have been lost to your pleasure-enfeebled brain.Her mouth comes off of you, and she says, “Then I deep throated him.” She sucks your member down hard. She is past halfway down and still lowering, and you are very gently pulling her head toward your crotch. She relaxes her throat, letting her take the last inch.“Cum for me baby, do it”“No I need to win”Kim smiles at you, and pulls out her stopwatch. It says 6:22. You’ve already won. Both you and Kim begin to laugh, before she deep throats you again, only this time you send gallons of cum down her throat.“Very good Cam, you seem like a nice guy. I hope you do well. Good luck in your next round, you’re gonna need it”.You are happy you’ve won, but wonder what she meant for the next round.You get dressed, and you see Angelina outside the door.“Well done, you are in the lead. Now put this blindfold on, round 4 is a bit… different… than the other rounds”Before you put it on, you see Lee simply sitting there, as if he’s having a nightmare. What the fuck are they going to do?You sit down, and your mind begins to drift. To your surprise, you don’t think about the countless celebrities you’ve seen tonight, the people who want to fuck you, but Hayley. You know that underneath her glasses, is a very attractive woman. You imagine what it would be like to take off he glasses, and just bone her. You are woken from your daydream by Angelina.“Hey Cam, time for round 4. Keep your blindfold on, she gets fussy about it. As the leader, you go last. Just be warned, this challenge is hard, and Dominic just put in the best performance ever.”You are intrigued and excited. Angelina leads you into the room, and sits you down onto a chair. You feel a hand on your chest, and this hand takes your T-Shirt off. She then undoes the button on your jeans and leaves you in your underwear. The hand starts to feel your balls, making your cock stir again. Then, there is a hard squeeze, leaving you to wince in agony. Then your blindfold is taken off. Rihanna is in front of you. She is wearing a simple pink latex dress; you quickly realize that this is an S&M game.“Listen here you bitch. The rules for this round are simply, if you say, Stop, or bust your pathetic load, then you lose. But, as you are in the presence of a goddess like me, you will lose. Now get off that fucking chair and lie on the floor.”Shit. This isn’t what you signed up for, but you know what they say, no pain no gain. “See these feet. These are your idols to worship. You got that slave””Yes””Kiss my feet”You star
t to kiss her feet.”Don’t slobber on them, slowly”You kiss every little toe, and start to lick it. Despite her small size she makes you feel inches shorter than her. You think to yourself how many people have jerked off over Rihanna’s legs, and she’s putting her toes in your mouth. Eventually she shoves her entire foot in, so deep that you can’t breathe.”Choke on it bitch.”You spend at least thirty seconds suffocating, and then Rihanna gets off you. You see her pick up a whip.“Would you like to fuck me?”“Yes”She gives you a painful whip across your chest.“Call me mistress”“Yes mistress”“Now as I was saying, would you like to fuck me?”“Yes mistress”“Well too bad. How dare you think that you can fuck me, you’re not worthy. You deserve ten strokes for that”She flips you over, and whips you again and again. You scream in pain, and she tells you to quit, but you refuse. After five lashes, she turns you onto your back, and gives you a massive lash on your balls. You scream in agony, but do not surrender. She does this to you four more times. You are in tremendous pain, screaming loudly and painfully, this can’t be part of the games, this is torture.“Pathetic, a real man would have taken it without complaint.” Now it’s time to fuck.”You see her strapping on a dildo onto herself. If she is going to do what you think she’s going to do, then that’s it.“OK, stop, you win, don’t fuck in the ass” You shout“Sorry I can’t hear you”“Look, Mistress, don’t do this, Dominic wins, alright?”Rihanna however, doesn’t seem to notice, or is just ignoring you“Do you want lube” she asks sadistically“Get off me”“Did you say no, great, that’s always more fun”You brace yourself for the anal impounding, but then Angelina barges into the room to save the day“For fucks sake Robyn, thanks to you we’ve got one guy sobbing in the back and another in the hospital with anal bleeding. He said stop alright, now let him go.”You quickly get up and get the hell out of there, you are creeped out, and you get dressed. You find that in the living room, it is just Dominic there, giving you a slight, cocky grin towards your face, you both are giving each other evils. The host of the evening (I’m getting tired of saying Angelina) comes in between you too.“That’s enough for now. Both Cam and Dominic are equal on points, so tomorrow, these two, and just these two, will take part in the final round to win the games. And as we all know, the last round is the most fun.”You walk out of the hotel room and head towards your car. When you get in, you see Hayley standing beside her car, signalling you to call her. You don’t know why, but you to be looking forward more to seeing her in the coffee house tomorrow than the sex games. Well maybe not.You walk into the café the next day, you look for Hayley but you cannot see her, then you see someone put her hands over your eyes. “Guess who”You turn around and see Hayley. She looks different. She has her hair down, she’s wearing contacts, a Foo fighters T-shirt over a black jacket and some black jeans. You quickly hug her and find a place to sit.“So then enjoy last night”“It was amazing, apart from Rihanna trying to kill me, but apart from that it was great”“Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Dominic get let off easy, she totally favours him”You just want one day without thinking about that piece of shit, so you quickly change the subject to music. Amazingly she is like you, she loves indie rock and hates Glee, although you may change your mind about that after last night.As it turns out, you share a lot of things. Her favourite T.V. show is Scrubs, like you. Her favourite food is Italian, like you, and she seems to hate Lebron James as much as you, (although she seems to think that Kevin Love is better than Kobe, but whatever. She starts to open up to you about her ex-boyfriend.