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The new BBC in the neighborhood part 5Barbara and I were having a great time at dinner. Lot of talking, drinking, groping and PDA. We decided that I would give up my suite and stay with her until the house was done. Her rational was that since we are playing married, we might as well live married until the house is ready. Plus we are closer to my home and we can fuck and play anytime we want without traveling. We ended the night with wild fucking until we fell asleep with me cuddled up behind her.After our morning sex we went to check me out of the hotel and from their we stopped by my house to see how everything is going. As always, my Barbara is dressed sexy as ever. A yellow tube top dress that comes just above her knees and matching yellow flats. Of course it’s form fitting and only I know she is nude underneath the dress.From what I can tell, the contractors look forward to Barbara’s visits because as soon a we walked through the door, Work all but stopped. Not sure if it was for my benefit or theirs, but she had a little more sway in here hips. She tells me that Bobby is the general contractor and should be here somewhere, and she calls out for for him. I hear a I’m here and from another room come a Bobbie, not Bobby. Now in my mind their is no woman hotter than my Barbara, but Bobbie is in the running. She’s tall like Barbara, but thin, thin is a good way. I’d guess about 125 pounds perky B cup tits, tight body, narrow hips with a bubble ass. She’s built like a fitness instructor, which later I found she is.Barbara introduced us and she began showing us around the house and pointing out the extra touches that I don’t remember asking for. Bobbie sad that my wife (Barb) added them. I looked at Barbara and she reminded me that I gave her the right to do as she pleased and a blank check. Then onto my favorite feature of the house, My back yard area. It’s looking good, much more that I was thinking about. Bobbie points to a new wall on the far side of the pool and says that is where the waterfall is going, I said really Barbara a waterfall. With her sexy smile says shut up up we will love it. Bobbie and I both said we, she said you know what I meant. She said I am going to check on the rest of the house, you two talk. As soon as she left, Bobbie asked so how long have you two been fucking. I gave her a look of shock. First I don’t know here and second I was her boss. She said please no need to deny it, I have known Barbara for a long time, we are very close. I Know she a classy slut. But from the way she gets when she talks about you I can tell it’s different. I am still floored zonguldak escort with listening to the sexy bitch talking to me like this. She gets closer and grabs my cock, mmmm it feels as big as Barbara says. Then she reaches into my pants and pulls my cock out, I can’t seem to stop her. Then she bends over and takes my cock into her mouth and say yummy I like a lot. She grabs me by my dick and pulls me over to a work table, drops her tool belt, drops her shorts showing me a hot tight ass and then says, give me that big black cock, show me what Barbara has been bragging about. I looked towards to the house and she says don’t worry about Barbara catching us, she’s busy. I stepped up behind her and teased her wet cunt when she shoved back all the way onto my dick. She wasn’t waiting for me to fuck her, she took control and fuck herself on me. She pushed me off of her, laid on the table, spread her legs and said come on stud finish me off, this bitch needs to cum. I am tired of her trying to control this fucking so now I do. I plowed into her and then made her beg for it. She said no I won’t just fuck me asshole. Nope beg for it. OK give it to me please. Give you what. Please give me your big black cock, I need to feel it in my gut. I ripped open her shirt used her tits as leverage and gave her what she begged for. I fucked her for a good half hour before I filled cunt with my big hot cum. When we calmed down I started looking around for my Barb. Bobbie notices this and say no need to worry, she’s fine and has me follow her up stairs. As we are entering I hear her voice and before I can make out what she’s saying, there against a wall is my Beautiful wife with the top of her dress pulled down and the bottom pushed up with one of the working fucking her like a rabbit and another man on his knees in front of her sucking her clit. She looks up at me and says hello baby, did you have fun with Bobbie. I said well from the looks of it, not as much as you. She says it’s OK but not even close as good as you are I was just filling my time while you gave Bobbie a taste of what I love, I hope you don’t mind. The two guys that are using her could careless that I am there.I get close to her and she kisses me. She says baby I’m sorry, I should have checked with you first. I kissed her again and said it’s OK we can talk later but for now enjoy. Bobbie had gotten behind the guy fucking Barb yelling for him to be a man and fuck her. He was sweating like a pig. Barbara said gross your sweating all over me. When he says he is going to cum he pulled out just in time, pulled off the rubber she zonguldak escort bayan made him wear and shot his load into the mouth of the other licking Barbs