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The Park Keepers wife.Back in my teens, like most guys my age I was besotted by girls and what they had beneath their clothing. I always had a liking for older women, anything really up to around 40 years old which at the time was older than my mother! Some of my friends thought I was mad to like mature women.Anyway, it was end of term and quite a few of us boys and girls decided to have a party to celebrate the fact. Copious amounts of alcohol were bought by some guys older brother for us to consume at one of the girls houses at which there was to be no real adult supervison. The girl was called Dianne, she only had her mother caring for her (never ever asked where her father was)and her mother often went away for a few days on “business” whatever that was. The adult supervisor was only briefly calling in every few hours to make sure all was well. This supervisor was Dianne’s Aunty Sonia who was married to the local Park Keeper. Sonia was around 27 or 28, a bit heavy but pretty and quite voluptuous. She lived in the park with her husband after marrying him a couple of years earlier. Sonia was quite well known locally for being a bit flirty around men, her husband was a typical civil servant, a stickler for the rules and no grey areas. Boring in fact.The night of the party was upon us, as expected a few attendees fell away early, drinking far too much too quickly. Some paired off after finding partners and the rest of us mingled and slowly got inebriated. Almost every space in the house was taken up by couples bahis firmaları in various stages of sucking, fucking or fondling each other. I was not partnered off at this party, my girlfriend was away visiting relatives for the weekend. As the night progressed we received the 1st visit from Sonia. She walked through the house ensuring all fixtures and fittings were intact, caring little for the couples strewn around the place in various stages of undress. She grabbed a glass of wine and headed over to me. Now I did not really know Sonia to speak to, mainly I knew about her and the reputation for flirting she had. Soon enough we were in a full blown conversation about the reasons I was not copping off like some, ” a good looking young man like you” she mentioned on a few occasions. Sonia was wearing a plain white tshirt and tight jeans. Her white bra visible beneath the tshirt and her voluptuous tits protruding. Quite a lot for a young fellow like me to take in. I could smell her perfume, it was strong. She babbled on about shit for the next 15 mins, I had little interest except to look at the fine tits and imagine myself having a good time playing with them. Soon enough she left, again I was left to drink some more and perv over the sex acts that were ongoing around the place.About an hour later Sonia arrived again. No property check this time, straight to the wine and propping herself next to me. She explained that she had got her husband to drop her there this time so she could keep a closer kaçak iddaa eye on things for the remainder of the night. Being the stickler for keeping things right, he agreed. Again I got the 20 questions as to why I was alone, she said I was far too young to stick with one girl and be faithful. “Play the field and enjoy it before you get tied down” she sighed. “What, is being married that bad” I asked. At my tender age I saw marrage as a fuck fest, you married, fucking was on tap. (little did I know). More conversation flowed until I had to make an excuse to go take a piss. I entered the bathroom and prepared myself to piss, next thing, Sonia was in there with me pushing me up against the bathroom door to stop anyone entering (no lock on the door) whilst she was grabbing my dick. Fuck, was this real? It sure was! I pushed my jeans down so she could get a good grip on my cock with her hand, she was breathing quite heavily. She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I bent forward and pulled at her tshirt. I wanted to see those tits so bad. She release my fully hardened cock from her lips, she pulled her tshirt over her head and quickly released her bra to reveal the best tits I have ever had the privledge to fondle. Like I said earlier, Sonia was quite heavy but not fat by any means, very proportionate just large probably around a UK size 16.She again took my cock into her mouth and sucked on it as she pulled my foreskin gently back and forwards with her hand on my shaft. This was my first kaçak bahis BJ. After a minute or so I pushed her off, I was ready to blow. She stood up and quite abruptly told me to get down and lick her pussy. She pulled off her tight jeans and white panties to reveal a nice light brown hairy pussy. (in those days, shaved pussy was rare) I got down on my knees, she sat on the bath tub spreading her legs wide. She pulled my head into her cunt and quietly moaned as I licked away for all my life was worth. Now I knew I had to lick the slit but as a novice, the clit was not on my mind! Sonia pulled apart her pussy lips and guided me to her clit. She whispered “right there” when I hit the right spot. I loved the taste of her pussy, I darted from the clit to her hole until it happened, her orgasm! She pulled my head right into her soaking pussy and let out a stifled groan.Once she had got her breath back, she stood me up and again took me in her mouth. She licked the pre-cum from my bellend and took half the length in her mouth. In a few strokes I was shooting my cum into her mouth. She did not falter, she swallowed my whole load and sucked off every drop of cum I could muster.I was in the zone, I asked if we could go somewhere so I could fuck her, I was desperate to get my cock inside her I was already hard and ready to go. The joys of youth! She nicely explained that it was a step too far, I was to be happy with what I got and maybe sometime in the future when I was a little older it may happen. (it never did unfortunately)I rarely saw Sonia after that night, she divorced her Park Keeper husband a couple of years later and moved away. Shame really but hey, she left me with a great memory and experience that girls ever since have benefitted from.

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