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The MasseurThe Masseur My wife Lisa and I arrived at Phil’s apartment early on Sunday afternoon for her massage. Our arrival was the culmination of much prior planning and pre-meeting activity. Phil had responded to our contact magazine advertisement for a masseur. His response stood out amongst a number of replies we had received. He included a photo and phone number, and was happy to meet us first on neutral territory. Our initial meeting with him confirmed his claim of respect, good manners, maturity and a sense of humour. It was therefore easier to progress our original plan to fruitition with him. His apartment was like the man, clean and neat. He appreciated our donation of a bottle of wine. We sat in his lounge and talked to further break the ice between us, and enhance our collective comfort zones. Eventually we agreed it was time to undress and initiate our intended business.We used the main bedroom to disrobe and hang our clothes. Seeing each other naked in the flesh for the first time gave us opportunity to reappraise the photos we first exchanged. Phil was a tall barrel chested man with thinning black hair, a ruggedly handsome clean-shaven face, and a broad smile. His body hair was dark and curly down his chest and lower belly. A big fat light red knob tipped a thick circumcised hanging cock. Lisa was short in stature compared to him though, like him, she was of medium build. She wore her pitch-black hair short. Big heavy pink tipped breasts, her most obvious attribute, swung free. I was shorter than Phil but much taller than Lisa. In contrast to both of them I had grey hair. Like her I was shaved smooth. My cock appeared similar to his in size and shape. We moved to a smaller bedroom set up as his massage room. The room was softly lit. A s**ttering of scented candles filled the air with fragrance and soft music enhanced the relaxing atmosphere. I took my seat on a stool against one wall adjacent to the massage table. He had catered for my voyeuristic tendencies. Lisa made herself comfortable face down on the table.Phil used light aromatic oil. He started on her neck and shoulders, and slowly worked his way methodically down her body to her feet and toes. Apart from stroking his fingers over her puckered anus, and brushing over her bald pudendum as he did her upper thighs, there was nothing overtly sexual in the massage. However I enjoyed seeing my wife receive pleasure from another man.At Phil’s request Lisa rolled over onto her back. He worked his fingertips casino siteleri softly over her face. My fantasies about another man intimately touching my wife began to come to reality when his fingers massaged her large mounded breasts and pink areolae, caressed her nipples to thick pointed hardness. She sighed contently. His hands slowly moved on down her belly, over and between her parted thighs, down her legs to her feet and toes. It was not until he had worked on each foot that Phil moved to again stand beside her body on the table. One hand again massaged her heavy breasts. The other hand moved over the shaved smooth mound of her vulva. His oily fingertips slid across her slit, stroked the slim labia to swollen fatness, toyed with her hardening clit. Lisa’s body responded to his touch. Her lower torso humped up at Phil’s hand, encouraging more intimate contact. The crescendo slowly but surely built in her body. Her breathing became heavy and ragged. She moaned in pleasure. “Aaaagh! Aaaargh! Oh yes! Oh yes!” As soon as she peaked Phil moved both hands to her gaping pussy. The fingers of one hand continued to strum her hard erect pleasure bud. He inserted the bunched fingers of the other hand into her cunt. Slowly and carefully he opened and stretched her cunt as he gently fucked her with his hands. Her lips fattened. Her tunnel widened to accommodate his fingers with ease. She rocked her lower body up at his hands in rhythm with his penetrations. Her breathing again became ragged. “Oooohh! Aaaaah! Aaaargh!” The skin of her torso sheened with perspiration. Now her distended nipples were long, fat and hard. Her gaping snatch glistened with oil and juice.I noticed that Phil’s cock rose up thick and hard towards his navel, the knob deep red, his fat shaft heavily veined. Mine displayed a similar condition. He obviously enjoyed his work; and I certainly enjoyed watching him perform his work on my wife. Lisa relaxed back on the table while Phil towelled the surplus oil from her body. “Do you feel like moving to the bedroom?” he solicitously asked her. We both helped her up, pausing briefly to quench our thirst.Phil made Lisa comfortable in the middle of the double bed. Both accepted my suggestion, as I again took up my position on my stool adjacent to the bed, of a pillow under her arse as well as one under her head. Lisa spread her thighs wide, her legs bent at the knees with feet planted on the bed. Fat swollen labia framed the inner wet pinkness of the hole of her canlı casino cunt. An excited clit still poked erect from her slit. Phil knelt on the bed. He