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The IntruderJust a quicky – Happy Halloween!———-That much for hoping to have the first fun halloween night out in 13 years. It’s past midnight but hubby insisted I’d visit him at the health resort for our wedding anniversary which once again meant going out for dinner at a random boring restaurant.Too late to go out now. I think I’ll just watch some TV have a nice bath and go to sleep. I’ve just put the car in the garage and kicked off my shoes reaching the hallway all tired and frustrated for missing out on that one chance I had for a fun halloween party. Still without putting the lights on – there’s some street lights shining in which is enough if you come in from 2 hours of nightly drive – I go to the kitchen and get a bottle of water and a banana. Wait didn’t something just move across the dining room door? Nah, just the wind and a tree casting shadows.Heading for the staircase there’s something warm passing my arm. I turn around but nothing’s there. “Haha! Very funny, halloween, very funny!” I hear myself mumbling in an annoyed, sarcastic tone. Then I reach the stairs and freeze in place dropping my stuff. An arm reaches around me pulling me in from behind and a hand covering casino şirketleri my mouth. He whispers next to my ear “Don’t scream…”That voice. I know that voice. Who is that? Wasn’t the front door closed when I passed it? 1000 thoughts at once. And again: even tho he’s just whispering – I know that voice. Dammit. I nod carefully and he pulls my head a bit to the side. There’s something over his head – a ski mask? He kisses my neck. What on earth? Seriously? But for some reason it felt good. Too good.His grip around my mouth loosens. “Just enjoy.” There’s that voice again. Along with his smell and touch he doesn’t feel threatening. He feels familiar. Still choked by his hand I ask “who are you?” – “Shhht. Relax.” And is hand moves – caressing my cheek, down my neck and chest, then fondles around my boobs and feeling them up. A quiet sigh escapes my lips. His other hand pulls my dress up and pushes me forward a bit. “Get on your knees.” he demands while downright worshipping my ass. He kneels behind me and starts to kiss my butt until his tongue finds its way to my asshole.Everything get’s a little blurry from pleasure and I don’t know when that happened but suddenly I realized casino firmalari fingers massaging my clit. I can’t remember ever having been that wet before. “Whoever you are, please don’t stop!” I ask with a shaky, excited voice. And just like he wants to confirm he understood his fingers slide inside my soaking wet pussy testing how willing I am. “What do we have here?” he pulls a bit on one of my piercings but that moment I just don’t care. Then there’s a short kinda scratchy noise. His pants’ zipper. He pushes my dress over my head entirely and the panties down to my knees.His warm skin on my back as he pulls me close feels so good after all this time without being touched. He gently bites the nape of my neck as he puts his rock-hard dick on my pussy. His fingernails run down my back. I can feel his cock thrubbing on my pussy – pushing until it will eventually give way. Oh my fucking gods what was that. No way that’ll fit all the way in. But he vigorously rubs my clit while he pushes.“If you keep going like that I’m gonna cum – hard.” I tell him but his only reaction is to just keep it up. I feel the orgasm build up like I hardly ever even did when masturbating. It’s almost güvenilir casino unbearable by the time it rolls over my body like a fucking train. And that moment all his pushing has an end and he slides right in. He stretches me out so badly in such a heavenly way. “You ready?” He takes my arms behind my back and starts to literally pound me sore. Hard. Fast. And against my g-spot with every single thrust. It feels like he’s doing that forever. What stamina.Suddenly for the first time ever I know what they meant by saying it felt like you have to pee before you squirt. Some of that warm sticky liquid runs down my legs slowly and just won’t stop while my entire body is shaking from a giant climax. I never felt something like this. Never came like this. I fall forwards onto the stairs just lying there like a horny little pile. And obviously my orgasms’ clenches did a number on him, too. I can feel him blow his hot load into me with a few more hard thrusts and hear his moan. Now we both are gasping for air.“What did you just do to me?!” I ask after finding my breath again. He pulls out and sits down next to me then takes off his ski mask. “Happy wedding anniversary! I just couldn’t let that go as you implied that you haven’t had sex in years.”“Benji you asshole! You could have talked to me!” – “We both know you would have said no no matter how much you needed a good fuck again.” Then he kissed me, gave back the spare key and got dressed…

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