“He was great at first, we met in college. He always bought me flowers and chocolate. Eventually I gave him my virginity. After that, things went wrong, he started to talk to me less and less, and then out of nowhere he proposed to me. I was so looking forward to getting married, then two weeks before the wedding; he dumped me for some girl he’d been sleeping with called Claire. I lost thousands of dollars in the wedding deposits, and I had to take a job working for Mila Kunis. I work 24/7 for little money thanks to that…that…bastard.”This is the first time you see Hayley swear and get angry, and then you see her eyes start to water. You quickly hold her hand on the table, and she immediately cheers up. You both stare at each other’s eyes or at least ten seconds, only then does the enormity of what she is saying take effect“Did you say Clare?” She nods“Was your boyfriend Dominic?” She nods, sadly, looking forlorn“Would it make you feel better to know that I was dating Claire for two years before she dumped me for him?” She looks at you in shock, and then slowly shakes her head. She starts to speak“I guess we’re survivors.”“Hayley, I think that he is an idiot for cheating on you with that hoe.”You look at her, and you realize that you are smitten for this girl, while you enjoy all the games and stuff, this girl is deeply buried in your heart. You again look at each other for ages, then she starts to giggle, then she leans in. Is she going to kiss you? She closes her eyes, confirming what you already knew. You lean in with her. You share a gentle, sweet, almost cliché kiss with her. Not like the passionate French kisses you’ve been having all week, but something tenderer.You too break up the kiss, and smile at each.“Cam, when this is all over, do you maybe…”She stops quickly, and you turn around, and see Dominic sitting at the table next to you with Claire. All four of you are looking at each other, this is awkward.You and Hayley turn away from them; Dom then starts laughing and calls the two of you losers. Claire tells him to stop, but he continues to goad you, eventually you go over, but Hayley tries to grab you to stop. She fails. You and Dominic look at each other, face to face. Again, you feel like hitting him, but you look at Hayley’s face, she is begging you not to do it. You begin to walk about until Dom begins to sarcastically wave, this causes Hayley to lose it.Fuck you, you big prick!” She hissed at him angrily. “Fuck you and you little sex toy!” She glared at Claire, who shrunk back in surprise.”Oh, don’t be like that!” Dom shakes his head. “What’s with all the hate?””You dumped her, you jerk!” You speak up, unable to hold your tongue any longer.”Easy, sport.” He said, patting your head. Your blood boils even more. “It’s her fault for getting so clingy.””What?!” Both you and Hayley shout.”I mean c’mon. We had great sex. You’re a real freak in the sack, baby. But it was just sex. I can’t help it if you tried to make more out of it than that.””We dated for over a year!” She cried out, tears in her eyes. “Yeah, because you give great head. But it wasn’t serious.””YES IT WAS!” Hayley shrieks. You are vaguely aware of the entire coffee store staring at you, but you’re in a rage now, and it’s all focused on the son of a bitch ahead of you. “It’s not like we didn’t see other people on the side.” Dom wrapped his arms around the girl next to him. Hayley’s mouth hung open in shock.“I never saw anyone else!””Well, it’s not my fault you didn’t take advantage of the situation.” He shrugged. “Other girls dig guys who are ‘taken’. What was I supposed to do, say no to them?””I dunna believe this…” Hayley said sadness and disgust in her eyes. “I’m going to be sick.””Look, let’s not let this get out of hand. My offer for a threesome is still on the table. I know you’ve had some bisexual fantasies.” He smiled and turned to you. “She told me all about them.” Hayley looks at you in horror and fear as one of her secrets is revealed. You are slightly shocked, but it doesn’t throw off y
our ire. “So what do you say, sweetcheeks? Want to eat out Claire here while I fuck your ass?””Okay, that’s it!” You stand up and glare at Keith. “You have three seconds to get the hell out of here, asshole! I don’t want to see you around Hayley again!””Oh! Big words, chief.” Dom laughed and stood up straight. He was taller, larger, stronger, and all-around physically superior to you. Kinda makes it hard to be intimidating. “No need to get jealous all of a sudden. I know you’ve always wanted to do her and you hate me because I was fucking Claire every night while you sat at home and jerked off.””I hate you escort balıkesir because you’re a cheating douchebag!” You growl.“For God sake Cam” Claire interrupts, “Can’t you just move on and be happy for me, I’ve met my soul mate”Now it’s your turn to feel sick“If he’s your soul mate, then I think you should know what he did last night”Your about to talk about the sex games. But then Dominic sucker punches you in the face. You go down and black out.When you wake up, you are at Mila Kunis’ house; she is franticly asking Hayley about you“Is his nose OK, What if he has to drop out, what did you do Novak?”You scream out “I’m fine” as she yells. You hear them both rush in“Oh you’re alright, I was so scared” Hayley says, hugging you in the process“OK, you’re fine” Mila cuts in “You just got a bit dazed from the punch, you’ll be alright, now go back to the hotel, I had a $1000 bet with Neil Patrick Harris over whose going to win”You look at her confused until she says“What, gay guys can’t enjoy fuck-a-thons” She asks sarcastically, but you’re a bit scared now. “And before you ask, no, guys aren’t involved in the challenges. Just girls” “Good, not that there’s anything wrong with it, but you know…” Hayley is now giggling at the awkwardness, and then whispers in your ear“Win or lose, you’ll still be my hero, my baby, my boyfriend” She then kisses your cheek. “Starting tomorrow of course, that way it isn’t cheating.”Mila then gets changed leaving the two of you alone“So Mr. Hero, you took a punch for me, I owe you one. I’ll do anything, the sky’s the limit.”A smile crosses your face as a wicked thought enters your mind. So she says the sky’s the limit, huh? Well, you can make her eat those wordsYou get a thought that turns your smile to a full-blown grin. Hayley gives you an odd look and puts her hands on her hips. “What’s the grin for?” She asks. “Have you come up with what you want already?””Why, yes I have.” You say, trying not to laugh.”Well, go ahead. Your wish is my command, Cam.””That’s what I was hoping you’d say.” You grin mischievously. “I want a blowjob.” You allow yourself a small chuckle when you see the shocked look on her face. The colour almost drains from her skin, leaving her with a pale, surprised expression.”E-excuse me?” She asks, stuttering a bit. “A blowjob.” You repeat, reviling in her uncomfortable look. “You know, lips sliding up and down my cock, sucking me off until I come. A blowjob.””A…blowjob.” She says, her voice shaking. Her face had suddenly regained its colour and was now tomato-red as her cheeks flushed furiously. “S-Seriously?””What’s wrong?” You ask. “Regretting your decision? You did say the sky’s the limit, right?””