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The Mother In Law”Damn, the in-laws are coming over tonight,” I thought to myself as I was driving home from work. I really didn’t want to have to entertain them tonight. I just wanted to go home and get some rest, and think about the last two days. I had fucked two very hot women and not even cared about the fact that I cheated on my wife of twenty years, and the bad thing is, that I wanted to do it again. I was already thinking about how I could get more pussy at work. There were other girls that looked damn good in that office, maybe I could work my way into their pants, too.It was a warm evening, and when I got home, my wife, Marla, wanted to grill out on the deck, so I got the grill fired up and awaited my in-laws, Jim and Carol. As I waited, Marla opened the door from the living room and told me that Jim and Carol had called, and that they would be spending the night. Seems they had been at the beach all day, and since they live about two hours away from us, didn’t want to make the drive back that night. I thought, “Damn! I’ll have to put up with Jim’s stuck up ass all night.” Jim and Carol were snobs. Jim had been a big shot in the insurance business for years, and was very well off financially. He was 5 foot 9 inches tall with gray hair, and a big belly from drinking too much. Carol was 5 foot 5 inches tall with dark brown hair, and very nice body for her age. They lived well and traveled alot out of the country.I get along alright with them, but when they come over for a visit, I usually just buy plenty of alcohol and get them feeling happy. Then, I leave them in the living room and ease out to my study, to be alone at my desk, surf the net, and watch a little TV. As I put the steaks on the grill, I could see Jim and Carol had arrived through the french doors in the living room. Jim was wearing a yellow hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts, and looked like he had already had a few drinks by the big smile on his face. Carol was wearing a black, low cut blouse, and a white skirt that fit her curves very well. He hair was wind blown, but looked very sexy. She had a very small waist, wide thighs, and a very healthy ass. She was standing with her back to the door so I had a very good view of that ass. Her legs came out of her white skirt very nicely, and they were tan and brown. I stepped inside and said hello, shook hands with Jim, and gave Carol a hug. I could feel Carol’s tits press against my body as we embraced. I could also catch a glimpse of her cleavage. She was wearing a black lace bra. “So,” I asked the two of them. “Did you have fun at the beach?” “Yes,” Jim answered. “But we are tired and don’t want to drive on home tonight. I hope you don’t mind if we stay the night.””Oh no,” I said. “We don’t mind at all.” I was lying, but I think I fooled them. I offered them both a drink so maybe they would start drinking, pass out early, and I could slip off to my study. “Thanks Joe,” Carol said. “Laying in the sun all day always makes me tired. I just want to eat and relax.” The thought of Carol laying in the sun made my mind wander. Carol looks damn good in a bikini. We have been with them to the beach a few times, and even at 56 she still wears a two-piece. Her tits look to be about 32C’s, and they sag some, but look very nice in a bikini top. I stepped back outside and finished cooking the steaks. It had cooled off some so we decided to eat out on the deck.Marla and Carol were bringing food out from the kitchen and placing it on the table on the deck. Jim and I had already sat down and were talking about football, when Carol leaned over the table with a plate of bread and ask if we wanted some. Jim took one piece of bread and she leaned in my direction. When she did, her blouse fell open and I couldn’t help but look at her cleavage. She noticed me looking and quickly put her hand up and pressed her blouse close to her body, blocking my view. I turned my head quickly like I wasn’t looking, but she knew that I was. I turned back and took a piece of bread off of the plate. She was still covering her blouse with her hand. “Thank you, Carol,” I said sheepishly. With a big smile, she replied, “You are very welcome.” The ladies then sat down and we all started eating. When Carol sat down her blouse fell open again. I had a perfect view of her cleavage. amasya escort I couldn’t help but stare. Carol kept glancing my way during the conversation. I didn’t try to hide the fact that I was staring this time. I just kept admiring those nice tits, and she made no effort to cover them this time. She leaned over a little and looked my way again. Jim and Marla were talking and didn’t even notice that my eyes were glued right down Carol’s blouse. Nor did they notice the little looks we were giving each other. About halfway through the meal Jim asked if there was any more bread. “Sure Daddy,” Marla said. “Let me go make some more. It will only take a minute to toast it in the oven.””No,” Carol said. “You just keep eating. I will go make more bread. I am finished anyway.” She got up from the table and walked into the house. Her fine ass was swaying very nicely as she walked away. I told Marla that I would go help her since she wasn’t familiar with the stove, and I got up and went inside, too.As I rounded the doorway to the kitchen, I saw Carol bending over in front of the stove. Her white skirt was stretched tight around her nice wide ass.I thought to myself, “Damn, what a fucking ass she has.” I just stood there for a few seconds admiring her curves. Her legs were nice and dark, and looked very smooth. She was trying to get a pan out from under the oven to cook the bread on. I walked up behind her and leaned over and started helping her pull at the pan. When I did my left arm rubbed up against