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The MaseurI do not claim to be a grammar expert and as such you will find some grammatical errors in this story. The errors can be the switching of tense, spelling errors, or typos. I ask if you find an error please send me an email so I can correct and make the story enjoyable for others.WARNING!This text file contains sexually explicitmaterial. If you do not wish to read thistype of literature, or you are u******eEighteen, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!!Cindy[email protected] Masseur I started a new job at Coco Beach Florida. My wife and I moved into a two-bedroom apartment not too far from my new office. I must have lifted a heavy box incorrectly resulting in a pulled back muscle. . On my first day of work I was visibly in pain. One of my co-workers suggested I meet a friend of hers was a masseur. I laughed it off, but each day the pain worsened. The pain got so bad, I finally asked for the contact information of the masseur. His name was Carl. I called for an appointment and set it up for the same day. He explained he had his massage table set up in his spare bedroom and I would visit his house. His house was found in an upscale subdivision which was part of the Country Club. All the houses looked the same with the only way to find his house was by the number on the mailbox. I parked in his double-wide driveway. He met me at the door, inviting me into his home. He said. “I am working on my masseur license. I cannot charge for the massage, but donations are always welcome.” He was dressed in shorts and a golf shirt which allowed me to notice his nice tan. He mentioned he worked at the tennis pro shop at the County Club. He performed massages on the side. We sat on the couch drinking a soft drink talking about Coco Beach, my recent move to the area, and of course sports.Carl asked me about my back – where the pain was, when it started, and if I had had back trouble before. I told him, “This is not only my first back injury, but also my first time to visit a masseur.” He asked me to walk back to one of his bedrooms. A massage table was set up with oils and other things he used to ply his trade. On the table were candles, burning incenses, and different oils. He asked me to take off my clothes, which I did down to my boxes. He tossed me a towel and told me to drop the boxers and put the towel on. I wrapped it around me and pulled off the boxers. I was not uncomfortable, but I was aware I was almost naked in a room with a man I just met. He directed me to lie face down on the table.He turned on some new age music, something soft to help me relax. He lit candles and burned incense. There was a flat-screen TV on the wall in front of the table. He turned the TV to a yoga class with a woman in body stockings doing incredible bending movements. My sense of sound, smell and sight were all being massaged.I already felt relaxed, when he began to speak in a low monotone voice, asking simple questions I could answer with the nod of my head or with a yes or no. He told me to expect something cold and suddenly dropped some oil on my back. It smelled of winter mint, and in a short time I could feel the heat warming my back. I jumped when his fingers touched me the first time.His hands felt great pushing and rubbing, and it wasn’t long before I was lost between consciousness and dreams. When he tapped me on my shoulder, it took me a moment to realize where I was. He asked me to roll over, which I did without thinking, before realizing with some embarrassment I had an erection. As I flipped over, the towel became loose, causing it to form a tent above my body. Sensing my embarrassment, he said, “Don’t worry that’s normal.”I was now uncomfortable to be in the same room with a man while having an erection. Suddenly, I had a decision to make. Did I want him to stop or to continue? The massage had made the pain go away, and now was relaxing my body. I decided to stay but to be more aware of my almost nude condition.While I was lying on my back, he rubbed my legs and slowly moved to my thighs. His fingers moved upward, as he started to rub the inside of my thigh until he was touching me just outside the towel. Embarrassed by the intimacy of his touch, I was about to protest, when suddenly he stopped. “I think I got the bump out of your back, but you will need to return every day for the next week to make sure it’s completely gone,” he said in a soothing voice. I quickly agreed and returned the next day. He didn’t have to ask me to disrobe this time. I did it the same way as the day before, putting the towel around my waist and then dropping my boxers. He asked if I minded him drinking a beer, and I told him no. He got two imported beers out of a small refrigerator, opened them both and gave one to me. He was dressed as he was the day before, and the massage was much the same. My senses were again lulled by the oil, candle, music and the something on the flat screen.This time when I was on my