…” She fidgets a bit in her seat, rocking back and forth. A finger plays with her hair subconsciously. “L…like right now?” She inquires softly and quietly.”Yup.” You grin, expanding on your first request to make it more outlandish. “I want you on your knees by the bed taking all of me into your mouth until I give you something to swallow.” You almost feel like blushing yourself if you didn’t know this was an elaborate joke. You are, however, getting an erection from the mental images this was conjuring.”…Oh.” Is all she says. She looks down and you can almost see steam rising from her burning cheeks. Then she quickly stands up, her eyes still averted. You don’t want her to leave you, so you decide to end the joke.”Oh, sit back down, Hayley.” You laugh out loud. “I’m only fucking with you. I just wanted to see you’re…see you’re…” Your words trail off as you watch Hayley push her chair back out of the way and drop to her knees next to your bed. Without making eye contact, she grabs the edge of your sheets, lifts them into the air, and sticks her head in under your covers. “Whoa!” You exclaim as you feel her warm breath through your underwear. “Hayley! What are you doing?””What do you think?” You hear her voice from under your covers. “I’m fulfilling your wish, like I promised.””Okay, okay. I get it.” You say quickly, trying to avoid embarrassment by getting her out of there before she finds your growing erection. “You’re trying to turn this on its head. Okay, you win. You’ve outplayed me. Now get you head out from under there.” Only it came out like “Now get your heeeeeaaaauuugh!” because partway through your monologue, Hayley found your hard, throbbing cock, pushed away the underwear, and proceeded to run her tongue along the entire length of it.”Mmm.” She lets out after her tongue leaves the tip of you head.”J-Jesus!” You cry out. You are completely flustered and what she just did. “Hayley! D-did you just…” Your sentence is again cut off as her tongue wraps around the shaft of your penis, the tip of her tongue tracing the veins sticking out. “Oh God….you did…” She continues to tease you for a few minutes and you physically cannot bring yourself to stop her. Besides that you’ve always wanted to be inside her mouth, it just felt too damn good.When she realized your heavy breathing and clutching of the sheets was due to the pleasure she was causing you and you weren’t likely to break her away, Hayley got slightly bolder. She licked the underside of the head for a bit and it was a definite weak spot as you shook and groaned from the sensations. Somehow, not being able to see her was making it all the more exciting.”Now,” She said matter-of-factly, “I believe part of the deal was that you want me to take all of you in my mouth. Right?””R-right.” You say weakly. Now it was Hayley’s turn to giggle. “So like this?” She asks, then immediately wraps her lips around the head of your cock and pushes her head down to your pubic hair, enveloping your entire erection into her warm, moist mouth. You grunt and lift your ass off the bed slightly. She was absolutely amazing; no one should be this damn good at fellatio. She sucked on it for a minute or two, using her tongue to play around, before lifting her head back up and off the cock. You groan in disappointment that the wonderful feeling is gone. “How was that, Cam?” She taunts you slightly, knowing she has the upper hand.”Fucking amazing.” You say without thinking. “You are so good at that.””O-Oh!” Was her reply, obviously caught off guard. The arrogance and teasing were replaced by genuine pride and embarrassment. “W-well…I guess I should keep going then.” She quickly reinserted your dick into her mouth, but this time bobbed her head up and down on the shaft earnestly. “Oh God…” You shudder and groan at the wonderful feeling of her soft lips traveling the entire length of your almost painfully erect cock. “Hayley!” You call out somewhat loudly. You hope Mila doesn’t hear and come in, that would be awkwardSaying her name seemed to flip a switch, though, because she immediately moaned into your dick, causing it to vibrate. “Hayley! It feels so good!”Then you feel a familiar white heat and your balls tense up. “Oh no…I’m going to come! Y-you’re going to have to stop sucking or I’ll shoot my load!” That doesn’t deter her at all; in fact, she draws you into her mouth deeper and really sucks you hard. You can’t take it anymore and, raising your ass of the bed again, release into her warm mouth.But Hayley doesn’t falter and keeps her mouth where it is, yo
u full shaft still in her mouth and you cum shooting down her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could and after a few second of intense climaxing, your jizz stops shooting out into your best friend’s mouth. Once you stop, she sucks you for another minute, and then releases your dick from her lips. She then removes her head from under the blanket and wipes off the corners of her mouth.”Hayley…that was…incredible.” You say slowly, your mind still hazy and not in reality. “NOW we’re even.” She says with a smile. Then her cheeks flush maroon again. “So…you…really liked it?””You were amazing.” You nod. “I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life.””That…that’s great.” She says, looking away slightly, a grin plastered on her face. “Because…you know…I also enjoyed it. And I wouldn’t be against doing it again…at some point…” she winks at you.You and Mila go back to the hotel room, where you are dressed in the suit, you see Dom in the same suit, and you casually give him the finger.Mila explains to you what is going to happen next“It’s basically a raffle prize. All the girls have been given a ticket, and they pick a number out of the hat. Then the girl who got the number gets to fuck you and Dom, then she picks who was better, its best two out of three. “She then starts to rub your leg and gives you a seductive grin, before placing your hand on her leg“You never know, maybe we may get to have sex” she smiles at you, which instantly gets your cock stirring.The raffle begins, and Angelina pulls a number out“1532“Oh my God, that’s me”You see Zooey Deschanel in a beautiful yellow dress, and you get a full on boner. You are going to be fucking her. Awesome.