her right arm. The pans were stuck and I had to use some force to get it out. I gave it a jerk and the pan finally gave way. When it did my left arm flew back and rubbed all over her tits. She started to lose her balance and fell back a little. I reached out and held her to keep her from falling. The force of my elbow had caused her blouse to fall open again and there I was staring right down at her tits again. She looked at me, but didn’t say anything. Then, she laughed and said, “Let me have the pan, it needs washing.”She took the pan and went over to the sink and turned on the water. She looked back at me over her shoulder to see what I was doing. It was a lustful glare that really turned me on. She looked so damn sexy standing there. I walked over and stood behind her. She turned her head back around facing the sink. There was a window over the sink and you could see out on to the deck where Jim and Marla were still sitting at the table eating. The water was running and she was scrubbing the pan. I moved in behind her and leaned over her shoulder. She just kept scrubbing the pan and looking straight ahead. I just stood there looking her up and down. My dick was starting to twitch at the site of her sexy curves. After a few seconds of silence, she said, “The pan is almost clean, you better find the bread.” I didn’t reply. I started to step away and when I did, she turned off the water, then turned her head and gave me that lustful look again. Our eyes met for a few seconds, then she turned away. “To hell with the bread,” I said as I moved in behind her. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her ass back towards my growing erection. “Oh God,” she said with a surprised whimper as she dropped the pan into the sink. “What are you doing?” I didn’t reply. I just squeezed her hips harder and pulled her back more. She started squirming and tried to turn around. I pushed my body up against hers, she was pinned between me and the counter. “Let me go,” she demanded. “What in the hell do you think you are doing?”I didn’t respond to her question. I just pressed my body up against her big ass, reached around, and grabbed her big tits with both hands. She responded by arching her back and pushing up against me, grinding on my cock that w
as getting harder by the second. I pulled her skirt up over her hips to reveal a black thong. I pulled it down to the floor with one quick motion, and she stepped out of it. Then I unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the floor, along with my underwear. I rubbed my hard cock up and down the crack of her ass. She lowered her head down and grabbed on to the counter to support herself. “Oh God No,” she said. “This isn’t right.”I moved my hand around her hips and made my way to her hot little box. I could feel a nice bush that was escort amasya already wet. I took two fingers and started playing with her clit. “Oh my God,” she said with a breathless murmur. “You better stop before….””Before what?” I asked as I circled my fingers all around her clit. “They are just right there,” she said looking out the window at her husband and daughter. “Yes, they are just right there,” I said as I continued my assault on her clit. “And look at you. What a dirty slut.””I am not a slut,” she said firmly.”Oh yes you are, ” I replied. “And you like it, don’t you?” She didn’t say a word, just silence. “You like this don’t you, Carol?” I asked. Again she didn’t say a word, just silence.I reached around and moved my hand underneath her blouse. I then made my way to her bra and pushed it up over her tits. I started making slow circles around her nipple that matched the circles that I was making on her clit. Her ass started moving in slow circles, responding to the motions my fingers were making on her clit. She was grinding on my hard cock.”Oh my God,” she muttered under her breath. “Oh my God this is just wrong.””Oh hell yeah it’s wrong,” I answered. “Just look out the window. Your husband and daughter are sitting right there, and it turns you on, doesn’t it Carol?” I reached out and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back towards me. I put my mouth next to her ear and asked, “What kind of woman lets her son-in-law finger her clit while looking at her husband and daughter sitting just outside? You’re just a fucking whore, aren’t you, Carol?””No, I am not a whore,” she demanded. “We have to stop this, right now.””Stop this?” I asked as I slapped her big ass with my right hand and pulled her back again by her hair.”Yes, please stop,” she said almost crying. “Are you fucking crazy? A little flirting is harmless, but this is wrong!” I looked out the window and could see my wife and father-in-law still sitting at the table talking. It was turning me on so damn much. It was so wrong, so dirty, but I could tell Carol was really into it, no matter what her mouth said, her pussy was so damn wet. I knelt down behind her and shoved my face between her ass cheeks. I ran my tongue as far into her ass as I could. She let out a groan, and said, “Oh Goddamn!” I had never heard her use language like that before. It really turned me on. I ran my tongue up and down from her ass to her pussy over and over again. Her hips were squirming and I could tell she was close to orgasm. I concentrated on the area just between her asshole and her pussy, and then it happened.”Oh God Yes! Oh God Yes! Do it! Do it! I’m cumming! Holy Fuck!” she cried. I slowed the movements with my tongue and raised up behind her. “Oh God,” she said. “We have got to stop this. Let me get my thong back on.”I shoved my thick meat between her ass cheeks, the head was searching for her opening. “Goddammit, I said stop it,” she demanded. The force of my thrust widened her legs, and my hard cock found it’s way to her wet mound, and up against her cunt lips. Just