stomach, he slid the towel down allowing half of my rear to be exposed. He continued with a deep tissue massage of my ass cheeks, and felt good, too good to say stop. Suddenly, he asked to be excused so he could go to the bathroom. I heard him pissing, a long steady stream. I’m not sure if he intended for me to hear him or not, but I did. Alone and lying on the massage table I became aware I had an erection but didn’t understand why. Was it Carl’s hands touching my body, or maybe the sound of a man peeing caused it? Such thoughts were a bit disquieting.Instead of Yoga on the TV, a soft-core movie was showing of a topless woman on summer break. I found myself more relaxed than the day before, and the pain was gone. Was it Carl’s hands making me feel better or maybe it was the beer? All that mattered was I was feeling fine. Once again, he asked me to roll over on my back. I was hard, erect and tented the towel, but not as embarrassed as the day before. He didn’t mention my condition as he began massaging my face and neck, rubbing my lips, my ear lobes. I suddenly became flushed and could feel myself responding to his touch. It was sensorial. His hands went to my arms, hands and then to my chest. That dreamlike state returned as he continued his work. I became aware of new sensations when he started massaging my nipples. He rubbed around each of them and then pinched them causing them to become erect. “A man’s body reacts much the same way a woman’s does,” he whispered in my ear. “When I massage women they often insist I stimulate their breasts. Sometimes they have orgasms simply from my touch.”Before I could respond, he moved on to my feet. The massage was over while driving home, I remembered the nipple massage. That evening after the wife went to bed, I massaged them myself as I jacked my cock watching porn. The next day I arrived and got ready. Carl was wearing short shorts didn’t leave much to the imagination. Not that, I looked intentionally, but I couldn’t help but notice he had a package of some size. All during the massage, he would lean over, so his shorts were only inches from my face. We had a couple of beers that day, and I was beginning to enjoy his touch and not necessarily just from the massage. The smell of the oils, the sounds, the sights on the TV, all were arousing. I noted I would get hard at the first touch with his hands; and when he started working on my nipples, I was ready to shoot.I don’t think my desires were homosexual at all, but I suddenly had a yearning desire güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for sexual release. The massage felt so good, and my pain went away; even so, I felt extremely horny afterward. That night I secretly jacked-off, while my wife lay sleeping beside me. I rubbed and pinched my nipples as if Carl’s hands were touching me and shot off under the covers.The pain was completely gone, but I had agreed to meet him for a week, I had four more days left. I arrived the next afternoon at the scheduled time.He had a good taste in beer handing me a Negra Modelo as soon as I arrived. We sat on the couch watching sports on the flat screen. I didn’t have many other
male friends with whom to socialize. I began to look forward to the time I spend with Carl before the massage as much as the massage itself. He was a nice person, had interesting stories to tell, and could carry on an intelligent conservation. After two beers and at the half-time show, he asked if I was ready for my massage. I most certainly was.I did not need to be told what to do, I stripped naked, dropped my boxers and wrapped the towel around me. With my face down, he started the routine of deep tissue massage. This time, the flat screen was showing a light porn movie with a lot of kissing and foreplay but nothing too explicit. It was still hot with big breasted women and men with trim and fit bodies. Carl was dressed in tight shorts. He removed his golf shirt, and I have to admit his body rivaled the men on the TV. I commented on his suntan, and he said he used the tanning room at the County Club. He invited me to join him sometime as his guest, and suggested I get an allover tan. I laughed and told him it would be hard to explain to my wife. He certainly seemed to be in a talkative mood this time.”How is your back, is the pain gone?” He asked.”Yea, it is gone and your hands are like magic.”He paused for a moment before he said, “I give five to eight massages a week to members of the County Club. Sometimes, I pack up my massage table and go to their houses. They tip very well especially when I give them a special benefit.” “A special benefit?” I asked with what must have been a perplexed look on my face.He answered, “Yes, for the men, I end the massage by oiling their cock, give them a few strokes of my hand. They climax, and the result of the massage is increased doubled.”I knew what he was offering, and it made me uncomfortable.”Carl’s thanks for the offer, but I am not into gay things.”He said flatly, “It’s not a gay thing. I’m not gay. The men I touch are all straight married men like you. I touched your body all over. Did you feel it was gay?””No Carl; I never felt your massage was a gay thing. The titty massage did arouse me, but I guess it’s natural. It would not matter if a guy rubbed me or if a woman rubbed me.”He continued, “Trust me; I have done this with men before, and it is really relaxing for them.”At this point, I was relaxed. My cock was hard, and I knew I would go home and jack off later that night. I said to myself, “I am not gay… I know my wife would not jack me off. He said he’d done this before with other straight men, so why should I say no?”Promise you are not gay.”