“Ok, now Zooey, who do you want first” Angelina asks her.She looks at you and Dom confused, like a k** picking which toy she wants. But when she sees your bulge in your pants, she smiles at you and takes your hand and leads you to a bedroom.As you enter, she starts to passionately kiss you. She tears herself off you and shows you her trademark kooky smile.“Hi, this is great, I’ve been going to these things for almost ten years, wising that I could get some cock, and now, I will.”She begins to take your dick out, but you remember that you have to impress her, so you have to make her have multiple orgasms.You push her back, and she smiles at you, as if you passed some sort of test, she then takes off her dress, revealing a pair of large, round, slightly saggy breasts. You then take her black lace panties off, leaving her naked, as you lie her down on the bed.Her nether lips are parted and you can see the throbbing button of her reddened clit at the top. It is all just too much for you, and you lick her cunt from bottom to top, flicking your tongue lightly on her clit.Zooey moans from the stimulation and tussles your hair. “Mmm, yes, that feels really good. Keep it up,” she says with a purr. You make your tongue very wide and soft and lick her lips several strokes, getting as much of her pussy on your tongue as possible. Then you make it thin and hard and poke it into her cunt as far as you can go, wiggling it inside her; she growls with pleasure. You move your hands to her breasts, fondling them and then pinching her nipples. Her body quivers and her moans increase in volume and pitch. The delights of Zooey’s body and voice have your lust at a peak, and your cock is stiff again. You think she’s ready, so you suck her clit hard, strumming on the nubbin with your tongue. She gasps loudly, her hands involuntarily pushing your head into her groin. You keep up your assault on her clit as you move one hand down from her tit to the crack between her legs. You slowly twist your finger tip in her plentiful juices as she writhes and groans from your tongue. Then you push your finger into her cunt, feeling the heat and clasping muscles; she shrieks and her groin bumps up into your face, shoving your finger farther up her tunnel. You withdraw your finger only to replace it with two and start pumping them quickly into her pussy. Your tongue still flicks on her clit as you knead the whole area with your lips. Her fluids are simply dripping down her crack.Like fireworks on the Fourth of July, her body explodes and rocks and she screams her orgasm to the ceiling. “Aaaah! Ooooh! God! Unh! Yes!” The rest is wordless ecstasy. At last, you lift your head and look up into her smiling, exhausted face, love juices covering your mouth and chin. Your fingers are still buried in her pussy, and your cock is a piece of oak sticking out your boxers“Oh my God, I must have you, fuck me and make me cum again”You take off your shirt, socks and boxers and get on top of her as you make out, While your push your tongue into her willing mouth, you also put your rock-hard penis along her hairless groove. Her fingers rove under your shirt across your back. You rock your hips, sliding your hard length through her lubricated pussy lips. She emits a low moan, breaking the kiss.”Now listen – I’m not on the pill, so you need to pull out, OK?” She holds you away for a moment until you nod your head stupidly. “Good boy. Give me your cock hard and quick,” she continues, writhing her body against yours.You recapture her lips with your mouth and shove your tongue into her mouth at the same time as you slam your engorged manhood into her slippery tunnel. Her moan is muffled into your mouth, and her hips start bouncing up into you. You start pistoning your hot steel in and out of her cunt hard and fast, your balls bumping off her ass. You kiss her neck, biting it firmly. Now released from your mouth, Zooey starts moaning her pleasure.”Oh, yes. You feel so good. God, yes, fuck me hard. You’ve got me close already. Ah, ah, aah, aaaaah,” she says. You are consumed with bliss, as your body tensesWith your cock thrusting into her hot body, she scratches her fingernails across your back, causing you to arch and groan. She hurls her groin into yours even harder, and her words turn to wails of ecstasy, as waves and waves of rapture crash over her. She wraps her legs around your waist while she climaxes, pulling your body tight to hers. The increased pressure on your penis blows your mind, but you clench your muscles and hold off your orgasm. As your whole body shakes with the effort, her pulsating muscles redouble their efforts to squeeze you, extending her pleasure even longer. Her convulsions subside and you pull out of her. She’s had two orgasms, you’ve had none, but it was worth it.Zooey looks up at you with her big blue eyes and blissfully says, “My night would be perfect if you would shoot that load I know you’ve got pent up in those lovely balls of yours into my ass,” Zooey says with a purr.You gasp at the thought of going balls deep in Zooey’s ass.”If you close your gaping mouth and help me roll over, you can have it.” She offers her hand to youYou shake off the shock and help her over. Zooey has a first-class ass. Nice and smooth and round. You run your hand across it, and she sighs. Then you run your fingers through her sopping slit, pulling some of her lubrication out, and smear it on her tight rosebud; she moans and wiggles her ass. Your cock is covered with it already.”Oh, yeah. Lube me up,” she says with a purr in her voice.Then you scoot in close to her, spreading her cheeks apart, and press your swollen cock head against her brick sphincter. Zooey moans and pants as you try to gently push your shaft inside her ass.She growls, then takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, relaxing. You feel a little movement on your dick, then Zooey screams, “Yes!” as you pop the head inside her. “Oh, God that feels good. Now go slowly, but get your cock all the way in me.”When you did this with Claire, she was so tight and you were so excited, you came after you were about two inches inside her. You have more control now, so you slide in and out an inch for a few times, and then push in two inches.Zooey moans louder and says, “Yeah, just like that. Your cock feels so good in my ass. You’re a real
