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the quarterback and the janitorit was a typical day in Tommy’s world he had everything at least he thought he did life can be very funny it can go from being on your side for one minute then deadset against you the next. In Tommy’s case he would be getting the change of a lifetime he would go from dating the beautiful head cheerleader Lola to the life he must become accustomed to, it was just a blur but it goes back a few weeks ago. This was a normal day for Tommy he was in the bathroom stall with a joint having his usual puffs to get him through the day when all of a sudden he heard the bathroom door open he didn’t think too much of it he could beat up whoever it was so. he continued on then he heard the bathroom door lock, hey who’s there a deep voice responded it’s a new friend of yours he said I think we need to talk son Tommy sighed put the joint in the toilet and flushed he wasn’t worried he had about a thousand dollars cash on him he figured a quick bribe would make the problem go away. he opened the door to find Mr Jones there a grin to die for, well white boy smoking some dope are you well that’s fine oh you didn’t save me any ? tsk tsk tsk he grabbed his crotch as he looked Tommy up and down what do you want ? Tommy asked defiantly well white boy to be honest he said licking his lips I want bucak escort you baby. Tommy got a horrified feeling oh no you mean Mr Jones quickly made himself clear to avoid misunderstandings no white boy I’m not going to prison style fuck you no worries there I know what this will do to you and I know what I can ask from you if I get you caught for d**g use you lose your football scholarship to Harvard ? Tommy nodded with a defeated look on his face. you go out with that blonde Alison don’t you she sure is pretty well yeah do you want her to blow you or anything Mr Jones said nope he smiled she has nothing to do with you no more I overheard her and her friends talking she says you have a great cock. I am a solid bottom I am a woman trapped in a mans body I need to feel that woman inside me again and I haven’t had that in many many years I’m seventy one years old I may never get a chance again so Tommy let’s get down to business get back in the stall let me show you what I want. Tommy was bewildered see Tommy you have a new girlfriend now the only pussy you will be fucking is mine you got that white boy Tommy knew he was defeated his family could never afford college and it was his only ticket out of town and besides now it was his only way to get out of this bizarre and very weird arrangement he escort bucak was now in. Mr. Jones started to touch Tommy’s pants and feeling his cock through his jeans and salivating and talking to himself oh yeah that’s a good cock I want you to just sit right there white boy Mr Jones went away for a second came back with a banana it may be easier for you if I do this it will still be happening but you won’t see it he put a blindfold over Tommy he was now very scared. he felt Mr Jones taking off his pants and grabbing his now semi erect cock oh white boy standing at attention for his new girlfriend if Alison could see you now what would she say white boy an elderly man gets you hard I like it as he said that he engorged Tommy’s cock into his mouth Tommy felt his warm and hot mouth on his cock and felt his tongue cradle his balls which even he had to admit it got him hot knowing that was possible Alison couldn’t do that in a million years he thought all Tommy could do is sit there as Mr Jones enjoyed Tommy’s 18 year old cock. He devoured his cock like a fat guys would devour cake it was weird because Mr Jones was kind of fat. ok white boy now I make you mine forever you are never going to want to fuck Alison again after you have my pussy he reaches for Tommy’s cock and then he could feel something bucak escort bayan hard hit the head of his cock hard and wet then he felt his cock slip into a tight hard spot Tommy was about to protest but before he could his cock slipped half way up Mr Jones ass Tommy moaned in pleasure as he had never felt a tightness like that before it gripped his cock like no pussy ever had he sat there barely able to contain his extasy Mr Jones chuckled I knew it youre my boyfriend now you are never going to want a woman again he then grabbed Tommy by the chin and gave him a big kiss on the lips kissing him deep Tommy felt both helpless powerless and absolutely the most turned on in his life. Tommy started to shake as Mr Jones rode his cock up and down kissing him as he rode the young mans dick give it to me give me your seed make me yours baby kissing him harder knowing that will make him cum faster give it to me he whispered with every breathe he took. All of a sudden Tommy bursts with his biggest orgasm ever streams of Tommy’s seed went into Mr Jones ass as he clenched his cheeks over the young mans cock swallowing every drop of the young mans seed. oh yes baby Mr Jones said cradlling Tommy’s face my new beautiful boyfriend I’ll see you tomorrow for round two. after that he was gone Tommy took the blindfold off in the most confused feeling ever what the hell just happened did he like or did it really happen he had no idea but he knew he had just had the either the best sex of his life or best fantasy of his life. to be continued

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