“I’m not gay; I’m as straight as you are. Now let me change to some real porn you might like.” He started the DVD player showing a hard-core movie with two men and one woman. “I have something that will heighten your climax. You breathe it in through your nose. Take a couple of breaths and hold it in, and when you climax it will be unlike any climax you have ever had before.” “You owe it to yourself to experience an extreme orgasm.”After three beers and with the nipple play, I wanted to shoot my wad. No, I needed to shoot my wad. The offer to be jacked off and to have an extreme orgasm was more than I could take. “Ok Carl, I trust you. What do I do now?”“Just lie there. I’ll do the rest,” he said with a sexy smile.He showed me a small bottle, opened the cap, and asked me to take a sniff. I did, and there was no real smell, but there was a buzz in my nose. He told me, “Sniff again, but this time to hold a nostril closed and to put the bottle under your nose.” He instructed, “Exhale completely and then breathe in.” As I inhaled I was hit with a wave of light headiness. I felt like I was floating, but in twenty seconds I was back to normal. He removed the towel exposing my cock. My cock was small only about four inches, cut but had a large glan head. I found when having sex with my wife in the missionary position, it was sometimes a struggle to keep from slipping out of her pussy. My wife and I had to find another position. The best was with her on top sitting on my cock. I guess that was too much work for her, and we’d only mounted me a few times over the five years of our marriage. She was a catholic and went to a high school just for girls. Her views about sex were prudish – no anal sex, only oral sex to get her wet or me hard but never to climax, no extreme positions, only missionary or spoon would she allow. With my cock size neither was pleasurable with me. I suddenly found myself spilling my guts to Carl about my sexual frustration at home. The first touch of his hand on my cock was like a bolt of electricity. Besides my wife, no one had ever touched my cock before. It was a most pleasurable experience.I let out a sigh, “Oh God that feels so good.”“Yea, I agree, it feels good in my hand,” he said in a husky voice. “You are smaller than most men I have jacked, but you have a large glan head.” Carl touches the underside of my cock and rubs it lightly. Carl said, “How does this feel, rubbing this spot can really turn you on.” He had placed a pillow under my head so I could watch. He touched around the head then on the underside. I could feel myself getting ready to climax. At first, I really didn’t want to. I just wanted to feel a strange hand on my hard cock; but then suddenly, for some strange reason, I wanted to watch. No, I needed to watch.”Your hands, so good, oh God, I am getting ready to shoot,” I gasped.Carl grabbed the bottle telling me, “Ok, put the bottle to your nose. Take a long deep sniff.” I was so close, so I took a deep sniff from the bottle, immediately felt like I was starting to float on air. My mind momentarily went blank, and my climax started to build to an ecstasy I’d never experienced anything like that before. He jacked my cock with one hand and rubbed my glan head with the other. I came like a porn star. My jizz shot out of my hole, and all over my chest, three, four five times. I was still high, floating, my mind concentrating on my climax. My whole-body responded to the release of my load. I lay there exhausted. My cock began retreating to it normal small size of less than two inches, and Carl let it fall from his hand. I lay there with my jizz all over my chest, coming down from a wonderful high. I didn’t move for several minutes, until I had to go pee. I walked out of the room naked down the hall to the bathroom to relieved myself and cleaned the jizz off of my chest. Returning to the room, I picked up my clothes, dressed and went to the living room where he had another beer waiting for me. We sat on the couch for several minutes without saying a word.Finally, I couldn’t be silent any longer and said, “Wow! That was amazing. I had no idea I could climax so hard. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Your hand on my cock excited me, and then mobilbahis when you added the oil and started to stroke me…I’m sorry I came so fast.”I had to stop again to catch my breath. “But what was that I sniffed?””Poppers; Poppers are butyl or amyl nitrate. Nitrates improve blood flow through blocked arteries and increase your heart rate, dilate your arteries and cause your blood pressure to drop. This produces a “rush” as your heart struggles to keep the blood flowing to your brain. It can be enjoyable, albeit brief because you experience a warm flush and intense sexual desire. The effects usually last about thirty seconds to a minute, but no more than two minutes.” He explained.”Is it dangerous?” I asked with a little concern.”It can be, but if you are in good health it shouldn’t be a problem. I use them when I jack off. Most of the men I massage want me to jack them off, and I do it for the tips. It’s no big deal to me, just another muscle to massage. When someone climaxes in my hands, it makes me horny, but I don’t know why. I am not gay. However, I do become sexually aroused.””Did you feel aroused when you jacked me?” I asked a bit sheepishly.“Yes and no. I can’t explain it. You’ll just have to experience it yourself,” he replied.At first, I did
n’t understand what he was saying. Usually, he was very clear when he spoke. “What do you mean I have to experience it?””You need to jack off another man to understand what it’s like. I do it all the time, but it is not sexual? It’s just a physical response, another body function like sneezing. It’s an involuntary reflex to a stimulus. However, until you have a guy climax in your hands, you won’t know what I’m talking about.”After a moment he continued, “If you want to you can touch me. It’s not a gay thing it is only something physical. It would make me feel good to feel your hand on my cock, better than my own hand.” I suddenly realized he had been touching his own cock through his shorts. Without saying a word he unzipped his shorts and pulled out his hard cock. It was standing straight up, throbbing with each heartbeat. Reluctantly, I moved closer to him. “Just touch it like it was your own cock, except you get to play with something bigger,” he instructed.I couldn’t help myself. I reached out and encircled his shaft in my hand. I couldn’t believe all the sensations I felt – the warmth of his member, the pulsation of his cock, the smoothness of the skin and his reaction to my touch. It was electrifying. I felt myself become sexually aroused while holding his cock in my hand.He started to give me directions, “Yes, that feels good, now with your other hand cup my balls. Yes, slide your hand up and down. Rub around the glan head, like I did you.” He continues, “You have female soft hands.”He was sniffing on the popper every thirty seconds. I was holding his cock with both of my hands one on top of the other. He was so large there was still two to three inches sticking out. With both hands, I slid up to and over his glans, causing his skin to move up and down as I jacked him. “Faster!” He gasps.I started moving my hand faster as he took another sniff. “I am going to shoot, don’t stop!” He commands. His cock was aimed straight up in the air as I continued to masturbate him. Suddenly, his ejaculation shot up about ten inches above the end of his cock before it fell down on my hand. I stroked him three or four more times to milk a second and third squirt from him. I felt his hard cock jerk with each squirt. Feeling him shoot was more intense than when I shoot. I guess the bigger they are the harder they climax. Carl was right; you have to experience it to really know. It was fun to hold his larger cock and to experience his climax up close. I moved my hand to his glans which was covered in warm jizz, and slid it freely all over his cock with his own lubrication. I didn’t let go until he softened in my hand. He grabbed a towel, cleaned the jizz from his cock then gave the towel to me.As I cleaned the jizz of another man off of my hands, I pondered what had happened over the past few minutes. I’d touched another man’s cock. My hands jacked him off, to the point of climax. I did feel something when I was doing it. I felt in control, like I had power over him. I did. I suddenly realized I could control another man be simply jacking his cock. I could make him climax fast or slow, but either way I was going to make him cum. Jacking a cock was the real power and something to enjoy.I looked up when he came back into the room just wearing short shorts. He grabbed two more beers and returned to the couch. We were sitting there on the couch watching the flat screen, drinking beer, as if jacking each other off was something normal two people do every day. After we drank our beers for a few minutes Carl asked me, “Do you have oral sex with your wife?” “Sometimes when she is in the mood,” I responded.How often is that?” He asked.”Not often, about once every couple of weeks.””What do you like about oral sex? It’s kind of nasty to me. I don’t like to do it very much.” He replied.”Well, I do like the taste of a pussy, and each woman has her own particular taste and