ass fucker! Now go deeper.”You speed up a little and only go in and out twice before sliding another inch deeper. Her fluids are helping a lot, and somehow it gets easier as you get deeper. Soon you’ve got half you cock sliding in and out of Zooey’s backdoor, and she’s moaning and shrieking erotically.You hold yourself about halfway inside her and stop.She looks over her shoulder and says, “You’re doing great, give me more!”You get a good hold on Zooey’s hips and thrust forward as you pull back on her body. Zooey screams. You bury your dick inside her to the hilt. It’s heavenly in her ass, hot and tight. You can feel her pulse on your dick. You pull out almost all the way, and the thrust in hard. She gives a very unladylike grunt. She’s so tight, you start moaning as you keep pumping slowly in and out. After fucking her cunt till she came, you’re not going to last long in her tight ass, so you speed up. You both groan and grunt as you ream her hard.Suddenly, Zooey screams in ecstasy, her voice echoing off the walls. Her body shudders as her orgasm overwhelms her. You can feel her sphincter squeezing your cock.You can’t take the pressure and roar over her back. As you pump in and out, your balls spew your hot thick cum inside her.”Oh, yeah! Fill me. Spray your cum deep inside!” she yells as her body shakes.You slump over her back and your cock pops out of her.You both lie on the bed, panting with exhaustion, realising that you will have to do this all over again, and you wonder whether you have done enough. But just to make sure, you stick two fingers up Zooey’s cunt and, with your thumb on the outside, squeeze her g-spot while simultaneously sucking one of her nipples into your mouth. She cums again, just a small orgasm, but it still counts.“Oh my God, four times I came. I don’t know how Dominic can beat that, but I’m gonna have fun finding out” She gives you a quick kiss on the lips and leaves the room. You end up falling asleep, but get woken up by Mila telling you the results are ready.You see Dom standing there, naked, liking quite sure of himself, and then Angelina starts talking to Zooey” So, how much fun did you have, and who was better”“Well, I came so many times I can barely stand, but one man did better than the other, so I’m happy to say Cam won.You smile a little bit, as the rest of the girls cheer, Dom, however, looks furious. “What the fuck, why are you voting for that pussy”“Because, little boy, he ate me out and made me cum with his tongue, you shoved your dick in my mouth and made me choke on it. He was a sweet and selfless lover; you just took what you wanted. Hell you just forced your dick in my ass and showed no mercy. It fucking hurts dude. Since Cam was so sweet, I let him fuck my ass, and it was fucking awesome, he’s bigger than you, but since he went slowly and it was fun and I came so fucking hard. And you broke my golden rule, you put your dick back in my pussy and came there, if I’m pregnant I gonna sue your goddamm ass for everything you’ve got and make you homeless, not to mention all the c***d support.” You are shocked by the anger she is showing.“Oh, and by the way, if you’re wondering why my ass was so damp, it’s because it was filled with Cam’s cum. Enjoy his slop, the most fun I had with you was licking his jizz off your cock “You smile and laugh while getting dressed again, but then you see that the draw for the next round has started, “1994”“Fuck yeah, I’m gonna get laid”You turn to see Katy Perry coming. HELL YEAH! Sorry, got a little excited there.You are slightly disappointed to see her pick Dom first, but it gives you more time to recuperate, and as you wait in the bedroom. You’re slightly impatient, so you begin to watch a porno on the T.V in the room. She walks in, in a pink skin tight dress. Damn. Ever since you first saw her online, you have been a great fan of hers. Katy grins at you, noticing the porn and pats the couch next to her. “Let’s watch some of this” she says. And so you do, getting of the bed, sitting down next to her, you lean back and watch the show.Occasionally, you catch the sexy celebrity looking at you from the corner of your eye, her glimpse aimed at your crotch. Inwardly grinning, you make no effort to hide your erection. After all, you and a hot chick are watching porn and she wanted to do it in the first place. Your attention goes to the TV again.You see a hot pornstar taking a cock up her ass, moaning as she is pumped while rubbing her own pussy. “Oh…I’ve never seen that before” Katy remarks, sitting up and leaning forward a bit to get a better view. “No?” you ask your mind racing with the possibilities. Katy shakes her head. ‘I’ve seen normal pornos, but never a girl getting a cock up her ass”. You shudder. Katy Perry, balıkesir escort bayan saying these words? Your cock strains even harder against the fabric of your pants.”I wonder what it would be like…” she says, casually running a hand over your thigh. “We should try it…””Wait…you don’t mean..?” you begin to ask, looking at Katy with eyes wide open.Katy smiles and nods. “Oh yes. It’s exactly what I mean”. She runs her hand up to your groin and gives it a soft squeeze.Leaning in towards you, she presses her lips to your ear and whispers in your ear: “I want anal sex, and I want you”.Biting your lower lip, you need to make an effort to not pin Katy down and fuck her brains out right now. With a twinkle in her eyes, the sexy starlet looks at you and grins. “I want you to fuck my ass.”She seems to know exactly what to say to fire you up, and continues talking while toying with your zipper. Twice in one night, this is amazing, you only ever had anal sex with your ex-girlfriend, and now you’re doing it again.”First, I’m going to get your nice thick warm cock out of your pants…” she whispers huskily, looking into your eyes as she does exactly