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The postman cums twice 2Julie sat between us in the cab. My mind refused to let go of the images of me stuffing my fingers in her cunt while Fred was stuffing things in bins, not six feet away. I mean, like hey! I’m a good buddy and good buddies look out for each other and don’t step on the other guy’s dick and all that but, hey! His wife and daughter nearly fucking ****d me, man! What was I supposed to do?”Hey Fred, you wife is showing me her tits! Hey Fred, your wife is giving me a fantastic blow job right behind your back!”Yeah, yeah. I know. Anybody else but me would have told those beautiful women in no uncertain terms that the trust between buddies is holy and that they could take their beautiful, hard bodies and wet mouths and firm tits and luscious asses and— well, fuck you. I did it and it happened. Shit happens. Get over it. Maybe I should tell Fred. Well, maybe not.”Dad, did you know Mom is fucking the mailman?”Fred damn near drove us in the ditch.”Uh, Julie. Uh, do you think that’s a good way to talk to your father?””What should I say, Father? Oh, Father, dear. Are you aware that your good wife is having intercourse with the mail person? I thought you would be upset about what she’s doing, not my choice of words. Besides, everybody I know says ‘fuck’, when they mean ‘fuck’”.”Well, you’re hitting me on both sides, Baby. It’s easier for me to respond to your choice of words than to your question.”I listened avidly. Fred’s jaw was set as he stared straight ahead, not seeing anything but the road, if we were lucky at that. Julie dropped a hand casually in my lap and started rubbing my prick. It wasn’t hard to find. It had never completely gone down after the two loads they had pulled out of me back at the house. The head was nearly sticking out the leg of my walking shorts, as it was, and her tender touches soon had bare dick head in her covering hand.”Just don’t let Fred look over here”, I hoped, unable to move her hand.”Aren’t you mad, Daddy?” Julie gave my dick head a little squeeze to let me know she was taunting him.”Yes. I’m mad.””Aren’t you going to do anything about it?” Another little squeeze. A few more little squeezes and Fred could be mad about something closer at hand than his adulterous wife.”What would you like for me to do?””Don’t you want to kick the postman’s ass and knock Mom around a little?””You know what I think about men who beat women”, he said.”Well, what about the guy?””Well, uh, your mom and I have an understanding.””Oh yeah? What sort of understanding?”Yeah. I wanted to know the answer to that one, too.”Honey, this is embarrassing to me, to explain this kind of thing to you, and in front of my buddy, Howie, too.””Don’t worry kaçak iddaa about me, Fred, ol’ buddy. You know I can keep my mouth shut.” (I can keep my pants zipped most of the time, too, but your wife and daughter are too much to resist. Just don’t look over here and see what your baby is playing with.)”It’s ok, Daddy. I love you and Unka Howie wouldn’t dream of violating your confidence, would he?”A flash of pain shot through my conscience–no wait. That wasn’t my conscience, that was Julie’s fingernail digging into the head of me prick. Trying to make a point, I guess. (If I miss any puns, just stick them in wherever you like).”No, you’re right. Good ol’ buddy Howie is a true friend. He would never do anything to betray our friendship, would ya, Howie o’ buddy?” He reached across and patted me on the shoulder. Damn good thing he didn’t pat lower. He might have got a handful of his ol’ buddy’s cum if he had patted his daughter’s hand any further down my dork than it already was.”Right, Fred”, I managed, in a croak.”Sounds like Unka Howie is cumming down with something”, Julie blurted out while pumping my dick a little more.I don’t know how I held out. I know that old dudes like me aren’t supposed to have problems holding out after cumming twice already that day, but this was no ordinary day. “Daddy, you never told us what your arrangement was.””Ok, ok. Here’s the story. Your mom caught me screwing my secretary and made me a deal. She won’t divorce me if I don’t interfere with her fucking anything that walks.””Really? You mean Mom can fuck anybody and you won’t mind?””I didn’t say that. I said I won’t interfere with her fucking. I didn’t say I wouldn’t mind.””Do you mind?””Of course I mind. why do you think my knuckles are so white on this steering wheel? It’s a good thing we can pretend to fish while she fucks. I don’t know what I would do if I ever actually found her fucking somebody else.”Julie’s nails dug into me again as my balls began to tighten. It’s a damn good thing they did. The pain was just enough to bring me back from the brink.”Oh, sorry, Buddy. I was so sympathetic to your story about how it hurts you to have people like me fuck your wife that I let you daughter jack me off within arm’s length while you talked. I’m a real good buddy.”No amount of conscience or feelings of betrayal or good sense or just plain good manners was going to make me pull my painfully distended dick away from that sweet c***d’s hands. If she had made up her mind to play with my dick, then I should be willing to endure any amount of hardship and danger to see that she got what she wanted.It was already smelling like a cheap whorehouse in the cab of that truck, making kaçak bahis me wonder how Fred could miss the pungent odor of the precum Julie was smearing