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The Ice QueenI got off the plane and made my way to the baggage claim. It took forever for my bag to show up. I grabbed it and went outside where Elsa was waiting for me. I threw my bag on the back seat and slid into the front seat of the new Cadillac. The soft leather felt good on my tired body. Elsa gunned it and off we went. I could not help but notice her legs as she drove thru traffic. Her skirt was hiked up to show the just a hint of the top of her stockings, black lace. That was Elsa, always dressed for success. She always wore business power suits. She was all business. The family found it funny when that movie came out and they had Elsa the ice queen. They must have modeled that character after my mother in-law. I could never figure out how this woman got pregnant with my wife as she never smiles, jokes or anything else. She is very cold and I was not happy to have to fly out to the west coast and drive back with her. “Mom should not be on the road all alone.” they said. I mean she is not bad looking, but she is in CEO mode all the time. I bet she even sleeps in a power suit. Even her husband spends very little time with her, they travel in two directions all the time. After several hours we made it to the first hotel. A very nice one as Elsa only stays at the best but she only got one room, double bed for us. Strange. “We are meeting some friends of mine for dinner down in the restaurant so you should change into nice clothes.’ Elsa said as we entered the room. I changed quickly and off we went. We ate dinner and chatted for a while and then Elsa and I went back to the room. Hell, it was only seven o’clock. Once in the room, I kicked my shoes off and laid on the bed. Elsa, took her jacket off, then her blouse, and then her skirt and walked into the bathroom with just her stockings, panties, and bra. Did I just see what I thought I saw? My cock eryaman escort knew better then to even tingle. Then Elsa emerged from the bathroom, completely naked. I could not help but stare. She looked fine for a woman in her early to mid fifties. I mean nice perky tits, maybe a 34 c cup. Her platinum blonde hair, and neatly trimmed dark bush which allowed for her pussy lips to show. Wow! She has a body just like my wife but different heads. Now my cock tingled and stirred. “I like to be naked, you can be naked too. I guess you are okay with me walking around naked if not too bad.” Elsa said. Well okay then I thought to myself. I striped down naked also and walked to the bathroom, my cock bouncing proudly along the way and got in the shower. I am pretty sure Elsa took note of my thick nine inches and heavy balls. I was sure I would never get to tap that, but I could have a little fun anyway. As I showered Elsa kept coming into the bathroom for this and that. Just like my wife does or any other of the many women I dated in my time. I wanted to rub one out but could not. Then all of a sudden Elsa pulled the curtain back and asked if she could join me and stepped in the shower without waiting for answer. Now this was awkward as we kept bumping into each other, my hand hitting her tits, ass or pussy and her hand bumping my cock or ass. My cock was already semi hard but with all this bumping and brushing going on I knew I would go to a full blown hard on quickly. I excused myself and got out before that happened. I dried off and got into bed and maybe after she went to sleep I could get some relief. I was reading when Elsa came out of the bath, she dried off right in plain view giving me a good show of her goodies. Then Elsa got into bed with me. “I hate sleeping alone. Hope you don’t mind.” She said. we read for a few minutes then turned out the escort eryaman light and I rolled over with my back to her. Then Elsa put her arm around me and snuggled up with me. Her hands rubbed over my chest and stomach. I could her tits pressed against my back. Then her hands found my cock. She fondled my goods making my cock hard as steel. I decided I had had enough of this and rolled over and started to feel her up just like she was doing to me. Her tits were pert, and her pussy was dripping wet to my surprise. She rolled over on top of me and her pussy swallowed my cock. Wow! I was balls deep inside my mother in-law and she was fucking me hard. Her tits swaying as she worked her pussy around my cock. Then she came! She came while fucking me. A big orgasim too. Once she settled down I flipped her onto her back and fucked her real hard. I pushed her legs up against her chest and went as deep into as I could get. Then when I was ready to cum I buried my cock even deeper into her and flooded her womb with gallons of my spunk. I had been needing to get off. We laid there catching our breath. “Wow! You are an amazing fuck.” Elsa said. We fell asleep with my limp cock still deep inside her. The next morning I awoke with massive morning wood. I decided to push my luck and pushed my cock into Elsa’s still gooey pussy and let my balls drain. “Thanks I love waking to a man pumping my pussy full of hot cum.” Elsa said as her pussy clamped tightly around my cock getting the last few drops of jizz. Wow, I have met a woman that is just like me. I thought to myself. We got up and showered as we needed to get on the road. As we dressed, Elsa put on panties, then a garter, and hose. It was so hot as she walked around the room. Then we were out the door. We drove for a while and Elsa sat in the passenger seat and had removed her panties and played with pussy. eryaman escort bayan I got so horny I had to pull into a rest stop and fuck her. Then we went back to driving. The next time we stopped Elsa told me to follow her and not say anything, for me to just watch. She went over to these two men that had this old RV. She flirted with them for several minutes then they got into the RV. I followed as a body guard I felt. With in a minute or two Elsa had her skirt hiked up and was jacking both men off as they plated with her pussy. Then one man mounted her and fucked her for about two minutes. Then he grunted and groaned as he filled her pussy with his sperm. The other jump right in fucked her too before filling her cunt full with his goo. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. She had the sperm of these two men dripping from her cunt as she stood there. I dropped my pants and moved in behind her and mounted up. Her cum filled pussy felt different. I guess the other men’s cum I don’t know but I came pretty quick. Then we left, got into the cadi and drove down the road. Elsa put a towel under her but to keep the jizz from staining the leather and she cleaned herself up with some wet wipes as I watched and drove. “What do you think?” She quizzed me with a smile. “Now you know why I do all this traveling without my husband or any other family. You have to keep your mouth shut and if you do keep it shut you can all of this fine pussy you could ever want. and if you tell anybody I will deny it all and you will not get any more of this pussy and the family will think you are a dick.” Elsa said with a coy smile. “I will choose to go with unlimited pussy and to keep my mouth shut.”I fucked Elsa every chance I got after that day. I fucked her ass, pussy mouth. I fucked her friends. We went swinging together. Threesomes. Foursomes. Gangbangs. Elsa loved cock, stranger cock, she loved to fuck. The family still called her the ice queen and she still was cold to every one and even me when family was around. But when we were alone she opened those legs and let that pussy warm the room!

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