that. Pulling down your fly, she pushes her hand inside and works it beyond your pants. With her hand now gently toying with your dick, she keeps on whispering her tale, the ideas she has for you and her. “Then, when you’re nice and hard…I might consider licking it to get you wet enough. Or maybe sucking it…” She lets out a soft moan and grins at you.”I might get carried away and get you to shoot your seed in my mouth”. Katy winks at you. “I’ve done it a few times, and I loved its taste”. She laughs and pulls your cock free from its prison. You shudder as you member comes into contact with the cool air. “You like that?” Katy asks you. You nod, looking on as the hot girl continues gently stroking you.”Once you’re lubed up…I’m going to take off my clothes and have you lick me. Just like on TV” she says with a smirk. Gesturing at the screen, you look at the same thing Katy’s looking at: a threesome with two girls and a guy, one of the girls licking the other’s asshole to prepare her for anal penetration. “You’ll lick my tight little asshole and when I say you’re done, you stop and put your cock in me.’ She leans in and kisses the tip of your dick. “You can fuck me until we both cum. I’ll decide where you shoot that warm seed of yours”. Moaning softly, she licks her lips. “I’d love it all over my face” she speaks, running a finger over her lips. “Let’s get busy”You decide to push you luck a bit. “Well that’s all well and good, but you left out the part where I get to fuck your tits.” Katy raises one eyebrow “Oh? What makes you think that I’ll let you do that?” You point towards your dick and respond “Well the way I see it, you really want this in your asshole. Let me titfuck you and I’ll be more than happy to oblige.” You hold your breath praying that you didn’t take this too far. “Well the way I see it, ordering me about might hurt your chances of winning.”You realize what an idiot you have been. “Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t have to do that; I’ll do whatever you want.” You stammer out nervously. At this point Katy pulls a slight grin and shrug
s “If it really means that much to you I suppose it would be OK” Your adrenaline surges, knowing that soon your rod will be pumping in between those firm breasts. Katy begins to undo her dress. “Remember not to cum, don’t forget you still have to screw my ass” she reminds you. You give her a reassuring smile “How could I forget.” Katy’s firm breasts spill out of her dress.Your hands are all over them immediately squeezing and groping. “There even more wonderful than I imagined” you whisper. Your fingers begin to pinch Katy’s pink nipples and she lets out an audible moan. Reaching into a nearby drawer you produce a bottle of lube. You begin to pour copious amounts of lube on your cock. “You get right down to business” Katy laughs. Katy lies down on your bed and calls to you “Come get me stud.” You mount Katy’s breasts and place you’re slicked up dick between those busty mounds. You take a breast in each hand and push them together forming an air tight seal around your cock. Your dick feels like it’s on fire from the heat of Katy’s chest. Slowly, you begin to thrust in and out of her tits. You grip her tits harder as you pick up the pace. “Take it easy save some of that energy for my ass” Katy tries to soothe you. Gripping even harder you smash her tits against your cock making Katy yelp “Owww, hey careful!” You don’t even hear as you are in a world of your own where only pleasure exists. The pressure in your balls increases as you slow down, remembering the competition, and making her happy. You get off her quickly as she throws herself at you, sticking her tongue down your throat.She undresses you with amazing speed and pushes you down into the sofa again, now fully naked. Katy slides onto your lap and grinds her pussy lips across your penis. You can feel her fluids sliding across you and dripping off. Katy pushes you into the back of the chair and kisses you, opening her mouth, almost begging for your tongue. You oblige and the two of you play this way, biting gently, tongues intertwining.After a few minutes both of you start to breathe very shallow. Unable to resist any more she grabs your cock and is about to push it in but stops. She rubs your penis in and around her outer lips, getting juices all over your pulsating dick. Katy slides down your body and gives your penis a quick slurp, sucking the juices off into her mouth. She sits back up and kisses you deeply. You can taste the hot, sweet liquid on her lips and tongue, and you moan in ecstasy. Katy leans up and quickly slams down against your pelvis shoving your cock deep inside of her. She gasps in surprise and says, “Ohhh Goddddd, Cam, you’re so big.” She starts up a rhythm, sliding up and down your cock, pushing you in quickly and pulling you out, agonizingly slowly. The muscles in the walls of Katy’s vagina tighten on and off expertly, sending shivers coursing through your body. After a few minutes of Katy’s agonizingly slow pumping, in one swift movement without leaving her, you turn her over and push her beautiful body onto the bed. You grab her legs and push her ankles over your shoulders. “Ohhhh Yesssss! Oh Cam! I love your big cock! I love the way you fill me! Oh! I think I’m cumming! Yesss! Oh oh oh! I’m cuuuummmming!”Her body begins to quiver and shake underneath you, the muscles in her pussy squeezing your cock, as her orgasm continues.She then looks at you with a devious smile “You know what you have to do next” she says Your heart begins to beat faster and faster. You manage to spit out “Uhh yeah, of course.” She presses her chest against the shower door and turns her head around “Just remember it is my first time since my divorce so go slow, OK?” Katy turns around, and sticks her gorgeous ass out towards you. Your hands tremble as you grip Katy’s hips and begin to guide your cock towards her asshole. “Ok” you sigh “here I come.” With that you begin to apply pressure with you dick against her hole. You feel the helmet slowly to squeeze in and think to yourself “God she’s tight.” Katy begins to moan audibly “Oh yeah, ugh, that’s great keep going”. The shaft of your penis begins to slide past her sphincter. You don’t think you have ever fucked a hole as tight as this. Finally, your dick is all the way inside Katy and you take a deep breath. You begin to rock your hips and Katy’s moans turn to screams of ecstasy as you begin to fuck her asshole. Katy tits are pressed up against the shower door as you increase your pace. Katy then reaches in between her legs and begins to massage your balls as you fuck her.You pull your cock out and begin to whack off furiously. The pressure in your balls begins to build up again as she turns around. The first string shoots outs onto Katy’s impeccable face. Four or five more waves coat their mark. You feel weak in the knees as you pant for breath. Katy beams at you exclaiming “That was incredible!” You give her a tired smile “Glad you enjoyed it.” you pause for a moment. Katy gives you a quick kiss “Ok, see you in a few.” You are lead out and Angelina asks Katy who wonShe simply looks at her forlornly and says “Dom”You are surprised, and Katy can’t even make eye contact with you.