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The Lincoln Madam.The Lincoln Madam.A Crazy Time In My Life!I guess I was about 38 and recently single, the usual story of wife ignorant of my real passion, the big secret that finally came out, and what a fool I must have been to have let her trick me into breaking my own rules of, “Never tell a soul”!However, I did and now the world had changed from what I was expecting, to a new beginning, forgetting the pain and hurt on both sides, it was over!That was 2 years ago now, and the first night on my own, was spent with me using one of her slips to wank with!Great, how upset could I have been, but it’s just being truthful, I did that sort of thing, just me!—————I started the car and turned the wipers on, the screen was covered in dust from the fields around where I lived, harvest time and combines trudged up and down all the fields they could before the rain came, which according to the forecast would be tomorrow!It was humid, hot even as I set off on the drive to Lincoln, just outside actually, so about an hour or so till I was there!This wasn’t the first time I’d made this journey, loads of times yes, but the reason I was going this afternoon was purely selfish, selfish and enjoyable, I’d found a little quirk I didn’t know I had in me!I was visiting a Madam, and paying for the pleasure she would give me, I didn’t mind now, I did at first but I wanted to try it out, and after watching porn videos of men who paid women for this kind of service, I thought, what the hell, have a go and see if I liked it!I knew I would, but the cost was a little off putting, but as a treat now and then, well worth the thrill and excitement, the expense of course was always questionable, but you only live once!I’d spent the morning watching porn so I was really hot for sex, sex and humiliation, and paying for the privilege too!She charged me well over a ton, but for that she supplied me with clothing and underwear being my main focus of perversion, I thought it a price well worth paying!————–I pulled into her street, just an ordinary street with an ordinary post code, nothing special and I suspected perhaps not her main place of residence either, just a feeling as the place didn’t exactly feel homely, I would have said adequate and functional!She had told me downstairs was available to rent by the hour if I wanted that kind of thing, and in fact she had shown me around there once, leading me down into the basement on a dog lead attached to the collar round my neck.I had been naked but for a pair of her warm panties, I liked that!She wore frilly one’s for me, then when I had undressed, she would make me take her panties off, real slow as well, making me touch them with every inch they went until they slipped off her legs and onto mine!She made me smell them too, deep in the crutch, then she would tell me to slip them on and fondle myself!I didn’t need telling ödemiş escort bayan twice!The basement was kitted out for bondage, camera’s too, there was a cage on the floor, big enough for two, but only just, she told me she had gentlemen who liked that sort of thing, they would get locked in with another man, a stranger, then left there for ages, just with the camera on them and an occasional visit from Madam, dressed in her nylon’s and with a cane rattling against the bars, she told me she she would get one out at a time, put him across her knee, or over a specially made chair, then she would slap his bare arse hard, before caning him until he cried.The other man would watch, knowing what was to come!Not my thing I admit, but the thought always gave me an erection, she knew that too!My “Thing” was being dressed in skimpy underwear, stockings and suspenders, high heels and panties, maybe a slip and some lipstick!She had made me up before, not everything but enough to make me feel ridiculously humiliated, and she filmed me too, charging me for the privilege as well, it did rather finish the trip off nicely, as when I got home later I would usually pick up a bottle of wine, then have an early night and watch myself on the box!Christ, I couldn’t believe how hot that was, seeing myself doing those things and being treated like that, not even a consenting wife could supply that kind of sexual thrill!——————————————“Good afternoon Robert” she said as she swung the door open allowing me through!The hallway was fairly wide and had a good quality staircase leading off to the left, we went into the back room via the kitchen where she switched the kettle on and made coffee for us both!”Good drive across” she asked, more to start the chat before the inevitable began!I replied yes it had been a nice day for a drive, not a lot of traffic and that could only be good!We finished our coffee and she suggested I undress, she sat opposite me as I did so, the tops of her nylons peeping out from under her dress, she made no attempt to conceal what she had on underneath!”The usual Robert” she asked? “Only I thought you were going to be a little more adventurous this time”She got up and went across to the large wall cabinet, and opened the doors first one, then the other!By this time I was naked, “What do you think Robert, isn’t it about time you dressed properly” she motioned towards the contents of the cabinet, where she ran her hands across the brightly coloured underwear hanging from satin covered hangers!They swished back and forth as her hands ruffled the silky material, making it catch the light as each garment fell back into place and then hung there in a long line of coloured satin, supported only by thin shiny ribbon strapping!”Come here Robert, I want to see what you think of these pretty things”!I duly went across and let ödemiş escort her caress me with some of the slip skirts, she pushed me closer to them, they felt cold and smelt slightly musty with age, they must have been quite old, one’s you don’t see much now, and knowing Madam, they would have been well used too!By now my cock was as hard as a rock, “Why don’t you wank yourself while I watch you, but not too much Robert, you can wank until you feel you should be wearing some of these pretty things”I didn’t need telling twice, my cock was in my right hand and being wanked with enthusiasm!