aroma. It does take getting used to, but it’s like drinking coffee. Once you get past the smell and the taste you can enjoy what you are doing. If you want to know the truth, I really don’t know where to lick. I just keep doing it until she moans and orgasms. I guess that is what turns me on with oral sex, giving her an orgasm with my mouth and tongue.””I can understand what you’re saying. It’s the result of oral sex that turns you on.” Carl changed the subject by saying, “I like is to receive oral, nothing better than a good blow job. Do you get that at home?”I could not believe I was freely talking about sex with my wife to someone whom I met only three days earlier. No matter, it felt good to get some things off my chest. Carl seemed sympathetic to my comments, and I could not disagree with his comments. Pondering his question slowly I said, “My wife refuses to give me a full blowjob. She sucks me a little until I get hard and then we have sex. I don’t know, maybe she doesn’t want to suck me because I’m small. Maybe you have to have a large cock like yours to get sucked.” I looked at him and remembered his huge and hard cock in my hands a few minutes ago. “How about you, do you get a lot of women to suck your cock?” I asked, really wanting to know.”I’ve met a few who’ve sucked me to completion; and let me tell you, there’s nothing better.”“Do they swallow?” I asked.”Yes, some of them do, and it was great knowing they didn’t mind. Changing the subject again he asks, “Did you ever swallow a mouth-full of a woman’s juices?”I had to brag a little and responded, “Oh hell yes. I had a girlfriend in high school; she wanted me to eat her all the time. Maybe that is why I like to give oral. Her pussy would become very wet when I ate here. I got loads of your cum in my mouth.””Eating pussy is a lot alike sucking cock.” he said matter of fact.I looked at him liked he’d lost his mind before he continued, “Yea, you give her oral by licking her pussy where she pees, and a men gets oral by sucking his cock where he pees. If there is any dried pee, you taste it whether you’re sucking a male or a female. He continues, “She gets wet when you lick her pussy, and he leaks pre-cum. Either way you get their fluids in your mouth.” I could not disagree with Carl’s statement. mobilbahis güvenilir mi He continues, “She feels pleasure with your lips on her clit, and he feels pleasure with your lips on the head of his cock.” “You told me you had a woman orgasming and squirting cum gets in your mouth. When a man climax, his ejaculates fluids gets in your mouth. So what am I missing here, oral sex with a female is like oral sex with a male. Am I right?”I couldn’t fault his logic, but I still doubted they were the same. “Well, you’ve made your point, but it’s gay for a guy to suck a cock.””Gay? Is being gay what you’re concerned about? Gay is when two guys fall in love and they want to be with each other. Jacking your cock is not gay. Having someone jack your cock is not gay. You just jacked my cock, and you are not gay. Right?””No, I’m certainly not gay. Jacking your cock was something else. And feeling you climax in my hand because I was jacking you – wow, what power I felt.””You jacked me once, would you want to feel me shoot again?” He asked me.I hesitated before I answered. I wanted to do it again, but I didn’t want to appear too eager. Finally, I said, “Yes I want to feel you shoot again.”Without batting an eye, he then asked, “Would you want to feel me shoot in your mouth?” He smiled at me and looked directly in my eyes. I knew what he wanted. “What is the difference if you use your hand or your mouth, the result is the same. The guy still climax. Hand or mouth, what does it matter? Except…”He paused for a moment and never stopped looking in my eyes.“A mouth is more erotic and feels more like a pussy.” If you get off on the power you have by using your hand, think about the power you would have when you use your mouth.” Again, he hesitated before continuing, “So, would you suck a man’s cock to e
xert even more power over him?”I could see the desire in his eyes. His voice tightened, and he shifted on the couch, making sure I could see his erection in his shorts.”Carl; I know what you want; but I’ve been raised a Catholic and I’ve always been taught if guys suck a cock, he’s gay. I just can’t change my view on the subject after just a few minutes. I better go now.””Will you come back tomorrow? I hope what happened here today didn’t scare you away.”