“Ok, it down to a tiebreak. Number 1733You see Cobie Smulders coming down. Shit, you know that she prefers Dom already, so you really do have a challenge.“So Cobie who do you want first”You figure not you, but she shocks everyone by what she says next“Well Angelina, I am going to be different and have them both fuck me, simultaneously.”She takes Dom by her hand and you to the other. For the first time Dom actually seems nervous, to be honest, you are as well.In the bedroom she takes off her red dress, leaving her in a black lice set of bra and panties.“Ok boys, here’s how this is gonna work. You (pointing at Dom) are going to lick my pussy, while Cam is gonna get his cock sucked, then after I cum, you too swap. Then Dom, you are gonna fuck my ass, while Cam, you get my pussy, then you swap and I decide who was better”Dom then steps forward quite cocky. He really is a cunt. Really. “That’s me”Cobie then looks bemused “Maybe last year, but word on the street is Cam is quite the performer” while she says this, she puts her one hand on your shoulder, and the other on your crotch.“I heard about all the women who’ve cum while fucking him. Lea called me amazing, and Zooey called him the best she ever had. No offence Dom.” She is trying to turn you on, and it defiantly working, and it is annoying Dom, which is a bonus.She then starts to whisper in your ear while gently rubbing your crotch “Would you like to make me cum Cam? Would you like me to moan in pleasure and scream your name? Do you want me to take that hard throbbing cock in my pussy and squeeze it tight? Or maybe put my nice red lips all around your shaft, with my tongue circling the head of your penis. Mmm, you’re much bigger than my boyfriend.”She then undoes your trousers, and begins to look at you seductively, until an unexpected visitor arrives.“Come on, suck the real man’s dick now Cobie”You face up, and to your shock, you see Rihanna, only this time she’s wearing a red dress, and behind her, you see Katy Perry standing behind her. “RI, I just want to have some fun” Cobie says, almost like a spoiled teenage girl“Then fuck Dom, forget about the bitch”“But he looks nice, and feel how hard he is”“Look you Canadian retard, if you don’t want to fuck that hot piece of ass fine, I will, you and Kate can just please the k** in the corner”Rihanna heads up to Dom, and begin to make out. You begin to sit down due to the confusion, until Katy comes up to you“I think I owe you an explanation, Rihanna doesn’t like you, she is mad for Dom. She will do whatever it takes to make him win. And a couple of weeks ago, I got bored and kind of, pleasured myself. As it turns out, she was there and recorded it, now I’m basically her slave and have to do whatever it takes to make her happy, including screwing you over. You were better. I wi
sh I picked you, I’m sorry”“It’s OK” you reply, as you can tell she feels bad about this. Then Cobie looks at you.“If it makes you feel better, I was going to pick you whatever happened. You’re a real sweetheart, it’s just last year, I fucked Dom in the Games, and he is good, but selfish. And Rihanna is quite influential; she got me that role in the Avengers. How I met Your Mother won’t be on forever, and I need money to provide for my daughter. So I’m basically her slave.” Again, you forgive her, but you’re still confused. But while the girls were empathizing, Rihanna was busy sucking Dom off. That is a bit gross, but then Cobie puts her hand into your pants and feels your balls.“Say Katy, how about we show Cam just how sorry we are”. You start to get excited, bur Rihanna, who just gulped what you assume to be Dom’s cum, gets up.“That is not happening; I’m going to tell you what is happening. Cobie, you are going out there and saying Dom won”“No”“What did you say to me?”“No, I won’t be your slave anymore, you can’t control me, and you’re not the boss of me.”“Fine, if that’s the way you want it. Say goodbye to your job then. I’ll just go with Plan B. Cam surrender. Forfeit. Give in.”“Are you crazy, there is no way in hell I’m doing that” you shout definitely.“Listen k**, this isn’t a choice. Just surrender, and remember how you beat three other girls and fucked loads of celebrities. Just forget about the money or the wishes. If you don’t we’ve got ways of making you talk.You wonder what sort of beatings or torture she is going to put you through“We’ve got a baseball bat, and a set of brass knuckles, even a fucking thumbscrew, and we are going to have a special guest for it”You realize that Dom has left, and when he returns, he brings Hayley with him“What are you doing here?”“Cam, I got a text from Mila telling me I need to come down here quickly. What the hell is going on?”“What is going on, “Rihanna interrupts “is that you are going to watch your boyfriend get the shit kicked out of him.”You then see Cobie get up and push her to the floor.“This is going to far Robyn. This is about sex, not v******e, what the fuck is wrong with you, did Chris Brown beat your conscience out of you.”Rihanna then gets back up “No, but Dom knocked out yours.”Then all of a sudden, Dom gives Cobie a back handed slap, knocking her out. Katy runs for that panic button Angelina talked about earlier.“You take one more step towards the button Perry, and your video of you rubbing your cunt is going straight to Perez Hilton.Katy then steps back, looking terrified.