over the toy she was playing with. My only hope was to keep him pre-occupied until we got there. With any luck, he would get out of the cab first, giving Julie a chance to finish me off before we got out.”Did you bring the lures?”, I asked, nonchalantly while being on the verge of hyperventilation. (Try it sometime!)”I don’t know. Better crawl back there and check.””Shit! My plan blew up in my face. I’m trying to keep him distracted so he doesn’t see his daughter playing with my dick and now I’ve got to get up and crawl through that little window to get back to the camper shell. My boner will be sticking the front of my shorts out like a tent and the precum will be running down my leg.”Yeah, ok”, I improvised, “but I’m feeling a little stiff. Would you mind pulling over so I can go around to the back door? Don’t think I can make it through that little hole in my condition.””Sure. Anything for a buddy. What’s the problem? Arthritis?””Probably the rheumatiz. You know I’m not as young as I used to be.””None of us is”, he mused as he pulled off to let me get in the back.I made noises like I was looking for the fucking lures for a few minutes, then asked, “Can Julie come back and help me look? I can’t find them.””Sure, Unka Howie. I’ll help you with your problem.” She came wriggling that tight ass through the opening to the cab like there was no stiffness in her body. Well, she didn’t have a stiff prick to worry about and I did–but I was willing to share.Julie was no dummy. She knew exactly what I needed help with and immediately swallowed my entire problem, balls and all. Ok, ok, I know I can’t claim that she could deep throat a prick of any reasonable size and still get my balls in her mouth, but that’s what it felt like.It wasn’t long at all until Julie had the “solution” to my “problem”. (Too subtle for you?)”Ahhh!”, I exclaimed.”Find what you were looking for, Howie?””Yes, thanks, Fred. I think we’ve got everything we need.”Julie gave me a wicked grin with my cum drooling down her chin and got on her hands and knees in front of me before pulling her shorts around her ankles.There she was, her wet pussy lips peeking at me from under her naked ass, simply asking that I return the favor. How could I refuse? (No, don’t tell me. It was a rhetorical question.) All I knew was that there was no way I could fuck this c***d in that position without her father seeing me in his mirror.”Hey, Fred! I thi
nk there’s some kind of leak back here. The floor is a little sticky. I’m going to check it out.””Thanks, Buddy. Don’t güvenilir bahis get too dirty.””Ok!” I laid on my back and slid under Julie until her cunt was right over my chin. “I think I see the problem. Don’t worry, I’ll get it licked.””You’re such a good friend, Howie.”Julie ground her dripping pussy down on my face and swallowed my prick again while I used my tongue to search for her nectar release button.Whereas I had already shot more load than in most weeks of my life, Julie was just now getting the kind of release she had been needing for a long time. I’ve won several awards in my time for cuntlapping, so she was singing in no time.”Well! You certainly sound happy, Baby. Are you that happy to be on an outing with two ugly old farts like us?’”Oh, Daddy. You don’t fart that much. Are we there yet?””You know it takes an hour to get to the lake.””Just doing my job.”When she stopped shuddering, she gave me a big cum-drenched smile. “Thanks, Unka Howie. I needed that.””You needed it? No problem. Any time. Don’t hesitate. Just ask. No, wait. You don’t have to ask, just don’t outrun me. Ok?””Deal!””I’m going back up front. Want to come?””I didn’t think you could cum so soon, again.””Funny. I wouldn’t have believed I could have a hard-on after cumming four times in the last hour, either.””You have a hard-on? Let me see.””Hey! Let me save a little for some time when your dad isn’t close enough to hit me. Ok?’”Ok. You just go ahead and get up front. I’m going to take a nap.”Fred stopped again for me, even though I wasn’t quite as stiff as before, and I got in the cab with him.”Still stiff?”, he asked.”Not as stiff as before.””Ok, just as long as you’ll be able to help me load the boat.””No problem. Julie says she is going to take a nap.””Good. I wanted a chance to talk with you alone.””What about?””You know–about Connie.””What did you want to tell me?””I wanted to ask a favor.”Oh shit! He’s going to ask me to promise not to fuck his wife and I still have her lipstick on my dick, assuming that his daughter hasn’t sucked it all off.”Uh, what sort of favor?””You would do anything for me, wouldn’t you, Buddy?””You know I would, Fred.””Ok. I want you to fuck my wife.”I couldn’t help spluttering. “Fuck your wife?””Sure. You heard what I told Julie. I had to agree that she could fuck anybody she wanted and there are some people that I really don’t want her to fuck. If you can fuck her silly, maybe she won’t need to bang the whole neighborhood. This is hard enough on my pride without everybody knowing about it. If she’s going to be fucking somebody besides me, then I prefer it to be you.””Gee, Fred. What can I say?””Say you will, Buddy. Isn’t that what buddies are for?””I thought a good buddy was one who would go get two blowjobs and bring you one.””Don’t worry. I’ve got a steady cocksucker. All I need now is for you to keep Connie satisfied for me. Deal?””Deal!” I was making deals left and right today.

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