dipped his head in worship between her thighs. His tongue lapped over the flesh of her open gash, travelling from the pucker of her rosebud to her clit. The tongue swiped, delved and probed. His lips fastened onto her love bud. He sucked it into his mouth. Her lower body rose from the bed. She thrust her gash up at his mouth, grasped his head with her hands, and humped and rocked her cunt against Phil’s face. He devoured her snatch. He ate her vulva. He sucked her clit. She loved it. Lisa fucked Phil’s face.Again she soon lost control. Pleasure soared through her body, wailed from her gasping mouth. “Aaaargh! Oh shit! Oh god! Oooooh! I’m cuuuuummming!” Her body arched from the bed. Her toes curled in the rictus of her supreme pleasure. She roared to her orgasm. Phil sat back on his haunches and looked at her, his prick jutting up between his thighs. My own hard tool ached from my voyeurism. Slowly Lisa returned to the reality of the bedroom. “I think I’m ready for a nice hard cock now,” she announced as she drew Phil up along her body. He displayed no resistance. With straight arms on the mattress on either side of her chest he held himself upright. His fat swollen knob caressed and slithered its way through her wet open slit. The knob paused at the gaping entrance to her tunnel. His arse clenched and rocked. The thick fat hard shaft slipped into her depths. His head bent down to the raised mounds of her breasts. His mouth sucked at her engorged nipples.Phil rocked his tool in and out of her gash. Lisa humped her cunt to meet his thrusts. Slowly together they picked up their pace. She lifted her legs up around his body, her feet now behind his arse, her upturned gash totally engulfing his prick. Her arms encircled his body and drew him down onto her chest. He was now wrapped in the cocoon of her mouth, breasts, arms, legs and cunt. Deeper, faster, harder, deeper, faster and harder they fucked each other. The slap of his balls, the squelch of her wet cunt sucking at his cock filled the air. “Aaaaah! Aaaaargh! Oooooh yes! Aaaaah! Aaaargh! I’m cuuuuummming!” she wailed. Phil grunted. The muscles on his body, on his legs and arse quivered. He groaned. Together they climaxed. My prick ached at the spectacle.He relaxed on her body. Lisa laid spreadeagled beneath him. Eventually they returned to reality. Phil eased his kaçak casino dripping prick out of her pussy. He lay on the bed beside her. It was some time before Lisa looked across at me. “I need you now, badly,” she said. I moved to the bed and knelt between her thighs. Rivulets of white cum coated the pink flesh of her cleft. The entrance to her vagina gaped open. Spunk dribbled down her backside onto the sheets. “Take me hard,” she urged.I ran my pulsing lump of hard meat through her wetness, soaked up their juices, felt the heat of her flesh. My knob lodged in the slot of her cunt. Effortlessly I slid into her hot clasping grasping depths. Lisa drew me down onto her body. Our tongues intertwined. I reached between our bodies and fastened the fingers of one hand onto
a fat elongated nipple. Her legs wrapped around my back as I plunged my cock into her cunt. Phil lay beside us and watched. Faster, harder, deeper, faster, harder and deeper we fucked each other. My nuts in their tight sac slapped against her arse. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and pulled at her nipple. She rocked her body against mine, fucked me as intensely as I fucked her. The heat built rapidly in her. Knowing her as well as I did I could feel the climax, the orgasm, begin to build in her. The muscles in her cunt clutched at my cock. She began to wail, groan and moan as she urged me to increase my penetration of her twot. Lisa screamed out in her pleasure. Her body gyrated under mine. It was all too much for me. The pleasure seared its way through my balls and belly. My prick swelled inside her. It throbbed, pulsed and spasmed. The spunk shot up the core of my shaft, blasted its way into her vagina, splattered deep inside her grasping cunt. Our kisses were tender, our embrace caressive and caring, as we returned to the reality of the bedroom. I lay on the bed beside my wife exhausted. Phil quickly took my place between her thighs. Eagerly he lapped at the milky spunk that ran out of her love hole in streaky rivulets. It creamed over her fat red labia, trickled into the crack of her backside, pooled on the sheet beneath her. Phil’s tongue swiped her clean.He joined us in our well-needed rest. He and I embraced Lisa as we lay beside her. Conversation was quiet and desultory. We agreed that our meeting had been an outstanding success and, yes, that we should do it again soon.We showered, dressed and made tentative arrangements for our next meeting. Reluctantly but tiredly we left Phil’s apartment and headed home. If you are looking to spice up your relationship in a non-threatening way, and your partner is initially not keen, we suggest you advertise for a masseur or masseuse in a contact magazine….and pick the best reply!

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