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The Loan Shark 2
“Mrs Sukoff be at the Ritz Carlton Hotel room 3205 at 3pm” said the text message.

3pm I stood outside the door about to knock on the door when my cell phone beeped. Another message.

“You are late. Strip in the hallway”

Nervously I removed the white silk blouse and the tight black leather skirt. My hair was bright red ( Courtesy of Mr Goldsmith) pulled back in a ponytail. I stood in the black 6″ heel stilettos naked. Knocking on the door praying that no one sees me.
I open the door and walk in Mr Goldsmith’s secretary points to the bedroom.
“Put on the items on the bed then assume the position”
I walk towards the bedroom, on the bed are a chain with clamps on either end , a butt plug, a egg, and a ball gag. It has been 8 weeks of meetings on a Monday and Thursday where I have been to his bank and deposited the cash takings from my Interior Design store then made my way to the hotel to receive my slave training. The nipple clamps with chain pull my cleavage together. The butt plug has got bigger each week stretching my asshole wider. The vibe egg is for my pleasure a reward of sorts. The ball gag stretches my mouth wide open and has a big hole for a normal cock to fit in.
I now assume the position which is feet spread shoulder width apart straight legs bend over and hands around my ankles. The secretary holds a cane.
“You were 2 minutes canlı bahis late Mrs Sukoff ! Twelve strokes of the cane ”
The secretary swings the cane swiftly on my white bottom. A red welt appears.
“One” I have to count each stroke. If I lose count or don’t count it another stroke will be added.
The cane lands on my ass.
“Mr Goldsmith is very disappointed with your cash deposits Mrs Sukoff. Do you have the keys to the shop with you?”
Swish I feel the cane land on my ass cheek. I start crying quietly.
“Three” I sob. The secretary has become extremely accurate with her cane strikes landing in a small grouping on my butt cheeks. The next 7 strokes land on my reddening butt. The pain is real. I am sobbing. Tears are flowing freely.
I do not notice that a man with a mask covering his face and wearing a leather collar is standing in front of me.
“Slave you are now to suffer a spanking as a penalty payment!”
A pair of muscular black legs come in to view as I am still bent over. I feel a big rough hand on my butt caressing me.
“The spanking will begin ” says the secretary. A big hand lands firmly on my welt covered red ass cheek.
“Ummph. Owwwww”
The swats continue alternating on each cheek. I am in severe pain. I feel the vibe on low hum in my wet cunt.

After the 20 spanks I have my eyes closed. The man shrieks in pain and collapses to the ground. His bonus veren siteler collar has sent an electrical shock through his body. The secretary has a cat o nine tails and is thrashing his black butt. He whimpers and moans in pain.
“Roll over”
The black man rolls on his back scars on his chest and stomach are from a gun shot and knife wound.
I see two pairs of legs in white overalls enter and hear a pht sound. The black man stops moving.
“Mrs Sukoff please go out to the balcony”
I don’t look around. I hear the plastic sheet being rolled up and the body is removed. On the balcony the secretary stands behind me her hand moves my butt plug to the widest point stretching my butt hole painfully wide. She rotates the sex toy round in my asshole. I’m whimpering. The speed on the egg increases in my moist pussy.
“Turn and face me please”
I turn round to face the secretary.
“Mr Goldsmith appreciates you have been cooperative so far. However your loan is still in arrears as your husband has departed with your biggest asset the Ferrari. We would like you to sign your business and house over to Black Hole Finance Inc. Please stand on the x marked on the floor in the room ” The secretary moves her arm indicating I should enter the door further down the landing. A woman has camera she tells me to pose in a certain way. I follow her directions. deneme bonusu My nipples are hard. My pussy is dripping wet. I arch my back. Push my chest out. Get on the floor. The secretary puts a foot near my mouth. Lick her shoe.
The secretary is wearing a red PVC minidress her big natural breasts are revealed as the front zip comes down. Her hands are on her nipples. The photographer squats near me to get a close up of the tip of my tongue on the toe of her black high heels. I turn an see Mr Goldsmith sitting in a executive chair watching. He signals the secretary to come to him and release his cock.
The photographer tells me to lie on my back and finger my aching cunt. Click. She stands in front of me looking down.
“Look in to the lens Mrs Sukoff”
I try to keep my eyes open as the speed on the egg is now humming.
“Rub your clit.”
” Yes. ”
“Lick your lips slut”
“Now turn around I want to see your butt” Her hand roughly pulls out the shit covered butt plug. I begin shitting and peeing on the floor. I hear the camera shutter clicking away.
“Squeeze the egg out of your cunt” I hear a masculine voice.
I feel two hands on my hips, a firm round object rubs against my pussy lips.
“Fuck her shitty asshole Sam” the firm object presses against my butt.
“Sure boss! Her gaping butthole. Fuck this big dildo !” Sam shouts ramming the big strap on in Mrs Sukoff butt. Sam thrusts hard and fast . Yanking roughly on Mrs Sukoff ponytail. Arching her back and pushing her bum back to meet Sam energetic thrusts.
“Ohhh fuck me” utters the secretary who is bouncing up and down on Mr Goldsmiths erection .

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