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The Security MenWell us girls like the Shopping Mall, bright dry and full of shops to entice us in, to spend our hard earned cash.I go to mine constantly it tends to get full of young gangs of men, unemployed and full of spunk.So the other day I am sitting on a comfort bench, which is not very comfortable, knowing full well there is a smoking ban, I dug deep in my hand bag for my electronic cigarettee-lites they are called, bring on the steam!!!Placing it to my lips and inhaling I found myself being watched by several guys leaning against a marblesque wall,was my stocking top showing… ah no it was my sexy smoking skills that was getting their attention.They wandered over making me very aware that my head was at their crutch height, the youth of today are so fond of grabbing and manipulating there genitals when chatting…”You is on our bench” the tall one remarked. “Sorry” I inhaled again quite aware of the lights catching my red shiny lips as the steam rose.”You is on the bench of the 2 smooth crew” He repeated himself. “Well I am very smooth”I replied. Which was no lie I had been to the salon güvenilir bahis siteleri for a severe waxing of the muff the day before!”good for licking” the black youth added, whilst squeezing his bulge in his joggersAm I shocked by the youth of today … no this is exactly what they are like”you wanna some bad boy cock between them hot M.I.L.F. lips instead of that silly gadget”The tall one spoke frankly if not eloquently.I was looking directly at his grey tracky bottoms which now sported an 8 inch ridge that was rising to 12 o clock…if you get my drift.I stood up no realizing that my big boobs were now pressing against his chest, the three of them had moved in quite close…”Like what you see Mama” the tall one spoke pulling his waistband out to reveal his throbbing b.b.c.The one behind me moved nearer I could feel his hard on against my butt cheeks.Before I could answer.We were rudely interrupted “You lot clear off leave the lady alone” A burly Security man arrived in full uniform. Like I needed a hero right then… “I am afraid that lot have been trouble of late, are you perabet smoking there?The burly guard asked.”I am fine they were just flirting and yes I was kinda smoking well it’s steam actually” I smiled all pleased with myself.”You will have to come to the security office with me now madam, it’s against regulations to smoke inside the Mall.” The blockhead requested. “Its electronic”I pleaded, but he gently marched me towards the Staff Only door, up a flight of concrete steps, we entered the office.Another thick set shaved head alpha male security guard sat at a desk the bank of cctv screens flickered as I was pushed down into an office chair which was very stained and dirty.”Smoking in the Mall” The guard told his colleague. “No it’s my e-lite it’s steam” I was suddenly feeling guilty why??? What had I done…”Show us”the shaved head one commanded. I retrieved it from my handbag “see no lighter” I was all done with being smart now.He allowed me to demonstrate “see when I inhale it’s only steam, that comes out, they are fine with it in the pub, I don’t see the problem ” My plea perabet giriş went unanswered, but he was grinning, his co worker who was standing behind me had undone his fly and had got his cock out….stroking as I was unaware with every puff of steam.I was made aware by a slightly musky smell, I turned my head to be confronted by an eight inch thick boner. “Smoke that Bitch”Before I could remonstrate that cock was pushed into my mouth, out of the corner of my eye I saw the main man wander over, yep guess he wanted his fat cock sucked too!Each time I tried to speak I was silenced by the dong sliding in my mouth, hands were exploring now, my dress unbuttoned my breasts unloaded from my bra.”mmm you know how to suck cock” the main man said.I was getting out of breath as they both took turns in face fucking me, mascara running as they took great joy in gagging me… Soon I found myself bent over the desk being spit roasted shouting. You can’t do this, it was only steam” between choking on a big fat cockmy torn thong lay on the floor as the main man gave me the final punishment hard anal.With a grunt and a fuck me, they both jizzed on my face …”Next time we catch you smoking it will be D.P. for you. Now do your dress up andfuck off you posh tart”As I walked through the Mall with the spunk drying on my face,I thought next time I will bring my Sobranies….

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