“No, everything’s fine, and yes, I’ll be back tomorrow. Why not? We didn’t do anything today to be ashamed of did we?”He nodded his head in agreement while I saw a gleam in his eye.”Right, I’ll see you tomorrow at the same time,” he said as I left.All evening long I had a flashback of my climax and how great it felt to have a strange hand on my cock. I also remembered what it felt like touching a man for the first time, and the power and control I had. That night I went to bed without jacking off. I know I wanted to jack off Carl again, but his statement about sucking a cock and eating pussy being the same still bothered me.I returned the next afternoon at the same time. He greeted me with a cold beer, short shorts, and a warm smile. We spent time sipping on our beers and watching a game on the flat screen. At halftime, he said it was a good time for the massage. I went in the bedroom and stripped, not caring if he saw me. He’d already jacked me, so I was over being bashful. He started like before, a deep tissue massage. Then he asked me to roll over and started to massage my face, neck and chest. This was the part I like the best. I couldn’t help myself and my little cock got hard. “Would you like for me to jack you off?” He asked, with little more than a sensual whisper.I nodded my head before saying, “Yes, please do it.” He removed my towel and then unzipped his short and let them slip to the floor.”Do you want to jack me off again? We can do each other at the same time.”I smiled at him and responded, “Sounds good to me.”I moved my hand off the table and over to where he was standing and gently touched his balls. After fondling them for a few moments, I moved my hand up to touch his hard cock. His hand on my cock felt good. One of his hands could hide all of my cock from glan head to balls. I realized he had moved, and he was maybe a foot away from my face. He was still jacking my cock, but when I got close to climaxing, he would slow down so I would lose the urge. This happened several times before finally I said, “Dammit Carl, I need to shoot jack me faster, please!”“I will,” he gasped, “But I want to shoot too, and you know what I want. Remember, sucking cock is like eating pussy. Think about how much you enjoy eating pussy. Don’t you want the power you will have over me with your hot mouth being a pussy for me? It will give me a great pleasure, and I’ll give you pleasure. Here, sniff a couple of times.”I let go of his cock and took the bottle in my hands. I put it to my nose and took two large sniffs. Immediately, I started to flow and felt dizzy, my mind went kind of blank. I felt like I didn’t have a care in the world, all inhibitions were momently gone.He leaned forward and pressed his cock on my lips. There was a little hesitation, but my mouth opened and my head turned to accept his male organ. He said softly, “Oh yes baby, suck my cock. Your mouth is so hot. That’s it, use your tongue. Your mouth makes a fucking wonderful pussy.”I didn’t have all of his cock in my mouth, maybe only a quarter to a third. I kept it in my mouth, using my tongue to explore around the head and up and down the shaft. I have never sucked a cock before and only had my sucked a few times. I did not know what to do. With Carl directions I was encourage to keep doing what I was doing.”Open your mouth, and make your lips cover your teeth,” he gasped.I did as I was told. He turned my head and extended my neck, so he could get more of his cock in my mouth. It filled my mouth causing me difficualty to breathe. When he pushed his cock in it would block my throat, and I struggled to breathe. Then he would move it out, and after I caught my breath, slide it back in. Every time he thrust in and out, he pushed it in a little deeper.I could feel my climax approaching, and I started to moan. As I moaned my throat would open up a little more and he took advantage to slide in deeper. I came with a few jerks of his hand. After my orgasm my body relaxed, and he pushed his cock all the way down my relaxed throat, so his pubic hair was pressed against my nose and his balls on my chin. As soon as he reached the full depth, I felt him shoot. I didn’t taste his jizz at first, because he was so far back. It felt like I had a cold and my sinuses were draining down my throat.He pulled half way out in time for his second squirt to fill my mouth. Then he removed his cock entirely from my mouth, and the third squirt covered my lips. He rubbed his glan head on my lips and cheeks and whispered, “That’s it. It’s just some pussy juice on your lips for you to taste. Swallow what you have in your mouth. You made me climax hard. You have a fucking hot mouth. And wow you took all of my cock, better than any woman I’ve ever had.”I swallowed his load and savored the taste. The taste of his load was sweet at first, then bitter; and after I swallowed there was strange after taste I noticed. Swallowing sperm for the first time was not nasty or unpleasant at all.”Is sucking my cock like eating pussy?” He asked.”Better,” I replied quickly. I still don’t think it’s gay to have a cock explode in your mouth, or to have a guy jack you off. I consider what Carl and I did was only physical. Shooting your load was a normal body function and if a hand or mouth can make happen with both parties in agreement what was the harm? I continue to meet him for a massage ever so often. We’ve also became good buddies. So, what difference does it make for two buddies to get each other off?

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