then, through the window, I saw Marla get up from her chair and start walking towards the door to the house. Carol also saw her. “Oh Shit,” Carol said. “Let me go! She will see us!” I held her down firmly against the counter so she couldn’t move, my rock hard cock still searching for the opening to her wet, hairy pussy.The door opened in the living room just as I slid the head of my hard dick into Carol’s wet, hairy slit. I thought, damn, if Marla comes around the corner she will see us, but from the doorway she can’t. I pulled the head of my dick out of Carol’s pussy. In a loud voice Marla yelled from the doorway, “Are y’all finding everything?” I yelled back, “Yes, we had to wash a pan for the bread, but we got it under control. Go keep your dad company and we will be right out.” “Ok,” she said. Carol and I both watched as Marla went back and sat down with her father. “Shit, we better stop and get back out there with the bread,” Carol said. I slid my hard dick back up against Carol’s cunt lips and asked, “Are you sure that you want me to stop?” There was silence for a few seconds. I reached down and grabbed my hard cock in my right hand. I started moving it up and down on her cunt lips. In a lustful whisper, Carol amasya escort bayan started mumbling. “You Goddamn Asshole. Why won’t you stop?” I asked her again, “Are you sure that you want me to stop?” Carol, still bent over the counter looked back at me and said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you better get that hard cock inside my pussy right damn now!” I just looked at her and said, “You are a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” To which she replied, “Shut the fuck up and just do it!” I moved in behind her again, grabbed her hips and went balls deep in her pussy with one hard thrust. “Jesus Fucking Christ,” she said in a grunting voice. I started moving in and out of that wet shit with slow, hard thrust, and with every thrust she was grunting. “Oh God Yeah,” she cried.”Oh fuck yeah. I’m going to cum!””Cum Bitch,” I said to her. “Cum all over my hard cock!” “Oh God! Oh God! I can’t believe I’m doing this! Oh Goddamn, I’m cumming! Shit!” she cried.She came so hard that I thought she was going to lift us both off the floor. Her big ass was shaking and bouncing, she was totally out of control. Her mouth was shouting all kinds of obscenities. “You Goddamn asshole,” she said. “What are you doing to me.” I slapped her big ass and told her to look out the window. She raised her head up and looked out at her husband and her daughter sitting outside. “Look at your husband,” I said. “And your little girl. Do they know what a fucking slut you are?” “I don’t give a shit what they think at this point. I just need to cum again. Shut your Goddman mouth, and make me cum again,” she demanded. “Well Hell Yeah,” I said. “Cum for me again, Bitch!”With that said, she started shaking her big ass again. She was moving back and forth on my hard cock like a wild woman.”Fuck it, Bitch! Fuck that dick,” I said as I pulled her hair back.”Bark like a dog!””Woof,” she grunted.”That’s it, Bitch. Bark like the fucking dog you are!””I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said.”Goddammit I said bark, Bitch,” I demanded. “Woof, woof, woof,” she was almost howling. I could tell she was close, and so was I. I pulled her hair even harder. Her ass was shaking and pounding against my dick. “Oh God yes! Oh God yes! Oh God Fucking Damn,” she screamed.”Oh my fucking God, I’m cumming!”I grabbed her hips very hard. She was holding on to the counter with all she had, bucking up and down on my rock hard dick.”That’s it, Bitch! Make me cum! Make me cum all in that wet shit,” I yelled. “Look at your husband,” I said.”Look at him while I cum all in your tight, wet pussy!””Oh Goddamn, Yes!” she replied.”Cum in me! Cum all inside me, you mother fucker!” “Don’t you mean Mother-In-Law fucker?” I asked.”Hell Yeah,” she replied. “Cum in me like you cum in my little girl!””Holy fuck! You are a dirty bitch, aren’t you, Carol?” I asked.”Hell Yeah! I am one horny, dirty bitch! Now cum inside me,” she demanded.With that said, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grabbed her big ass firmly and started pumping her pussy with all I had. I could tell she was close again, and with the rhythm we had going, i
t would only be a matter of seconds. I could feel her pussy sqeezing tighter and tighter on my rock hard shaft. She was gripping the counter as tight as she could, and then it happened.”Oh My Fucking God! Oh Holy Jesus! I’m cumming again,” she cried.”Oh Goddamn! Oh Goddamn,” I grunted. “I’m cumming, too, all in that wet pussy! Give it up, Bitch!” My hard cock unloaded stream after stream of sticky jizz all inside of that wet, tight shit. Her pussy was milking every drop as I could feel it contracting and squeezing. Then, she collapsed and her head fell into the sink. I looked up to see my wife and father-in-law still sitting outside. We had been in there for about fifteen minutes, and they had to wonder what was taking so long. I thought, “Damn, we better get back out there.”Just then Carol raised up and looked at me. She took a deep breath and let it out. She looked pissed off and started walking towards the bathroom. As she walked away she turned and said, “You son of a bitch. I can’t believe what just happened!””No one can ever find out about this, no one, and this will never happen again,” she said in a pissed off voice. She then turned and went into the bathroom. A few minutes passed and she came out of the bathroom, and walked by me in the kitchen without saying a word. As she turned the corner to go back outside, she hung me a bird. I couldn’t help but laugh as I got the bread out of the cupboard. The rest of the night was going to be fun!

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