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The first time he sucked in front of me!We are a married couple and been together for many years. Our sex life was awesome with sex, all kinds of sex, anywhere and anytime. I was not the porn lover he was, but after time we started watching porn together and having crazy sex afterwards. One night we were in a hotel in the Lake Tahoe area. After a few drinks and a little gambling we went to the bar in the casino. We were playing video poker at the bar and a good looking gentleman sat at the bar next to me. The gentleman next to us started talking to me and I notice my husband seemed to be looking at him quite a bit. Thinking nothing of it, we finished a few drinks and decided to go to the room. Once in the room he got his computer out and we started watching porn. He asked what kind of mood I was in and I said it doesnt matter, i just want to see cocks cumming. He showed me some cock to cock action (which is my favorite)and I noticed his cock was very hard. I then asked him to open his favorites for me. He hesitated, so I insisted. When he opened it up I said “wow you have quite a few”! I did see quite a few that had to “Cock to Cock”. I said show me your favorite all time. He said are you sure? I said yes please show me. He clicked a link, and there on the screen, was titled “me and a friend” it started to play, and there was a guy stroking his cock. The guy turned and another guy was right in front of this guy’s cock and he started sucking it! I looked at him and said, “You like gay porn??” He blushed and said “you asked me!!” I was blown away my husband enjoyed men on men. I would have never imagined such a thing. We had a few more drinks and watched a dozen or so more gay videos that did include cum swallowing. We both showered and were in bed when I asked him if he had ever been with a güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri man in real life. He didn’t say anything and just started touching me. I asked again, and he actually told me that he had. As soon as he said that he did I had an immediate orgasm. He looked at me amazed and said you like that? I told him that I liked it bunch and I had often fantasized about him being in a cock on cock in front of me. That was the beginning of a hot sexual night.Over the next few weeks he didn’t even bring up the conversation, so one night I brought it up again. I told him I remembered our conversation, and did he? He said he could not stop thinking about it, but thought the alcohol that night was the reason for the questions. I then said I thought it would be awesome if he would do a cock to cock with a friend of mine. He looked and said that if the guy was right and he could muster the courage, he would love to do that in front of me. Who is your friend, and do you think he would do it, he asked. He then said it had been a couple of years since he touched another man’s cock. I then thought to myself, a couple of years? Has he been sucking men’s cocks the whole time we have been married? Head spinning I asked how may men he had been with?? He told me that were several starting in High school and the service. I was blown away and asked when was the last time? He said a couple of years ago on the road, and alcohol did him in! I jokingly said the next time we are in bed you need to tell me about it! To my surprise he said OK!That night he told me everything. He has sucked cocks, been fucked and been used by several guys. I told him that I wanted to see him with my friend for sure, and that I had already talked to him about it. I told him that Friday night was going perabet to be the night. He took a deep breath and said “I cant wait”Friday night came and we had planned on introductions and a BBQ at the house. When my friend arrived I introduced them, and told my husband to start the BBQ. My friend asked if he thought my husband would go through with it? I told him I thought so and told him to bring him a drink. I made a very stiff rum and coke and took it to him. He took a drink and said Holy shit that is a lot of alcohol… I told him to go with it because we had a big night. After we ate and dinner and talked a while I suggested he get out our stash of movies. We went to the family room and started to watch a movie. After realizing we had no men on men movies I told him to go get his computer. When my husband left I told my friend to unzip his pants and leave them open. When my husband returned I asked him to show our friend his favorites. He just looked at me and then started the computer. He clicked on a movie with a MMF theme. We watched a few minutes and I told him that was not what I was wanting to watch. He then went to his favorites and clicked the movie I was. It started playing and I could see my husband was getting hard… I said to him, look at Jim, I think he likes your choice! He looked over at Jim and looked at his lap. His underwear had opened his fly a bit, and it appeared he was getting hard. I asked my husband what he thought. He said he was a little bit embarrassed to be looking at a cock in front of me. I told him it was OK with me, and Jim said it was definitely ok with him, and that he should see if his cock was hard.. He hesitated and reached over to Jims, lap. He rested his hand on his pants and then started to rub his leg. I told him that he had better perabet giriş take the cock out so it wasn’t suffocating. He reached over and took it out…. He just stared as the movie played. Jim then sat back and closed his eyes… I turned towards him and said I would be right back, I needed another drink. I went to the kitchen and once I went around the corner, I looked back. my husband had already reached over and was touching Jim’s cock. I stood and watched as he slowly stroked it. I went to the fix our drinks and came back. Once I sat down my husband looked at me and reached for his cock with me there. He said is this what you want me to do? I told him yes it was. I then told him to take off his pants.. He jumped up and dropped them to the floor. He was hard as a rock and when he sat down, he went right down on jims cock. I was amazed that, here I was sitting here next to my husband sucking a man’s cock. He was licking all around the base and then letting it slide deeply into his mouth and the going back to the base of his cock. He proved right there he was an expert at cock sucking. It wasn’t three minutes until Jim said he was getting close. I told my husband to stop sucking that cock. I asked Jim if he would like to see my husband in panties. He said hell yes! I told him to go put them on… When he returned his cock was so hard it didn’t fit in his panties. He walked over and asked what he was supposed to do. I told him to show Jim his panties were not fitting. He stood in front of Jim and asked Jim if he liked his panties… Jim said he did, but he really wanted to cum. I told my husband to get on his knees and start sucking his cock again. After a minute or so Jim started moaning and then shot his cum into my husband’s mouth. My husband was slurping and moaning too and only lost a droplet or two. The rest went directly into his stomach. As soon as Jim stopped cumming I heard my husband groan ever so slightly, and I saw his cock was shooting on the floor and he wasn’t even touching it! I will continue the story in a later posting! Hope you enjoyed it!

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