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The Making of a cockslut 3It was two am when I got home from the bath house, I was still on a high from my experiences that evening, my head was spinning. My apartment was empty, my wife was away for a few days, hence my ability to slip out to the bath house, I stripped off and threw my clothes in the laundry, as I padded around the apartment naked I went to the bathroom to take a piss. As I stood there holding my cock it occurred to me that for all the cocks that I had handled and cum I had received, the only one not to cum was me, best I remedy this now!I went to the bedroom and pulled the covers off the kingsize bed, I lay spreadeagled in the centre of the bed, it was a beautiful summer night and I had the sliding door to the balcony wide open. A warm breeze wafted over my body as I relaxed and let my mind go over all the things that had happened to me tonight, I gently ran my fingertips over my body, my thighs, between my legs, up over my stomach to my nipples and finally up my cock shaft to tease the tip of my knob. Coupled with the images in my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri head this made my cock so hard it ached. Time to get serious, I reach to the bedside table and grab the bottle of lube I keep there and liberally coat my cock and balls, I am staying away from my ass as it is sore. With my thumb and forefinger circled around my cock I slowly slide it up and down my shaft passing over my knob on about every third stroke while gently kneading my balls with the other hand. While doing this I close my eyes and picture the evenings events, the cocks I sucked and cum I swallowed at the glory hole, the number of cocks that entered me and fucked me and most of all the amount of cum sprayed over my body.I resisted the urge to stroke faster instead keeping the same slow rhythm, before long my eyelids started to twitch and my toes tingle and curl. I felt the head of my cock swell as one last rush of blood came before a huge spasm sent a ribbon of cum flying that stretched from my shoulder to my navel, then two more güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri shots rapid fire striping across my stomach. My cock kept spasming for ages, the rest of my load running aver my hand, I opened my eyes and grinned, covered in cum again.I was coming down from my buzz and I looked out the door, across the courtyard a guy was standing on his balcony with a huge grin, oh well I thought, I am way past being embarrassed by a guy watching me, in fact I liked it. I drifted off to sleep still covered in cum. Monday morning came on off to work, I head for the elevator, the doors open, A guy is running down the hallway to catch it so I hold the door for him. He steps in and the doors close, “nice show the other night” he says, ” aah ah glad you liked it” I stammer, ” my names Ron, number 39, come by for a drink when you get off work” he said as he got off on the ground floor. I rode down to the garage wondering what to do.I headed home and rode the elevator up, what the hell I thought and turned right heading güvenilir bahis şirketleri for number 39. Ron answered the door with a big smile and held out his hand, “I’m Tom” I said as I shook his hand, “come in” he said, “beer?”, “cool” I said. We chatted about nothing particular for a while then I heard the door open and in walked a tall guy, he walked up to Ron and kissed him on the lips, “oh Tom this is Henry” we shook hands, “Tom is the guy I told you about the other night” Ron said. Henry stared at me, “your the guy at the bath house the other night, it was awesome!” Henry said, I blushed “I loved it” I said, “that’s why I came home so horny and I have decided that I love cock”. They looked at each other, “I think we can help you” Ron said and undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor, Henry quickly did the same, I was faced with two cocks getting harder by the second. I quickly knelt down and took each in one hand and started alternating sucking them, I was getting pretty good at this and in no time I had each of them in turn filling my mouth with cum.”would you do that thing with a lot of guys again” Henry asked, “hell yes” I replied, “we may have a proposition for you, we have someone for you to meet, can you come over tomorrow night?” Henry asked. “Sure no probs” I replied. With that I left, expectation keeping me awake all night.To Be Continued

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