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The next two meetingsFirst let me think everyone that emailed me with the positive comments. After my first posting recieved such negative comments from here I was very reluctant to write again. I went to my email earlier last month and discovered I had recieved quiet a few posiitive email replies. I thank you all. So here is the second encounter I had with my slut. I did not get back with her until until September because she had to leave Myrtle Beach to go take care of her mom in Ohio. When she got back she called me and told me she had moved closer to Charleston and wanted me to come a visit. I got her address and told her I would be there in a couple of days. I again called her before I left and directed her to be shaven when I get there and to meet me at the door naked as before. I was very pleased to hear the excitement in her voice. This alone pleased me because, as I stated in the last story, she was not to keen on being dominated and we decided to take her training slow to allow her to get use being controlled. So I take the drive to her place Saturday night, and since she moved to a secluded area and the road is very dark, she has to talk me to her home. Again as before, as I pull up to her place she runs out to meet me before I get out of the car, with a towel on. I am disappointed, because that was not the directions she was given. I verbally chastise her and inform her she would be punished for that later. I take her into the house, and as soon as we get into the door. I push her down to her knees and stick my dick into her mouth and start fucking her mouth. This surprises her and she gives a little resistance, but settles down and lets me fuck her mouth. No my fellow perverts, I am not a BBC, I am only 6 inches, but I fucked her throat just the same. I only did this for a few minutes and then I pulled her up and led her into her bed room. When we got into the bedroom I pushed her on the bed and grabbed her ankles and attempted to push her legs up by her shoulders. They did not quite make it to her shoulders, but I pushed them as far as they could go and then rammed my dick into her. She made a sound like ohh or ahhh or some shit like that and attempted to close her legs around me. I held her ankles spread wide and began to pound the hell out of her pussy. She began cumming, turning her head güvenilir bahis side to side and clawing at the covers. That shit was beautiful. I love seeing a woman in total ecstasy as she lets her self go to her pleasure. Sorry about that, back to the story. Watching her give herself to her orgasm, just made my dick harder and of course made me want to fuck her harder. I let her legs drop and grabbed her up under her ass and started to beat the hell out of that pussy. She wrapped her legs around me, grabbed my ass and started meeting me stroke for stroke. I had to get back in control and slow us the fuck down, becasue I knew I was not going to last at this rate. I stopped moving lying my weight on her pinning her to the bed so I could regain control. Once I regained control I stood up with her still wrapped around me, with my hands up under her ass, I started lifting her up and down on my dick, as I pumped upwards into her. She fucking went crazy and spastic and fell back on the bed cumming like crazy causing me to fall out. While she laid there jerking, I sat on the floor by my bag (which I brought with me with my toys in it) and got out my hand cuffs. I gave her a few more minutes to allow her breathing to calm down. Once she looked up at me and smiled, I asked her to stand up on the side of the bed and turn around for me. She smiled, stood up, then as she was turning around I stood up from the floor and walked up behind her. I asked her to reach her arms behind her. When she reached them back I quickly slipped the cuff on one hand then, grabbed the other and put the cuff on it. The look of shock on her face was priceless. I did not give her a moment to say a word. I pushed her forward onto the bed, grabbed the back of her neck, pinning her head to the bed and slammed my dick in her to the hilt. She started orgasming immediately as I pound her pussy without mercy. I told her this is my pussy and you belong to me. She was slamming her ass back into me again, trying to get all the dick i could give her. We fucked fast and furious for maybe a minute or two, i do not know it could have been shorter, but I was fucking her with the cuffs between me and her back as I pinned her. She took it as long as she could nad finally said the cuffs were digging into her wrists. I stopped and took the cuffs off of mobilbahis güvenilir mi her. I then turned her back around, bent her over, slammed my dick back in her, grabbed her wrists pulling her arms back to me in an effort to pull her onto my dick as I was fucking her. I only fucked her for another minute or less until I busted my nut in her. That nasty bitch orgasmed again as I came. That shit was hot. I am smiling like a motherfucker sitting her writting this and sharing it with you all. We have had 2 more enounter since then, I will share them with you all as well. Sorry you guys, but I had a hard time trying to remember my passwords for my accounts since I was not going to post anymore. I finally was able to reset my password to my email and now I am able to tell you all about our next two encounters. Well actually there has been two more since those. Anyway, the next two encounters are kind of grougy as time is passing and I have so much going on, but I will try to remember as much as I can. The third encounter I do not remember what reason we used for me to go back up there, but as usual as I was driving up there I was talking to her on the phone. When I got there I walked inside and she met me at the door. I pushed her down to her knees and pulled down my pants and started fucking her mouth. Somewhere between leaving home and walking into her door I decided I was going to just man handle her. I fucked her mouth for a few minutes I do not know exactly how long, but it was long enough to get our blood boiling. I then reached down and pulled her up and walked her to the back of the couch where I bent her over and started finger fucking her. The first time we met I was able to get my fingers in her up to my knuckles so I was determined to do that shit again, but I wanted to be rough and get as many in her as quick as possible before her pussy stretched to the expansion of my fingers, but I wanted her to enjoy it, and not be to unbearable for her as well. It worked out perfect. I bent her over the back of the couch and immediatly shoved 2 fingers into her. I felt her knees buckle as I began to finger her. Of course this made me smile, I fingered her like this breifly and when I brought my hand back I stuck in the 3rd finger as I began to rub her G spot. Yes, I got the mobilbahis giriş desired response and felt her tighten up around my hand which made me finger her faster, which took her over the edge. As she was in the middle of her orgasm, as I pulled my hand out again I stuck my forth finger in and pushed my hand in her spasming pussy up to my knuckles. Her feet came off the floor and her upper body fell onto the couch as I banged her with my hand. I was actually attempting to fist her, but her pussy is tight and for NOW she could not take my hand past my knuckles. She was bent over the couch with her feet dangling and cumming and cumming. I had to stand to the side so I could lean my weight on her to stop her from falling over as I continued to fuck her with my hand. Watching her orgasm like that had my dick screaming so I removed my hand, walked behind her, and slammed my dick into her quivering pussy and started beating the hell out of her pussy. She went into orbit again as I pounded her pussy…lol.. I had to grab her legs to stop her from falling off the back of the couch and off my dick as her orgasm hit her. That bitch spread her legs and balances on just the back of the couch like she was supergirl flying with the greatest of easy. With my help of course, I was holding her legs to help steady her balance while i pounded that pussy. It was
fucking great. Yes, yes, yes, it was to much for me and I busted my fucking nut. We walked around to the front of the couch and sat down to catch our breath. Once that happened I grabbed her head and puched it down into my lap. She immediately started sucking my dick. As my dick started to come to life she got down between my legs where I directed her to start to biting and chewing on my dick. We then moved to the chasis where I had her to sit on my dick cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl. I then stood up and had her to lean over on the ottoman and started to beat that pussy some more. I pounded that pussy so hard we slipped or it is more correct ot say she slipped down to where her hands were on the floor and her head between the couch and the ottoman. I was determined not to let up and continued to beat that pussy mercilessly and she exploded. I was damn near standing up in that pussy, standing over her fucking the hell out of her while she met my every stroke. I do not know how she was doing it, but just being in that moment I busted my nut like crazy. It was another moment that appeared as if there was steam coming from that bitch. It was hot as hell. I will write about the next two meeting later. As it is this is kind of long.

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