“Rihanna, Dom, you can do whatever you want to me, alright, but just don’t hurt anyone else please”Hayley then interrupts you“No, Cam, you deserve this, I’ll do anything it takes to save you. Anything.”No, no she wouldn’t would she. Dom and Rihanna look at each other. “Anything”“Yes, for him”With a feeling of guilt in your chest, you keep still and don’t speak up. Maybe this is for the best. Hayley is doing this for you. She doesn’t want to see what you look like as pulp. “Well…” Dom said, stroking his chin. “I think I’d like to make sure you’re not just saying this.” Suddenly, he smiles. “Rihanna, come here.” The Caribbean girl approaches. “Ri, I want you to make out with Hayley here.””Ooo.” She says sexily. “My pleasure.””Wh…Wha…” Hayley asks, not knowing what to say. “But…she’s…””Come on, babe.” Dom said. “You said anything. Besides, I know you’ve fantasized about kissing other girls. And not just on the lips either.” He grinned. Hayley’s eyes went wide in shock and shame. “Now do it or I show Cam here what his insides look like.”Okay, okay!” Hayley cried out. “Just don’t hurt him.” She moved closer to Rihanna, shaking in uncertainty.”Come here, sugar.” Rihanna laughed and grabbed Hayley by the arms, dragging her close. She placed her mouth against hers and kissed deeply. The two girls stayed lip-locked for a few moments before Rihanna started to use her tongue. Hayley squirmed unhappily until she caught Dom’s look. Sighing, she reluctantly got into the kiss, tonguing Rihanna back. “Ooo. She likes it.” Dom laughed. Hayley turned red with embarrassment at the laughter. Rihanna returned her mouth to Hayley’s and went back to frenching your girlfriend. “I bet she wants to eat Rihanna out.” More laughter. Hayley closed her eyes tightly as her tongue dances with Rihanna’s and a tear slid down her cheek.Rihanna’s hands slipped down and lifted Hayley’s skirt. She grabbed Hayley’s ass tightly. You girlfriend squealed in surprise and Rihanna took the opportunity to move to kissing her neck. Hayley panted and groaned at the other girl’s kisses.”No…” You say in a loud whisper (which is as loud as you could), fury slowly rising through your veinsEveryone turns to look at you, there’s sweat streaming down your face.”What did you say Cam-boy?” Dom says, his smirk returning.”Cam, just stay quiet! I don’t want you to hurt anymore!!” Hayley says, tears running down her cheeks.”Yeah Cam, stay quiet! Because I’m going to fuck Hayley’s brains out like the slut she’s always been-“”I. SAID. NO!!” You erupt. You dive into Dom fist first, pinning him against a column. Then you throw him into the nearest table smashing his face onto the surface.”Cam! STOP! THAT’S ENOUGH!” Hayley screams. You look at her horror stricken face then to Dom’s bloody one, then back to Hayley’s again. Dom is out cold, right next to Cobie’s bodyYou walk up to Hayley and hug her “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry, I never meant to hurt him””Oh, Cam…” She puts her hand on your cheek. Then she slowly slides it down to your chin you close your eyes and drink in the feeling of her soft hand over your bruises from earlier in the coffee shop.“So Angelina, she’s been blackmailing everyone, and now, she’s basically r****g that poor girl, you have to… WHAT THE FUCK?”You realize that Katy, Angelina and at least forty other people have entered the room.“Cam, Katy’s told me that Rihanna’s blackmailing you, what’s going on here”“Ma’am, everything Katy said was true, and trust me the only reason I knocked out Dom was in self-defence.”“No way” Rihanna screams at her. “I’m so glad you’re here. Cobie told Dom she wanted him first, and Cam went crazy and knocked her out. Me and Katy came running in here to stop him, but he’d brought his girlfriend with him to threaten Dom. They are crazy.”“So your saying Katy is a liar” Angelina asks her. Rihanna stutters, unable to provide an answer“And if we look through your phone, we won’t see any videos of Katy on their”“Well, maybe, but she sent them to me honest.“Robyn, you’re bullshitting me. AND. I. HATE BULLSHIT!” Rihanna realizes that on ones believes her, and suddenly turns angry“Oh fuck you. Your all hypocrites, I hate bullshit, says the home wrecker. I’m a Christian, says the sex mad freak who takes cock in her ass. I do what I do for fun; I am the most powerful woman in the music industry. I’ve got thousands of people all over the world jacking off to me right now. There is nothing you can do to stop me. I’m better than all of you.“Maybe” Angelina smiles “but we can try”At this point, all the women apart from Angelina grab Rihanna and carry her, screaming and kicking. Angelina then turns to you. “Cam, Katy also told me she wants to change her decision. You are the winner of the sex games. We’ll the awards later, Right now, I have to go and punish Robyn, and stop twenty women fucking her ass with strap on’s, I think ten is a much more appropriate number.” She begins to leave, but then Cobie wakes up“What happened” she asks in a daze“Don’t worry baby, it’s all over” Katy says, as you and Hayley help her to her feet.“Cobie, Cam won, we heard about Rihanna’s tricks, but unfortunately, as Katy changed her decision, and since it’s two-zero, you’re no
t getting laid tonight“I wouldn’t be so sure of that” Katy grins at Cobie, and Angelina hugs you, and then Katy hugs you as a way of saying congratulations, while Hayley just asks Cobie for an autograph and asks you never to do a sex games againLife turned out much better for you after that night. Somehow Zooey heard about your job situation, and got you a job as a runner of New Girl, just getting coffee for the cast and stuff. But eventually, you become a personal assistant to her and mentor Xavier, a new recruit. But that’s a story for another day.One of your three wishes was that Mila triple Hayley’s pay. This helped her pay off all her debts and Mila begun to show her more respect. Through she still calls her Novak.Your second wish was to tell Claire about the Sex Games, thus making her break up with Dom. Angelina explained to you that she couldn’t do that, but could break them up. A few weeks later, Dom got caught with an aspiring actress who got paid by Angelina to help break them up. Claire went bat shit crazy and destroyed his BMW, and his front teeth, with a golf club. And amazingly, she called you up and apologised for what she did to you. She is now pregnant to her finance, and you couldn’t be happier for her.You saved your final wish for a year, and then you cashed it in. Pay for you and Hayley’s wedding.The End

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