—————“Lift my skirt up Robert and caress my Nylons”!I did as I was told, her legs felt good as I ran my hands over them, enjoying the sheer feeling of her nylon beneath my fingers as I enjoyed her!I began kissing her legs and running my tongue round the hard plastic suspenders, the metal clasps holding her stockings on!Any higher was strictly banned, I knew that, so didn’t make to go any higher with my exploring!”I think it’s time to dress you up Robert” she said pushing me away and exposing my hard meat, she glanced down at it and smiled, “I’m glad you agree”!She handed me a bra and suspender belt, a pair of nylons waited on her arm until I had dressed, then she handed me the sheer stockings and told me to sit on the chair to put them on!I confess as each layer went on, any resistance I had felt before evaporated until I began feeling weak and pretty submissive, the bra straps taking away my manhood as I felt them biting into me, she filled my bra with breast like bra fillers, then plumped them into shape telling me what a faggot I looked, rubbing my cock as she did so!Then she handed me a full slip, Apricot I’d had my eye on, the one I had reached out to touch, feel its smooth silky softness in my hand and it was lacy, very lacy, she told me to stand in front of the mirror and rub it over myself!I did this very willingly of course, admiring myself in the mirror, gazing down at my sheer nylon’s, making the hem of the slip line up where it should be against my legs, then I opened the straps and stepped inside!Leaving the doors of the cabinet open, she sat me at the make up mirror on the dressing table, then she began taking make up out of a bag from one of the drawers!I gasped as I realised she was going to make me up, I started to protest but she wasn’t listening, as layer af
ter layer of fragrance went on to my skin, creams, powders, eye shadow and mascara, finished off by the final touch, my lipstick!She forced me to look in the mirror at her creation and all I saw looking back at me was a queer, a queer wearing women’s clothes and a fully made up face, the make up looked good, just the guy underneath wearing it he looked weird, and yes, I did look like a Homosexual faggot, no wig or any indication I was anything but what I looked like, something to escort ödemiş be used and abused, I wouldn’t have looked out of place doing a turn in the public toilets on the common, like the men I had so often heard about, usually after they had been arrested of course!I had been there too, but not for anything other than to use the loo, but I had wanted to see, the glory hole I had heard about, read some of the graffiti I knew must be in there, and yes it was all I had imagined too!I’d lain in bed many nights daring myself to go and use the loo of an evening, but I never did, it was way too far to go for that!But there were others places like that, there must be surely!But at least I had been to the one I so often fantasized about in Lincoln, daytime yes, but what the heck, I’d had some great wanks over what I’d seen!—————As I sat tied up in the chair, feeling a pair of her satin Panties going around my cock, my mind was spinning with lustful excitement!She could have wanked me off quickly but this Madam never did that, she was good at what she did and teased me right up until the end, as I began feeling the approaching rush of hot spunk shooting up my shaft!This time I wanted to cum inside a pair of her panties, and boy did I!At 38, I was so full of maturing spunk it felt as if at least a quarter of a pint was ejaculating its way out of me, even the Madam commented on just how much spunk she could wank out of me!As I began to subside, I felt the usual pangs of disgust, the layers of female attire revolting me, the smell of perfume and the faint taste of lipstick on my mouth, compensated me somewhat, I still liked that side of things, but I couldn’t wait to take the underwear off and get back into my male clothes!I couldn’t show Madam that side of me though, so I had to hide my feelings, but she knew, maybe not all but she knew alright!——————Driving home a little later, I felt numb, I knew that wouldn’t last though, the old feelings of selfish perversion would of course raise their ugly heads again, then I would be seeking sexual thrills however I could get them!Somewhat foolishly maybe, I turned off and headed for the common, I even drove past the toilets but I didn’t stop, I just wanted to see them again!What the attraction was I really couldn’t say, places like that disgusted me, but something was driving me on!That night, I lay in bed watching my usual film, and my erection as it grew and grew!After watching myself being teased and sexually tortured, I rang the chat line, text in my advert then waited to see it scroll up, stay a little while, then move on, my pulse raced as I waited for the phone to register a text had arrived!Another ad and 20 minutes later I was swapping numbers with some guy who lived about half an hour away, the next weekend we were having sex in his flat, both of us dressed like Faggot Queers and loving it!And there was more, oh so much more as well, but that can all wait for another time!——————————–That was over 25 years ago now, but still sweet memories that I wish could have lasted for so much longer!Carrie_Slips16

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