pussy. Barbara said baby please get over her and fuck me like I deserve and need. These boys can’t handle you baby. Watching her get fucked turned me on so I was really hard when I got behind her. Just as I was about to slide into her a nude Bobbie came up and let me put it in. She made the one of the other guys fuck the other while he lick my load out of her pussy. She pushed her hot hard body against me and I felt her hard nipples against my back. She reached around grabbed my cock pushed it into Barbara hot cunt and when I was all the way inside her, she grabbed her hips and helped me fuck my baby. I was in a between two fucking women and fucking the hell out of one of them. Even though I just shot a big load into Bobbie, I was ready to pump another one into my wife. Just when I was going to cum, Bobbie pulled me out and took my load in her mouth and then shared it with Barbara. When we were done we saw the guys were done and had cum leaking out of their ass. Bobbie ordered them to clean up that mess. Barbara put her dress back in place and Bobbie just picked up her clothes and followed us downstairs nude, While she was getting dressed, we asked her about a timeline. she said three maybe four weeks unless you approve overtime I can have it done in two weeks. Before I could even think about it Barbara said make it two weeks and again I gave her that look. When we were out front of the house Barbara stopped me to make sure we were OK. I said yes, it just caught me off guard, If you feel the need to get some cock that’s not mine, who am I to complain. She hugged me and said thank you baby for being an understanding lover. She was going to have to show a house and give a quote for renovations on another so she would meet at home later. Maybe we can order out and watch some movies. I said sounds like a plan. Just as we were about to get into her car, a lady whom I am guessing is a neighbor walked up to us and said hello. And in true form assumed that Barbara was the new owner I was a worker. The look on her face was priceless when my lover told her she had it backwards. I didn’t think she was prejudice, just shocked. She went on to give us the short story about the neighborhood. Barbara told her that when the house was finished she love to invited to see it before I moved in. When we got into the car we had a great laugh about it. I told her that I was going to go back to the hotel, because I forgot something escort zonguldak in the bathroom. I promise I won’t fuck and of the staff. She said well if you do you better tell me about it, she dropped me off at the house, kissed me and said bye for now. I got back to the house before she did and made myself comfortable. When she returned home she greeted me in true wife form. she gave a big wet kiss and said she needed to get some comfy clothes on. I sat back
down and when she came back she was wearing a oversize t-shirt that had a shoulder exposed. She got right between my legs, pulled my pants down and started giving me a slow wet blowjob while talking about the rest of her day soon enough I felt my balls tingling so I asked her to stop. She sat up beside me pulled my pant the rest of the way off and then snuggled up against me. We decided on what we wanted to eat and called in the order. I went to change while we waited for it to be delivered. When I came back and sat with her. As we snuggled we talked about what happened at the house. In her mind the only issue was about her having sex. I said to her that their is no problem with it. We have fun and you have watched and directed me having sex, so why would I have an issue with you. After a long honest talk, we decided that we want to be in a committed relationship and for now open with permission. I think we both knew that was going to happen in time, we get along so well and equally have a wild and crazy sex drive. Nobody else could handle us. We were making out and groping each other when our food arrived. Barbara got a wicked look in her eyes and said watch this. she stood up, took off her shirt and went to answer the door naked. The delivery driver was a young k** about eighteen. His eyes got big as saucers when she her. She acted like it was normal for a hot woman to answer the door naked. When she asked him how much we owed him, he had a hard time getting the words out. She took the food and told him to come inside while she got the money for him. Before this point he hadn’t seen me and when he did I could tell he was getting nervous. I said hi to him hoping to calm him a bit so he didn’t pass out. She handed him the money and said thanks for getting our food here so fast, and to torture the poor k** some more, she gave the poor k** a big full body hug. I am surprised that the k** didn’t cum in his pants right then. The poor k** couldn’t get out of there fast enough. She came to me with our food laughing. trying to keep a straight face, I told her how mean that was and she should get a spanking for it. Her response was she hoped so. Since she was nude I got naked also. We ate our food, cuddled up under a blanket to watch a couple of movies. That is where we woke up the next morning. It was the first night since we met that we haven’t fucked each other silly and we didn’t mind at all.

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